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100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia

100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia Author Gavin Reid
ISBN-10 9780826493989
Release 2007
Pages 123
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One in a series of guides for teachers, this text presents 100 ideas for supporting pupils with dyslexia.

100 Ideas for Supporting Children with Dyslexia

100  Ideas for Supporting Children with Dyslexia Author Gavin Reid
ISBN-10 9781441130938
Release 2011-08-18
Pages 184
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This practical guide provides anyone supporting children and young people with dyslexia with more than 100 great ideas for reinforcing their learning development. This second edition is up-to-date with the latest research and best practice on dyslexia, and includes a brand new section on differentiation in the classroom. There are also lots of additional ideas on topics including: ? emotional literacy ? peer support ? periods of transition in the child's school life ? developing phonic skills; and ? exam preparation This book of ready-to-use activities and strategies is perfect for the non-specialist teacher in need of extra guidance, but will also offer new ideas and insights to SENCOs, head teachers, parents and carers and anyone else working with a child or young person with dyslexia.

100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyspraxia and DCD

100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyspraxia and DCD Author Amanda Kirby
ISBN-10 0826494404
Release 2007-05-10
Pages 128
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This useful, resourceful and practical guide provides those working with dyspraxic and DCD children one hundred ideas of how to support and develop their learning. Lists cover the entire school age range and range from developing fine and gross motor skills to preparing children for their next transition either to the next stage of schooling or for their future careers.


Dyspraxia Author Kate Ripley
ISBN-10 9781317854746
Release 2015-12-22
Pages 112
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The aim of this text is to promote an understanding of dyspraxia and movement development among professionals who work with children, and also to offer a text which is accessible to parents. It presents a cognitive processing model of dyspraxia from a developmental perspective, and addresses issues of social development in addition to the more easily observable motor planning difficulties which are associated with dyspraxia. The difficulties which may face the dyspraxic child at home and at school are described with strategies for managing their difficulties. Details are provided of the support services available and how they may be accessed.


Dyspraxia Author Dr. Amanda Kirby
ISBN-10 9780285639393
Release 2002-10-01
Pages 224
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This informative and very practical book is intended to help parents and teachers equip children with dyspraxia, or developmental coordination disorder, with the strategies that will enable them to live as normal a life as possible with this hidden handicap. Examining the developmental path of the child through the early years at home, at nursery school, grade school, high school, and into adulthood, it offers special tips on how to encourage children with dyspraxia to improve their social skills and develop a strong self-esteem. Included is information about the causes and symptoms of dyspraxia, characteristics of the condition, diagnostic procedures, and a glossary of terms.

100 Ideas for Supporting Learners with EAL

100 Ideas for Supporting Learners with EAL Author Chris Pim
ISBN-10 9781441188311
Release 2012-03-08
Pages 168
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100 Ideas for Supporting Learners with EAL is a practical book of ideas and support strategies for the induction, assessment, teaching and learning of students with English as an additional language (EAL). The ideas are adaptable for use with new to English, beginners and advanced learners of EAL. Ideas include:• Setting up a parent conference• Identifying and supporting gifted & talented learners• Cross-cultural mathematics• Effective questioning techniques• Running a 'Young Interpreter Scheme' There is an emphasis on using ICT throughout the book, including where to find the best software, resources and websites. There is also a section on whole-school approaches to supporting learners with EAL. This book is an essential source of inspiration for teachers, support staff, senior managers and Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA) specialists and coordinators.

Developmental Dyspraxia

Developmental Dyspraxia Author Madeleine Portwood
ISBN-10 9781136790447
Release 2013-08-06
Pages 224
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First published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The LCP Solution

The LCP Solution Author B. Jacqueline Stordy, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9780345446879
Release 2001-02-20
Pages 354
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This important new book documents a major breakthrough in the treatment of the three most widespread learning disabilities--ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia ("clumsy child syndrome"). Although these conditions have reached epidemic proportions, treatment has been limited to ineffective behavioral therapies or the controversial prescription drug Ritalin. Now Dr. B. Jacqueline Stordy, a leading researcher in the field, reveals a stunning new treatment based on a simple nutritional supplement: LCP (long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids). The LCP Solution is the first book to describe this new natural treatment and to explain how children (and adults) can incorporate it into their daily lives. As a member of a family with a long history of dyslexia, Dr. Stordy discovered in a pioneering experiment that dyslexic and dyspraxic children who began taking a dietary supplement consisting of LCP experienced dramatic transformations in the quality of their lives. At the same time, parallel studies conducted at Purdue University came up with similar results with children who had ADHD. The effect of this dietary supplement was nothing short of revolutionary: after only a few weeks, dyslexic and ADHD children became calmer, more focused, easier to teach, while dyspraxics improved significantly in dexterity and balance, showing markedly less anxiety. In The LCP Solution, Dr. Stordy documents how this life-changing treatment came about and explains step-by-step how sufferers of each of the three major conditions can use it to change their lives at home, at school, and at work. Illuminating, vividly presented, and authoritative in its findings, this book will revolutionize our approach to learning disabilities. LCPs are natural, simple to use, and amazing in their benefits. If you or someone you love suffers from a learning disability, this book is essential reading.

