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A Celebration of Mathematical Modeling

A Celebration of Mathematical Modeling Author Daniel Czamanski
ISBN-10 9789401704274
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 241
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ThisvolumecelebratestheeightiethbirthdayofJosephB. Keller. The authors who contributed to this volume belong to what can be called the “Keller school of applied mathematics. ” They are former students, postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists who have collaborated with Joe (some of them still do) during his long career. They all look at Joe as their ultimate (role) model. JoeKeller’sdistinguishedcareerhasbeendividedbetweentheCourant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, where he received all his degrees (his PhD adviser being the great R. Courant himself) and served as a professor for 30 years, and Stanford University, where he has been since 1978. The appended photos highlight some scenes from the old days. Those who know Joe Keller’s work have been always amazed by its diversity and breadth. It is considered a well-known truth that there is not a single important area in applied mathematics or physics which Keller did not contribute to. This can be appreciated, for example, by glancing through his list of publication included in this volume. App- priately, the papers in this book, written with Joe’s inspiration, cover a variety of application areas; together they span the broad subject of mathematical modeling. The models discussed in the book describe the behavior of various systems such as those related to ?nance, waves, - croorganisms, shocks, DNA, ?ames, contact, optics, ?uids, bubbles and jets. Joe’s activity includes many more areas, which unfortunately are not represented here.

Mathematical Modelling of Biosystems

Mathematical Modelling of Biosystems Author Rubem P. Mondaini
ISBN-10 3540767843
Release 2008-02-23
Pages 305
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This volume is an interdisciplinary book which introduces, in a very readable way, state-of-the-art research in the fundamental topics of mathematical modelling of Biosystems. In short, the book offers an overview of mathematical and computational modelling of biosystems including biological phenomena in general. There is also a special introduction to Protein Physics which aims to explain the all-or-none first order phase transitions from native to denatured states.

Elliptic Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations

Elliptic   Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations Author Thomas H. Otway
ISBN-10 9783319197616
Release 2015-07-08
Pages 128
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This text is a concise introduction to the partial differential equations which change from elliptic to hyperbolic type across a smooth hypersurface of their domain. These are becoming increasingly important in diverse sub-fields of both applied mathematics and engineering, for example: • The heating of fusion plasmas by electromagnetic waves • The behaviour of light near a caustic • Extremal surfaces in the space of special relativity • The formation of rapids; transonic and multiphase fluid flow • The dynamics of certain models for elastic structures • The shape of industrial surfaces such as windshields and airfoils • Pathologies of traffic flow • Harmonic fields in extended projective space They also arise in models for the early universe, for cosmic acceleration, and for possible violation of causality in the interiors of certain compact stars. Within the past 25 years, they have become central to the isometric embedding of Riemannian manifolds and the prescription of Gauss curvature for surfaces: topics in pure mathematics which themselves have important applications. Elliptic−Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations is derived from a mini-course given at the ICMS Workshop on Differential Geometry and Continuum Mechanics held in Edinburgh, Scotland in June 2013. The focus on geometry in that meeting is reflected in these notes, along with the focus on quasilinear equations. In the spirit of the ICMS workshop, this course is addressed both to applied mathematicians and to mathematically-oriented engineers. The emphasis is on very recent applications and methods, the majority of which have not previously appeared in book form.

The Dirichlet Problem for Elliptic Hyperbolic Equations of Keldysh Type

The Dirichlet Problem for Elliptic Hyperbolic Equations of Keldysh Type Author Thomas H. Otway
ISBN-10 9783642244148
Release 2012-01-07
Pages 214
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Partial differential equations of mixed elliptic-hyperbolic type arise in diverse areas of physics and geometry, including fluid and plasma dynamics, optics, cosmology, traffic engineering, projective geometry, geometric variational theory, and the theory of isometric embeddings. And yet even the linear theory of these equations is at a very early stage. This text examines various Dirichlet problems which can be formulated for equations of Keldysh type, one of the two main classes of linear elliptic-hyperbolic equations. Open boundary conditions (in which data are prescribed on only part of the boundary) and closed boundary conditions (in which data are prescribed on the entire boundary) are both considered. Emphasis is on the formulation of boundary conditions for which solutions can be shown to exist in an appropriate function space. Specific applications to plasma physics, optics, and analysis on projective spaces are discussed. (From the preface)

Mathematical Reviews

Mathematical Reviews Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015065183579
Release 2006
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Mathematical Reviews has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mathematical Reviews also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mathematical Reviews book for free.

