Acupressure’s Potent Points: A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments

Author Michael Reed Gach ISBN-10 0553349708 ISBN-13 9780553349702 Year 1990-11-01 Pages 272 Language English Publisher Bantam Download Link Click Here With your hands you have potential to relieve everyday aches pains and ailments without taking drugs to improve your health and to increase your vitality Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to stimulate key points on the skin that in turn activate the body s natural self healing processes With this book it is a skill you can learn now and use in your own home In Acupressure s Potent Points Michael Reed Gach founder and director of the Acupressure Institute of America reveals simple techniques that enable you to relieve headaches arthritis colds and flu insomnia backaches hiccups leg pain hot flashes depression and more using the power and sensitivity of your own hands This practical guide covers more than forty ailments and symptoms from allergies to wrist pain providing pressure point maps and exercises to relieve pain and restore function Acupressure complements conventional medical care and enables you to take a vital role in becoming well and staying well With this book you can turn your hands into healing tools and start feeling good…

The White Princess (MTI) (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels)

Author Philippa Gregory ISBN-10 1501175629 ISBN-13 9781501175626 Year 2017-03-28 Pages 624 Language English Publisher Pocket Books Download Link Click Here Adapted for the STARZ original series The White Princess Love to the Death When Henry Tudor picks up the crown of England from the mud of Bosworth field he knows he must marry the princess of the enemy houseElizabeth of Yorkto unify a country divided by war for more than three decades But his bride is still in love with his dead enemy and her mother and half of England remain loyal to her brother the missing York heir Henrys greatest fear is that somewhere a prince is waiting to reclaim the throne When a young man who would be king invades England Elizabeth has to choose between the new husband she is coming to love and the boy who claims to be her lost brother the rose of York come home at last A bloody irresistible read People Bring on the blood sex and tears You name it its all here USA TODAY

A Well-Tempered Heart

Author Jan-Philipp Sendker ISBN-10 1590516400 ISBN-13 9781590516409 Year 2014-01-21 Pages 400 Language English Publisher Other Press Download Link Click Here The sequel to the international best selling novel The Art of Hearing Heartbeats Almost ten years have passed since Julia Win came back from Burma her fathers native country Though she is a successful Manhattan lawyer her private life is at a crossroads her boyfriend has recently left her and she is despite her wealth unhappy with her professional life Julia is lost and exhausted One day in the middle of an important business meeting she hears a strangers voice in her head that causes her to leave the office without explanation In the following days her crisis only deepens Not only does the female voice refuse to disappear but it starts to ask questions Julia has been trying to avoid Why do you live alone To whom do you feel close What do you want in life Interwoven with Julias story is that of a Burmese woman named Nu Nu who finds her world turned upside down when Burma goes to war and calls on her two young sons to be child soldiers This spirited sequel like The Art…

Visual Guide to Free-Motion Quilting Feathers: 68 Modern Designs – Professional Quality Results on Your Home Machine

Author Natalia Bonner ISBN-10 1617455067 ISBN-13 9781617455063 Year 2017-04-01 Pages 144 Language English Publisher C&T Publishing / Stash Books Download Link Click Here Take the fear out of quilting feathers Explore 68 modern feather designs with award winning quilter Natalia Bonner Traditional feather quilting relies on precision but Natalia s expert guidance will help you break away from perfection to free motion feathers with confidence Using your home sewing machine or longarm you ll quilt creative motifs on blocks and borders Learn beginner friendly techniques with this easy to use visual guide and add a truly elegant finish to your modern quilt

