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A Perfect Score

A Perfect Score Author Kathryn Hall
ISBN-10 9781455535781
Release 2016-09-13
Pages 256
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A lively husband and wife team recounts their twenty-year climb from amateur winemakers to recipients of an almost unheard-of perfect score from Robert Parker's Wine Advocate. Kathryn and Craig Hall launched themselves head first into Napa Valley 20 years ago with the purchase of an 1885 winery and never looked back. Since the couple's purchase of their debut winery, their critically acclaimed HALL Wines and WALT Wines have become fixtures of the California wine industry, winning numerous accolades including a coveted 100-point "perfect score." A PERFECT SCORE weaves a vibrant tale of the HALL brand's meteoric rise to success, Napa Valley's tug-of-war between localism and tourism, and the evolving nature of the wine industry as a whole. Readers who love a good glass of wine will find much to savor in the Halls' expert account of the art, soul, and business of a modern winery.

A Vineyard in Napa

A Vineyard in Napa Author Doug Shafer
ISBN-10 9780520272361
Release 2012
Pages 264
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At the age of 47, when he a successful publishing executive and living with his wife and four children in an affluent Chicago suburb, John Shafer made the surprise announcement that he had purchased a vineyard in the Napa Valley. In 1973, he moved his family to California and, with no knowledge of winemaking, began the journey that would lead him, thirty years later, to own and operate what distinguished wine critic Robert M. Parker, Jr. called "one of the world’s greatest wineries.” This book, narrated by Shafer’s son Doug, is a personal account of how his father turned his midlife dream into a remarkable success story. Set against the backdrop of Napa Valley’s transformation from a rural backwater in the 1970s through its emergence today as one of the top wine regions in the world, the book begins with the winery’s shaky start and takes the reader through the father and son’s ongoing battles against killer bugs, cellar disasters, local politics, changing consumer tastes, and the volatility of nature itself. Doug Shafer tells the story of his own education, as well as Shafer Vineyards’ innovative efforts to be environmentally sustainable, its role in spearheading the designation of a Stags Leap American Viticultural Area, and how the wine industry has changed in the contemporary era of custom-crushing and hobbyist winery investors.

Call of the Vine

Call of the Vine Author Liz Thach
ISBN-10 0971587051
Release 2014-08-28
Pages 366
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Call of the Vine takes you on a tour of ten famous vineyards in the legendary California wine regions of Napa and Sonoma. Sit back and relax as author, Dr. Liz Thach, first female Master of Wine from California, introduces you to the men and women who are guardians of some of the most sacred plots of land on earth for wine lovers. Written in the first person with close and intimate conversations with vineyard managers and winemakers, this non-fiction book will not only inspire you with the meticulous care and environmental practices being used in these vineyards, but will explain how viticulture decisions such as canopy management and clonal selection impact wine quality. Most importantly this book taps into the "soul of the vineyard" and describes how working amongst the vines provides insights into a balanced life and respect for the graces of nature. Inspired to write this book when visiting La Tache and Romanee Conti vineyards in France and witnessing the respect and admiration carloads of tourists had for these famous vineyards, Liz decided to begin an exploration of the famous vineyards of her own homeland, California. Armed with the help and guidance of the Napa Valley Vintners and the Sonoma County Vintners, she was able to identify a list of ten Napa and Sonoma County vineyards that fit the criteria of being a historic vineyard, unique in some special way such as location or varietal, and/or consistently producing a high number of award winning wines.

Napa at Last Light

Napa at Last Light Author James Conaway
ISBN-10 9781501128455
Release 2018-03-06
Pages 336
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Exposes the often shadowy side of the winemaking industry in Napa Valley, where multinational corporations have subsumed old family vineyards and abandoned the agricultural traditions of the region.


Taste Author Anthony Terlato
ISBN-10 9781572846470
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 300
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Anthony Terlato's story is not simply the usual CEO narrative of achieving business success, nor i it the typical winemaker's tale of pursuing perfection in a glass. Straddling both of those stories, Terlato uses broad strokes to show how one individual had an enormous impact on Americans' wine-drinking habits. Wine journalist Linda Murphy described Terlato in the San Francisco Chronicle as "one of the most accomplished wine personalities on the planet," and readers of this account of a 50-year love affair with wine see this affable, intelligent man at his finest.

The House of Mondavi

The House of Mondavi Author Julia Flynn Siler
ISBN-10 1592402593
Release 2007
Pages 452
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Traces four generations of a Napa Valley wine-making family, from the arrival of Italian immigrant Cesare Mondavi at Ellis Island in 1906, to the scandals that rocked the family throughout the twentieth century, to the present-day battle over the family's billion-dollar fortune. First serial, Wall Street Journal.

