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A Primer on Working with Resistance

A Primer on Working with Resistance Author Martha Stark
ISBN-10 9781461627319
Release 1994-03-01
Pages 278
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"Martha Stark's primer on resistance is a unique book. It takes as the heart of the clinical problem the patient's reluctance to change, that ubiquitous and paradoxical phenomenon of our work in which people come to us asking for help in changing, and then do their level best to keep change from happening... This is a work which is at once a practical guide and a theoretical tour de force. Readers who journey in this slim volume with Dr. Stark will return from their travels to their practice much educated, having encountered new ideas and old ones in new forms, better able to face the everyday travails of psychotherapy." –David E. Scharff, M.D. A Jason Aronson Book

Working with Resistance

Working with Resistance Author Martha Stark
ISBN-10 076570370X
Release 2002
Pages 302
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Working with Resistance is about heartache, grieving, letting go and moving on - as the patient's resistances are worked through and her defences are overcome. It is, therefore, a book about hope that arises in the context of discovering that it is possible to survive the experience of heartbreak, sadder perhaps but certainly wiser and more realistic.

Resistance to Tyranny

Resistance to Tyranny Author Joseph P. Martino
ISBN-10 1450574289
Release 2010-04-24
Pages 431
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This book is a primer on armed resistance to tyranny. It is intended to answer questions the reader might not think of asking, and to direct the reader to sources of more detailed information. Topics covered include justifying revolt, conditions for success, possible government responses, strategy & tactics, the overt and covert organizations, weapons, equipment, survival skills, land navigation, camouflage, boobytraps, weapons caching, training, secure camps, safe houses, communications, encryption & codes, gaining public support, sniping, sabotage, raids, intelligence and counter-intelligence. It is intended for scholarly information purposes only.

Power Resistance and Liberation in Therapy with Survivors of Trauma

Power  Resistance and Liberation in Therapy with Survivors of Trauma Author Taiwo Afuape
ISBN-10 9781136655050
Release 2012-08-06
Pages 264
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This book offers reflections on how liberation might be experienced by clients as a result of the therapeutic relationship. It explores how power and resistance might be most effectively and ethically understood and utilised in clinical practice with survivors of trauma. Power, Resistance and Liberation in Therapy with Survivors of Trauma draws together narrative therapy, Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) and liberation psychology approaches. It critically reviews each approach and demonstrates what each contributes to the other as well as how to draw them together in a coherent way. The book presents: an original take on CMM through the lenses of power and resistance a new way of thinking about resistance in life and therapy, using the metaphor of creativity numerous case examples to support strong theory-practice links. Through the exploration of power, resistance and liberation in therapy, this book presents innovative ways of conceptualising these issues. As such it will be of interest to anyone in the mental health fields of therapy, counselling, social work or critical psychology, regardless of their preferred model. It will also appeal to those interested in a socio-political contextual analysis of complex human experience.

Support Resistance Simplified

Support   Resistance Simplified Author Cliff Droke
ISBN-10 159280067X
Release 2003-08-01
Pages 132
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'Support and Resistance is perhaps the greatest contribution, and most widely held concept in technical analysis, and has since become an invaluable method for technical trader and investor alike.As founder and president of the nations most recognized research and education facility for traders, MarketWise Trading School's core curriculum and analysis begins with a thorough understanding of Support and Resistance.This excellent primer explains these dynamics and the proper use of S&R using today's technology"From the foreword by David S. Nassar, Founder/CEO, MarketWise Trading School L.L.C.Support and Resistance. It's one of the most basic - and most important - elements of technical trading. Why? Because it eliminates most of the 'guesswork" and allows you to make logical, well-supported trading decisions, rather than impulsive, emotion-driven choices.Now, discover how to apply the true power of this key concept to your own trading program with Support & Resistance Simplified. This easy-reading primer is the first work in decades devoted solely to 'S&R." From basic to complex strategies, every nuance and vital new application is explained in easy-to-follow terms. Trendlines, Channels, Chart Patterns, and more - are covered. Plus, find critical insights into.- What it is- How it's traditionally used to enhance trading success- How it applies to Swing Trading - and other popular strategies- How new technology has made it even more effective for pinpointing entry/exit points with amazing precision- And - how it can keep you on the winning side of the marketActive traders, market enthusiasts and occasional investors alike enjoy a real market edge using S&R. Now - put it to work for you - with the simplified techniques found in Support & Resistance Simplified.