Whitney Biennial 2017

Author Christopher Y. Lew ISBN-10 0300223099 ISBN-13 9780300223095 Year 2017-03-28 Pages 256 Language English Publisher Whitney Museum of American Art Download Link Click Here Always highly anticipated and beautifully packaged this book is an essential record of the current trends in contemporary art in America Since its introduction by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in 1932 the Whitney Biennial has charted new developments in art and brought emerging artists to light The first to be held in the Whitneys critically acclaimed new building in Manhattans meatpacking district the 2017 Biennial is curated by Christopher Y Lew and Mia Locks Lew and Locks are working in collaboration with a small group of advisors including Scott Rothkopf Negar Azimi Gean Moreno Aily Nash and Wendy Yao With a history of exhibiting work by the most promising and influential artists and provoking debate the Biennialthe Museums signature exhibitionis the longest running survey of American art This handsome book features texts and images representing the Biennial participants artists who work in a variety of media including painting sculpture photography film and performance as well as essays by the two curators and contributions by the advisors As a record of the artists and ideas presented in this…

The Confidence Gap: A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt

Author Russ Harris ISBN-10 1590309235 ISBN-13 9781590309230 Year 2011-09-13 Pages 240 Language English Publisher Trumpeter Download Link Click Here Too many of us miss out on opportunities in life because we lack self confidence Whether it s public speaking taking on a leadership role or asking someone for a date there are situations in which we just don t feel equipped to handle the challenges we face Russ Harris offers a surprising solution to low self confidence shyness and insecurity Rather than trying to get over our fears he says the secret is to form a new and wiser relationship with them Paradoxically it s only when we stop struggling against our fearfulness that we begin to find lasting freedom from it Drawing on the techniques of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT a cutting edge form of cognitive behavioral therapy The Confidence Gap explains how to Free yourself from common misconceptions about what confidence is and how to build it Transform your relationship with fear and anxiety Clarify your core values and use them as your inspiration and motivation Use mindfulness to effectively handle negative thoughts and feelings

Alone on the Wall

Author Alex Honnold ISBN-10 0393353176 ISBN-13 9780393353174 Year 2016-10-04 Pages 272 Language English Publisher W. W. Norton & Company Download Link Click Here The life and death defying feats of Alex Honnold a visionary climber of the sort that comes along only once in a generation Free solo climbing is a high stakes sport if you fall you die Expert free soloist Alex Honnold isn t afraid to push the limit one of the most famous adventure athletes in the world he has pioneered new routes won awards and shattered records Alone on the Wall recounts the seven most astonishing achievements of Honnold s extraordinary life and career brimming with lessons on living fearlessly taking risks and maintaining focus even in the face of extreme danger 16 pages of photographs

The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals

Author Jane Mayer ISBN-10 0307456293 ISBN-13 9780307456298 Year 2009-05-05 Pages 432 Language English Publisher Anchor Download Link Click Here The Dark Side is a dramatic riveting and definitive narrative account of how the United States made self destructive decisions in the pursuit of terrorists around the worlddecisions that not only violated the Constitution but also hampered the pursuit of Al Qaeda In spellbinding detail Jane Mayer relates the impact of these decisions by which key players namely Vice President Dick Cheney and his powerful secretive adviser David Addington exploited September 11 to further a long held agenda to enhance presidential powers to a degree never known in U S history and obliterate Constitutional protections that define the very essence of the American experiment With a new afterward One ofThe New York Times10 Best Books of the YearNational BestsellerNational Book Critics Circle Award FinalistA Best Book of the Year Salon Slate The Economist The Washington Post Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Lost Stars: Shattered Spear

Author Jack Campbell ISBN-10 0425272281 ISBN-13 9780425272282 Year 2017-03-28 Pages 368 Language English Publisher Ace Download Link Click Here The New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Fleet series returns to the epic space saga of a rebellion against a totalitarian regime and the determination of two people to create a better future in the farthest reaches of the colonized galaxy The Syndicate Worlds continues to splinter as more star systems pledge allegiance to President Gwen Icenis and General Artur Drakons new government at Midway But the rebels fleeing the toxic legacy of Syndicate rule have difficulty trusting one another and believing their new leaders promises of freedom from tyranny Before Iceni and Drakon can put their house in order they must deal with another threat An enigma warship has appeared and vanished near a Syndic colony If the aliens are capable of jumping into other human occupied star systems then billions of people could be vulnerable to a hostile invasion fleet anywhere it chooses to strike But an even greater liability lies with Iceni and Drakon as a once trusted adviser turned saboteur plans revenge

