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A Train Near Magdeburg

A Train Near Magdeburg Author Matthew Rozell
ISBN-10 0996480021
Release 2016-08-15
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A Train Near Magdeburg has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Train Near Magdeburg also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Train Near Magdeburg book for free.

I Carried Them with Me

I Carried Them with Me Author Sara Lumer
ISBN-10 069280577X
Release 2016-12-08
Pages 190
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Sara Lumer was born in Sekernice, Czechoslovakia in 1927. When she was 16 years old her parents sent her to Budapest, Hungary, where her two older brothers were already living. They felt she would be safer there. But in March of 1944 Germany invaded Hungary and began to round up all the Jews. Sara was sent to two different labor camps and endured two long death marches. She is a Holocaust Survivor.

Hidden Children

Hidden Children Author Jane Marks
ISBN-10 9780804181464
Release 2015-06-17
Pages 336
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They hid wherever they could for as long as it took the Allies to win the war -- Jewish children, frightened, alone, often separated from their families. For months, even years, they faced the constant danger of discovery, fabricating new identities at a young age, sacrificing their childhoods to save their lives. These secret survivors have suppressed these painful memories for decades. Now, in The Hidden Children, twenty-three adult survivors share their moving wartime experiences -- some for the first time. There is Rosa, who hid in an impoverished one-room farmhouse with three others, sleeping on a clay pallet behind a stove; Renee, who posed as a Catholic and was kept in a convent by nuns who knew her secret; and Richard, who lived in a closet with his family for thirteen months. Their personal stories of belief and determination give a voice, at last, to the forgotten. Inspiring and life-affirming, The Hidden Children is an unparalleled document of witness, discovery, and the miracle of human courage.

Essentials of Holocaust Education

Essentials of Holocaust Education Author Samuel Totten
ISBN-10 9781317648079
Release 2016-03-17
Pages 246
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Essentials of Holocaust Education: Fundamental Issues and Approaches is a comprehensive guide for pre- and in-service educators preparing to teach about this watershed event in human history. An original collection of essays by Holocaust scholars, teacher educators, and classroom teachers, it covers a full range of issues relating to Holocaust education, with the goal of helping teachers to help students gain a deep and thorough understanding of why and how the Holocaust was perpetrated. Both conceptual and pragmatic, it delineates key rationales for teaching the Holocaust, provides useful historical background information for teachers, and offers a wide array of practical approaches for teaching about the Holocaust. Various chapters address teaching with film and literature, incorporating the use of primary accounts into a study of the Holocaust, using technology to teach the Holocaust, and gearing the content and instructional approaches and strategies to age-appropriate audiences. A ground-breaking and highly original book, Essentials of Holocaust Education will help teachers engage students in a study of the Holocaust that is compelling, thought-provoking, and reflective

Behind the Fireplace

Behind the Fireplace Author Andrew Scott
ISBN-10 1523356995
Release 2016-01-25
Pages 296
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As World War 2 progressed, the Okma family took six Jewish refugees into their house, hiding them in a secret room behind their fireplace. The youngest daughter, Kieks, joined the Resistance, delivering illegal newspapers, guiding British parachutists around The Hague and preparing safe houses for members of the Special Forces who were dropped in from England. As the War continued, she fell in love with a Resistance commander, and worked with him to rescue wounded colleagues, steal weapons from German arms dumps and move weapons around the country. They had a tumultuous parting and she continued her work, acting as a courier with a two hundred km bike ride to the north of Holland. When she returned home, she appreciated how much the war had changed her and her boyfriend, and prepared to try a reconciliation. She escaped a firing squad four times, and survived the war, mentally scarred by her experiences. She sought help, but the help she was offered came in a poisoned chalice, and she kept her secret to herself for almost fifty years. Her family in Holland was recognised by Yad Vashem, the Israeli organisation that records those who saved Jews from the Holocaust, and she was awarded a pension for her work in the Resistance by the Dutch foundation Stichting 1940-1945. It was only when these organisations acknowledged the truth of her claims that she had the confidence to tell her family of the events from long ago.