The Refusal of Work

The Refusal of Work Author David Frayne
ISBN-10 9781783601202
Release 2015-11-15
Pages 280
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Paid work is absolutely central to the culture and politics of capitalist societies, yet today’s work-centred world is becoming increasingly hostile to the human need for autonomy, spontaneity and community. The grim reality of a society in which some are overworked, whilst others are condemned to intermittent work and unemployment, is progressively more difficult to tolerate. In this thought-provoking book, David Frayne questions the central place of work in mainstream political visions of the future, laying bare the ways in which economic demands colonise our lives and priorities. Drawing on his original research into the lives of people who are actively resisting nine-to-five employment, Frayne asks what motivates these people to disconnect from work, whether or not their resistance is futile, and whether they might have the capacity to inspire an alternative form of development, based on a reduction and social redistribution of work. A crucial dissection of the work-centred nature of modern society and emerging resistance to it, The Refusal of Work is a bold call for a more humane and sustainable vision of social progress.

Stop Thief

Stop  Thief Author Peter Linebaugh
ISBN-10 9781604867473
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 336
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Stop Thief has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Stop Thief also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Stop Thief book for free.

Bioenergetics Primer for Exercise Science

Bioenergetics Primer for Exercise Science Author Jie Kang
ISBN-10 0736062416
Release 2008
Pages 209
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Although there are chapters in exercise physiology texts and a few books on the topics of human bioenergetics and energy metabolism, those chapters and books often do not cover the pertinent information in sufficient detail and are generally highly research oriented or outdated. Bioenergetics Primer for Exercise Scienceis an up-to-date text that encompasses all available information regarding human bioenergetics and energy metabolism and brings together diverse issues that are of theoretical interest and practical importance. Written as a primer, this text explains the foundational and critical knowledge and research findings in bioenergetics and the application of those findings. To evaluate research more knowledgeably and decide which techniques best fit their own research, students and professionals will learn about lab- and field-based techniques used to measure energy metabolism, including lipid metabolism. In addition to bioenergetics concepts and research, the text emphasizes the metabolic challenges brought about by obesity and diabetes. A dedicated chapter discusses metabolic impairments associated with both diseases, alterations in metabolism during exercise for affected individuals, and the role of exercise in enhancing energy utilization and improving glucose response and insulin sensitivity. The text also provides a more specific discussion of bioenergetics applied to the subpopulations of children, elderly people, and women. Without weighing down the reader will highly academic and technical jargon, the text explains the science behind energy metabolism in an accessible and inclusive format specifically designed for exercise science students studying areas other than bioenergetics and professionals working in related areas such as health and fitness, nutrition, and weight management. Bioenergetics novices will appreciate the cohesive presentation of information within a four-part structure: -Part Iillustrates how carbohydrate, fat, and protein are metabolized and converted into energy for sport and physical activity. It conveys basic but critical information before pursuing more advanced topics in bioenergetics. -Part IIpresents lab- and field-based techniques for measuring energy metabolism, including a variety of instrumentations and protocols commonly used to assess energy and fuel utilization. Connections to sport and physical activity, including the energy cost of walking, running, cycling, and resistance exercise, are emphasized. Strategies that can be used to enhance energy utilization with special focus on weight management are also introduced. -Part IIIexplores ideas and strategies for enhancing energy production and expenditure. Metabolic adaptations to exercise training are covered (such as changes in cellular function, fuel utilization, and oxygen uptake after aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training). Special attention is given to obesity and diabetes, primarily the effect of glucose responses and insulin sensitivity on affected populations and how age, gender, and metabolic diseases affect those populations. -Part IVdiscusses additional aspects of bioenergetics, including factors influencing resting metabolic rate and the thermic effect of food and its relationship to physical activity and obesity. Also included is a discussion of intended use, working mechanism, related research, and potential side effects for select pharmacologic and nutritional substances. Helpful textbook features such as chapter summaries, key point boxes, key terms bolded in the text and defined in the glossary, review questions with an appendix of answers, and an extensive reference list make this text ideal for effective learning and retention for students. More in-depth than cursory discussions found in exercise physiology texts and more practical and accessible than dedicated bioenergetics texts, Bioenergetics Primer for Exercise Scienceencompasses all the up-to-date research and information regarding human bioenergetics and energy metabolism, offering both students and professionals a depth of knowledge that will inform their further study, research, and profession. Bioenergetics Primer for Exercise Scienceis the third volume in Human Kinetics' Primers in Exercise Science Series. This series presents a foundational understanding of the science behind each topic in the series and, when appropriate, its application. Written by leading researchers and teachers in their respective areas of expertise, these books convey the essential concepts in dynamic, complex areas of scientific knowledge using an accessible writing style. Designed for quick reference and ease of assimilation, these books provide students and professionals with up-to-date foundational knowledge in an otherwise unfamiliar scientific area. Other books that have appeared in the series include Biochemistry Primer for Exercise Science, Third Edition,by Michael E. Houston and Genetics Primer for Exercise Science and Healthby Stephen M. Roth.