Gallo be Thy Name

Gallo be Thy Name Author Jerome Tuccille
ISBN-10 1597775908
Release 2009
Pages 269
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Chronicles the private lives of the Gallo family throughout the twentieth century, and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the family wine business they have owned for nearly a century, the E. & J. Gallo Winery.

Why You Like the Wines You Like

Why You Like the Wines You Like Author Tim Hanni
ISBN-10 0615750885
Release 2013-01-10
Pages 246
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Master of Wine and Chef Tim Hanni MW was hailed as the Wine Antisnob by the Wall Street Journal for his work in understanding consumer wine preferences and revolutionary concepts for wine and food pairing. This introductory volume for The New Wine Fundamentals wine education program is based on two decades of research by the author and many research colleagues. "Why You Like the Wines You Like; changing the way the world thinks about wine" introduces the physiological and psychological factors that shape personal wine preferences. It offers empowerment to wine drinkers at all levels and is a truly game-changing approach to the subject of the enjoyment of wine and wine with food. Why You Like the Wine You Like also looks at the countless myths and lore associated with wine and provides insights and an information for anyone interested in wine history. Hanni's wine and food principles were adopted last year and taught as part of the Advanced Diploma curriculum for the Wine & Spirits Educational Trust. "Wine and food pairing is has become an imaginary and metaphorical exercise with little basis in reality," Hanni says. "I am on a mission to have everyone pair wines with the diner, not the dinner." "I have spent many hours with Tim wrestling with some of his ideas while they were still in the formative stage. It was both an exhilarating and an exhaustive experience. With a broad and deep knowledge of wine and food history as well as their complexities, he is not afraid to challenge the way things are done and suggest alternatives. He's not dogmatic in his beliefs, but he demands that conventional thinkers think again. You may not agree with all his conclusions, but I promise he will make you think." George Taber, author of the bestseller The Judgment of Paris and A Guide to Bargain Wines and former correspondent and editor for Time magazine

A Vineyard in Tuscany

A Vineyard in Tuscany Author Ferenc Maté
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924107136842
Release 2007
Pages 273
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In this intimate and uproarious story, two daring New Yorkers convert an ancient abandoned farm into a world-renowned winery. By the author of the international bestseller The Hills of Tuscany.

Shadows in the Vineyard

Shadows in the Vineyard Author Maximillian Potter
ISBN-10 9781455516087
Release 2014-07-29
Pages 304
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Amazon Best Book of the Month, July 2014 Journalist Maximillian Potter uncovers a fascinating plot to destroy the vines of La Romanée-Conti, Burgundy's finest and most expensive wine. In January 2010, Aubert de Villaine, the famed proprietor of the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, the tiny, storied vineyard that produces the most expensive, exquisite wines in the world, received an anonymous note threatening the destruction of his priceless vines by poison-a crime that in the world of high-end wine is akin to murder-unless he paid a one million euro ransom. Villaine believed it to be a sick joke, but that proved a fatal miscalculation and the crime shocked this fabled region of France. The sinister story that Vanity Fair journalist Maximillian Potter uncovered would lead to a sting operation by some of France's top detectives, the primary suspect's suicide, and a dramatic investigation. This botanical crime threatened to destroy the fiercely traditional culture surrounding the world's greatest wine. SHADOWS IN THE VINEYARD takes us deep into a captivating world full of fascinating characters, small-town French politics, an unforgettable narrative, and a local culture defined by the twinned veins of excess and vitality and the deep reverent attention to the land that runs through it.

The Taste of New Wine

The Taste of New Wine Author Keith Miller
ISBN-10 9781449055776
Release 2009-12
Pages 140
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Wherever it goes, The Taste of New Wine changes lives, challenges indifference, and creates an exciting sense of spiritual adventure. Its message is a breakthrough for honesty, integrity, and openness in our relations with God and with each other. The Taste of New Wine presents a firsthand, revealing, and unforgettable story of spiritual awakening. With unmitigated frankness, Keith Miller shares the turmoil and discoveries he experienced on his personal pilgrimage of faith. His powerful, life-changing message can spark an exciting flame of spiritual renewal within your own heart. With a refreshing absence of religious jargon, The Taste of New Wine shows how we can find the way out of the familiar "me-centered" predicament and move toward a pattern of honesty, integrity and openness in our relationships with God and each other. The author explores the transition from beginning commitment to a fuller and more mature Christ-centered life. The Taste of New Wine offers helpful insights on studying the Bible, worship, marriage and ways to live out Jesus' teaching about the Kingdom of God in our relationships and work. Four decades and over two million copies (and translation into 11 languages) later, this contemporary classic still offers a hopeful refreshing direction to its readers. It was included in the book 100 Christian Books that Changed the Century, by William J. Petersen and Randy Petersen. The Taste of New Wine belongs on every Christian's shelf of staying-power favorites, for it is a rich message, with insights that deserve to be enjoyed again, year after year.

