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Stock Trader s Almanac 2018

Stock Trader s Almanac 2018 Author Jeffrey A. Hirsch
ISBN-10 9781119384267
Release 2017-10-17
Pages 192
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The best data in the business, updated for 2018 Stock Trader's Almanac 2018 provides the cleanest historical data in the business to give traders and investors an advantage in the market. The 2018 edition is consistent with decades of the Stock Trader's Almanac showing you the cycles, trends, and patterns you need to know in order to invest with minimum risk and maximum profit. Updated with the latest numbers, this indispensable guide is organized in a calendar format to provide monthly and daily reminders, including upcoming opportunities to grab and dangers to avoid. Proprietary strategies include the Hirsch Organization's Best Six Months Switching Strategy, the January Barometer, and the Four-Year Presidential Election/Stock Market Cycle, arming you with the tools savvy investors use to achieve their market goals. Trusted by Barron's, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and other respected market authorities, this indispensable guide has helped generations of investors make smart market moves. This new edition provides the same level of invaluable guidance, with the latest data straight from the vault. Access the most trusted historical market data available Identify patterns and trends you won't find anywhere else Get advance notice about upcoming risks and opportunities Bring accuracy to your forecasting and confidence to your investing Analytical tools are essential to successful investing, but they're only as useful as the data is accurate. Even the most beautifully designed model cannot forecast accurately based on incomplete, misleading, or inaccurate numbers; data quality is the bedrock of your entire investing strategy, and when it comes to data, cleanliness is next to profitability. Get the edge this year with the best data in the business, plus a wealth of valuable strategies in the Stock Trader's Almanac 2018.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture Author Ben Fritz
ISBN-10 9780544789760
Release 2018-03-06
Pages 304
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A chronicle of the massive transformation in Hollywood since the turn of the century and the huge changes yet to come, drawing on interviews with key players, as well as documents from the 2014 Sony hack

Blind Spot

Blind Spot Author Teju Cole
ISBN-10 9780399591075
Release 2017
Pages 332
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When it comes to Teju Cole, the unexpected is not unfamiliar: He's an acclaimed novelist, an influential essayist, and an internationally exhibited photographer. In Blind Spot, readers follow Cole's inimitable artistic vision into the visual realm as he continues to refine the voice, eye, and intellectual obsessions that earned him such acclaim for Open City. Here, journey through more than 150 of Cole's full-color, original photos, each accompanied by his lyrical and evocative prose, forming a multimedia diary of years of near-constant travel: from a park in Berlin to a mountain range in Switzerland, a church exterior in Lagos to a parking lot in Brooklyn; landscapes, beautiful or quotidian, that inspire Cole's memories, fantasies, and introspections. Ships in Capri remind him of the work of writers from Homer to Edna O'Brien; a hotel room in Wannsee brings back a disturbing dream about a friend's death; a home in Tivoli evokes a transformative period of semi-blindness, after which "the photography changed. . . . The looking changed." As exquisitely wrought as the work of Anne Carson or Chris Marker, Blind Spot is a testament to the art of seeing by one of the most powerful and original voices in contemporary literature.

Stop the Next War Now

Stop the Next War Now Author Medea Benjamin
ISBN-10 1577317408
Release 2010-11-12
Pages 256
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Violence begets violence — so believes the majority of people around the world who have stood up in protest against war. Stop the Next War Now is a reflective look and call to action to end violence, by acclaimed peace activists, experts, and visionaries, including Eve Ensler, Barbara Lee, Arianna Huffington, Janeane Garafalo, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Hong Kingston, and many more. The book shares expert insight on the issues and powers-that-be that encourage war, including the media, politicians, global militarization, and the pending scarcity of natural resources. A powerful, smart, and passionate work, this book aims to educate and reflect on the effectiveness of peace movement activities and offer hope — through shared ideas, action steps, and checklists — to transform a culture of violence to a culture of peace. How can people humanize each other, ask the authors, and act as responsible global citizens? With vitality, joy, and a dash of CODEPINK-style humor, Stop the Next War Now insists that the time is ripe for the first-ever global movement to put an end to war — and tells readers what they can do about it.

