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A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There

A Sand County Almanac  and Sketches Here and There Author Aldo Leopold
ISBN-10 019505928X
Release 1989
Pages 228
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Approaches the prevalent issues in ecology from an aesthitic viewpoint, stressing the beauty and balance of nature

Companion to A Sand County Almanac

Companion to A Sand County Almanac Author J. Baird Callicott
ISBN-10 0299112330
Release 1987-09-01
Pages 320
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The first sustained study of Leopold's seminal book as well as a work of art, philosophy, and social commentary.

A Sand County Almanac

A Sand County Almanac Author Aldo Leopold
ISBN-10 0199743878
Release 1968-12-31
Pages 240
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First published in 1949 and praised in The New York Times Book Review as "a trenchant book, full of vigor and bite," A Sand County Almanac combines some of the finest nature writing since Thoreau with an outspoken and highly ethical regard for America's relationship to the land. Written with an unparalleled understanding of the ways of nature, the book includes a section on the monthly changes of the Wisconsin countryside; another part that gathers informal pieces written by Leopold over a forty-year period as he traveled through the woodlands of Wisconsin, Iowa, Arizona, Sonora, Oregon, Manitoba, and elsewhere; and a final section in which Leopold addresses the philosophical issues involved in wildlife conservation. As the forerunner of such important books as Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire, and Robert Finch's The Primal Place, this classic work remains as relevant today as it was forty years ago.

A Sand County Almanac

A Sand County Almanac Author Aldo Leopold
ISBN-10 9780195146172
Release 2001-11-15
Pages 190
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A collection of nature writings by American conservationist Aldo Leopold based on his experiences and feelings while at his weekend farm along the Wisconsin River, illustrated with photographs taken at the farm over the course of a year.

The Primal Place

The Primal Place Author Robert Finch
ISBN-10 9780881507683
Release 2007-05-09
Pages 256
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From acclaimed author and naturalist Robert Finch, a richly detailed observance of Cape Cod's seemingly vanished natural and human past, as it clings to its present landscape. This is a voyage of discovery, a personal odyssey into the nature of a single Cape Cod neighborhood. It is a rich portrait, beautifully drawn, of a landscape and a community whose essential character lies in their penetrating interface with the sea. But it is also an individual quest, a journey of the heart and mind in which the author seeks "entrance, or rather re-entrance" into "that vast living maze stretching out beyond my lines of sight."

Thinking Like a Mountain

Thinking Like a Mountain Author Susan L. Flader
ISBN-10 0299145034
Release 1994-08-01
Pages 320
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When initially published more than twenty years ago, Thinking Like a Mountain was the first of a handful of efforts to capture the work and thought of America's most significant environmental thinker, Aldo Leopold. This new edition of Susan Flader's masterful account of Leopold's philosophical journey, including a new preface reviewing recent Leopold scholarship, makes this classic case study available again and brings much-deserved attention to the continuing influence and importance of Leopold today. Thinking Like a Mountain unfolds with Flader's close analysis of Leopold's essay of the same title, which explores issues of predation by studying the interrelationships between deer, wolves, and forests. Flader shows how his approach to wildlife management and species preservation evolved from his experiences restoring the deer population in the Southwestern United States, his study of the German system of forest and wildlife management, and his efforts to combat the overpopulation of deer in Wisconsin. His own intellectual development parallels the formation of the conservation movement, reflecting his struggle to understand the relationship between the land and its human and animal inhabitants. Drawing from the entire corpus of Leopold's works, including published and unpublished writing, correspondence, field notes, and journals, Flader places Leopold in his historical context. In addition, a biographical sketch draws on personal interviews with family, friends, and colleagues to illuminate his many roles as scientist, philosopher, citizen, policy maker, and teacher. Flader's insight and profound appreciation of the issues make Thinking Like a Mountain a standard source for readers interested in Leopold scholarship and the development of ecology and conservation in the twentieth century.

Aldo Leopold

Aldo Leopold Author Curt D. Meine
ISBN-10 9780299249038
Release 2010-10-19
Pages 672
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This biography of Aldo Leopold follows him from his childhood as a precocious naturalist to his profoundly influential role in the development of conservation and modern environmentalism in the United States. This edition includes a new preface by author Curt Meine and an appreciation by acclaimed Kentucky writer and farmer Wendell Berry.

