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A First Course in Abstract Algebra

A First Course in Abstract Algebra Author Marlow Anderson
ISBN-10 9781482245530
Release 2014-11-07
Pages 552
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Like its popular predecessors, A First Course in Abstract Algebra: Rings, Groups, and Fields, Third Edition develops ring theory first by drawing on students’ familiarity with integers and polynomials. This unique approach motivates students in the study of abstract algebra and helps them understand the power of abstraction. The authors introduce groups later on using examples of symmetries of figures in the plane and space as well as permutations. New to the Third Edition Makes it easier to teach unique factorization as an optional topic Reorganizes the core material on rings, integral domains, and fields Includes a more detailed treatment of permutations Introduces more topics in group theory, including new chapters on Sylow theorems Provides many new exercises on Galois theory The text includes straightforward exercises within each chapter for students to quickly verify facts, warm-up exercises following the chapter that test fundamental comprehension, and regular exercises concluding the chapter that consist of computational and supply-the-proof problems. Historical remarks discuss the history of algebra to underscore certain pedagogical points. Each section also provides a synopsis that presents important definitions and theorems, allowing students to verify the major topics from the section.

Rings Fields and Groups

Rings  Fields and Groups Author R. B. J. T. Allenby
ISBN-10 0340544406
Release 1991
Pages 383
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Provides an introduction to the results, methods and ideas which are now commonly studied in abstract algebra courses

A First Course in Abstract Algebra

A First Course in Abstract Algebra Author John B. Fraleigh
ISBN-10 8177589008
Release 2003
Pages 520
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A First Course in Abstract Algebra has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A First Course in Abstract Algebra also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A First Course in Abstract Algebra book for free.

Abstract Algebra

Abstract Algebra Author Clive Reis
ISBN-10 9789814730563
Release 2016-08-30
Pages 576
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This second edition covers essentially the same topics as the first. However, the presentation of the material has been extensively revised and improved. In addition, there are two new chapters, one dealing with the fundamental theorem of finitely generated abelian groups and the other a brief introduction to semigroup theory and automata. This book is appropriate for second to fourth year undergraduates. In addition to the material traditionally taught at this level, the book contains several applications: Polya–Burnside Enumeration, Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares, Error-Correcting Codes, and a classification of the finite groups of isometries of the plane and the finite rotation groups in Euclidean 3-space, semigroups and automata. It is hoped that these applications will help the reader achieve a better grasp of the rather abstract ideas presented and convince him/her that pure mathematics, in addition to having an austere beauty of its own, can be applied to solving practical problems. Considerable emphasis is placed on the algebraic system consisting of the congruence classes mod n under the usual operations of addition and multiplication. The reader is thus introduced — via congruence classes — to the idea of cosets and factor groups. This enables the transition to cosets and factor objects to be relatively painless. In this book, cosets, factor objects and homomorphisms are introduced early on so that the reader has at his/her disposal the tools required to give elegant proofs of the fundamental theorems. Moreover, homomorphisms play such a prominent role in algebra that they are used in this text wherever possible.

Abstract Algebra

Abstract Algebra Author Dan Saracino
ISBN-10 1577665368
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 313
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Abstract Algebra has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Abstract Algebra also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Abstract Algebra book for free.

Basic Abstract Algebra

Basic Abstract Algebra Author Robert B. Ash
ISBN-10 9780486318110
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 432
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Relations between groups and sets, results and methods of abstract algebra in terms of number theory and geometry, and noncommutative and homological algebra. Solutions. 2006 edition.

A Course on Abstract Algebra

A Course on Abstract Algebra Author Minking Eie
ISBN-10 9789813107496
Release 2010-02-26
Pages 372
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This textbook provides an introduction to abstract algebra for advanced undergraduate students. Based on the authors' lecture notes at the Department of Mathematics, National Chung Cheng University of Taiwan, it begins with a description of the algebraic structures of the ring and field of rational numbers. Abstract groups are then introduced. Technical results such as Lagrange's Theorem and Sylow's Theorems follow as applications of group theory. Ring theory forms the second part of abstract algebra, with the ring of polynomials and the matrix ring as basic examples. The general theory of ideals as well as maximal ideals in the rings of polynomials over the rational numbers are also discussed. The final part of the book focuses on field theory, field extensions and then Galois theory to illustrate the correspondence between the Galois groups and field extensions. This textbook is more accessible and less ambitious than most existing books covering the same subject. Readers will also find the pedagogical material very useful in enhancing the teaching and learning of abstract algebra.

Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Introduction to Abstract Algebra Author Jonathan D. H. Smith
ISBN-10 1420063723
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 344
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Taking a slightly different approach from similar texts, Introduction to Abstract Algebra presents abstract algebra as the main tool underlying discrete mathematics and the digital world. It helps students fully understand groups, rings, semigroups, and monoids by rigorously building concepts from first principles. A Quick Introduction to Algebra The first three chapters of the book show how functional composition, cycle notation for permutations, and matrix notation for linear functions provide techniques for practical computation. The author also uses equivalence relations to introduce rational numbers and modular arithmetic as well as to present the first isomorphism theorem at the set level. The Basics of Abstract Algebra for a First-Semester Course Subsequent chapters cover orthogonal groups, stochastic matrices, Lagrange’s theorem, and groups of units of monoids. The text also deals with homomorphisms, which lead to Cayley’s theorem of reducing abstract groups to concrete groups of permutations. It then explores rings, integral domains, and fields. Advanced Topics for a Second-Semester Course The final, mostly self-contained chapters delve deeper into the theory of rings, fields, and groups. They discuss modules (such as vector spaces and abelian groups), group theory, and quasigroups.

Visual Group Theory

Visual Group Theory Author Nathan Carter
ISBN-10 088385757X
Release 2009-04-09
Pages 297
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Group theory is the branch of mathematics that studies symmetry, found in crystals, art, architecture, music and many other contexts. But its beauty is lost on students when it is taught in a technical style that is difficult to understand. Visual Group Theory assumes only a high school mathematics background and covers a typical undergraduate course in group theory from a thoroughly visual perspective. The more than 300 illustrations in Visual Group Theory bring groups, subgroups, homomorphisms, products, and quotients into clear view. Every topic and theorem is accompanied with a visual demonstration of its meaning and import, from the basics of groups and subgroups through advanced structural concepts such as semidirect products and Sylow theory.

Abstract Algebra

Abstract Algebra Author Gregory T. Lee
ISBN-10 9783319776491
Release 2018-04-13
Pages 301
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This carefully written textbook offers a thorough introduction to abstract algebra, covering the fundamentals of groups, rings and fields. The first two chapters present preliminary topics such as properties of the integers and equivalence relations. The author then explores the first major algebraic structure, the group, progressing as far as the Sylow theorems and the classification of finite abelian groups. An introduction to ring theory follows, leading to a discussion of fields and polynomials that includes sections on splitting fields and the construction of finite fields. The final part contains applications to public key cryptography as well as classical straightedge and compass constructions. Explaining key topics at a gentle pace, this book is aimed at undergraduate students. It assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and contains over 500 exercises, half of which have detailed solutions provided.

A Book of Abstract Algebra

A Book of Abstract Algebra Author Charles C Pinter
ISBN-10 9780486474175
Release 2010-01-14
Pages 384
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Accessible but rigorous, this outstanding text encompasses all of the topics covered by a typical course in elementary abstract algebra. Its easy-to-read treatment offers an intuitive approach, featuring informal discussions followed by thematically arranged exercises. This second edition features additional exercises to improve student familiarity with applications. 1990 edition.

Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Introduction to Abstract Algebra Author Benjamin Fine
ISBN-10 9781421411774
Release 2014-06-06
Pages 584
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Introduction to Abstract Algebra presents a breakthrough approach to teaching one of math’s most intimidating concepts. Avoiding the pitfalls common in the standard textbooks, Benjamin Fine, Anthony M. Gaglione, and Gerhard Rosenberger set a pace that allows beginner-level students to follow the progression from familiar topics such as rings, numbers, and groups to more difficult concepts. Classroom tested and revised until students achieved consistent, positive results, this textbook is designed to keep students focused as they learn complex topics. Fine, Gaglione, and Rosenberger’s clear explanations prevent students from getting lost as they move deeper and deeper into areas such as abelian groups, fields, and Galois theory. This textbook will help bring about the day when abstract algebra no longer creates intense anxiety but instead challenges students to fully grasp the meaning and power of the approach. Topics covered include:• Rings• Integral domains• The fundamental theorem of arithmetic• Fields• Groups• Lagrange’s theorem• Isomorphism theorems for groups• Fundamental theorem of finite abelian groups• The simplicity of A n for n 5• Sylow theorems• The Jordan-Hölder theorem• Ring isomorphism theorems• Euclidean domains• Principal ideal domains• The fundamental theorem of algebra• Vector spaces• Algebras• Field extensions: algebraic and transcendental• The fundamental theorem of Galois theory• The insolvability of the quintic

Introduction to Abstract Algebra Third Edition

Introduction to Abstract Algebra  Third Edition Author T.A. Whitelaw
ISBN-10 0751401471
Release 1995-05-15
Pages 256
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The first and second editions of this successful textbook have been highly praised for their lucid and detailed coverage of abstract algebra. In this third edition, the author has carefully revised and extended his treatment, particularly the material on rings and fields, to provide an even more satisfying first course in abstract algebra.

Elements of Abstract Algebra

Elements of Abstract Algebra Author Allan Clark
ISBN-10 9780486140353
Release 2012-07-06
Pages 224
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Lucid coverage of the major theories of abstract algebra, with helpful illustrations and exercises included throughout. Unabridged, corrected republication of the work originally published 1971. Bibliography. Index. Includes 24 tables and figures.

A Concrete Introduction to Higher Algebra

A Concrete Introduction to Higher Algebra Author Lindsay N. Childs
ISBN-10 9780387745275
Release 2008-11-26
Pages 604
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This book is an informal and readable introduction to higher algebra at the post-calculus level. The concepts of ring and field are introduced through study of the familiar examples of the integers and polynomials. The new examples and theory are built in a well-motivated fashion and made relevant by many applications - to cryptography, coding, integration, history of mathematics, and especially to elementary and computational number theory. The later chapters include expositions of Rabiin's probabilistic primality test, quadratic reciprocity, and the classification of finite fields. Over 900 exercises are found throughout the book.

Rings Fields and Vector Spaces

Rings  Fields  and Vector Spaces Author Bharath Sethuraman
ISBN-10 9781475727005
Release 2013-04-09
Pages 192
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Using the proof of the non-trisectability of an arbitrary angle as a final goal, the author develops in an easy conversational style the basics of rings, fields, and vector spaces. Originally developed as a text for an introduction to algebra course for future high-school teachers at California State University, Northridge, the focus of this book is on exposition. It would serve extremely well as a focused, one-semester introduction to abstract algebra.

Abstract Algebra

Abstract Algebra Author William Paulsen
ISBN-10 9781498719773
Release 2016-02-10
Pages 619
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The new edition of Abstract Algebra: An Interactive Approach presents a hands-on and traditional approach to learning groups, rings, and fields. It then goes further to offer optional technology use to create opportunities for interactive learning and computer use. This new edition offers a more traditional approach offering additional topics to the primary syllabus placed after primary topics are covered. This creates a more natural flow to the order of the subjects presented. This edition is transformed by historical notes and better explanations of why topics are covered. This innovative textbook shows how students can better grasp difficult algebraic concepts through the use of computer programs. It encourages students to experiment with various applications of abstract algebra, thereby obtaining a real-world perspective of this area. Each chapter includes, corresponding Sage notebooks, traditional exercises, and several interactive computer problems that utilize Sage and Mathematica® to explore groups, rings, fields and additional topics. This text does not sacrifice mathematical rigor. It covers classical proofs, such as Abel’s theorem, as well as many topics not found in most standard introductory texts. The author explores semi-direct products, polycyclic groups, Rubik’s Cube®-like puzzles, and Wedderburn’s theorem. The author also incorporates problem sequences that allow students to delve into interesting topics, including Fermat’s two square theorem.