A Data Scientist s Guide to Acquiring Cleaning and Managing Data in R

A Data Scientist s Guide to Acquiring  Cleaning  and Managing Data in R Author Samuel E. Buttrey
ISBN-10 9781119080022
Release 2017-12-18
Pages 312
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The only how-to guide offering a unified, systemic approach to acquiring, cleaning, and managing data in R Every experienced practitioner knows that preparing data for modeling is a painstaking, time-consuming process. Adding to the difficulty is that most modelers learn the steps involved in cleaning and managing data piecemeal, often on the fly, or they develop their own ad hoc methods. This book helps simplify their task by providing a unified, systematic approach to acquiring, modeling, manipulating, cleaning, and maintaining data in R. Starting with the very basics, data scientists Samuel E. Buttrey and Lyn R. Whitaker walk readers through the entire process. From what data looks like and what it should look like, they progress through all the steps involved in getting data ready for modeling. They describe best practices for acquiring data from numerous sources; explore key issues in data handling, including text/regular expressions, big data, parallel processing, merging, matching, and checking for duplicates; and outline highly efficient and reliable techniques for documenting data and recordkeeping, including audit trails, getting data back out of R, and more. The only single-source guide to R data and its preparation, it describes best practices for acquiring, manipulating, cleaning, and maintaining data Begins with the basics and walks readers through all the steps necessary to get data ready for the modeling process Provides expert guidance on how to document the processes described so that they are reproducible Written by seasoned professionals, it provides both introductory and advanced techniques Features case studies with supporting data and R code, hosted on a companion website A Data Scientist's Guide to Acquiring, Cleaning and Managing Data in R is a valuable working resource/bench manual for practitioners who collect and analyze data, lab scientists and research associates of all levels of experience, and graduate-level data mining students.

2018 06 748

            2018 06      748   Author 中國生產力中心編輯部
Release 2018-06-05
Pages 118
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【HR如何逆轉勝】 過往的教育或訓練無一不希望把人類效率化、機械化,但是隨著AI的腳步逼近,現在反而希望把人類「人性化」,找出我們獨有的利基點。那麼,在企業中掌握人脈的HR,如何在鋪天蓋地的AI應用下,避免成為受災戶,成為勝利者呢?這場進化之戰,正在全球上演中。


Asymmetry Author Lisa Halliday
ISBN-10 9781501166761
Release 2018-02-06
Pages 288
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Alice, a young American editor living in New York, is in a relationship with the famous and much older writer Ezra Blazer. Amar, an Iraqi-American economist, is on his way to visit his brother in Kurdistan when he is detained by immigration officers and spends the last weekend of 2008 in a holding room in Heathrow. Years later a BBC journalist conducts an interview with Blazer about life, love, and legacy. These three disparate narratives combine into a riveting story of love, luck, and the inextricability of life and art.

Big Cherry Holler

Big Cherry Holler Author Adriana Trigiani
ISBN-10 0743219848
Release 2001
Pages 272
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Big Cherry Holler is the story of a marriage, revealing the deep secrets, the power struggle, the betrayal and unmet expectations that exist between a man and wife. But it is also the story of a community that must reinvent itself as it comes to grips with the decline of the coal-mining industry, and of an extended family, the people of Big Stone Gap, who are there for one another, especially when times are tough.

Credit Survey

Credit Survey Author
ISBN-10 UCLA:L0079818233
Release 1998
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Credit Survey has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Credit Survey also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Credit Survey book for free.

06 2018 208

          06       2018    208   Author 新通訊編輯部
Release 2018-05-24
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整合造就新興體驗 Type-C眾望所歸 有線高速傳輸不斷往更高速、更通用的趨勢發展,周邊連結的USB、Thunderbolt、HDMI、DisplayPort等標準,因應高資料量與高畫質影音傳輸,頻寬不斷提升,大部分傳輸介面都已邁向數十Gbps等級的效能,不過在使用習慣上,高速傳輸已經不是唯一最需要的功能,消費者對於傳輸速率的提升漸漸無感,反而是如何在過去隨插即用與穩定便利的基礎上,創造新的使用體驗,成為相關廠商關鍵的新課題。 無線技術近年不斷進化,Gbps等級的無線通訊技術進入普及階段,搭配雲端儲存與服務的使用,已經能大幅滿足消費者檔案傳輸使用需求,有線連結技術儘管在傳輸效能上還是領先無線技術,不過由於有線高速傳輸在超過5Gbps以後,遭遇包括訊號干擾、成本提升、設計複雜度提升導致效能達成率低等挑戰,以致市場推動不甚順利,面對無線技術的步步進逼與自身有線技術瓶頸的挑戰,是接下來最需要突破的重點。 ※新通訊元件雜誌簡介 本雜誌完整涵括通訊各個領域,Telecom及Datacom並重,為您清楚剖析未來Telecom及Datacom的發展及整合趨勢。本雜誌除邀請專業人士執筆,為讀者提供最新產業趨勢及技術發展外,並透過採訪報導,協助您掌握台灣及全球通訊業界的最新動態。「新通訊元件雜誌」已經以紮實的內容,輔以研討會或座談會的舉辦,在產研學界建立其知名度、口碑及影響力。更多資訊請參考: 出版社 新通訊 (城邦)

