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A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory

A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory Author Stephen C. Newman
ISBN-10 9781118336847
Release 2012-05-29
Pages 296
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Explore the foundations and modern applications of Galois theory Galois theory is widely regarded as one of the most elegant areas of mathematics. A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory develops the topic from a historical perspective, with an emphasis on the solvability of polynomials by radicals. The book provides a gradual transition from the computational methods typical of early literature on the subject to the more abstract approach that characterizes most contemporary expositions. The author provides an easily-accessible presentation of fundamental notions such as roots of unity, minimal polynomials, primitive elements, radical extensions, fixed fields, groups of automorphisms, and solvable series. As a result, their role in modern treatments of Galois theory is clearly illuminated for readers. Classical theorems by Abel, Galois, Gauss, Kronecker, Lagrange, and Ruffini are presented, and the power of Galois theory as both a theoretical and computational tool is illustrated through: A study of the solvability of polynomials of prime degree Development of the theory of periods of roots of unity Derivation of the classical formulas for solving general quadratic, cubic, and quartic polynomials by radicals Throughout the book, key theorems are proved in two ways, once using a classical approach and then again utilizing modern methods. Numerous worked examples showcase the discussed techniques, and background material on groups and fields is provided, supplying readers with a self-contained discussion of the topic. A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory is an excellent resource for courses on abstract algebra at the upper-undergraduate level. The book is also appealing to anyone interested in understanding the origins of Galois theory, why it was created, and how it has evolved into the discipline it is today.

Introduction to Field Theory

Introduction to Field Theory Author Iain T. Adamson
ISBN-10 0521286581
Release 1982-09-02
Pages 181
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This book brings the reader from the basic definitions to important results and applications, and introduces some of the techniques of abstract algebra.

Field Theory and Its Classical Problems

Field Theory and Its Classical Problems Author Charles Robert Hadlock
ISBN-10 088385032X
Release 2000-12-07
Pages 323
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An introduction to the classical notions behind modern Galois theory.

Field and Galois Theory

Field and Galois Theory Author Patrick Morandi
ISBN-10 9781461240402
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 284
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In the fall of 1990, I taught Math 581 at New Mexico State University for the first time. This course on field theory is the first semester of the year-long graduate algebra course here at NMSU. In the back of my mind, I thought it would be nice someday to write a book on field theory, one of my favorite mathematical subjects, and I wrote a crude form of lecture notes that semester. Those notes sat undisturbed for three years until late in 1993 when I finally made the decision to turn the notes into a book. The notes were greatly expanded and rewritten, and they were in a form sufficient to be used as the text for Math 581 when I taught it again in the fall of 1994. Part of my desire to write a textbook was due to the nonstandard format of our graduate algebra sequence. The first semester of our sequence is field theory. Our graduate students generally pick up group and ring theory in a senior-level course prior to taking field theory. Since we start with field theory, we would have to jump into the middle of most graduate algebra textbooks. This can make reading the text difficult by not knowing what the author did before the field theory chapters. Therefore, a book devoted to field theory is desirable for us as a text. While there are a number of field theory books around, most of these were less complete than I wanted.

Galois Theory Through Exercises

Galois Theory Through Exercises Author Juliusz Brzeziński
ISBN-10 9783319723266
Release 2018-03-21
Pages 293
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This textbook offers a unique introduction to classical Galois theory through many concrete examples and exercises of varying difficulty (including computer-assisted exercises). In addition to covering standard material, the book explores topics related to classical problems such as Galois’ theorem on solvable groups of polynomial equations of prime degrees, Nagell's proof of non-solvability by radicals of quintic equations, Tschirnhausen's transformations, lunes of Hippocrates, and Galois' resolvents. Topics related to open conjectures are also discussed, including exercises related to the inverse Galois problem and cyclotomic fields. The author presents proofs of theorems, historical comments and useful references alongside the exercises, providing readers with a well-rounded introduction to the subject and a gateway to further reading. A valuable reference and a rich source of exercises with sample solutions, this book will be useful to both students and lecturers. Its original concept makes it particularly suitable for self-study.

