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A Situation in New Delhi

A Situation in New Delhi Author Nayantara Sahgal
ISBN-10 0143102753
Release 2011-07-26
Pages 200
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&Lsquo;She Missed The Sense Of Values Shivraj Had Planted Like Roses With His Two Hands. It Was Their Fragrance, Something As Ephemeral As That, That Had Bound The Country Together In A Unity, Not Any Hidebound Principle Or Rule From A Book.&Rsquo; Shivraj Is Dead And With Him The Values With Which He Had Governed The Country For Over A Decade. While His Successors Destroy The Idealistic World He Had Built, Shivraj&Rsquo;S Circle Of Intimate Friends&Mdash;His Sister Devi, The Education Minister; Usman Ali, Vice Chancellor Of Delhi University; And Michael Calvert, An English Writer&Mdash;Struggle To Find Order In The Chaos, Even As Rishad, Devi&Rsquo;S Son, Loses Himself In It. Juxtaposing The Conflict Of Personal Relationships With The Larger Canvas Of Corrupt Politics In A Situation In New Delhi, Nayantara Sahgal Masterfully Weaves A Tale That Grips The Reader From Start To Finish. &Lsquo;A Brilliant And Provocative Piece Of Fact-Based Fiction&Rsquo;&Mdash;Financial Times &Lsquo;A Moving, Even Inspiring Novel&Rsquo;&Mdash;Sunday Times

Storm in Chandigarh

Storm in Chandigarh Author Nayantara Sahgal
ISBN-10 0143102761
Release 2011-07-26
Pages 232
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&Lsquo;India, Once A Uniform Piece Of Territory To Administer, Was Now A Welter Of Separate, Sensitive Identities, Resurrected After Independence.&Rsquo; As The Quarrel Over Boundaries, Water And Electric Power Between Punjab And The Newly Created Haryana Intensifies, Gyan Singh, The Chief Minister Of Punjab, Threatens To Launch A Crippling Strike That Will Affect Both States. With The Chief Minister Of Haryana, Harpal Singh, Refusing To Concede Any Advantages, The Stage Is Set For A Confrontation. It Is At This Point That Vishal Dubey, The Centre&Rsquo;S Most Able Bureaucrat, Is Sent To Chandigarh To Alleviate The Situation. As He Tries To Resolve The Chaos In The Common Capital, Vishal Finds Himself Drawn Into The Lives Of Two Couples&Mdash;Jit And Mara And Inder And Saroj&Mdash;And The Small Dramas And Casual Betrayals That Are A Universal Feature Of Human Relationships. Storm In Chandigarh Demonstrates Nayantara Sahgal&Rsquo;S Keen Understanding Of Individual Relationships And Her Remarkable Ability To Tell Stories That Continue To Enthrall Readers Over The Years.

Critical Response to Indian Fiction in English

Critical Response to Indian Fiction in English Author Amar Nath Prasad
ISBN-10 8171569471
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 180
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Critical Response To Indian Fiction In English Contains A Series Of Critical Articles, Each Devoted To A Description As Simple And Straightforward As Possible. It Includes Almost All The Prominent Novelists In Indian Writing In English. The Novelists Discussed In This Anthology Are Mulk Raj Anand, R.N. Tagore, Kamala Markandaya, Bhabani Bhattacharya, R.P. Jhabvala, Nayantara Sahgal, Shashi Despande, Anita Desai, Khushwant Singh, Arun Joshi, Vikram Seth, Arundhati Roy And Taslima Nasrin.The Contributors To This Book Are Amar Nath Prasad, Surendra Narayan Jha, Dr. N.D.R. Chandra, Mrs. Pradnya V. Ghodpade, Dr. V. Thanuvalinga, Hari Om Prasad, S.G. Bhanegaonkar, Arjun Kumar, Dr. Chhote Lal Khatri, Arati Biswa, Darshana Trivedi, Dr. Sharada Iyer, Dr. Bhasavraj Naikar, Dr. A.K. Bachchan, Dr. Rama Kundu, M.B. Gaijan And Dr. John E. Abraham.The Volume Dives Deep Into The Works Of Indian Novelists In English And Presents The Critical Study Of Their Respective Works. It Ll Certainly Prove To Be A Great Asset To Teachers And Students And To Those Who Are Doing Research.

The Day in Shadow

The Day in Shadow Author Nayantara Sahgal
ISBN-10 014015468X
Release 1991
Pages 240
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A Brilliant, Unsparing Novel About Divorce And Its Implications In Indian Society This Is The Story Of Simrit, Lost And Bewildered As She Struggles To Cope With The Emotional Shock Of A Divorce Plus A Brutal Divorce Settlement Inflicted On Her. Ostracized, Victimized And Shackled By Memories Of The Past, Her Only Bridge To A New Life Is Raj, A Brilliant, Rising Member Of Parliament. The Day In Shadow Can Be Read At Several Levels. It Is About Simrit, Who Emerges From The Shadows To Find Happiness With Raj. It Is The Story Of Raj, Who Passionately Believes In Freedom And Refuses To Accept Fate As The Answer To Human Problems. And, Finally, It Is The Story Of Delhi On The Threshold Of Momentous Changes, And A New Breed Of Politicians Far Removed From Everything Gandhi Stood For.