Winery Utilities

Winery Utilities Author David R. Storm
ISBN-10 9781475769739
Release 2013-11-09
Pages 438
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This book has been written for an eclectic audience of winery developers (owners), winemakers with utility responsibilities (real or implied), winery design professionals (architects and engineers), and university-level enol ogy professors, all of whom at sometime in their careers must address the subject of winery site utilities as a distinct and important element of their jobs. Wine and other fermented beverages in one form or another are pro duced commercially in almost all temperate zones of the world. Utility requirements for wineries, which use grapes as the fermentable sugar source, are the focus of this reference book, although similarities in fun damental production processes for other subdivisions of the fermented beverage industry may find useful reference information in the chapters which follow. Wine production methods may differ somewhat from country to coun try, but the sizing, need for reliability, ease of operation, and cost-effec tiveness of water, wastewater, electrical, fire protection, and other support systems remain nearly universally constant. Of necessity, the author's past planning and design experience with nearly 60 winery utility systems, will xi xii Preface emphasize contemporary design fundamentals related to the U.S. wine industry. However, where possible, opportunities will be taken to relate American practice to, for example, European, Australian, and South Amer ican wine industries where discrete differences in utility systems have been observed by the author or discovered in the literature research that was part of the production effort for this volume.

When Champagne Became French

When Champagne Became French Author Kolleen M. Guy
ISBN-10 9781421402949
Release 2010-12-29
Pages 280
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This ability to mask local interests as national concerns convinced government officials of the need, at both national and international levels, to protect champagne as a French patrimony.

Reading Between the Wines

Reading Between the Wines Author Terry Theise
ISBN-10 9780520271494
Release 2011
Pages 189
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"There is only one reason that the American wine enthusiast is now completely enamored with German and Austrian wines: Terry Theise! This glorious book not only brilliantly showcases one man's love affair with all the beauties that can flow from the bottle, it definitively makes the case for the wines that are the most superbly suited to be served with food."--Chef Charlie Trotter "Terry Theise's humane, subtle and engaging book illustrates the superiority of wisdom to mere knowledge. Read and be richer."--Andrew Jefford, columnist for Decanter and The World of Fine Wine "Impassioned, insistent, and inimitable, Terry Theise is America's foremost wine philosopher. Lots of writers can explain the "what" of wine. Terry, uniquely, inspires us with the 'why'. I devoured Reading Between the Wines; it's the single best book I've ever read on why wine matters."--Karen MacNeil, author of The Wine Bible "If you think you know something about wine, try Terry Theise's Reading Between the Wines because until you do, you haven't really started."--Tom Stevenson, author of Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia

Wine Marketing

Wine Marketing Author Colin Michael Hall
ISBN-10 9780750654203
Release 2008
Pages 344
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This is a practical guide to the specific issues that affect the marketing of wine at an international level. The author covers theory and the results of research but the focus is on the nuts and bolts of marketing based on case studies.

Hickory Daiquiri Dock

Hickory Daiquiri Dock Author Tim Federle
ISBN-10 9780762455331
Release 2014-12-02
Pages 40
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Move over, Mother Goose. Congratulations, and welcome to parenthood! Babies are a miracle, but even miracles poop. A lot. Thank goodness she's got your twinkling eyes, he's got your perfect nose, and we've got your aching back. Welcome to Hickory Daiquiri Dock: Cocktails with a Nursery Rhyme Twist—the ultimate gift for new parents everywhere. Featuring 20 classic nursery rhymes with a decidedly grown-up twist, it's time to lose the rattle, pick up a shaker, and throw yourself an extremely quiet party. Especially if you've finally gotten the baby to sleep, which is always worth toasting to. Drinks include: —Eeny, Martini, Miny, Mo —Jack and Coke (and Jill) —Ring Around the Rosé —Old MacDonald Had a Flask —Baa, Baa, Black Russian —and more!

The Winemakers of Paso Robles

The Winemakers of Paso Robles Author Paul Hodgins
ISBN-10 0997716029
Release 2017-05-15
Pages 300
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Large format book with photographic and biographic profiles of 50+ winemakers in Paso Robles California.