Round River

Round River Author Aldo Leopold
ISBN-10 0199770646
Release 1972-03-30
Pages 286
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To those who know the charm of Aldo Leopold's writing in A Sand County Almanac, this collection from his journals and essays will be a new delight. The journal entries included here were written in camp during his many field trips--hunting, fishing, and exploring--and they indicate the source of ideas on land ethics found in his longer essays. They reflect as well two long canoe trips in Canada and a sojourn in Mexico, where Leopold hunted deer with bow and arrow. The essays presented here are culled from the more contemplative notes which were still in manuscript form at the time of Leopold's death in 1948, fighting a brush fire on a neighbor's farm. Round River has been edited by Leopold's son, Luna, a geologist well-known in the field of conservation. It is also charmingly illustrated with line drawings by Charles W. Schwartz. All admirers of Leopold's work--indeed, all lovers of nature--will find this book richly rewarding.

In Defense of the Land Ethic

In Defense of the Land Ethic Author J. Baird Callicott
ISBN-10 0887069002
Release 1989-02-09
Pages 325
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In Defense of the Land Ethic: Essays in Environmental Philosophy brings into a single volume J. Baird Callicott’s decade-long effort to articulate, defend, and extend the seminal environmental philosophy of Aldo Leopold. A leading voice in this new field, Callicott sounds the depths of the proverbial iceberg, the tip of which is “The Land Ethic.” “The Land Ethic,” Callicott argues, is traceable to the moral psychology of David Hume and Charles Darwin’s classical account of the origin and evolution of Hume’s moral sentiments. Leopold adds an ecological vision of organic nature to these foundations. How can an evolutionary and ecological environmental ethic bridge the gap between is and ought? How may wholes—species, ecosystems, and the biosphere itself—be the direct objects of moral concern? How may the intrinsic value of nonhuman natural entities and nature as a whole be justified? In addition to confronting and resolving these distinctly philosophical queries, Callicott engages in lively debate with proponents of animal liberation and rights—finally to achieve an integrated theory of animal welfare and environmental ethics. He critically discusses the land ethic that is alleged to have prevailed among traditional American Indian peoples and points toward a new and equally revolutionary environmental aesthetic.

Aldo Leopold

Aldo Leopold Author Marybeth Lorbiecki
ISBN-10 0762736631
Release 2005-01
Pages 212
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Written in a clear, accessible style, this biography reveals the background, early inspiration, and triumphs of Aldo Leopold and traces the foremost environmentalist's development as a leader in the conservationist movement. 160 linecuts.

Sand County Revisited

Sand County Revisited Author Estella B. Leopold
ISBN-10 9780190463229
Release 2016-04-15
Pages 336
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Published in 1948, Aldo Leopold's A Sand County Almanac has become an enduring and beloved American classic. More than that, it is rightly seen as one of the foundational texts of the conservation movement. Starting in 1934 and continuing over the course of a dozen or so years, Leopold and his family-including his five children-restored a farm and surrounding lands in south-central Wisconsin. Working together, they put into practice Leopold's "land ethic" involving ecological restoration and sustainability. In the process, they built more than a habitable family shelter or pleasant weekend getaway; they established a new way of relating to nature. In this reflection on the Shack and its inhabitants, Estella B. Leopold, the youngest of Aldo's children, recalls with clear-eyed fondness the part the Shack played in their burgeoning awareness of nature's miracles, season by season. Life at the Shack is recalled vividly and unforgettably: the taste of fresh honey (with honey comb) on sourdough pancakes; the trumpeting arrival of migrating Canada geese; the awesome power of river ice driven by currents. Each improvement to the Shack, whether a new fireplace or a privy, constituted a triumph. As they worked to restore degraded farmland into its original prairie and woods, the Leopolds noted and celebrated all of the flora and fauna that came to share the Shack lands. As first evoked in A Sand County Almanac, and now in Tales from the Leopold Shack, the Leopold family's efforts were among the earliest in ecological restoration in the United States, and their work, collectively and individually, continues to have a profound impact on land management and conservationism. All of Aldo Leopold's children went on to become distinguished scientists and to devote themselves to a life of conservation; their work continues through the Aldo Leopold Foundation. Estella Leopold's intimate and endearing book offers a trip back to the place where it all began.