Galois Theory

Galois Theory Author Steven H. Weintraub
ISBN-10 0387287256
Release 2006
Pages 185
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Discusses Galois theory, treating fields of characteristic zero and of positive characteristic with consideration of both separable and inseparable extensions, but with an emphasis on algebraic extensions of the field of rational numbers. This book concludes with a discussion of the algebraic closure and of infinite Galois extensions.

Fields and Galois Theory

Fields and Galois Theory Author John M. Howie
ISBN-10 1852339861
Release 2006
Pages 225
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This gentle introduction aimed at advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students takes a modern, more "natural" approach to its subject, developing the theory at a gentle pace. Topics covered include rings and fields, integral domains and polynomials, field extensions and splitting fields, finite fields, and the Galois group. The book contains plenty of worked examples and exercises complete with full solutions.

Galois Theory

Galois Theory Author David A. Cox
ISBN-10 9781118218426
Release 2012-03-27
Pages 602
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Praise for the First Edition ". . .will certainly fascinate anyone interested in abstract algebra: a remarkable book!" —Monatshefte fur Mathematik Galois theory is one of the most established topics in mathematics, with historical roots that led to the development of many central concepts in modern algebra, including groups and fields. Covering classic applications of the theory, such as solvability by radicals, geometric constructions, and finite fields, Galois Theory, Second Edition delves into novel topics like Abel’s theory of Abelian equations, casus irreducibili, and the Galois theory of origami. In addition, this book features detailed treatments of several topics not covered in standard texts on Galois theory, including: The contributions of Lagrange, Galois, and Kronecker How to compute Galois groups Galois's results about irreducible polynomials of prime or prime-squared degree Abel's theorem about geometric constructions on the lemniscates Galois groups of quartic polynomials in all characteristics Throughout the book, intriguing Mathematical Notes and Historical Notes sections clarify the discussed ideas and the historical context; numerous exercises and examples use Maple and Mathematica to showcase the computations related to Galois theory; and extensive references have been added to provide readers with additional resources for further study. Galois Theory, Second Edition is an excellent book for courses on abstract algebra at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels. The book also serves as an interesting reference for anyone with a general interest in Galois theory and its contributions to the field of mathematics.

Algebra f r Einsteiger

Algebra f  r Einsteiger Author Jörg Bewersdorff
ISBN-10 9780821838174
Release 2006-01
Pages 180
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Galois theory is the culmination of a centuries-long search for a solution to the classical problem of solving algebraic equations by radicals. In this book, Bewersdorff follows the historical development of the theory, emphasizing concrete examples along the way. As a result, many mathematical abstractions are now seen as the natural consequence of particular investigations. Few prerequisites are needed beyond general college mathematics, since the necessary ideas and properties of groups and fields are provided as needed.Results in Galois theory are formulated first in a concrete, elementary way, then in the modern form. Each chapter begins with a simple question that gives the reader an idea of the nature and difficulty of what lies ahead. The applications of the theory to geometric constructions, including the ancient problems of squaring the circle, duplicating the cube, and trisecting an angle, and the construction of regular $n$-gons are also presented. This book is suitable for undergraduates and beginning graduate students.

Topics in Galois Theory Second Edition

Topics in Galois Theory  Second Edition Author Jean-Pierre Serre
ISBN-10 9781439865255
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 120
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This book is based on a course given by the author at Harvard University in the fall semester of 1988. The course focused on the inverse problem of Galois Theory: the construction of field extensions having a given finite group as Galois group. In the first part of the book, classical methods and results, such as the Scholz and Reichardt construction for p-groups, p != 2, as well as Hilbert's irreducibility theorem and the large sieve inequality, are presented. The second half is devoted to rationality and rigidity criteria and their application in realizing certain groups as Galois groups of regular extensions of Q(T). While proofs are not carried out in full detail, the book contains a number of examples, exercises, and open problems.

Galois Theory

Galois Theory Author Emil Artin
ISBN-10 9780486158259
Release 2012-05-24
Pages 86
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Clearly presented discussions of fields, vector spaces, homogeneous linear equations, extension fields, polynomials, algebraic elements, as well as sections on solvable groups, permutation groups, solution of equations by radicals, and other concepts. 1966 edition.

