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A Distinctive Voice in the Antipodes

A Distinctive Voice in the Antipodes Author Kirsty Gillespie
ISBN-10 9781760461126
Release 2017-07-17
Pages 502
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This volume of essays honours the life and work of Stephen A. Wild, one of Australia’s leading ethnomusicologists. Born in Western Australia, Wild studied at Indiana University in the USA before returning to Australia to pursue a lifelong career with Indigenous Australian music. As researcher, teacher, and administrator, Wild’s work has impacted generations of scholars around the world, leading him to be described as ‘a great facilitator and a scholar who serves humanity through music’ by Andrée Grau, Professor of the Anthropology of Dance at University of Roehampton, London. Focusing on the music of Aboriginal Australia and the Pacific Islands, and the concerns of archiving and academia, the essays within are authored by peers, colleagues, and former students of Wild. Most of the authors are members of the Study Group on Music and Dance of Oceania of the International Council for Traditional Music, an organisation that has also played an important role in Wild’s life and development as a scholar of international standing. Ranging in scope from the musicological to the anthropological—from technical musical analyses to observations of the sociocultural context of music—these essays reflect not only on the varied and cross-disciplinary nature of Wild’s work, but on the many facets of ethnomusicology today.

The Atlantic World in the Antipodes

The Atlantic World in the Antipodes Author Kate Fullagar
ISBN-10 9781443838061
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 350
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This collection of essays stems from a John E. Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures. Held over two years, the seminar investigated the effects and transformations of ideas, peoples, and institutions from the Atlantic World when carried into the Antipodes. The papers presented in this volume distil some of the key themes to emerge from discussion, each demonstrating the complexity with which discourses and practices operated in the Indo-Pacific oceanic region. Some had unexpected effects, others underwent profound transformation. Always they were changed by the ideas, peoples, and institutions of the Antipodes. Combined, the chapters underscore the ways in which both oceanic worlds were co-produced through a variety of intellectual and practical interactions over the modern period. Essays by leading Pacific scholars such as Margaret Jolly, Anita Herle, and Katerina Teaiwa are joined by essays from key scholars of various regions in the Atlantic World such as Simon Schaffer, Iain McCalman, Sheila Fitzpatrick, and Michael McDonnell, as well as interventions by the new transnationalist breed of Australian historians, led by Alison Bashford and Ann Curthoys.

Thinking the Antipodes

Thinking the Antipodes Author Peter Beilharz
ISBN-10 1922235555
Release 2015-01-02
Pages 346
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In 1956, Bernard Smith wrote that the people of Australia were migratory birds. This was to become a leading motif of his own thinking, and a significant inspiration for author Peter Beilharz. Beilharz came to argue that the idea of the antipodes made sense less in its geographical form than in its cultural form, viewed as a relation rather than a place. Australians had one foot here and one foot there, whichever 'there' this was. This way of thinking with and after Bernard Smith makes up one current of Beilharz's best Australian essays. Two other streams contribute to this collection of Beilharz's essays. The second recovers and publicizes antipodean intellectuals - from Childe to Evatt to Stretton to Jean Martin - who have often been overshadowed by the reception given to metropolitan celebrity thinkers. This second stream also examines others, like Hughes and Carey, who have been celebrated as writers more than as interpreters of the antipodean condition. The third stream engages with mainstream views of Australian writing, and with the limits of these views. When thinking in terms of cultural traffic, then the stories told about Australia will also be global and regional in a broader sense. (Series: Philosophy)

Cultural Heritage Care and Management

Cultural Heritage Care and Management Author Cecilia Lizama Salvatore
ISBN-10 9781442272187
Release 2018-01-17
Pages 260
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Cultural Heritage Care and Management: Theory and Practice considers all the different components of cultural heritage and provides the tools, technology, and methodology for organizing and arranging, cataloging and describing, exhibiting, providing access, and preserving and conserving these elements.

