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A First Course in General Relativity

A First Course in General Relativity Author Bernard Schutz
ISBN-10 1139479008
Release 2009-05-14
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Clarity, readability and rigor combine in the second edition of this widely-used textbook to provide the first step into general relativity for undergraduate students with a minimal background in mathematics. Topics within relativity that fascinate astrophysical researchers and students alike are covered with Schutz's characteristic ease and authority - from black holes to gravitational lenses, from pulsars to the study of the Universe as a whole. This edition now contains discoveries by astronomers that require general relativity for their explanation; a revised chapter on relativistic stars, including new information on pulsars; an entirely rewritten chapter on cosmology; and an extended, comprehensive treatment of modern detectors and expected sources. Over 300 exercises, many new to this edition, give students the confidence to work with general relativity and the necessary mathematics, whilst the informal writing style makes the subject matter easily accessible. Password protected solutions for instructors are available at

A Student s Manual for A First Course in General Relativity

A Student s Manual for A First Course in General Relativity Author Robert B. Scott
ISBN-10 9781316445143
Release 2016-01-21
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This comprehensive student manual has been designed to accompany the leading textbook by Bernard Schutz, A First Course in General Relativity, and uses detailed solutions, cross-referenced to several introductory and more advanced textbooks, to enable self-learners, undergraduates and postgraduates to master general relativity through problem solving. The perfect accompaniment to Schutz's textbook, this manual guides the reader step-by-step through over 200 exercises, with clear easy-to-follow derivations. It provides detailed solutions to almost half of Schutz's exercises, and includes 125 brand new supplementary problems that address the subtle points of each chapter. It includes a comprehensive index and collects useful mathematical results, such as transformation matrices and Christoffel symbols for commonly studied spacetimes, in an appendix. Supported by an online table categorising exercises, a Maple worksheet and an instructors' manual, this text provides an invaluable resource for all students and instructors using Schutz's textbook.

General Relativity

General Relativity Author John Legat Martin
ISBN-10 0132911965
Release 1996
Pages 193
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General Relativity has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from General Relativity also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full General Relativity book for free.

A First Course in Loop Quantum Gravity

A First Course in Loop Quantum Gravity Author Rodolfo Gambini
ISBN-10 9780199590759
Release 2011-09-22
Pages 183
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Loop quantum gravity is one of the modern contenders for a unified description of quantum mechanics and gravity. Up to now no book has covered the material at the level of a college student or of other readers with some knowledge of college level physics. This book fills that gap.

Gravity from the Ground Up

Gravity from the Ground Up Author Bernard Schutz
ISBN-10 0521455065
Release 2003-12-04
Pages 462
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An accessible introduction to astronomy and general relativity, requiring only high-school level mathematics.

Introduction to Spacetime

Introduction to Spacetime Author Bertel Laurent
ISBN-10 9789814579148
Release 1995-01-16
Pages 204
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The theory of relativity is tackled directly in this book, dispensing with the need to establish the insufficiency of Newtonian mechanics. This book takes advantage from the start of the geometrical nature of the relativity theory. The reader is assumed to be familiar with vector calculus in ordinary three-dimensional Euclidean space. Contents:Principles. Basic Applications:Clocks and AccelerationVector AlgebraVector CharacteristicsSimultaneity and Space DistanceLinear IndependenceRelative Velocity and Four-VelocityTwo-Dimensional SpacetimePlane WavesParticle ReactionsCurved World LinesTensors:Definition and ExamplesAlgebraic PropertiesTensor FieldsSpacetime VolumesCurrentsElectrodynamics:Sourcefree ElectromagnetismElectro-Magnetism with SourcesSolution of the Wave Equation Readership: Undergraduates and graduates in astronomy and astrophysics.

General Relativity

General Relativity Author Robert M. Wald
ISBN-10 0226870375
Release 2010-05-15
Pages 506
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"Wald's book is clearly the first textbook on general relativity with a totally modern point of view; and it succeeds very well where others are only partially successful. The book includes full discussions of many problems of current interest which are not treated in any extant book, and all these matters are considered with perception and understanding."—S. Chandrasekhar "A tour de force: lucid, straightforward, mathematically rigorous, exacting in the analysis of the theory in its physical aspect."—L. P. Hughston, Times Higher Education Supplement "Truly excellent. . . . A sophisticated text of manageable size that will probably be read by every student of relativity, astrophysics, and field theory for years to come."—James W. York, Physics Today

The Geometry of Spacetime

The Geometry of Spacetime Author James J. Callahan
ISBN-10 9781475767360
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 463
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Hermann Minkowski recast special relativity as essentially a new geometric structure for spacetime. This book looks at the ideas of both Einstein and Minkowski, and then introduces the theory of frames, surfaces and intrinsic geometry, developing the main implications of Einstein's general relativity theory.

General Relativity

General Relativity Author M. P. Hobson
ISBN-10 0521829518
Release 2006-02-02
Pages 572
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General Relativity: An Introduction for Physicists provides a clear mathematical introduction to Einstein's theory of general relativity. It presents a wide range of applications of the theory, concentrating on its physical consequences. After reviewing the basic concepts, the authors present a clear and intuitive discussion of the mathematical background, including the necessary tools of tensor calculus and differential geometry. These tools are then used to develop the topic of special relativity and to discuss electromagnetism in Minkowski spacetime. Gravitation as spacetime curvature is then introduced and the field equations of general relativity derived. After applying the theory to a wide range of physical situations, the book concludes with a brief discussion of classical field theory and the derivation of general relativity from a variational principle. Written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, this approachable textbook contains over 300 exercises to illuminate and extend the discussion in the text.

