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A Small Revolution

A Small Revolution Author Jimin Han
ISBN-10 1503939731
Release 2017-05-01
Pages 196
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"On a beautiful Pennsylvania fall morning, a gunman holds college freshman Yoona Lee and three of her classmates hostage in the claustrophobic confines of their dorm room. The desperate man with his finger on the trigger--Yoona's onetime friend, Lloyd Kang--is unraveling after a mysterious accident in Korea killed his closest friend, Jaesung, who was also the love of Yoona's life. As the tense standoff unfolds, Yoona is forced to revisit her past, from growing up in an abusive household to the upheaval in her ancestral homeland to unwittingly falling in love. She must also confront the truth about what happened to Jaesung on that tragic day, even as her own fate hangs in the balance."--Provided by publisher.

A Small Revolution

A Small Revolution Author Boum Boum
ISBN-10 1908030267
Release 2017
Pages 96
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A Small Revolution is the story of a little orphaned girl named Florence, in a country ruled by a dictator. A revolution is being organised to overthrow the government, and Florence desperately wants to take part in it, even if she doesn't fully understand what it implies. She will, however, lead her own, personal, small revolution.

A Small Revolution in Space

A Small Revolution in Space Author Bradley R. Townsend
ISBN-10 OCLC:1022563836
Release 2017
Pages 133
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"This study explores the potential challenges to US military adoption of small satellite constellations into its space architecture. It begins by analyzing the different small satellite constellations that are currently being proposed or deployed on orbit. The history of US policy and acquisition strategies towards remote sensing systems and commercial satellite communications is then explored in detail. Case studies tracing the consolidation of the remote sensing industry down to just one company and the bankruptcy and reemergence of the first commercial satellite constellation, Iridium, are analyzed for lessons that can be applied to future acquisition strategies. Detailed analysis of the problems with current and historical approaches to acquiring both remote sensing and commercial satellite communications follow the historical study. The research concludes with recommendations on how to better posture the US military to properly leverage the emerging technology of small satellite constellations and the difficulties of denying their use to adversaries"--Abstract.

A Wizard in War

A Wizard in War Author Christopher Stasheff
ISBN-10 9780991358298
Release 2015-11-24
Pages 222
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THERE'S NO JUSTICE, AND LITTLE FREEDOM, IN A WORLD WHERE MIGHT MAKES RIGHT... The medieval planet of Maltroit seems to be repeating Earth's bloody history in the worst possible manner: endless feudal warfare, at the expense of peasants just trying to survive. It's up to the Rogue Wizard to give the downtrodden a crash course in revolution, and set in motion a plan for the common soldiers to take back power and end the bloodshed. Disguising himself as a mercenary soldier, teaching nobles the rudiments of democracy and schooling peasants in the basics of radical politics, before you can say "Magna Carta," the Rogue Wizard has bent the course of history and set the planet on a course toward peace and democracy.

Principles of the Mechanics of Machinery and Engineering Theoretical mechanics v 2 The application of mechanics in buildings Application of mechanics to machinery

Principles of the Mechanics of Machinery and Engineering  Theoretical mechanics  v  2  The application of mechanics in buildings  Application of mechanics to machinery Author Julius Ludwig Weisbach
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433090898507
Release 1847
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Principles of the Mechanics of Machinery and Engineering Theoretical mechanics v 2 The application of mechanics in buildings Application of mechanics to machinery has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Principles of the Mechanics of Machinery and Engineering Theoretical mechanics v 2 The application of mechanics in buildings Application of mechanics to machinery also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Principles of the Mechanics of Machinery and Engineering Theoretical mechanics v 2 The application of mechanics in buildings Application of mechanics to machinery book for free.