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance Large Print 16pt

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance  Large Print 16pt Author Gord Hill
ISBN-10 9781458784711
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 93
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An alternative and unorthodox view of the colonization of the Americas by Europeans is offered in this concise history. Eurocentric studies of the conquest of the Americas present colonization as a civilizing force for good, and the native populations as primitive or worse. Colonization is seen as a mutually beneficial process, in which ''civilization'' was brought to the natives who in return shared their land and cultures. The opposing historical camp views colonization as a form of genocide in which the native populations were passive victims overwhelmed by European military power. In this fresh examination, an activist and historian of native descent argues that the colonial powers met resistance from the indigenous inhabitants and that these confrontations shaped the forms and extent of colonialism. This account encompasses North and South America, the development of nation-states, and the resurgence of indigenous resistance in the post-World War II era.

Non Violent Resistance

Non Violent Resistance Author Haim Omer
ISBN-10 0521536235
Release 2004
Pages 217
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This book begins with an examination of Gandhi's "nonviolent" resistance and its application to the family context. A model of escalation processes between parents and children is presented, as well as ways for overcoming escalation. The book includes a step-by-step instruction manual for parents. Special topics include: dealing with violence against siblings; dealing with children who take control of the house; building alliances between parents and teachers, and, community uses of the approach.

Working Through Setbacks in Psychotherapy

Working Through Setbacks in Psychotherapy Author Rob Leiper
ISBN-10 0761953159
Release 2001-12-20
Pages 230
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Counsellors and psychotherapists often encounter difficult situations with clients for which they feel ill prepared. At any stage in the process a client may experience a crisis or set back in their progress or simply be unable to move beyond a certain point. Working through Setbacks in Psychotherapy is therefore intended to help therapists respond to such events which form major obstacles to the successful development and maintenance of the therapeutic relationship. The authors present a framework for understanding the problems that arise and offers effective guidance for working through difficult situations which test the skills of even the most experienced practitioners. Until now little has been written about the

Modes of Therapeutic Action

Modes of Therapeutic Action Author Martha Stark
ISBN-10 9780765707420
Release 2000-12-01
Pages 384
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How do we position ourselves in relation to our patients? Do we participate as neutral object, as empathetic self-object, or as authentic subject? Do we strive to enhance the patient's knowledge, to provide a corrective experience, or to work at the intimate edge?

