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A Sociolinguistic History of Early Identities in Singapore

A Sociolinguistic History of Early Identities in Singapore Author Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew
ISBN-10 9781137012340
Release 2012-11-29
Pages 245
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What role does race, geography, religion, orthography and nationalism play in the crafting of identities? What are the origins of Singlish? This book offers a thorough investigation of old and new identities in Asia's most global city, examined through the lens of language.

Taming Babel

Taming Babel Author Rachel Leow
ISBN-10 9781316668542
Release 2016-07-14
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Taming Babel sheds new light on the role of language in the making of modern postcolonial Asian nations. Focusing on one of the most linguistically diverse territories in the British Empire, Rachel Leow explores the profound anxieties generated by a century of struggles to govern the polyglot subjects of British Malaya and postcolonial Malaysia. The book ranges across a series of key moments in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in which British and Asian actors wrought quiet battles in the realm of language: in textbooks and language classrooms; in dictionaries, grammars and orthographies; in propaganda and psychological warfare; and in the very planning of language itself. Every attempt to tame Chinese and Malay languages resulted in failures of translation, competence, and governance, exposing both the deep fragility of a monoglot state in polyglot milieux, and the essential untameable nature of languages in motion.

The Routledge Handbook of Migration and Language

The Routledge Handbook of Migration and Language Author Suresh Canagarajah
ISBN-10 9781317624349
Release 2017-02-03
Pages 590
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The Routledge Handbook of Migration and Language is the first comprehensive survey of this area, exploring language and human mobility in today’s globalised world. This key reference brings together a range of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives, drawing on subjects such as migration studies, geography, philosophy, sociology and anthropology. Featuring over 30 chapters written by leading experts from around the world, this book: Examines how basic constructs such as community, place, language, diversity, identity, nation-state, and social stratification are being retheorized in the context of human mobility; Analyses the impact of the ‘mobility turn’ on language use, including the parallel ‘multilingual turn’ and translanguaging; Discusses the migration of skilled and unskilled workers, different forms of displacement, and new superdiverse and diaspora communities; Explores new research orientations and methodologies, such as mobile and participatory research, multi-sited ethnography, and the mixing of research methods; Investigates the place of language in citizenship, educational policies, employment and social services. The Routledge Handbook of Migration and Language is essential reading for those with an interest in migration studies, language policy, sociolinguistic research and development studies.

Un intended language planning in a globalising world Mutliple levels of players at work

Un intended  language planning in a globalising world  Mutliple levels of players at work Author Phyllis Chew Ghim Lian
ISBN-10 9783110518450
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Un intended language planning in a globalising world Mutliple levels of players at work has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Un intended language planning in a globalising world Mutliple levels of players at work also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Un intended language planning in a globalising world Mutliple levels of players at work book for free.

Religious Pluralism State and Society in Asia

Religious Pluralism  State and Society in Asia Author Chiara Formichi
ISBN-10 9781134575350
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 280
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Taking a critical approach to the concept of ‘religious pluralism’, this book examines the dynamics of religious co-existence in Asia as they are directly addressed by governments, or indirectly managed by groups and individuals. It looks at the quality of relations that emerge in encounters among people of different religious traditions or among people who hold different visions within the same tradition. Chapters focus in particular on the places of everyday religious diversity in Asian societies in order to explore how religious groups have confronted new situations of religious diversity. The book goes on to explore the conditions under which active religious pluralism emerges (or not) from material contexts of diversity.

The Sovereign Colony

The Sovereign Colony Author Antonio Sotomayor
ISBN-10 9780803278813
Release 2016-02
Pages 330
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"An examination of the development of the Olympic movement in Puerto Rico in the context of national and political identity"--

Language and Mobility

Language and Mobility Author Alastair Pennycook
ISBN-10 9781847697639
Release 2012
Pages 190
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This book looks at language in unexpected places. Through a series of personal and narrative accounts, it explores aspects of travel, mobility and locality to ask how languages, cultures and people turn up in unexpected places. What renders the unexpected so and how might we challenge our lines of expectation?