Thomas Kuhn

Thomas Kuhn Author Alexander Bird
ISBN-10 9780691057101
Release 2000
Pages 308
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Thomas S. Kuhn (1922-1996) transformed the philosophy of science. His seminal 1962 work, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, sold over one million copies and was translated into more than a dozen languages. It introduced the term "paradigm shift" into the vernacular and remains a fundamental text in the study of the history and philosophy of science. This introduction to Kuhn's ideas situates The Structure of Scientific Revolutions within the development of his thought over time. Alexander Bird explains Kuhn's central distinction between normal and revolutionary science and then examines in detail the role played by the key notion of a paradigm in his account of radical scientific change. The book considers Kuhn's claim that the scientist's world changes when paradigms change and relates this thought to his views on perception, incommensurability, and meaning. The author engages with the main criticisms of Kuhn's philosophy. Examining Kuhn's thought in relation to its historical context as well as other more recent philosophies of science, Alexander Bird argues that Kuhn's thinking betrays a residual commitment to many theses characteristic of the empiricists he set out to challenge. His book concludes by looking at Kuhn's influence on the history and philosophy of science and asks where the field may be heading in the wake of Kuhn's ideas. Accessible to those with little formal philosophy training, this is an assured and engaging read for anyone interested in Kuhn's pivotal ideas.

Dangerous Danger

Dangerous Danger Author Vlera Gashi
ISBN-10 9781524650469
Release 2016-12-27
Pages 50
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From the talk of injustice to living in the clouds, Dangerous Danger is a work of poetry from the perspective of a young one. Confronting the issue of injustice to Muslims and the storytelling with the emotion of love, each poem has its own style and vibe to it. The goal is to capture a revolution of the heart through writing.

Theoretical Mechanics

Theoretical Mechanics Author Julius Ludwig Weisbach
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044092015403
Release 1875
Pages 1112
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Theoretical Mechanics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Theoretical Mechanics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Theoretical Mechanics book for free.

Virtue Ethics

Virtue Ethics Author Nafsika Athanassoulis
ISBN-10 9781441162878
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 176
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What is 'virtue'? And how can we lead moral lives? Exploring how contemporary moral philosophy has led to a revival of interest in the concepts of 'virtue', 'character' and 'flourishing', this is an accessible and critical introduction to virtue ethics. Comprising of three parts, the first part examines the work of key contemporary thinkers such as Elizabeth Anscombe and Bernard Williams in calling for a change of direction in moral philosophy and adopting a different approach to answering questions such as 'How should I live my life?'. The second part develops a detailed account of Aristotelian eudaimonistic virtue ethics, which considers the virtuous agent to be an ideal and highlights the importance of moral perception and practical wisdom. In the final part, Athanassoulis explores new challenges to virtue ethics from psychology, discusses the practical implications of educating for the virtues and finally considers the neo-Kantian response to virtue ethics. Virtue Ethics also includes chapter summaries and guides to further reading throughout to help readers explore, understand and develop a critical perspective towards this important school of contemporary ethical thought.


Teacherpreneurs Author Barnett Berry
ISBN-10 9781118540046
Release 2013-06-27
Pages 272
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We need a bold new brand of teacher leadership that will create opportunities for teachers to practice, share, and grow their knowledge and expertise. This book is about "teacherpreneurs"—highly accomplished classroom teachers who blur the lines of distinction between those who teach in schools and those who lead them. These teacherpreneurs embody the concept that teachers can teach as well as lead the transformation of teaching and learning. It’s about empowering expert teachers who can buoy the image of teaching and enforce standards among their ranks while all along making sure that their colleagues as well as education policymakers and the public know what works best for students. The book follows a small group of teacherpreneurs in their first year. We join their journey toward becoming teacher leaders whose work is not defined by administrative fiat, but by their knowledge of students and drive to influence policies that allow them and their colleagues to teach more effectively. The authors trace the teacherpreneurs' steps—and their own—in the effort to determine what it means to define and execute the concept of "teacherpreneurism" in the face of tough demands and resistant organizational structures.