New Delhi Making of a Capital

New Delhi  Making of a Capital Author Malvika Singh
ISBN-10 8174365745
Release 2009
Pages 237
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New Delhi was born at two o'clock on 12 December 1911, as King George V proclaimed it to be India's new capital at his grand Coronation Durbar. New Delhi: Making of a Capital pieces together the story of the eighth reincarnation of this historic city. Breaking new ground, this book showcases century-old telegrams, maps, plans, drawings, letters and scraps of paper; the Agreement that the chief architects - Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker - signed together; the sharp arguments the two had on key architectural issues; and a lot more. Numerous newspaper reports, articles and editorials about the extravagant city, including vigorous debates in the House of Lords have been featured here for the first time. Exclusive pictures of the earliest stages of levelling the massive Raisina Hill are followed by the block-by-block construction of what are today the Rashtrapati Bhavan (initially known as Government House), the Parliament House (known as Council House) and North and South Block (or the Secretariat buildings). A range of aerial shots capture the growth of the new city from a barren landscape into a bustling metropolis. The entire city was built in Rs 13.07 crore. This pathbreaking work is an amalgamation of fragments of history, recreating the era of struggle, disquiet and passion in which this great urban centre was built. New Delhi: Making of a Capital.

This Time Of Morning

This Time Of Morning Author Nayantara Sahgal
ISBN-10 9789350299807
Release 2008-08-04
Pages 320
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This unusually prescient novel is set in the early post-Independence years, when a new republic eagerly looks forward to a future full of hope. Rakesh, a Foreign Service officer who had grown up at a time when young men were ardent nationalists, returns to Delhi after a six-year absence to find many changes. He meets the new Advisor on Foreign Affairs, the controversial Kalyan Sinha, and is once again drawn to the magnetic personality of the politician whose ruthless manipulations are, in a way, a precursor to the moral corruption of the years to come. Vintage Sahgal, This Time of Morning is a riveting work of fiction that captures the realities of a country in transition.


Capital Author Rana Dasgupta
ISBN-10 1594204470
Release 2014
Pages 466
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Provides an intimate portrait of the city of Delhi, which bears witness to the expansion of the global elite, and argues that this is what capitalism will become in the coming, post-Western world.

Indian Women Novelists in English

Indian Women Novelists in English Author P. D. Bheda
ISBN-10 8176255769
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 134
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Indian Women Novelists in English has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Indian Women Novelists in English also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Indian Women Novelists in English book for free.

India Pakistan in War and Peace

India Pakistan in War and Peace Author J. N. Dixit
ISBN-10 9781134407583
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 504
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As the Kashmir dispute brings India and Pakistan ominously close to nuclear war this book provides a compelling account of the history and politics of these two great South Asian rivals. Like the Israel-Palestine struggle, the Indian-Pakistan rivalry is a legacy of history. The two countries went to war within months of becoming independent and, over the following half-century, they have fought three other wars and clashed at the United Nations and every other global forum. It is a complex conflict, over religion and territory with two diametrically opposed views of nationhood and national imagination. J.N. Dixit, former Foreign Secretary of India, and one of the world's leading authorities on the region, has written a balanced and very readable account of the most tempestuous and potentially dangerous flashpoint in international politics.

The Crisis in Kashmir

The Crisis in Kashmir Author Šumit Ganguly
ISBN-10 0521655668
Release 1999-02-13
Pages 204
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This book traces the origins of the insurgency in Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir. The first theoretically-grounded account, and the most complete, it is based on extensive interviews. Ganguly's central argument is that the insurgency can be explained by political mobilization and institutional decay. In an attempt to woo the Muslims, the government dramatically expanded literacy, mass media, and higher education. Meanwhile, fearing potential secessionist proclivities, it stifled the development of political institutions. Unable to express dissent in an institutional context, the Kashmiris resorted to violence.

Economic and Human Development in Contemporary India

Economic and Human Development in Contemporary India Author Debdas Banerjee
ISBN-10 9781135236199
Release 2009-12-16
Pages 256
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This book deals with issues in economic development in India. It highlights those factors that are indicative of India’s emergence in the global economy yet indicates negative "trickle down" effects, such as malnutrition, poverty, bonded labourers, high adult unemployment and the widespread use of child labour. Focusing on structural deficiencies for a steady growth rate, and how to make growth inclusive, the book examines duality in development and the factors standing between national economic prosperity and human development. The author analyses issues concerning international trade, technology, access to food, inequality and poverty, and the "catching up" of developing countries. A novel approach to the analysis of the Indian economy and other developing countries in the 21st century, this book advocates development as a form of governance. With India as a case study, this book provides a solid framework for looking at developing economies which will be useful to policy-makers and to graduate and post-doctoral students and researchers in the areas of development studies and economics, industrialisation and structural change.