Practical Programming for Strength Training

Author Mark Rippetoe ISBN-10 0982522754 ISBN-13 9780982522752 Year 2014-01-14 Pages 256 Language English Publisher The Aasgaard Company Download Link Click Here There is a difference between Exercise and Training Exercise is physical activity for its own sake a workout done for the effect it produces today during the workout or right after you re through Training is physical activity done with a longer term goal in mind the constituent workouts of which are specifically designed to produce that goal Training is how athletes prepare to win and how all motivated people approach physical preparation Practical Programming for Strength Training 3rd Edition addresses the topic of Training It details the mechanics of the process from the basic physiology of adaptation to the specific programs that apply these principles to novice intermediate and advanced lifters Each chapter completely updated New illustrations and graphics Better explanations of the proven programs that have been helping hundreds of thousands of lifters get stronger more efficiently Expanded Novice chapter with the details of 3 different approaches to the problem of getting stuck and special approaches for the underweight and overweight trainee Expanded Intermediate chapter with 18 separate programs and 11 detailed examples Expanded Advanced chapter with…

The Art of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Programming (Full Color)

Author Terry Griffin ISBN-10 1593275684 ISBN-13 9781593275686 Year 2014-01-14 Pages 276 Language English Publisher No Starch Press Download Link Click Here With its colorful block based interface The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 programming language is designed to allow anyone to program intelligent robots but its powerful features can be intimidating at first The Art of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Programming is a full color beginner friendly guide designed to bridge that gap Inside you ll discover how to combine core EV3 elements like blocks data wires files and variables to create sophisticated programs You ll also learn good programming practices memory management and helpful debugging strategiesgeneral skills that will be relevant to programming in any language All of the book s programs work with one general purpose test robot that you ll build early on As you follow along you ll program your robot to React to different environments and respond to commandsFollow a wall to navigate a mazeDisplay drawings that you input with dials sensors and data wires on the EV3 screenPlay a Simon Says style game that uses arrays to save your high scoreFollow a line using a PID type controller like the ones in real industrial systemsThe Art of…

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures: The Ultimate Illustrated Reference Guide to 1000 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric … Commissioned Artworks, Maps and Photographs

Author Dougal Dixon ISBN-10 1846812097 ISBN-13 9781846812095 Year 2014-07-07 Pages 512 Language English Publisher Southwater Download Link Click Here Profiles all known dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures from the Triassic Jurassic and Cretaceous eras and beyond Each main entry has a highly detailed and technically accurate illustration and a map showing the sites where fossils have been found

The Business School for People Who Like Helping People

Author Robert T. Kiyosaki ISBN-10 0767927435 ISBN-13 9781933057309 Year 0000-00-00 Pages 120 Language English Publisher Cashflow Technologies Inc Download Link Click Here In this second edition of his bestselling book Robert T Kiyosaki updates and expands his original eight hidden values of a network marketing business other than making money Special Bonus three additional hidden values from Kim Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter Robert explains that building a network marketing business is a revolutionary way to achieve wealth makes it possible for anyone to acquire great wealth is open to anyone who has drive determination and perseverance

The SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator National Exam Study Guide: Second Edition

Author Patricia O’Connor ISBN-10 149446554X ISBN-13 9781494465544 Year 2013-12-21 Pages 266 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here Updated with 2015 regulatory changes including the TRID rule which went into effect October 3 2015 What s the secret to passing the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator National Exam If you answered memorizing all the questions and answers you can find you re wrong You ll have a much better chance of passing the loan originator exam if you understand the material The SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator National Exam Study Guide Second Edition explains the required information and contains links to additional material Prepare Yourself for a New Career This updated and enhanced loan originator exam manual includes the latest rulings by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Other topics include Federal Mortgage Related Laws SAFE Act Introduction to Mortgage Lending General Mortgage Knowledge Basic Concepts of Mortgage Financing The Loan Application Underwriting Closing and the Secondary Market Ethics and Fraud Mortgage Terminology There are quizzes throughout the book and two practice final exams to help you test your knowledge in total there are more than 400 questions and answers The author was a licensed mortgage broker for seven…