How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions

How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions Author Neil
ISBN-10 9781608462650
Release 2012-07-24
Pages 840
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A historical defense of the concept of bourgeois revolution, from the sixteenth century to the twentieth.

The Microflow Cytometer

The Microflow Cytometer Author Frances S. Ligler
ISBN-10 9789814267410
Release 2010-05-31
Pages 379
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"Great book! Excellent compilation. From history of the very early days of flow cytometers to the latest unique unconventional microflow cytometers. From commercialization philosophy to cutting edge engineering designs. From fluid mechanics to optics to electronic circuit considerations. Well balanced and comprehensive." --Shuichi Takayama University of Michigan, USA.

Keeper of the Town

Keeper of the Town Author Don Cameron
ISBN-10 188602815X
Release 1996
Pages 116
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Don Cameron Who has been writing short stories all his life. (He's in his 80s now). An expert craftsman of the genre, many of these tales to Two Harbors are shaped from real life. An avid fan of Steinbeck, Every bit as insightful and descriptive as Cannery Row. Walk down "The Avenue". Feel the glory of the small town.

Play Framework Cookbook

Play Framework Cookbook Author Alexander Reelsen
ISBN-10 9781849515535
Release 2011-08-08
Pages 292
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Over 60 incredibly effective recipes to take you under the hood and leverage advanced concepts of the Play framework.

Private Neighborhoods and the Transformation of Local Government

Private Neighborhoods and the Transformation of Local Government Author Robert Henry Nelson
ISBN-10 0877667519
Release 2005
Pages 469
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In recent years, private neighborhood associations ("community associations") have become an important part of local government. From 1980 to 2000, half the new housing in the United States was built in a development project governed by a neighborhood association. More than 50 million Americans now live in these associations. In Private Neighborhoods and the Transformation of Local Government, Robert Nelson reviews the history of neighborhood associations, explains the reasons for their recent explosive growth, and speculates on their future role in American society. The book examines the political and economic consequences of this basic change in the manner of American governance at the local level. Unlike many previous studies, Nelson takes on the whole a positive view. Neighborhood associations are providing controls over the neighborhood environment desired by the residents, providing high quality common services, and helping to promote a stronger sense of neighborhood community. Yet, significant operating problems are being experienced in many associations. Private Neighborhoods and the Transformation of Local Government proposes a set of new options for improving the future governance of neighborhood associations. This book provides the most comprehensive report to date on the rise of the neighborhood association as a significant new governing institution in American life.

A Guide to Oral History and the Law

A Guide to Oral History and the Law Author John A. Neuenschwander
ISBN-10 9780199342518
Release 2014
Pages 149
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La 4e de couverture indique : "A guide to oral history and the law is the definitive resource for all practitioners of oral history. In clear, accessible language, it thoroughly explains the major legal issues that oral historians face, including legal release agreements, copyright, privacy, and the role of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), and offers helpful suggestions on how to put sound legal procedures in place. The second edition analyzes relevant new court cases and reflects the impact of digital technology on oral history and the law. It also provides a more detailed discussion of both the ethical and legal obligations to fully inform narrators about the limits of protection for sealed and restrited interviews. This essential volume will be used by professionnals, family historians, and students alike."

A Tender Tomorrow

A Tender Tomorrow Author Carole King
ISBN-10 9780759524590
Release 2001-06-15
Pages 300
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In the elegant isolation of a Victorian mansion in Cape May, New Jersey, Autumn Thackeray, the once proud heiress of a once proud family, learns that she is "ill-suited to service." Her family's fortune diminished, she has taken a position as a companion to the mother of Cain Byron, a complex and ungracious young gentleman who is accustomed to giving orders and expecting them to obeyed without question, especially by the women of his household. His temper is infamous, and his domineering and masterful ways dictated by his upbringing and his social status. But Autumn has been reared by open-minded and generous parents; she will not be intimidated by Cain's tyrannical manner. And she will not be seduced by his attraction to her. She will be no man's "light o' love."