ar 2018 06

ar 2018    06      Author 主婦と生活社
Release 2018-05-11
Pages 216
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読者(&編集部)の熱すぎる要望を受けて、広瀬すずがarにまたまた登場!映画やドラマで大役を演じ、女優としてさらにたくましく成長したすずのワイルドで力強い一面をフィーチャーするのが今回の狙い!10代最後、ピュアな輝きの中に大人びた表情がのぞく、今の瞬間を見逃さないで。 COVER INTERVIEW/広瀬すずワイルドすず、現る! ★特集★カラダ映え服30 by 比留川游★特集★マキシなオンナ by 宮田聡子★特集★夏まで待てない!可愛くしてくれる水着だけ by 佐野ひなこ ■ウエストさえくびれていればイイ by 佐藤栞里■イガリ的NEWエロティック by 垣内彩未■よくばり未央奈のデニム14DAYS■初夏のボディ&ヘアケア最前線 by 三枝こころ■メイク上手のカナメ 囲み目パラダイス by 野崎萌香■初夏の髪は二者択一 HiGH or LOW■トレンドカラーでおNEWな私 夏のモテ髪予報■ar-1グランプリ開催■◯◯だけダイエット検証■フレッシュボブにする? おフェミなミディアムにする?■健康になろう オンナの栄養学 連載「指原莉乃 さっしーの部屋!」連載「乃木坂46 堀未央奈がゆくおもてなし達人への道」連載「ANDO MAYUMI 今月のwish list」連載「齋藤薫 ブランド力学」連載「wanna be Music-Holic -音楽最狂伝説-」連載「あの人にいざ、会いに行きます」朝倉あき&三浦貴大連載「あの人にいざ、会いに行きます」新田真剣佑連載「雄ボーイ、僕が恋する雌ガール」連載「天野っちの今日のごはん」連載「飯ガールへのLove Letter」連載「宮田珠己のいつも心に四次元を」連載コミック「完パコLOVE/エディター・鴨川つばさの冒険」連載「モテるよゴルフ女子」夏のゴルフメイク連載「arガール的大人の社会科見学」連載「ARG雌ガール養成塾/塾長おぐねぇーのメイクでテコ入れ !!」ar webがとにかくスゴいって知ってます!?Editor’s Addict/編集部員をト・リ・コにしたとっておき&今月のARGだよりエミール・シェラザードの HOROSCOPEShop List&7月号予告/COVER GIRL 小松菜奈〈告知〉ar読者レポーター(ARG)大募集!〈インタビュー〉毒きゅん!北村匠海〈緊急告知〉BEAMS & arでルームウエアを作りました!

TRAVELER luxe 06 2018 157

TRAVELER luxe          06       2018    157   Author 墨刻月刊編輯部
Release 2018-05-30
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【尼加拉瓜,玩味五感的自然天堂】 世界之大,往何處找尋自然之樂?位於中美洲的尼加拉瓜(Nicaragua)以純淨的自然生態備受矚目,近年成為炙手可熱的戶外活動及生態旅行的勝地。 旅行尼加拉瓜三區──西部以戶外活動著稱的「太平洋區」、品吟土地之味的「北部高地區」和海灘度假的「加勒比海區」,每一區的景觀樣貌不同,卻都洋溢了最原始純粹的天然之美。 沉浸在尼國的大自然天堂,以五感動靜玩味,盡情感受零距離的自然之樂。 ◎太平洋火山區,祕境自然大探險7+ 尼國西部太平洋區(Pacific Region)擁有令人驚嘆的壯麗地形──洋溢原始野性的廣袤大地、形態各異的火山群、中美洲最大淡水湖、宛如星河的湖中小島、衝浪勝地的海灣,16世紀西班牙殖民者在此間築就的大小古城,如今成為戶外活動愛好者一探尼國絕美大自然的基地。擁抱尼加拉瓜的陽光、純淨生態和人文色彩,探險尼國最美好的自然祕境。 ◎北部高地,品吟大地的綠旅行4+ 尼國北部高地區(Northern Highlands)為著名的綠旅行勝地,這裡出產世界頂級的蘭姆酒、雪茄和咖啡,及傳承在地古文明的黑陶。吟味尼國純淨大自然的最好方式,即是體驗一程從土地出發的旅行,一遊尼國最知名的蘭姆酒蒸餾廠、雪茄工場、咖啡莊園及黑陶工作坊,在手製之中,感受尼國大地所賜予的究極之惠。 ◎小玉米島,隱藏的加勒比海祕境 尼國加勒比海區(Caribbean Region)近年最令人矚目的隱藏版祕境──小玉米島(Little Corn Island),萬里無雲的晴空、宛如綠松石般的澄藍海色、雪白沙灘及綠意盎然的椰子林。入住島上奢華旅宿 Yemaya 享受水療和水上活動,閒來漫步小玉米島,加勒比海的隱藏絕景,即是最美好的療癒。 ◎特企:帶走屬於尼加拉瓜的美好回憶! 旅行尼加拉瓜,在走過的每一個大小城鎮蒐羅地產紀念品──尼國的頂級蘭姆酒、雪茄、精品咖啡和巧克力,手製木雕面具、陶器和果殼杯…造型質樸、純出天然的尼加拉瓜地產紀念品,蘊藏了當地最美好的自然氣息,將這些紀念品與旅行尼國的美好回憶一起打包帶回家! 出版社 墨刻 (城邦)