Terrors of the Forest: The Mystery of Entity303 Book One: A Gameknight999 Adventure: An Unofficial Minecrafter’s Adventure (The Gameknight999 Series)

Author Mark Cheverton ISBN-10 1510718869 ISBN-13 9781510718869 Year 2017-03-14 Pages 272 Language English Publisher Sky Pony Press Download Link Click Here Gameknight999 reenters Minecraft to find it completely changed There are new monsters that hes never seen before giants and skeleton druids and pinch beetles and king spiders and mistwolves Villages are larger than ever and more heavily fortified Minecraft had become much more dangerous Even the very trees had changed with some of them reaching up taller than the User that is not a user ever thought was imaginable Theres a diamond block portal outside of Crafters village and rumors are spreading that a strange user was seen coming out of the portal with a young boy before they disappeared into another portal leaving behind a square hole one block deep with a ring of flowers around it Gameknight recognizes it as the portal to reach the Twilight Forest mod But how can there be mods here in the vanilla Minecraft The User that is not a user follows the trail and finds odd mentions of 303 and White Castle But what do the clues mean Just how dangerous is this new user to Minecraft and where is he…

MCSA: Windows 10 Complete Study Guide: Exam 70-698 and Exam 70-697

Author William Panek ISBN-10 1119384966 ISBN-13 9781119384960 Year 2017-02-06 Pages 1128 Language English Publisher Sybex Download Link Click Here The go to MCSA prep guide updated for Windows 10 and the new exams MCSA Windows 10 Complete Study Guide is your comprehensive resource for taking both Exams 70 698 and 70 697 Covering 100 of all exam objectives this study guide goes beyond mere review to delve deeper into the complex topics and technologies to help you strengthen your understanding and sharpen your skills Written by a veteran Microsoft MVP this guide walks you through MCSA skills in context to show you how concepts are applied in real world situations Hands on exercises speed the learning process and facilitate internalization while review questions challenge and test the depth of your understanding You also get access to the Sybex interactive online learning environment featuring flashcards videos an assessment test and bonus practice exams to face exam day with confidence The MCSA certification process has changed Exam 70 698 tests your skills in installing and configuring Windows 10 and then Exam 70 697 gauges your abilities in configuring Windows devices This book is your ideal companion to study for both exams Study…

In a Dark, Dark Wood

Author Ruth Ware ISBN-10 1501112333 ISBN-13 9781501112331 Year 2016-04-19 Pages 352 Language English Publisher Gallery/Scout Press Download Link Click Here AUTHOR OF THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY AND LOS ANGELES TIMES BESTSELLER SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE An NPR Best Book of the Year 2015 A ShelfAwareness Best Book of the Year 2015 An Entertainment Weekly Summer Books Pick A Buzzfeed 31 Books to Get Excited About this Summer Pick A Publishers Weekly Top Ten Mysteries and Thrillers Pick A BookReporter Summer Reading Pick A New York Post Best Novels to Read this Summer Pick A Shelf Awareness Book Expo America 2015 Buzz Book Pick What should be a cozy and fun filled weekend deep in the English countryside takes a sinister turn in Ruth Wares suspenseful compulsive and darkly twisted psychological thriller Sometimes the only thing to fearis yourself When reclusive writer Leonora is invited to the English countryside for a weekend away she reluctantly agrees to make the trip But as the first night falls revelations unfold among friends old and new an unnerving memory shatters Leonoras reserve and a haunting realization creeps in the party is not alone in…