American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066043186
Release 2003
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American Book Publishing Record has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Book Publishing Record also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Book Publishing Record book for free.

The British National Bibliography

The British National Bibliography Author Arthur James Wells
ISBN-10 UOM:39015057956560
Release 2004
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The British National Bibliography has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The British National Bibliography also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The British National Bibliography book for free.

Topology and Physics of Circular Dnafrom the Series

Topology and Physics of Circular Dnafrom the Series Author Alexander Vologodskii
ISBN-10 0849342287
Release 1992-06-16
Pages 192
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Topology and Physics of Circular DNA presents comprehensive coverage of the physical properties of circular DNA. The author examines how topological constraints arising from cyclization of DNA lead to distinctive properties that make closed molecules radically different from linear DNA. The phenomenon of supercoiling, its geometric and topological analysis, and the formation of noncanonical structures in circular DNA under the influence of supercoiling are emphasized. The combination of consistent theoretical analysis and detailed treatment of major experimental approaches make Topology and Physics of Circular DNA an important reference volume for biophysicists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and researchers and students who want to expand their understanding of circular DNA.

Vortex Dominated Flows

Vortex Dominated Flows Author Denis L. Blackmore
ISBN-10 9789812563200
Release 2005
Pages 269
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Honoring the contributions of one of the field's leading experts, Lu Ting, this indispensable volume contains important new results at the cutting edge of research. A wide variety of significant new analytical and numerical results in critical areas are presented, including point vortex dynamics, superconductor vortices, cavity flows, vortex breakdown, shock/vortex interaction, wake flows, magneto-hydrodynamics, rotary wake flows, and hypersonic vortex phenomena.The book will be invaluable for those interested in the state of the art of vortex dominated flows, both from a theoretical and applied perspective.Professor Lu Ting and Joe Keller have worked together for over 40 years. In their first joint work entitled ?Periodic vibrations of systems governed by nonlinear partial differential equations?, perturbation analysis and bifurcation theory were used to determine the frequencies and modes of vibration of various physical systems. The novelty was the application to partial differential equations of methods which, previously, had been used almost exclusively on ordinary differential equations. Professsor Lu Ting is an expert in both fluid dynamics and the use of matched asymptotic expansions. His physical insight into fluid flows has led the way to finding the appropriate mathematical simplications used in the solutions to many difficult flow problems.

Numerical Methods for Problems in Infinite Domains

Numerical Methods for Problems in Infinite Domains Author D. Givoli
ISBN-10 9781483291086
Release 2013-10-22
Pages 316
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This volume reviews and discusses the main numerical methods used today for solving problems in infinite domains. It also presents in detail one very effective method in this class, namely the Dirichlet-to-Neumann (DtN) finite element method. The book is intended to provide the researcher or engineer with the state-of-the-art in numerical solution methods for infinite domain problems, such as the problems encountered in acoustics and structural acoustics, fluid dynamics, meteorology, and many other fields of application. The emphasis is on the fundamentals of the various methods, and on reporting recent progress and forecasting future directions. An appendix at the end of the book provides an introduction to the essentials of the finite element method, and suggests a short list of texts on the subject which are categorized by their level of mathematics.

Rethinking Mathematics

Rethinking Mathematics Author Eric Gutstein
ISBN-10 9780942961546
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 179
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A collection of more than thirty articles shows teachers how to weave social justice principles throughout the math curriculum, and how to integrate social justice math into other curricular areas as well.