The Modern Indian English Fiction

The Modern Indian English Fiction Author Dr. O. P. Mathur
ISBN-10 9788170173038
Release 1993
Pages 216
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This Selection From The Articles And Interviews By Professor O. P. Mathur Presented At Various National And International Conferences And Seminars And Those Published In Various Indian And Foreign Journals And Books Covers A Broad Range Of Authors And Themes. Out Of Professor Mathur S Many Articles On Different Subjects, This Book Presents A Selection From His Articles On Indian English Fiction Alone. The Papers Contain Original Approaches And Insights And The Interviews Bring Out Interesting And, In Some Cases, Hitherto Unknown Information. It Is Hoped That The Book Will Be Of Use To Scholars, Teachers And Students Of Indian English Literature As Much As To Laymen Who May Be Curious To Know Something About This Important Branch Of Indian Literature.

Muslim Backward Classes

Muslim Backward Classes Author Azra Khanam
ISBN-10 9788132116509
Release 2013-08-30
Pages 316
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This book presents the sociological perspectives on Muslim OBCs as a category determined by the Indian State. Although Muslims constitute an important part of the population and are the second largest religious community in the world, as well as in India, social scientists rarely undertake this community to analyze their socioeconomic and educational development. Muslim Backward Classes provides a comprehensive explanation of the origin and meaning of the term “backward class,” followed with the historical perspectives of Muslim backwardness in India. The volume fills the gap in the literature and presents a broad-based picture of the problems of Muslim OBCs, highlighting the questions of justice and equal opportunity to all groups irrespective of religion.

The Agent in the Margin

The Agent in the Margin Author Clara A.B. Joseph
ISBN-10 1554582814
Release 2008-10-10
Pages 247
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The Agent in the Margin: Nayantara Sahgal’s Gandhian Fiction is a comprehensive study of the literary works of Nayantara Sahgal, daughter of Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit—the first woman president of the United Nations General Assembly—and niece of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister. Clara A.B. Joseph introduces Mahatma Gandhi’s political and philosophical to literary analysis and utilizes non-structuralist aspects of Louis Althusser’s theories of ideology to trace how characters marginalized by gender, class, race, and language in Sahgal’s work assume agency, challenging poststructuralist theories of cultural and ideological determinism. She considers how gender complicates autobiography and how the roles of daughter, virgin, wife, widow, and alien serve (often ironically) to highlight human dignity.

State and Civil Society under Siege

State and Civil Society under Siege Author P. M. Joshy
ISBN-10 9789351503835
Release 2015-10-08
Pages 284
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A comprehensive analysis on the rise, assertion and dominance of the New Hindu Right forces in civil society From its forgettable electoral performance of 1984 to its historical victory in 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) story has been fodder for many political and academic debates. In this book, the authors show how the Hindu Right uses security, both external and internal, as a strategy for political mobilisation and eventual electoral success. It further explains the organisational and ideological penetration of the Sangh Parivar into the civil domain through strategies of securitisation. Deriving data from original sources, writings of leaders and their autobiographies, speeches, government documents, reports, pamphlets and manifestos of various Hindutva organisations, the work follows the growth of the Hindu Right forces and its trajectory over the years, taking a close look into its philosophical settings and political strategies. The book assumes significance in light of the massive electoral success of BJP in the 2014 elections.

Murder in New Delhi

Murder in New Delhi Author Arvind Bugga
ISBN-10 9789384878405
Pages 156
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Topnotch business executive Rahul Mehta is found murdered at the unlikeliest of places – a big, fat Indian wedding in the multimillionaire Gupta industrialist family! There are suspects galore: Several members of the Gupta family who resented Rahul's success and his brazen affair with the glamorous widow of one of the Gupta brothers. The dead man's wife Kamini. Tagami, Rahul's arch business rival. Even canny politician, Sitaram Kesri, Minister of Industries. All of them had the opportunity as they were guests at the wedding and ample motive, too. So who killed him? An advertising professional, Shankar Sood, gets drawn into the investigation by chance but the police soon develop respect for his capabilities. Totally baffling and unexpected developments unfold after the murder, including sex scandals and newspaper leaks. Just when the police have almost given up hope, Shankar is able to put all the pieces together and solve the riddle. Murder, love, money and power: All the elements of a racy read that you won't be able to put down!

A Study of Squatter Housing in New Delhi India

A Study of Squatter Housing in New Delhi  India Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:C2986452
Release 1973
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A Study of Squatter Housing in New Delhi India has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Study of Squatter Housing in New Delhi India also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Study of Squatter Housing in New Delhi India book for free.