Colonial Documentary Film in South and South East Asia

Colonial Documentary Film in South and South East Asia Author Ian Aitken
ISBN-10 9781474407229
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 256
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Based on rare archival documents and films, this anthology is the first to focus primarily on the use of official and colonial documentary films in the South and South-East Asian regions. Drawing together a range of international scholars, the book sheds new light on historical, theoretical and empirical issues pertaining to the documentary film, in order to better comprehend the significant transformations of the form in the colonial, late colonial and immediate post-colonial period. Covering diverse geographical and colonial contexts in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong, and focusing on under-researched or little-known films, it demonstrate the complex set of relations between the colonisers and the colonised throughout the region.

Schooling Diaspora

Schooling Diaspora Author Karen M. Teoh
ISBN-10 9780190495619
Release 2018
Pages 240
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"Schooling Diaspora relates the previously untold story of twentieth-century female education and Chinese students living overseas in British Malaya and Singapore. Traversing more than a century of British imperialism, Chinese migration, and Southeast Asian nationalism, this book explores the pioneering English- and Chinese-language girls' schools in which these women studied and worked, drawing on school records, missionary annals, colonial reports, periodicals, and oral interviews. The history of educated overseas Chinese girls and women reveals the surprising reach of transnational female affiliations and activities in an age commonly assumed to be male dominated. These women created and joined networks in schools, workplaces, associations, and politics. They influenced notions of labor and social relations in Asian and European societies. They were at the center of political debates over language and ethnicity, and were vital actors in struggles over twentieth-century national belonging. Their education empowered them to defy certain socio-cultural conventions, in ways that school founders and political authorities did not anticipate. At the same time, they contended with an elite male discourse that perpetuated patriarchal views of gender, culture, and nation. Even as their schooling propelled them into a cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic public space, Chinese girls and women in diaspora often had to take sides as Malayan and Singaporean society became polarized-sometimes falsely-into mutually exclusive groups of British loyalists, pro-China nationalists, and Southeast Asian citizens. They negotiated these constraints to build unique identities, ultimately contributing to the development of a new figure: the educated transnational Chinese woman"--

Language and Minority Rights

Language and Minority Rights Author Stephen May
ISBN-10 9781136837067
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 448
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The second edition addresses new theoretical and empirical developments since its initial publication, including the burgeoning influence of globalization and the relentless rise of English as the current world language. May’s broad position, however, remains largely unchanged. He argues that the causes of many of the language-based conflicts in the world today still lie with the nation-state and its preoccupation with establishing a 'common' language and culture via mass education. The solution, he suggests, is to rethink nation-states in more culturally and linguistically plural ways while avoiding, at the same time, essentializing the language-identity link. This edition, like the first, adopts a wide interdisciplinary framework, drawing on sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, sociology, political theory, education and law. It also includes new discussions of cosmopolitanism, globalization, the role of English, and language and mobility, highlighting the ongoing difficulties faced by minority language speakers in the world today.

English as a Global Language

English as a Global Language Author David Crystal
ISBN-10 9781107611801
Release 2012-03-29
Pages 212
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David Crystal's classic English as a Global Language considers the history, present status and future of the English language, focusing on its role as the leading international language. English has been deemed the most 'successful' language ever, with 1500 million speakers internationally, presenting a difficult task to those who wish to investigate it in its entirety. However, Crystal explores the subject in a measured but engaging way, always backing up observations with facts and figures. Written in a detailed and fascinating manner, this is a book written by an expert both for specialists in the subject and for general readers interested in the English language.

English Medium Instruction in Higher Education in Asia Pacific

English Medium Instruction in Higher Education in Asia Pacific Author Ben Fenton-Smith
ISBN-10 9783319519760
Release 2017-04-24
Pages 320
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This volume draws together the viewpoints and research findings of leading scholars and informed local practitioner-researchers throughout Asia-Pacific about the issues and challenges of English as a medium of instruction (EMI) at higher education institutions in that region. Specifically, it addresses four key themes: Macro-level EMI policy and practice; institutional implications for pedagogy; stakeholder perceptions of EMI; and challenges of interpersonal interaction in EMI contexts. The book is among the first to critically examine the emerging global phenomenon of English as a medium of instruction, and the first title to exclusively explore Asia-Pacific tertiary contexts. It will be of particular interest to policy-makers in international education and tertiary educators seeking blueprints for practice, as well as scholars and postgraduate students of English as a lingua franca, English for academic purposes, academic language and learning, and language education in Asia-Pacific.

