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A Question of Trust

A Question of Trust Author Onora O'Neill
ISBN-10 0521529964
Release 2002-06-06
Pages 100
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Onora O'Neill's timely new work highlights a great paradox: in order to inspire trust, we, the public, require more accountability, more transparency. But the more we learn about our financial institutions, our politicians, our medical practitioners, our clergy, and many other people who have a direct effect on our lives, the less willing we are to trust them. Their word is doubted, their motives questioned. Whether real or perceived, this crisis of trust has a debilitating impact on society and democracy. Can trust be restored by making people and institutions more accountable in a modern democracy? Or do complex systems of accountability and control damage trust? O'nora O' Neill challenges current approaches to accountability, investigates sources of deception in our society and re-examines questions of press freedom. |L O'Neill presented these ideas this spring as a part of the BBC Radio 4's reith Lectures. Established in 1948, the Reith Lectures are presented to advance public understanding about significant issues of contemporary interest. Previous lecturers include Bertrand Russel, Robert Oppenheimer, and J.K. Galbraith.

A Question of Trust

A Question of Trust Author Onora O'Neill
ISBN-10 0521823048
Release 2002-06-06
Pages 110
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Can trust be restored by making people and institutions more accountable? Or do complex systems of accountability and control damage trust? Onora O'Neill challenges current approaches, investigates sources of deception in our society and re-examines questions of press freedom. This year's Reith Lectures present a philosopher's view of trust and deception and ask whether and how trust can be restored in modern democracy.

Autonomy and Trust in Bioethics

Autonomy and Trust in Bioethics Author Onora O'Neill
ISBN-10 0521894530
Release 2002-04-18
Pages 213
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Onora O'Neill suggests that the conceptions of individual autonomy (so widely relied on in bioethics) are philosophically and ethically inadequate; they undermine rather than support relationships based on trust. Her arguments are illustrated with issues raised by such practices as the use of genetic information by the police, research using human tissues, new reproductive technologies, and media practices for reporting on medicine, science and technology. The study appeals to a wide range of readers in ethics, bioethics and related disciplines.

Towards Justice and Virtue

Towards Justice and Virtue Author Onora O'Neill
ISBN-10 0521485592
Release 1996-08-28
Pages 230
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Constructs an account of the basic principles for moving towards just institutions and virtuous lives.

Acting on Principle

Acting on Principle Author Onora O'Neill
ISBN-10 9781107512436
Release 2013-12-05
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'Two things', wrote Kant, 'fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe: the starry heavens above and the moral law within'. Many would argue that since Kant's day, the study of the starry heavens has advanced while ethics has stagnated, and in particular that Kant's ethics offers an empty formalism that tells us nothing about how we should live. In Acting on Principle Onora O'Neill shows that Kantian ethics has practical as well as philosophical importance. First published in 1975, the book is regarded as a classic account and defence of the Kantian ethical position. It addresses Kant's account of reasoning about action, in particular his controversial claim that the Categorical Imperative guides action and is basic to ethics and justice. This second edition offers a substantial new introduction and updated bibliography, and will be valuable for a wide readership in Kant studies and those studying ethics.

Reading Onora O Neill

Reading Onora O   Neill Author David Archard
ISBN-10 9781135017613
Release 2013-07-24
Pages 264
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Onora O’Neill is one of the foremost moral philosophers writing today. Her work on ethics and bioethics, political philosophy and the philosophy of Kant is extremely influential. Her landmark Reith Lectures on trust did much to establish the subject not only on the philosophical and political agenda but in the world of media, business and law more widely. Reading Onora O’Neill is the first book to examine and critically appraise the work of this important thinker. It includes specially commissioned chapters by leading international philosophers in ethics, Kantian philosophy and political philosophy. The following aspects of O’Neill’s work are examined: global justice Kant the ethics of the family bioethics consent trust. Featuring a substantial reply to her critics at the end of the book, Reading Onora O’Neill is essential reading for students and scholars of ethics and political philosophy.

Providence and Evil

Providence and Evil Author Peter Geach
ISBN-10 0521214777
Release 1977
Pages 153
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Providence and Evil has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Providence and Evil also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Providence and Evil book for free.

Justice across Boundaries

Justice across Boundaries Author Onora O'Neill
ISBN-10 9781316495476
Release 2016-02-15
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Who ought to do what, and for whom, if global justice is to progress? In this collection of essays on justice beyond borders, Onora O'Neill criticises theoretical approaches that concentrate on rights, yet ignore both the obligations that must be met to realise those rights, and the capacities needed by those who shoulder these obligations. She notes that states are profoundly anti-cosmopolitan institutions, and that even those committed to justice and universal rights often lack the competence and the will to secure them, let alone to secure them beyond their borders. She argues for a wider conception of global justice, in which obligations may be held either by states or by competent non-state actors, and in which borders themselves must meet standards of justice. This rich and wide-ranging collection will appeal to a broad array of academic researchers and advanced students of political philosophy, political theory, international relations and philosophy of law.