Gravitation Author I. Ciufolini
ISBN-10 9781420034271
Release 2004-10-31
Pages 198
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Although gravity is the dominant force of nature at large distances (from intermediate scales to the Hubble length), it is the weakest of forces in particle physics, though it is believed to become important again at very short scales (the Planck length). The conditions created in particle accelerators are similar to those at the time of the early universe. While particle physics offers insight to early universe physics, there is a need to understand gravity at extremes of large and short distances to further understand cosmology and the development of the universe. Gravitation: From the Hubble Length to the Planck Length fulfills this need by providing an overview of relativistic astrophysics, early universe physics, cosmology, and their interface with particle physics. Written by international experts, this reference presents up-to-date information on classical relativity, astrophysics, and theoretical and experimental particle physics. The introduction sets the scene and provides a context for the remaining chapters. Chapters cover an extensive array of topics, from refined experimental techniques in gravitational physics to cosmology and the quantum frontier. The book concludes with a discussion of the connection among particles, fields, strings, and branes. This compilation shows how gravity plays a fundamental role in astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology by exploring domains from the microscopic, such as black holes, to superclusters of galaxies that form the large-scale texture of the present-day cosmos. Moreover, with its theoretical and experimental focus on the foundations of gravity, Gravitation proves to be an invaluable resource for current and future research.

A Geography Of Time

A Geography Of Time Author Robert N. Levine
ISBN-10 9780786722532
Release 2008-08-01
Pages 416
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In this engaging and spirited book, eminent social psychologist Robert Levine asks us to explore a dimension of our experience that we take for granted—our perception of time. When we travel to a different country, or even a different city in the United States, we assume that a certain amount of cultural adjustment will be required, whether it's getting used to new food or negotiating a foreign language, adapting to a different standard of living or another currency. In fact, what contributes most to our sense of disorientation is having to adapt to another culture's sense of time.Levine, who has devoted his career to studying time and the pace of life, takes us on an enchanting tour of time through the ages and around the world. As he recounts his unique experiences with humor and deep insight, we travel with him to Brazil, where to be three hours late is perfectly acceptable, and to Japan, where he finds a sense of the long-term that is unheard of in the West. We visit communities in the United States and find that population size affects the pace of life—and even the pace of walking. We travel back in time to ancient Greece to examine early clocks and sundials, then move forward through the centuries to the beginnings of ”clock time” during the Industrial Revolution. We learn that there are places in the world today where people still live according to ”nature time,” the rhythm of the sun and the seasons, and ”event time,” the structuring of time around happenings(when you want to make a late appointment in Burundi, you say, ”I'll see you when the cows come in”).Levine raises some fascinating questions. How do we use our time? Are we being ruled by the clock? What is this doing to our cities? To our relationships? To our own bodies and psyches? Are there decisions we have made without conscious choice? Alternative tempos we might prefer? Perhaps, Levine argues, our goal should be to try to live in a ”multitemporal” society, one in which we learn to move back and forth among nature time, event time, and clock time. In other words, each of us must chart our own geography of time. If we can do that, we will have achieved temporal prosperity.

The Craft of Probabilistic Modelling

The Craft of Probabilistic Modelling Author J. Gani
ISBN-10 9781461386315
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 313
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This book brings together the personal accounts and reflections of nineteen mathematical model-builders, whose specialty is probabilistic modelling. The reader may well wonder why, apart from personal interest, one should commission and edit such a collection of articles. There are, of course, many reasons, but perhaps the three most relevant are: (i) a philosophicaJ interest in conceptual models; this is an interest shared by everyone who has ever puzzled over the relationship between thought and reality; (ii) a conviction, not unsupported by empirical evidence, that probabilistic modelling has an important contribution to make to scientific research; and finally (iii) a curiosity, historical in its nature, about the complex interplay between personal events and the development of a field of mathematical research, namely applied probability. Let me discuss each of these in turn. Philosophical Abstraction, the formation of concepts, and the construction of conceptual models present us with complex philosophical problems which date back to Democritus, Plato and Aristotle. We have all, at one time or another, wondered just how we think; are our thoughts, concepts and models of reality approxim&tions to the truth, or are they simply functional constructs helping us to master our environment? Nowhere are these problems more apparent than in mathematical model ling, where idealized concepts and constructions replace the imperfect realities for which they stand.