A Primer on Innovation Theology

A Primer on Innovation Theology Author Lanny Vincent
ISBN-10 9781532608797
Release 2017-02-24
Pages 182
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What does innovation have in common with theology? More than you might think. Both are ways people attempt to make sense. Both have to do with value and knowledge creation. Both have much to say about change and how we respond to it (or not). And both affect human culture and physical realities with implications for generations to come. A Primer on Innovation Theology explores the territory where innovating and theology intersect. At this intersection, the Primer pours a theological foundation for innovators who aim to create new value for the common good, realize sustainable more than acquisitive value, and pursue generous and just relationships more than merely transactional ones. Adapted from the larger, original volume Innovation Theology: A Biblical Inquiry and Exploration, A Primer is intended for lay audiences, especially innovators, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, and investors who are theologically curious about their own roles and responsibilities. Change is unrelenting. How we choose to respond can insolate, insulate, or innovate. If we choose to innovate, our aim is to create new value for others. The success and failure of these aims may reveal whether we are innovating where the plumb lines of God may be more important than the bottom lines of our efforts, in other words, in the company of God.

The French Resistance

The French Resistance Author Olivier Wieviorka
ISBN-10 9780674970397
Release 2016-04-26
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Olivier Wieviorka’s history of the French Resistance debunks lingering myths and offers fresh insight into social, political, and military aspects of its operation. He reveals not one but many interlocking homegrown groups often at odds over goals, methods, and leadership. Yet, despite a lack of unity, these fighters braved Nazism without blinking.

Working with Child Abuse and Neglect

Working with Child Abuse and Neglect Author Vernon R. Wiehe
ISBN-10 9781452248684
Release 1996-06-24
Pages 264
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How do you intervene in abusive and neglectful families, or prevent maltreatment in families at risk? How can you find the answers you need in the overwhelming array of information now available? This volume helps readers focus by evaluating a wealth of references to current published literature and pinpointing the practical applications that put these findings into action. Condensing the explosion of information about child maltreatment into one provoking yet accessible primer, the author first offers an historical perspective on child maltreatment and an assessment of the scope of the problem. He then discusses theoretical perspectives for understanding the problem and specific treatment and prevention techniques. Informa

A Primer of Transference focused Psychotherapy for the Borderline Patient

A Primer of Transference focused Psychotherapy for the Borderline Patient Author Frank E. Yeomans
ISBN-10 0765703556
Release 2002
Pages 283
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Treating borderline patients is one of the most challenging areas in psychotherapy because of the patient's extreme emotional expressions, the strain it places on the therapist, and the danger of the patient acting out and harming himself or the therapeutic relationship. Many clinicians consider this patient population difficult, if not impossible, to treat. However, in recent years dedicated experts have focused their clinical and research efforts on the borderline patient and have produced treatments that increase our success in working with borderline patients. Transference-Focused Therapy (TFP) is psychodynamic treatment designed especially for borderline patients. This book provides a concise and comprehensive introduction to TFP that will be useful both to experienced clinicians and also to students of psychotherapy. TFP has its roots in object relations and it emphasizes that the transference is the key to understanding and producing change. The patient's internal world of object representations unfolds and is lived in the transference with the therapist. The therapist listens for and makes use of the relationship that is revealed through words, silence, or, as often occurs in the case of individuals with some borderline personality disorder, acting out in subtle or not-so-subtle ways. This primer offers clinicians a way to understand and then use the transference and countertransference for change in the patient.

The Resistance

The Resistance Author Matthew Cobb
ISBN-10 9781847377593
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 416
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The French resistance to Nazi occupation during World War II was a struggle in which ordinary people fought for their liberty, despite terrible odds and horrifying repression. Hundreds of thousands of Frenchmen and women carried out an armed struggle against the Nazis, producing underground anti-fascist publications and supplying the Allies with vital intelligence. Based on hundreds of French eye-witness accounts and including recently-released archival material, The Resistanceuses dramatic personal stories to take the reader on one of the great adventures of the 20thcentury. The tale begins with the catastrophic Fall of France in 1940, and shatters the myth of a unified Resistance created by General de Gaulle. In fact, De Gaulle never understood the Resistance, and sought to use, dominate and channel it to his own ends. Brave men and women set up organisations, only to be betrayed or hunted down by the Nazis, and to die in front of the firing squad or in the concentration camps. Over time, the true story of the Resistance got blurred and distorted, its heroes and conflicts were forgotten as the movement became a myth. By turns exciting, tragic and insightful, The Resistancereveals how one of the most powerful modern myths came to be forged and provides a gripping account of one of the most striking events in the 20thcentury.