Things That Bother Me

Things That Bother Me Author Galen Strawson
ISBN-10 9781681372204
Release 2018
Pages 240
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The sense of the self -- A fallacy of our age -- I have no future -- Luck swallows everything -- You cannot make yourself the way you are -- The silliest claim -- Real naturalism -- The unstoried life -- Two years' time

Bounds of Justice

Bounds of Justice Author Onora O'Neill
ISBN-10 052144232X
Release 2000-10-26
Pages 219
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Argues for a concept of justice that takes account of boundaries, institutions and human diversity.

Constructing Authorities

Constructing Authorities Author
ISBN-10 9781107116313
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Constructing Authorities has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Constructing Authorities also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Constructing Authorities book for free.

Who Can You Trust

Who Can You Trust Author Rachel Botsman
ISBN-10 9781541773684
Release 2017-11-14
Pages 336
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If you can't trust those in charge, who can you trust?From government to business, banks to media, trust in institutions is at an all-time low. But this isn't the age of distrust--far from it. In this revolutionary book, world-renowned trust expert Rachel Botsman reveals that we are at the tipping point of one of the biggest social transformations in human history--with fundamental consequences for everyone. A new world order is emerging: we might have lost faith in institutions and leaders, but millions of people rent their homes to total strangers, exchange digital currencies, or find themselves trusting a bot. This is the age of "distributed trust," a paradigm shift driven by innovative technologies that are rewriting the rules of an all-too-human relationship. If we are to benefit from this radical shift, we must understand the mechanics of how trust is built, managed, lost, and repaired in the digital age. In the first book to explain this new world, Botsman provides a detailed map of this uncharted landscape--and explores what's next for humanity.

Representations of the Intellectual

Representations of the Intellectual Author Edward W. Said
ISBN-10 9780307829627
Release 2012-10-24
Pages 144
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In these six essays--delivered on the BBC as the prestigious Reith Lectures--Edward Said addresses the ways in which the intellectual can best serve society in the light of a heavily compromised media and of special interest groups who are protected at the cost of larger community concerns. Said suggests a recasting of the intellectual's vision to resist the lures of power, money, and specialization. In these pieces, Said eloquently illustrates his arguments by drawing on such writers as Antonio Gramsci, Jean-Paul Sartre, Regis Debray, Julien Benda, and Theodore Adorno, and by discussing current events and celebrated figures in the world of science and politics: Robert Oppenheimer, Henry Kissinger, Dan Quayle, Vietnam and the Gulf War. Said sees the modern intellectual as an editor, journalist, academic, or political adviser--in other words, a highly specialized professional--who has moved from a position of independence to an alliance with powerful corporate, institutional, or governmental organizations. He concludes that it is the exile-immigrant, the expatriate, and the amateur who must uphold the traditional role of the intellectual as the voice of integrity and courage, able to speak out against those in power.

The Philosophy of Trust

The Philosophy of Trust Author Paul Faulkner
ISBN-10 9780198732549
Release 2017-02-23
Pages 336
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Trust is central to our social lives. We know by trusting what others tell us. We act on that basis, and on the basis of trust in their promises and implicit commitments. So trust underpins both epistemic and practical cooperation and is key to philosophical debates on the conditions of its possibility. It is difficult to overstate the significance of these issues. On the practical side, discussions of cooperation address what makes society possible-of how it is that life is not a Hobbesian war of all against all. On the epistemic side, discussions of cooperation address what makes the pooling of knowledge possible-and so the edifice that is science. But trust is not merely central to our lives instrumentally; trusting relations are themselves of great value, and in trusting others, we realise distinctive forms of value. What are these forms of value, and how is trust central to our lives? These questions are explored and developed in this volume, which collects fifteen new essays on the philosophy of trust. They develop and extend existing philosophical discussion of trust and will provide a reference point for future work on trust.

Trust A Very Short Introduction

Trust  A Very Short Introduction Author Katherine Hawley
ISBN-10 9780191642371
Release 2012-08-23
Pages 144
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Trust is indispensable, yet it can be dangerous. Without trusting others, we cannot function in society, or even stay alive for very long, but being overly-trustful can be a bad strategy too. Trust is pragmatic, but it also has a moral dimension: trustworthiness is a virtue, and well-placed trust benefits us all. In this Very Short Introduction, Katherine Hawley explores the key ideas about trust and distrust. Considerings questions such as 'Why do we value trust?' and Why do we want to be trusted rather than distrusted?', Hawley raises issues about the importance of trust in both the personal and public spheres, including family and relationships as well as politics and society. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Having children

Having children Author Onora O'Neill
ISBN-10 UVA:X000040284
Release 1979-01-04
Pages 362
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Having children has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Having children also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Having children book for free.


Trust Author Russell Hardin
ISBN-10 0745624650
Release 2006-04-05
Pages 206
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This text deals with the myths surrounding the concept of trust in society and politics. It examines the literature on trust to analyse public concerns about declining levels of trust, both in our fellow citizens and in our governments and their officials. It also explores the various manifestations of trust and distrust in public life.