Issues in Holocaust Education

Issues in Holocaust Education Author Geoffrey Short
ISBN-10 9781351925877
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 166
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This original contribution to understanding the nature of Holocaust education in schools tackles an issue that has gained significant interest over the past decade, and is of increasing relevance due to a growing intolerance across Europe and elsewhere. The authors examine a range of issues including the need for Holocaust education, the factors that facilitate or inhibit its evolution, and the indifferent response of the antiracist movement to the attempted annihilation of European Jewry. The empirical content sheds light on the attitudes and practices of teachers and on the prospects of drawing on the Holocaust to further the goal of participatory democracy. The themes and illustrative research are discussed in the context of developments in two locations, the United Kingdom and Canada, and the findings will be germane to an international audience. The volume will prove invaluable to academics and policy makers concerned with social policy, sociology, education and history, as well as to teachers of the Holocaust.

Thanks to My Mother

Thanks to My Mother Author Schoschana Rabinovici
ISBN-10 9781101142547
Release 2000-03-01
Pages 256
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Susie Weksler was only eight when Hitler's forces invaded her Lithuanian city of Vilnius. Over the next few years, she endured starvation, brutality, and forced labor in three concentration camps. With courage and ingenuity, Susie's mother helped her to survive--by disguising her as an adult to fool the camp guards, finding food to add to their scarce rations, and giving her the will to endure. This harrowing memoir portrays the best and worst of humanity in heartbreaking scenes you will never forget. Winner of the Mildred L. Batchelder Award An ALA Notable Book An NCSS-CBC Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies

The Last Train

The Last Train Author Rona Arato
ISBN-10 1926973623
Release 2013
Pages 142
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In a story based on the life of the author's husband, little Paul and his family, Hungarian Jews, are sent to Bergen-Belsen, survive many hardships, are put on a train to nowhere, and rescued by American soldiers.

Eyewitness Accounts of the Thirty Years War 1618 48

Eyewitness Accounts of the Thirty Years War 1618 48 Author G. Mortimer
ISBN-10 9780230512214
Release 2002-04-19
Pages 214
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The Thirty Years War - the first great pan-European war, and until the twentieth century the most terrible - ravaged Germany, but myth, propaganda and historical controversy have obscured its true nature. Another perspective is provided by the private diaries, memoirs and chronicles of soldiers and citizens who recorded their own experiences. War at the individual level is discussed and described using these sources, which are extensively quoted in their own words.

The Strange Ways of Providence in My Life

The Strange Ways of Providence in My Life Author Krystyna Carmi
ISBN-10 9657724147
Release 2017-09-10
Pages 226
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Krystyna Carmi describes the background of the unique events from the life of the Jewish Community in Obertyn, Ukrine, before and during the Second World War as seen through the eyes of a little girl. She is the only child survivor from all the Jewish children of Obertyn.

People in Auschwitz

People in Auschwitz Author Hermann Langbein
ISBN-10 9780807863633
Release 2005-12-15
Pages 568
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Hermann Langbein was allowed to know and see extraordinary things forbidden to other Auschwitz inmates. Interned at Auschwitz in 1942 and classified as a non-Jewish political prisoner, he was assigned as clerk to the chief SS physician of the extermination camp complex, which gave him access to documents, conversations, and actions that would have remained unknown to history were it not for his witness and his subsequent research. Also a member of the Auschwitz resistance, Langbein sometimes found himself in a position to influence events, though at his peril. People in Auschwitz is very different from other works on the most infamous of Nazi annihilation centers. Langbein's account is a scrupulously scholarly achievement intertwining his own experiences with quotations from other inmates, SS guards and administrators, civilian industry and military personnel, and official documents. Whether his recounting deals with captors or inmates, Langbein analyzes the events and their context objectively, in an unemotional style, rendering a narrative that is unique in the history of the Holocaust. This monumental book helps us comprehend what has so tenaciously challenged understanding.

Survivors 62511 70726

Survivors  62511  70726 Author Nico A. Van Thyn
ISBN-10 153698308X
Release 2016-10-13
Pages 222
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They did not know each other before World War II, although they were from the same neighborhood in Amsterdam. Rose and Louis Van Thyn each endured Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps, were the only surviving members of their original families, lost their first spouses, and met and married after the war in Amsterdam. This is their story of survival, and a new life in the United States.