Information Theory and Stochastics for Multiscale Nonlinear Systems

Information Theory and Stochastics for Multiscale Nonlinear Systems Author Andrew Majda
ISBN-10 9780821838433
Release 2005
Pages 133
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This book introduces mathematicians to the fascinating emerging mathematical interplay between ideas from stochastics and information theory and important practical issues in studying complex multiscale nonlinear systems. It emphasizes the serendipity between modern applied mathematics and applications where rigorous analysis, the development of qualitative and/or asymptotic models, and numerical modeling all interact to explain complex phenomena. After a brief introduction to the emerging issues in multiscale modeling, the book has three main chapters. The first chapter is an introduction to information theory with novel applications to statistical mechanics, predictability, and Jupiter's Red Spot for geophysical flows. The second chapter discusses new mathematical issues regarding fluctuation-dissipation theorems for complex nonlinear systems including information flow, various approximations, and illustrates applications to various mathematical models. The third chapter discusses stochastic modeling of complex nonlinear systems. After a general discussion, a new elementary model, motivated by issues in climate dynamics, is utilized to develop a self-contained example of stochastic mode reduction. Based on A. Majda's Aisenstadt lectures at the University of Montreal, the book is appropriate for both pure and applied mathematics graduate students, postdocs and faculty as well as interested researchers in other scientific disciplines. No background in geophysical flows is required.

A Relativist s Toolkit

A Relativist s Toolkit Author Eric Poisson
ISBN-10 1139451995
Release 2004-05-06
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This 2004 textbook fills a gap in the literature on general relativity by providing the advanced student with practical tools for the computation of many physically interesting quantities. The context is provided by the mathematical theory of black holes, one of the most elegant, successful, and relevant applications of general relativity. Among the topics discussed are congruencies of timelike and null geodesics, the embedding of spacelike, timelike and null hypersurfaces in spacetime, and the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of general relativity. Although the book is self-contained, it is not meant to serve as an introduction to general relativity. Instead, it is meant to help the reader acquire advanced skills and become a competent researcher in relativity and gravitational physics. The primary readership consists of graduate students in gravitational physics. It will also be a useful reference for more seasoned researchers working in this field.

Fascinating Mathematical People

Fascinating Mathematical People Author Donald J. Albers
ISBN-10 1400839556
Release 2011-09-06
Pages 352
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Fascinating Mathematical People is a collection of informal interviews and memoirs of sixteen prominent members of the mathematical community of the twentieth century, many still active. The candid portraits collected here demonstrate that while these men and women vary widely in terms of their backgrounds, life stories, and worldviews, they all share a deep and abiding sense of wonder about mathematics. Featured here--in their own words--are major research mathematicians whose cutting-edge discoveries have advanced the frontiers of the field, such as Lars Ahlfors, Mary Cartwright, Dusa McDuff, and Atle Selberg. Others are leading mathematicians who have also been highly influential as teachers and mentors, like Tom Apostol and Jean Taylor. Fern Hunt describes what it was like to be among the first black women to earn a PhD in mathematics. Harold Bacon made trips to Alcatraz to help a prisoner learn calculus. Thomas Banchoff, who first became interested in the fourth dimension while reading a Captain Marvel comic, relates his fascinating friendship with Salvador Dalí and their shared passion for art, mathematics, and the profound connection between the two. Other mathematical people found here are Leon Bankoff, who was also a Beverly Hills dentist; Arthur Benjamin, a part-time professional magician; and Joseph Gallian, a legendary mentor of future mathematicians, but also a world-renowned expert on the Beatles. This beautifully illustrated collection includes many photographs never before published, concise introductions by the editors to each person, and a foreword by Philip J. Davis. Some images inside the book are unavailable due to digital copyright restrictions.