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100 Great EFL Games

100 Great EFL Games Author Adrian Bozon
ISBN-10 095679680X
Release 2011
Pages 172
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Students learn best when they are having fun and they rarely have more fun than when they are playing games. This collection of English language games will aid teachers in motivating young students of all ability levels in classes large and small, and provides invaluable chances to practise and consolidate learning in an enjoyable setting. Variations are added for every game, giving a wealth of options for teachers old and new.

100 Great Efl Quizzes Puzzles and Challenges Volume Two

100 Great Efl Quizzes  Puzzles and Challenges  Volume Two Author Adrian Bozon
ISBN-10 0956796826
Release 2012-07
Pages 170
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This second volume contains a fresh collection of stimulating and photocopiable activities to challenge students and motivate them during their English study. Split into ten sections of ten, each part contains a style of activity that will capture the interest of students. The section of board games is a particularly welcome addition. This book is suitable for intermediate and advanced learners and a standout feature throughout is how well the students work together when completing these tasks.

Teaching English to Young Learners

Teaching English to Young Learners Author Janice Bland
ISBN-10 9781472588593
Release 2015-09-24
Pages 288
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Aimed at student teachers, educators and practitioners, Teaching English Language to Young Learners outlines and explains the crucial issues, themes and scenarios relating to this area of teaching. Each chapter by a leading international scholar offers a thorough introduction to a central theme of English as a foreign language (EFL) with preteens, with clear presentation of the theoretical background and detailed references for further reading, providing access to the most recent scholarship. Exploring the essential issues critically and in-depth, including the disadvantages as well as advantages of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) with young learners, topics include: - task-based learning in the primary school; - storytelling; - drama; - technology; - vocabulary development; - intercultural understanding; - Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) scenarios; - assessment. Innovative and rapidly emerging topics are covered, such as immersion teaching, picturebooks in the EFL classroom and English with pre-primary children.

ESL Worksheets and Activities for Kids

ESL Worksheets and Activities for Kids Author Miryung Pitts
ISBN-10 1942116063
Release 2014-09-30
Pages 128
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Need some activities for the children in your ESL class or kindergarten class? This book has worksheets, mini books, and other activities that will keep your students engaged and having fun while they are learning. All of the pages in the book are copier friendly and designed to be reproduced and used as handouts. There are activities for shapes, numbers, time, months, days, weather, prepositions, family, money, and animals. Plus there are flash cards in the back of the book to help practice vocabulary. This book is suitable for children in elementary school aged 6 to 10 who are learning English at a beginner to intermediate level, but it's also great for native English speaking children who are in kindergarten. Your time is valuable, so give yourself a break from creating classroom material and let your students have fun with these activities. They are great as main activities for the class or when you need something quick to fill a little time.

Young Learners

Young Learners Author Sarah Phillips
ISBN-10 0194371956
Release 1993-12-16
Pages 182
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Based on the principle that English lessons form an integral part of a young learner's whole education, and that the teacher has a responsibility than the simple teaching of the language system. This work provides practical ideas for a variety of language practice activities, including art and crafts, drama, games, storytelling, and songs.

Grammar Games

Grammar Games Author Mario Rinvolucri
ISBN-10 0521277736
Release 1984
Pages 138
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This book contains material for a wide variety of games.

Efl Olympics

Efl Olympics Author Adrian Bozon
ISBN-10 0956796842
Release 2013-11
Pages 196
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Bring the Olympics to your classroom! This versatile book allows teachers to introduce young learners to an enjoyable range of games and activities loosely based on Olympic sports and themes. The ideas may be used or easily adapted in support of most common topics in regular English classes as well as being ideal for English Camps and other extra-curricular classes. A large number of variations and additional suggestions are also provided, giving teachers a wealth of options for motivating classes of different sizes and ability levels.

Esl Games for Preschool

Esl Games for Preschool Author Shelley Ann Vernon
ISBN-10 1541133390
Release 2017-09-17
Pages 230
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Yes! Preschool children can learn to speak English. Be a fun and effective teacher with these adaptable games for preschoolers learning English. Includes bonus chapter on teaching toddlers. Would you like to have happy preschoolers who love learning English with you ? Now you can. Be that fun, successful teacher you want to be with ESL Games for Preschool. Preschool children forget things so quickly and have such a short attention span, it might seem unrealistic to be teaching them English as a second or foreign language. Now you can drill your pupils in new vocabulary and grammar for as long as it takes and they won't be bored, they will love you and your lessons! They will gain confidence in speaking and remember what you teach them. With the help of numerous teachers writing in with feedback over the years, Shelley Ann Vernon has created a fabulous collection of fun, easy ESL games for preschool and kindergarten. This is a great book for the staff room bookshelf, and for any ESL teacher out there who wants get results with preschoolers and prepare fun lessons quickly. What you will get from this book: Easier, faster lesson planning How to keep your pupils interested Fun language drills for learning new vocabulary and grammar Fun ways to have all the children speaking as much as possible during lessons Classroom management tips and naughty children Games for listening and speaking skills Rhymes, finger plays and activities for songs And you may even become a more popular teacher It can be a challenge learning to teach, or changing your teaching style but, using one new game a day, you will soon become the inspirational teacher you really want to be. Getting Your FREE Bonus Inside this book is access to a bonus chapter on teaching toddlers. All these toddler tips are useful at preschool too. Buy your copy of ESL Games for Preschool by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now With 1-Click.