Islamic Nationhood and Colonial Indonesia

Islamic Nationhood and Colonial Indonesia Author Michael Francis Laffan
ISBN-10 9781134430819
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 320
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Drawing on previously unavailable archival material, this book argues that Indonesian nationalism rested on Islamic ecumenism heightened by colonial rule and the pilgrimage. The award winning author Laffan contrasts the latter experience with life in Cairo, where some Southeast Asians were drawn to both reformism and nationalism. After demonstrating the close linkage between Cairene ideology and Indonesian nationalism, Laffan shows how developments in the Middle East continued to play a role in shaping Islamic politics in colonial Indonesia.

Language and Identity in Modern Egypt

Language and Identity in Modern Egypt Author Reem Bassiouney
ISBN-10 9780748689668
Release 2015-01-27
Pages 320
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Focussing on nationalist discourse before, during and after the revolution of 2011, Reem Bassiouney explores the two-way relationship between language in Egyptian public discourse and Egyptian identity. Her sources include newspaper articles, caricatures,

Language and Identity

Language and Identity Author J. Joseph
ISBN-10 9780230503427
Release 2004-05-28
Pages 268
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Offering a uniquely broad-based overview of the role of language choice in the construction of national, ethnic and religious identity, this textbook examines a wide range of specific cases from various parts of the world in order to arrive at some general principles concerning the links between language and identity. It will benefit students and researchers in a wide range of fields where identity is an important issue and who currently lack a single source to turn to for an overview of sociolinguistics.

The Austronesian Languages of Asia and Madagascar

The Austronesian Languages of Asia and Madagascar Author K Alexander Adelaar
ISBN-10 9781136755095
Release 2013-03-07
Pages 864
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Some 800 Austronesian languages are spoken in the area extending from Madagascar to eastern Indonesia and to the north to Taiwan and the Philippines. They vary greatly in almost every possible respect, including the size and social make-up of the speech communities and their typological profiles. This book is designed to serve as a reference work and in-depth introduction to these languages, providing a source of basic information for linguists and other professionals concerned with this area. It highlights the cultural and linguistic diversity of this group of languages while at the same time keeping track of their common heritage. Five introductory articles on linguistic history, language politics, language endangerment, ritual speech and special registers, and major typological features have the entire area in their scope and provide a balanced and up-to-date discussion of the major issues. The core of the volume consists of grammatical sketches of twenty languages plus three chapters dealing with different aspects of Malay (Old Malay, Malayic varieties and Colloquial Indonesian), representing a good cross-section of the linguistic diversity found in the area.

The Oxford Handbook of Christianity in Asia

The Oxford Handbook of Christianity in Asia Author Felix Wilfred
ISBN-10 9780199329069
Release 2014
Pages 657
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This Handbook explores the world of Asian Christianity and its manifold expressions, including worship, theology, spirituality, inter-religious relations, interventions in society, and mission. The volume's contributors' deconstruct many of the widespread misconceptions and interpretations of Christianity in Asia. The essays analyze how the spread of Christianity in Asia is linked with the socio-political and cultural processes of colonization, decolonization, modernization, democratization, identity construction of social groups, and various social movements. With a particular focus on inter-religious encounters and the theological and spiritual paradigms emerging in the continent, the volume provides alternative frames for understanding the phenomenon of conversion and shows how the scriptures of other religious traditions are used in the practice of Christianity in Asia. The Oxford Handbook of Christianity in Asia draws insightful conclusions on the historical, contemporary, and future trajectory of its subject by combining the contributions of scholars in a wide variety of disciplines, including theology, sociology, history, political science, and cultural studies.