Practical Java EE Development on WildFly

Practical Java EE Development on WildFly Author Francesco Marchioni
ISBN-10 9788894038941
Release 2018-04-26
Pages 345
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A hands-on practical guide disclosing all areas of Java EE 8 development on the newest WildFly application server. Covers everything from the foundation components (EJB, Servlets, CDI, JPA) to the new technology stack defined in Java Enterprise Edition 7 hence including the new Batch API, JSON-P Api, the Concurrency API,Web Sockets, the JMS 2.0 API, the core Web services stack (JAX-WS, JAX-RS). The testing area with Arquillian framework and the Security API complete the list of topics discussed in the book.

DigiTrend 05 06 2018 49

            DigiTrend      05   06      2018   49   Author 華碩聯合數位
Release 2018-04-01
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全新上市的ZenFone 5將手機拍照體驗帶入更高境界,在前後雙鏡頭相機之外,還加入了AI智慧拍攝功能,可以預測並調整合適的拍攝偏好,還能在一次又一次的拍攝後自我學習,你只要專心思考如何呈現畫面,剩下就由它代勞,用手機拍出精彩照片其實比你想像的簡單很多。你準備好用ZenFone 5率先迎接更聰明的AI時代了嗎?

City Poems

City Poems Author Joe Fiorito
ISBN-10 1550967703
Release 2018-04-16
Pages 120
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From the Preface by A.F. Moritz: Joe Fiorito's powerful City Poems is new with the freshness of sudden light on what was always beside us, but we became dulled to it, or turned away: it was too constantly troubling, too difficult. Searing in subject matter, profound in meaning and sympathy, the poems are also wonderfully inventive and skillful in poetic form, while remaining casual, colloquial: the art of the street's voice. They're very short: shooting stars. But they constitute pinpoint windows on vast regions, unknown or ignored worlds: struggling people, obscurely dying people, their full reality: the body-and-soul details of pain and loss, endurance, heroism, joys, ugliness and beauty, in the rough corners, wastelands, and crevices where insulted, injured life manages to persist amid the expanse of glass, steel, and money.

A Place for Us

A Place for Us Author Fatima Farheen Mirza
ISBN-10 1432852590
Release 2018-06-12
Download Link Click Here

The first novel from Sarah Jessica Parker's new imprint, SJP for Hogarth, A Place for Us is a deeply moving and resonant story of love, identity and belonging A Place for Us unfolds the lives of an Indian-American Muslim family, gathered together in their Californian hometown to celebrate the eldest daughter, Hadia's, wedding - a match of love rather than tradition. It is here, on this momentous day, that Amar, the youngest of the siblings, reunites with his family for the first time in three years. Rafiq and Layla must now contend with the choices and betrayals that lead to their son's estrangement - the reckoning of parents who strove to pass on their cultures and traditions to their children; and of children who in turn struggle to balance authenticity in themselves with loyalty to the home they came from. In a narrative that spans decades and sees family life through the eyes of each member, A Place For Us charts the crucial moments in the family's past, from the bonds that bring them together to the differences that pull them apart. And as siblings Hadia, Huda, and Amar attempt to carve out a life for themselves, they must reconcile their present culture with their parent's faith, to tread a path between the old world and the new, and learn how the smallest decisions can lead to the deepest of betrayals. A deeply affecting and resonant story, A Place for Us is truly a book for our times: a moving portrait of what it means to be an American family today, a novel of love, identity and belonging that eloquently examines what it means to be both American and Muslim -- and announces Fatima Farheen Mirza as a major new literary talent.

Geology of the Santa Fe region New Mexico

Geology of the Santa Fe region  New Mexico Author New Mexico Geological Society. Field Conference
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105017221040
Release 1995
Pages 338
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Geology of the Santa Fe region New Mexico has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Geology of the Santa Fe region New Mexico also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Geology of the Santa Fe region New Mexico book for free.