100 TESOL Activities for Teachers

100 TESOL Activities for Teachers Author Shane Dixon
Release 2016-02-10
Pages 82
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100 TESOL Activities for Teachers is a teacher training manual and activity guide that has been used by teacher training groups from Korea, China, Japan, Iraq, Peru, Mexico and many other parts of the world as part of the popular TESOL Certificate Program: Teach English Now! from Coursera and Arizona State University. Designed to be practical, these techniques support the general need to communicate, interact, and make language come alive in the classroom. The manual is organized into 3 distinct parts: * The first section introduces teachers to some of the most common activities in English language teaching, followed by activities categorized by reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, and icebreakers. * The second section provides a unique model of lesson planning. This adaptable model helps teachers prepare organized routines to make classes more effective and easier to prepare. Includes activities for discussion, giving instructions, guided and less-guided practice, and independent practice. * The third section includes downloadable, photocopiable worksheets for the activities described in the manual.

ESL EFL the Emergency English Teacher

ESL EFL  the Emergency English Teacher Author David M. Scraggs
ISBN-10 1532883854
Release 2016-04-22
Pages 124
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The Emergency English Teacher contains an extensive collection of tried and tested activities and games which can be used in any ESL/EFL classroom. Most English teachers don't just teach one age group or ability level and the book reflects this by containing ideas that are suitable for all levels of students, from young beginners to competent speakers. All of the activities in this book have been adapted to help develop one or more aspects of the students' language skills. They are also fun and enjoyable, and your students will often request you to repeat them regularly. The benefits of this book for teachers are: -No Preparation/Low Preparation. There is no need to photocopy anything. You don't need to spend a fortune at the stationery shop, or hours on pre-class preparation. Just read the instructions and you are ready to go! -They're Quick! Every activity displays a set-up time, which tells the teacher how long the activity will take to set-up in the classroom. This even allows the book to be referenced quickly in class during those lesson-gap EMERGENCIES when a class runs short! The overarching themes of this book are: -Student empowerment. After the teacher has initially organized an activity one or two times, many of the activities can be handed over to the students to plan, organize and run themselves. This greatly increases the opportunity for the students to use English for a functional purpose (how English is used naturally) rather than a display purpose (what I call textbook English). -Teacher monitoring. This book often emphasises the importance of teacher monitoring. When the teacher hands over the responsibilty for the running of an activity to the students, they are effectively stepping out of the circle. What this allows the teacher to do, is to really get down to observing their students using English for communicative purposes. The teacher will be able to assess how well the students are using the language structures they have been taught, and plan for error correction strategies in post-activity classes. The teacher will also be able to observe where the students are reaching the limits of their current language abilities, which will aid them in the formation of future lesson plans.

Esl Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults

Esl Classroom Activities for Teens and Adults Author Shelley Ann Vernon
ISBN-10 1478213795
Release 2012-07-09
Pages 210
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This handbook for ESL instruction features fluency activities, grammar drills, and 175 ideas to make learning English fun and effective for foreign speakers. Includes games and quizzes for all levels.--Adapted from cover.

Teaching Children English as an Additional Language

Teaching Children English as an Additional Language Author Caroline Scott
ISBN-10 9781134055487
Release 2008-08-28
Pages 208
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Here is a typical classroom scenario: out of the thirty children, two-thirds speak a different language at home and only speak English at school. Even though many pupils’ English skills are almost non-existent, teachers are expected to provide the national curriculum for every child in the class. Teaching Children English as an Additional Language solves this problem with a ten-week teaching programme of units and lesson activities for children aged seven–eleven (Key Stage 2) new to English. It will help these children learn some very basic English sentences, questions and vocabulary, to get them through regular day-to-day routines more easily. By offering a flexible step by step approach this book helps EAL teachers to: identify learners’ individual needs teach grammar and vocabulary support teaching through speaking and listening assess pupils to inform future planning The programme also contains emergency lessons to support learners in the first three days, cross curricular links, ways of using a home-school learning book and an opportunity for the child to make a booklet about themselves. It fosters the child’s home language, incorporates different learning styles as well as including a wealth of carefully tailored, themed resources. The programme is complete with activities, resources and assessment materials and helpful tips on how to develop a successful EAL department.