Musical Performance in the Diaspora

Musical Performance in the Diaspora Author Tina K Ramnarine
ISBN-10 9781317969563
Release 2013-10-18
Pages 6
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This book illustrates how ethnographic investigation of musical performances might contribute to the analysis of diaspora. It embraces diverse examples such as 'mourning and cultures of survival' amongst Aboriginal and Jewish communities in Australia, remembering a Kazakh 'homeland' in Western Mongolia, celebrating Diwali in New Zealand and the circulation of musical performances in Mozambique, Portugal and the UK. Some of the topics discussed in Musical Performance in the Diaspora include: the expression and shaping of diasporic and postcolonial identities through performance musical memory in diasporic contexts the geographies of performance the politics of 'new' forms of diasporic music-making. This book presents a rich array of theoretical approaches and wide ranging ethnographic case studies to reconsider and challenge discourses that have favoured uncritical notions of diasporic 'hybridity' and to broaden current analyses of performance in the diaspora.

The Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology

The Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology Author Svanibor Pettan
ISBN-10 9780199351718
Release 2015-07-01
Pages 784
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Applied studies scholarship has triggered a not-so-quiet revolution in the discipline of ethnomusicology. The current generation of applied ethnomusicologists has moved toward participatory action research, involving themselves in musical communities and working directly on their behalf. The essays in The Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology, edited by Svanibor Pettan and Jeff Todd Titon, theorize applied ethnomusicology, offer histories, and detail practical examples with the goal of stimulating further development in the field. The essays in the book, all newly commissioned for the volume, reflect scholarship and data gleaned from eleven countries by over twenty contributors. Themes and locations of the research discussed encompass all world continents. The authors present case studies encompassing multiple places; other that discuss circumstances within a geopolitical unit, either near or far. Many of the authors consider marginalized peoples and communities; others argue for participatory action research. All are united in their interest in overarching themes such as conflict, education, archives, and the status of indigenous peoples and immigrants. A volume that at once defines its field, advances it, and even acts as a large-scale applied ethnomusicology project in the way it connects ideas and methodology, The Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology is a seminal contribution to the study of ethnomusicology, theoretical and applied.

Not the Same Sky

Not the Same Sky Author Evelyn Conlon
ISBN-10 1525240358
Release 2017-02-09
Pages 340
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By 1848 famine has ravaged Ireland, and London remains undecided about what to do. A shortage of female labour in Australia offers a kind of solution and so, over the following two years, more than 4000 Irish girls are shipped across vast oceans to an unimaginable world in the new colony. On Sunday 28 October 1849, one of these ships, the Thomas Arbuthnot, sets sail from Plymouth with a cargo of girls under the care of Surgeon-superintendent Charles Strutt. Not the Same Sky tells the story of Honora, Julia, Bridget and Anne. It observes them on the voyage, examining their relationship of trust with Charles Strutt, and follows them from Sydney as they become women of Australia, negotiating their new lives as best they can. A stark, poetic intensity gives these young women historical importance and human presence in an elegant and subtle novel suffused with humour. 'Conlon is one of Ireland's major truly creative writers.' - Books Ireland Evelyn Conlon is a novelist, short-story writer and radio essayist. Born in Ireland, she lived in Australia for a number of years. Her last novel Skin of Dreams was shortlisted for Irish Novel of the Year. The title story of her collection Taking Scarlet as a Real Colour was performed at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival. She is a member of Aosdana, the fellowship of honoured artists in Ireland, and lives in Dublin.

Steep Slopes

Steep Slopes Author Kirsty Gillespie
ISBN-10 9781921666421
Release 2010-12-01
Pages 254
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This book is a musical ethnography of the Duna people of Papua New Guinea. A people who have experienced extraordinary social change in recent history, their musical traditions have also radically changed during this time. New forms of music have been introduced, while ancestral traditions have been altered or even abandoned. This study shows how, through musical creativity, Duna people maintain a connection with their past, and their identity, whilst simultaneously embracing the challenges of the present.

The Composer s Voice

The Composer s Voice Author Edward T. Cone
ISBN-10 0520046471
Release 1982
Pages 184
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A music professor discusses the nature of musical expression and the role of the composer

Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste How Neoliberalism Survived the Financial Meltdown

Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste  How Neoliberalism Survived the Financial Meltdown Author Philip Mirowski
ISBN-10 9781781680797
Release 2013-07-09
Pages 467
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Ethnomusicology Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000117406367
Release 1997
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Ethnomusicology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ethnomusicology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ethnomusicology book for free.

Colonial Voices

Colonial Voices Author Joy Damousi
ISBN-10 9780521516310
Release 2010-06-17
Pages 315
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Innovative study of the role of language in the 'civilising' project of the British Empire in colonial Australia.