Game Management

Game Management Author Aldo Leopold
ISBN-10 0299107736
Release 1987-03-13
Pages 520
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With this book, published more than a half-century ago, Aldo Leopold created the discipline of wildlife management. Although A Sand Country Almanac is doubtless Leopold’s most popular book, Game Management may well be his most important. In this book he revolutionized the field of conservation.

The Essential Aldo Leopold

The Essential Aldo Leopold Author Curt D. Meine
ISBN-10 9780299165536
Release 1999-10-10
Pages 384
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For the first time, the most important quotations of the great conservationist Aldo Leopold, author of A Sand County Almanac, are gathered in one volume. From conservation education to wildlife ecology, from wilderness protection to soil and water conservation, the writings of Aldo Leopold continue to have profound influence on those seeking to understand the earth and its care. Leopold biographer Curt Meine and noted conservation biologist Richard Knight have assembled this comprehensive collection of quotations from Leopold’s extensive and diverse writings, selected and organized to capture the richness and depth of the North American conservation movement. Prominent biologists, conservationists, historians, and philosophers provide introductory commentaries describing Leopold’s contributions in varied fields and reflecting upon the significance of his work today. Contributors: J. Baird Callicott David Ehrenfeld Susan L. Flader Eric T. Freyfogle Wes Jackson Paul W. Johnson Joni L. Kinsey Richard L. Knight Gary K. Meffe Curt Meine Gary Paul Nabhan Richard Nelson Bryan G. Norton David W. Orr Edwin P. Pister Donald Snow Stanley A. Temple Jack Ward Thomas Charles Wilkinson Terry Tempest Williams Donald Worster Joy B. Zedler

Sand County Almanac and Other Writings on Ecology and Conservation

Sand County Almanac and Other Writings on Ecology and Conservation Author Aldo Leopold
ISBN-10 1598532065
Release 2013
Pages 931
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Presents a selection of the essential writings of the environmental pioneer, including previously unpublished and hard-to-find pieces, as well as more than one hundred letters and original images.

Marshland Elegy

Marshland Elegy Author Aldo Leopold
ISBN-10 1882280032
Release 1999
Pages 30
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Introductions by George Archibald and Nina Leopold Bradley.


Indica Author Pranay Lal
ISBN-10 9789385990366
Release 2016-12-07
Pages 384
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Few places have been as influential as the Indian subcontinent in shaping the course of life on Earth. Yet its evolution has remained largely unchronicled. Indica: A Deep Natural History of the Indian Subcontinent fills this gap. From the oldest rocks, formed three billion years ago in Karnataka, to the arrival of our ancestors 50,000 years ago on the banks of the Indus, the author meticulously sifts through wide-ranging scientific disciplines and through the layers of earth to tell us the story of India, filled with a variety of fierce reptiles, fantastic dinosaurs, gargantuan mammals and amazing plants. Beautifully produced in full colour, with a rare collection of images, illustrations and maps, Indica is full of fascinating, lesser-known facts. It shows us how every piece of rock and inch of soil is a virtual museum, and how, over billions of years, millions of spectacular creatures have reproduced, walked and lived over and under it.

The river of the mother of God and other essays

The river of the mother of God and other essays Author Aldo Leopold
ISBN-10 UOM:39015019446528
Release 1991
Pages 384
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Aldo Leopold has been called an American Prophet, the father of wildlife management, & the single most outstanding spokesman for conservation the world has produced. In the public mind his name is inextricably linked with a single work. "A Sand County Almanac," a classic of natural history literature & the conservationist's bible. But Leopold also wrote other books & hundreds of articles & essays. "The River of the Mother of God & Other Essays" brings together the best & most representative of Leopold's essays that are previously unpublished or difficult to find. The earliest essay, "A Tramp in November," was written in 1904 when Leopold was a seventeen-year-old schoolboy; the last, "The Ecological Conscience," in 1947, the year before his death. The sixty essays published here open windows on the intellectual development of a remarkable man who returned throughout his life to recurrent subjects, armed with fresh experience, new information, & critical reflection. To traverse the terrain from "The Varmint Question" (1915), in which wolves & grizzlies are deemed expendable, to "Threatened Species" (1936), which calls explicitly for their protection & restoration, is to observe not only the increasing breadth & penetration of Leopold's own thought but also the maturation of the field of ecology in which he was so seminal a figure. These essays reveal Leopold the activist & advocate as well as Leopold the innovative professional, struggling with the bureaucratic, political, & economic dimensions of conservation.