Can t Play Won t Play

Can t Play Won t Play Author Elizabeth Atter
ISBN-10 1846427584
Release 2008-01-15
Pages 176
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Learning to roller skate or ride a bike should be an enjoyable experience, but for a child with developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD, also known as dyspraxia), these activities can lead to frustration and failure. Can't Play Won't Play is full of practical information, tips and hints to enable children with DCD to access and enjoy activities that other children take for granted. Whatever game you choose to try with your child, this book will offer handy hints for developing the necessary skills to make it a fun and rewarding experience. From football and rugby to swimming, skipping and skating, the advice covers all the regular childhood activities as well as games to improve physical organization and social skills. The authors provide useful equipment lists and safety tips, and include photographs and diagrams to demonstrate the activities. The delightful illustrations add to the book's appeal, making it a friendly and accessible guide to dip into when you are in need of inspiration. Can't Play Won't Play is an essential resource for parents, teachers and all those working with children with DCD.

Study Skills and Dyslexia in the Secondary School

Study Skills and Dyslexia in the Secondary School Author Marion Griffiths
ISBN-10 9781136630569
Release 2012-10-12
Pages 128
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This book is aimed at those who encounter secondary school students with dyslexia on a daily basis. It takes a practical approach by breaking down the whole process of assessing the issues involved and then suggesting ways for teaching staff and students to implement a suitable program of study skills. It is well structured, clear, useful and written with the needs of busy teachers and students very much in mind. Included are assessment approaches, checklists, photocopiable activities, and suggestions for useful resources. Results from qualitative research are included to provide an additional practical insight into study skills and dyslexia in the secondary school. Theoretical knowledge has been used to underpin and inform practice. Teachers of students with dyslexia who are not specialists should find this a useful guide. It will also be of great use to SENCOs and Teaching Assistants.

Caged in Chaos

Caged in Chaos Author Victoria Biggs
ISBN-10 9780857008732
Release 2014-04-21
Pages 208
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Written by a teenager with dyspraxia, this is a humorous and inspiring practical guide for young adults with dyspraxia and those around them trying to get to grips with the physical, social and psychological chaos caused by developmental co-ordination disorders (DCDs). In her own conversational style, Victoria Biggs explains the primary effects of dyspraxia - disorganization, clumsiness and poor short-term memory - as well as other difficulties that dyspraxic teenagers encounter, such as bullying and low self-esteem. Peppered with personal stories from other teens, this award-winning book offers down-to-earth advice on a wide range of adolescent issues, from puberty, health and hygiene to family life and making friends. The new edition includes an update from the author on her university and work experiences and how dyspraxia affects her now as an adult. Her positive approach and profound empathy with others in her situation make this book a must-read.

Books in Print 2009 2010

Books in Print 2009 2010 Author
ISBN-10 0835250199
Release 2009
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Books in Print 2009 2010 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Books in Print 2009 2010 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Books in Print 2009 2010 book for free.

Special Teaching for Special Children Pedagogies for Inclusion

Special Teaching for Special Children  Pedagogies for Inclusion Author
ISBN-10 9780335226238
Release 2004-11-01
Pages 238
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This book addresses this question, looking at pupils’ special learning needs including low attainment, learning difficulties, language difficulties, emotional and behavioural problems and sensory needs. Some special needs groups (for example dyslexia) have argued strongly for the need for particular specialist approaches. In contrast, many proponents of inclusion have argued that ‘good teaching is good teaching for all’ and that all children benefit from similar approaches.

Our Children Can Soar

Our Children Can Soar Author Michelle Cook
ISBN-10 9781619631168
Release 2014-04-15
Pages 32
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Rosa sat so Martin could march. Martin marched so Barack could run.Barack ran so Our children can soar. This is the seed of a unique and inspirational picture book text, that is part historical, part poetry, and entirely inspirational. It symbolically takes the reader through the cumulative story of the US Civil Rights Movement, showing how select pioneers' achievements led up to this landmark moment, when we have elected our first black President. Each historical figure is rendered by a different award-winning African-American children's book illustrator, representing the singular and vibrant contribution that each figure made. Lending historical substance, the back matter includes brief biographies of: George Washington Carver, Jesse Owens, Hattie McDaniel, Ella Fitzgerald, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama.

Target Language Toolkit

Target Language Toolkit Author Miss Allison Chase
ISBN-10 1508548870
Release 2015-02-21
Pages 132
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The Target Language Toolkit offers you a comprehensive strategy and bank of ideas to ensure you are maximising opportunities for you and your learners to develop your target language skills. There is also a wide range of easy-to-implement ideas for establishing target language routines and including no-English activities in your lessons. The book offers strategies for:• Identifying and internalising key language• Implementing target language routines• Monitoring and assessing learners' target language progress• Games and activities which promote use of the target language• Using ICT to develop target language• Developing target language beyond the classroom• Cracking the toughest nuts in your classes• Using homework and independent learning to develop target language confidence• Implementing a whole-department target language policy and initiativeThis book also considers Ofsted guidelines and how to ensure that you and your MFL department are inspection-ready.

100 ideas for supporting pupils on the autistic spectrum

100 ideas for supporting pupils on the autistic spectrum Author Francine Brower
ISBN-10 0826494218
Release 2007-05-10
Pages 118
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This useful, resourceful and practical guide provides those working with& autistic children one hundred ideas of how to support and develop their learning. Ideas range from developing pupils understanding and communication skills to ensuring they are comfortable within their learning environment. >

Sing a Song of Poetry

Sing a Song of Poetry Author Gay Su Pinnell
ISBN-10 0325006555
Release 2004
Pages 288
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A Teaching Resource for Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, and Fluency 250 Poems Reproducibles: one poem per page in large type Suggestions for using poetry in the classroom Learn more about Phonics Lessons by visiting where you can review the table of contents, download sample lessons, read a passage from the introduction, and watch a lesson walk through! Learn more about firsthand.