English Passengers

English Passengers Author Matthew Kneale
ISBN-10 9780385673693
Release 2011-02-11
Pages 464
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Narrated by over twenty distinct voices and full of dangerous humour, English Passengers combines wit, adventure and historical detail in a mesmerizing display of storytelling. When Captain Illiam Quillian Kewley and his band of smugglers have their contraband confiscated they are forced to put their ship, Sincerity, up for charter. The only takers are two Englishmen, the Reverend Geoffrey Wilson, who believes that the Garden of Eden was on the island of Tasmania, and Dr. Thomas Potter who is developing his sinister thesis concerning the races of man. Meanwhile an aboriginal in Tasmania, Peevay, recounts his people's struggles against the invading British. As the English passengers haplessly approach his land, their bizarre notions ever more painfully at odds with reality, we know a mighty collision is looming. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All

Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All Author Christina Thompson
ISBN-10 9781408820797
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 288
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Come On Shore and We Will Kill And Eat You All is a sensitive and vibrant portrayal of the cultural collision between Westerners and Maoris, from Abel Tasman's discovery of New Zealand in 1642 to the author's unlikely romance with a Maori man. An intimate account of two centuries of friction and fascination, this intriguing and unpredictable book weaves a path through time and around the world in a rich exploration of the past and the future that it leads to.

Postmodern Geographies

Postmodern Geographies Author Edward W. Soja
ISBN-10 0860919366
Release 1989
Pages 266
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Written by one of America's foremost geographers, Postmodern Geographies contests the tendency, still dominant in most social science, to reduce human geography to a reflective mirror, or, as Marx called it, an "unnecessary complication." Beginning with a powerful critique of historicism and its constraining effects on the geographical imagination, Edward Soja builds on the work of Foucault, Berger, Giddens, Berman, Jameson and, above all, Henri Lefebvre, to argue for a historical and geographical materialism, a radical rethinking of the dialectics of space, time and social being. Soja charts the respatialization of social theory from the still unfolding encounter between Western Marxism and modern geography, through the current debates on the emergence of a postfordist regime of "flexible accumulation." The postmodern geography of Los Angeles, exposed in a provocative pair of essays, serves as a model in his account of the contemporary struggle for control over the social production of space.

Talking and Listening in the Age of Modernity

Talking and Listening in the Age of Modernity Author Joy Damousi
ISBN-10 9781921313486
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 187
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Issued also in printed form.

Thirty Australian Poets

Thirty Australian Poets Author Felicity Plunkett
ISBN-10 0702239143
Release 2011
Pages 285
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A NEW GENERATION, A LANDMARK ANTHOLOGY Australian poetry has never looked so energetic and vital. Thirty Australian Poets celebrates a new generation and includes a wonderful diversity of voices and styles - from traditional forms re-imagined to the experimental and avant-garde, from exquisite lyricism to wild feats of intellect and imagination. This groundbreaking anthology captures the spirit of a generation that has made the renaissance of Australian poetry impossible to ignore. 'Freed from the need for strict form, there is a surprising amount of rhyme and formality in this lively collection . . . And look at the range of characters you meet in these poems: Patrick White, John Forbes, John Milton, John Lewis, Krishna, Hamlet, Mallarmé, god, Mother Doubt, the Queen of Sheba, Groucho Marx, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, André Citroën, the Holy Spirit, the Fried-Egg Plant, ectoplasm, Ray Martin, a sibyl, the Sibyl, Doctor Who, the Aztecs and Daffy Duck. What more could you want?' JOHN TRANTER ALI ALIZADEH LOUIS ARMAND EMILY BALLOU JUDITH BISHOP LIBBY HART JANE GIBIAN KATE FAGAN LISA GORTON MICHELLE CAHILL JUSTIN CLEMENS MICHAEL BRENNAN ELIZABETH CAMPBELL LK HOLT SARAH HOLLAND-BATT DANIJELA KAMBASKOVIC-SAWERS MARIA TAKILANDER SAMUEL WAGAN WATSON BRONWYN LEA CAMERON LOWE EMMA JONES JOEL DEANE KATE MIDDLETON ESTER OTTAWAY CLAIRE POTTER DAVID PRATER NICK RIEMER JAYA SAVIGE JOHN MATEER SIMON MATEER SIMON WEST PETRA WHITE