A Short Course in General Relativity

A Short Course in General Relativity Author James Foster
ISBN-10 9781475738414
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 250
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Suitable as a one-semester course in general relativity for senior undergraduates or beginning graduates, this text clarifies the mathematical aspects of Einsteins general theory of relativity without sacrificing physical understanding. Beginning with an exposition of those aspects of tensor calculus and differential geometry needed for a proper exposition of the subject, the discussion turns to the space-time of general relativity and to geodesic motion, comparisons and contrasts, with Newtons theory being drawn where appropriate. A brief consideration of the field equations is followed by a discussion of physics in the vicinity of massive objects, including an elementary treatment of black holes. The book concludes with brief, introductory chapters on gravitational radiation and cosmology, and includes an appendix that reviews the special theory of relativity. In preparing this new edition, the authors have completely rewritten chapters to make the material readily accessible to physics students, while many examples, exercises and problems help guide the students through the theory.

The Kal m Cosmological Argument A Reassessment

The Kal  m Cosmological Argument  A Reassessment Author Jacobus Erasmus
ISBN-10 9783319734385
Release 2018-01-08
Pages 186
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This book offers a discussion of the kalām cosmological argument, and presents a defence of a version of that argument after critically evaluating three of the most important versions of the argument. It argues that, since the versions of the kalām cosmological argument defended by Philoponus (c. 490–c. 570), al-Ghazālī (1058– 1111), and the contemporary philosopher, William Lane Craig, all deny the possibility of the existence of an actual infinite, these arguments are incompatible with Platonism and the view that God foreknows an endless future. This conclusion, however, is not a problem for the proponents of the kalām cosmological argument, for the book shows how the argument can be defended without denying the possibility of the actual infinite. In order to offer a comprehensive analysis of Philoponus and al-Ghazālī’s cosmological arguments, the book draws on recent English translations of some of their works. Next, the book advances a detailed argument against the popular argument based on the impossibility of an actual infinite. Finally, the book offers a unique defence of the kalām cosmological argument by defending philosophical arguments for a beginning of time that do not deny the actual infinite, evaluating which hypothesis best explains the discoveries of modern cosmology, and offering an argument in support of the premise that, if the universe came into existence, then God brought it into existence.

General Relativity

General Relativity Author N.M.J. Woodhouse
ISBN-10 1846284872
Release 2007-03-06
Pages 220
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Based on a course taught for years at Oxford, this book offers a concise exposition of the central ideas of general relativity. The focus is on the chain of reasoning that leads to the relativistic theory from the analysis of distance and time measurements in the presence of gravity, rather than on the underlying mathematical structure. Includes links to recent developments, including theoretical work and observational evidence, to encourage further study.

Relativity Gravitation and Cosmology

Relativity  Gravitation and Cosmology Author Robert J. Lambourne
ISBN-10 0521131383
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 312
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The textbook introduces students to basic geometric concepts, such as metrics, connections and curvature, before examining general relativity in more detail. It shows the observational evidence supporting the theory, and the description general relativity provides of black holes and cosmological spacetimes. --

Gravitation and Spacetime

Gravitation and Spacetime Author Hans C. Ohanian
ISBN-10 9781107012943
Release 2013-04-08
Pages 528
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This text provides a quantitative introduction to general relativity for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

Relativity Gravitation and Cosmology

Relativity  Gravitation and Cosmology Author Ta-Pei Cheng
ISBN-10 9780199573639
Release 2010-01
Pages 435
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This book provides an introduction to Einstein's general theory of relativity. A "physics-first" approach is adopted so that interesting applications come before the more difficult task of solving the Einstein equation. The book includes extensive coverage of cosmology, and is designed to allow readers to study the subject alone.

A First Course in String Theory

A First Course in String Theory Author Barton Zwiebach
ISBN-10 9781139643917
Release 2009-01-22
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String theory made understandable. Barton Zwiebach is once again faithful to his goal of making string theory accessible to undergraduates. He presents the main concepts of string theory in a concrete and physical way to develop intuition before formalism, often through simplified and illustrative examples. Complete and thorough in its coverage, this new edition now includes AdS/CFT correspondence and introduces superstrings. It is perfectly suited to introductory courses in string theory for students with a background in mathematics and physics. New sections cover strings on orbifolds, cosmic strings, moduli stabilization, and the string theory landscape. Now with almost 300 problems and exercises, with password-protected solutions for instructors at

Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics

Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics Author Bernard F. Schutz
ISBN-10 9781107268142
Release 1980-01-28
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In recent years the methods of modern differential geometry have become of considerable importance in theoretical physics and have found application in relativity and cosmology, high-energy physics and field theory, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and mechanics. This textbook provides an introduction to these methods - in particular Lie derivatives, Lie groups and differential forms - and covers their extensive applications to theoretical physics. The reader is assumed to have some familiarity with advanced calculus, linear algebra and a little elementary operator theory. The advanced physics undergraduate should therefore find the presentation quite accessible. This account will prove valuable for those with backgrounds in physics and applied mathematics who desire an introduction to the subject. Having studied the book, the reader will be able to comprehend research papers that use this mathematics and follow more advanced pure-mathematical expositions.