500 Activities for the Primary Classroom

500 Activities for the Primary Classroom Author Carol Read
ISBN-10 3190725764
Release 2007
Pages 320
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500 Activities for the Primary Classroom has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom book for free.

Very Young Learners

Very Young Learners Author Vanessa Reilly
ISBN-10 019437209X
Release 1997-06-12
Pages 197
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Provides ideas and advice for teachers who are asked to teach English to very young children (3-6 years). Offers a wide variety of activities such as games, songs, drama, stories, and art and craft, all of which follow sound educational principles. Includes numerous photocopiable pages.

Fun ESL Role Plays and Skits for Children

Fun ESL Role Plays and Skits for Children Author Shelley Ann Vernon
ISBN-10 1478289813
Release 2012-09-10
Pages 162
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Adaptable, humourous, easy to put together and fun. Many ESL pupils have found these skits fun, become more confident speaking English and enjoyed the learning process. The skits cover common vocabulary themes and grammar and allow for speaking opportunities in life-like meaningful contexts. Ideal for small groups, one to one with private tutors or use with your own children. Every skit is adaptable to any number of children. Scripts are written for ESL beginners with examples of alternatives provided to show how easy it is to adapt them and make them more complex for intermediate levels. The age bracket suggested is from 6 to 12. Some skits are possible with ages 4 and 5 though it takes much longer to prepare. Here is what other teachers have reported on using the plays and skits in this book: The kids asked to do it again: I did that play (Ready Steady go!) with my children's class yesterday evening and it worked really well. They absolutely loved it and I wished I'd taken my camera as, by the end of the lesson, they were all sitting in their pretend car with a fine array of ski hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, over-sized gloves, etc. They looked like film stars! Anyway, they've asked to do it again next week so a sure sign that they enjoyed themselves. Miranda Goodwin, France Since discovering your materials I enjoy the planning...and love the teaching. You use the fun approach I believe in through the theatre work I have done, and you have given me the confidence to know it can be applied to language learning for this age group. The kids love it and so do the parents! Joanna Simm, France The children in my beginners English class had such fun doing your skit 'Ready Steady Go!' They were begging me for a skit. 'The Robot' was perfect and so simple to do. It really helped the kids build confidence in their ability to speak English. Thanks for making us look good! Becky Good, Battambang, Cambodia Whenever you have any more ideas be sure to let me know. The stories are fantastic, the games are great and the plays are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for making my classes work so well. Lisa Brownlow in Spain I just wanted to let you know that the plays were a great success and I intend to keep having fun with them. Each of my classes put the play on for the school and the parents! Thank you for your great ideas. Michele Hain, Germany Just wanted to let you know how I went with my 1st play girls will be girls and boys will be boys!!!! It was great and the kids loved it. I really got them to ham it up when they said "Hey girls."They laughed and laughed they managed the vocab great and I knew it would work as I had taught them the vocab previously. It's amazing to see the confidence it builds in them. At the end of one lesson I had one little girl come up to me and say ?Miss Cathy, I am a dancer? and she showed me some wonderful dance moves. Cathleen Molloy, China

English Comes Alive Dynamic Brain Building Ways to Teach Esl and Efl

English Comes Alive  Dynamic  Brain Building Ways to Teach Esl and Efl Author Jim Witherspoon
ISBN-10 0983822417
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 136
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Do you like vigorous, quick-moving lessons with lots of classroom interaction? If so, you'll like English Comes Alive! Dr. Witherspoon opens with 60 favorite, wake-them-up activities. Then he writes about role playing, creative speaking, correcting bloopers, acting out words and sentences, outdoor activities, and much more. Drama, variety, student-teacher interaction: it's all here. And that's what it takes to ignite learning. Witherspoon has extensively tested these lessons during 20 summers of teaching overseas. His students have varied from teenagers to middle-aged professors, from clerks to physicians to non-native teachers of English. Whatever the age or profession of his students, he stresses conversation. "The act of talking," he says, "removes the fear of talking." And by removing that fear, students become fluent.

Teaching English to Children

Teaching English to Children Author Wendy A. Scott
ISBN-10 OCLC:641147206
Release 1991
Pages 115
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Teaching English to Children has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Teaching English to Children also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Teaching English to Children book for free.