A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory

A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory Author K. Ireland
ISBN-10 9781475717792
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 344
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This book is a revised and greatly expanded version of our book Elements of Number Theory published in 1972. As with the first book the primary audience we envisage consists of upper level undergraduate mathematics majors and graduate students. We have assumed some familiarity with the material in a standard undergraduate course in abstract algebra. A large portion of Chapters 1-11 can be read even without such background with the aid of a small amount of supplementary reading. The later chapters assume some knowledge of Galois theory, and in Chapters 16 and 18 an acquaintance with the theory of complex variables is necessary. Number theory is an ancient subject and its content is vast. Any intro ductory book must, of necessity, make a very limited selection from the fascinat ing array of possible topics. Our focus is on topics which point in the direction of algebraic number theory and arithmetic algebraic geometry. By a careful selection of subject matter we have found it possible to exposit some rather advanced material without requiring very much in the way oftechnical background. Most of this material is classical in the sense that is was dis covered during the nineteenth century and earlier, but it is also modern because it is intimately related to important research going on at the present time.

Groups as Galois Groups

Groups as Galois Groups Author Helmut Volklein
ISBN-10 0521562805
Release 1996-08-13
Pages 248
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This book describes various approaches to the Inverse Galois Problem, a classical unsolved problem of mathematics posed by Hilbert at the beginning of the century. It brings together ideas from group theory, algebraic geometry and number theory, topology, and analysis. Assuming only elementary algebra and complex analysis, the author develops the necessary background from topology, Riemann surface theory and number theory. The first part of the book is quite elementary, and leads up to the basic rigidity criteria for the realisation of groups as Galois groups. The second part presents more advanced topics, such as braid group action and moduli spaces for covers of the Riemann sphere, GAR- and GAL- realizations, and patching over complete valued fields. Graduate students and mathematicians from other areas (especially group theory) will find this an excellent introduction to a fascinating field.

Elements of Abstract Algebra

Elements of Abstract Algebra Author Allan Clark
ISBN-10 9780486140353
Release 2012-07-06
Pages 224
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Lucid coverage of the major theories of abstract algebra, with helpful illustrations and exercises included throughout. Unabridged, corrected republication of the work originally published 1971. Bibliography. Index. Includes 24 tables and figures.

Exploratory Galois Theory

Exploratory Galois Theory Author John Swallow
ISBN-10 0521544998
Release 2004-10-11
Pages 208
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Combining a concrete perspective with an exploration-based approach, Exploratory Galois Theory develops Galois theory at an entirely undergraduate level. The text grounds the presentation in the concept of algebraic numbers with complex approximations and assumes of its readers only a first course in abstract algebra. For readers with Maple or Mathematica, the text introduces tools for hands-on experimentation with finite extensions of the rational numbers, enabling a familiarity never before available to students of the subject. The text is appropriate for traditional lecture courses, for seminars, or for self-paced independent study by undergraduates and graduate students.

Algebraic Equations

Algebraic Equations Author Edgar Dehn
ISBN-10 9780486155104
Release 2012-09-05
Pages 224
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Focusing on basics of algebraic theory, this text presents detailed explanations of integral functions, permutations, and groups as well as Lagrange and Galois theory. Many numerical examples with complete solutions. 1930 edition.

Galois Theory Fourth Edition

Galois Theory  Fourth Edition Author Ian Nicholas Stewart
ISBN-10 9781482245837
Release 2015-03-06
Pages 344
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Since 1973, Galois Theory has been educating undergraduate students on Galois groups and classical Galois theory. In Galois Theory, Fourth Edition, mathematician and popular science author Ian Stewart updates this well-established textbook for today’s algebra students. New to the Fourth Edition The replacement of the topological proof of the fundamental theorem of algebra with a simple and plausible result from point-set topology and estimates that will be familiar to anyone who has taken a first course in analysis Revised chapter on ruler-and-compass constructions that results in a more elegant theory and simpler proofs A section on constructions using an angle-trisector since it is an intriguing and direct application of the methods developed A new chapter that takes a retrospective look at what Galois actually did compared to what many assume he did Updated references This bestseller continues to deliver a rigorous yet engaging treatment of the subject while keeping pace with current educational requirements. More than 200 exercises and a wealth of historical notes augment the proofs, formulas, and theorems.