Bruce Catton s America

Bruce Catton s America Author Bruce Catton
ISBN-10 9781640190153
Release 2017-02-08
Pages 435
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No one has ever told America's story with more grace, clarity, and emotional power than Pulitzer Prize winner Bruce Catton. In his books, ranging from the celebrated Civil War trilogies to the account of his boyhood in back-country Michigan, Catton brought the people of the past to such vivid life that he became the nation's best-loved and most widely read historian. Bruce Catton's friend and associate for many years, Oliver Jensen, has assembled this volume of selections of Catton's works - as a memorial to the man and a tribute to the historian. The excerpts chosen for Bruce Catton's America include portions of A Stillness at Appomattox, which won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award; The American Heritage History of the Civil War, awarded a special Pulitzer Prize Citation; and representative selections from many other books and articles. The book also includes several previously unpublished pieces. Bruce Catton helped to create American Heritage magazine in 1954 and continued to influence it for the next twenty-four years - first as editor, then as senior editor and a frequent contributor. He spent much of his adult life as a newspaperman in the Midwest and Washington, D.C., and became a historian "by logical extension." Although best known as the greatest writer on the Civil War, he had wide-ranging interests. To those who are familiar with Bruce Catton's work, these selections will appear as old friends whose company never fails to provide enjoyment, stimulation, and a deep sense of worth. For those who have not yet read him, Bruce Catton's America will be an introduction to historical writing at its best.

My Germany

My Germany Author Lev Raphael
ISBN-10 0299231534
Release 2009-04-07
Pages 224
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Haunted by his parents’ horrific suffering and traumatic losses under Nazi rule, Lev Raphael grew up loathing everything German. Those feelings shaped his Jewish identity, his life, and his career. While researching his mother’s war years after her death, he discovers a distant relative living in the very city where she had worked in a slave labor camp, found freedom, and met his father. Soon after, Raphael is launched on book tours in Germany and, in the process, redefines himself as someone unafraid to face the past and let it go. Bookmarks, “Top Ten Nonfiction Titles of 2009”

Hand in Hand with Tommy

Hand in Hand with Tommy Author Hilde Huppert
ISBN-10 9652293253
Release 2004
Pages 198
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Hilde Hupperts Hand in Hand with Tommy is one of the earliest factual accounts of the Holocaust, written as early as autumn 1945. Huppert describes with piercing objectivity her harrowing experiences as a mother with her little son in prison, in the Rzeszow Ghetto, and in the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Hand in Hand with Tommy is a riveting and moving description of suffering, struggle and miraculous salvation. Twenty editions of the book have been published, in German, Czech, Dutch, Hebrew and Arabic. The reader response has been one of universal acclaim.In A Toast for Bertha, Shmuel Thomas Huppert, Hilde Hupperts son, describes his return to his home town in Czechoslovakia, some fifty years after the end of World War II. A Toast for Bertha is a semi-fictional novella that recounts the conflicting emotions of this encounter. Together with his wife, Tommy arrives there shortly after Vaclav Havels Velvet Revolution to find himself a total stranger. His intriguing voyage, told with a mixture of vague memory, vivid imagination and subtle humor, is a severance of the umbilical cord, which once tied him to his childhood, and brings the author closer to his second home, Jerusalem. Shmuel Thomas Huppert's story is both heart-rending and honest, told with sensitive maturity and realism. A Toast for Bertha has been published in Hebrew and German.Fifty years after they survived the Holocaust, mother and son together hand in hand finally approach their English-speaking audience.

Beyond The Last Path Illustrated Edition

Beyond The Last Path  Illustrated Edition Author Eugene Weinstock
ISBN-10 9781786251800
Release 2015-11-06
Pages 396
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Includes 204 photos, plans and maps illustrating The Holocaust This is the story of No. 22483, who had been shipped from Belgium to Buchenwald. This is an account of what No. 22483 saw and felt during his calvary from Antwerp to the Malin distribution camp in France and from there to the extermination camp of Buchenwald. To say that this book contains the scenes of a twentieth-century Inferno may sound commonplace. Yet, every page of this book reminds one of Dante’s Inferno, with one exception: the Inferno the author writes about consumed the lives not of the sinful whom divine justice cast into the immortality of suffering. This Inferno was thronged by millions, many of whom were babies and little children, mothers and young women who had hoped to become mothers. It was thronged with people who deserved their fates because they were men in the sense that God meant them to be. They were in Inferno because they were strong men and brave, the real heroes of our days. They were doomed because the Nazi super-race set up a different scale of values which regarded heroism as the greatest of sins and considered depravity the greatest of virtues. Reading this book one feels that the titanic Dante himself would have been staggered by the demented criminality the judges of the just displayed. This is the story of No. 22483 of Buchenwald, one of the millions who were doomed and one of the few who escaped. Throughout, the writing is poignant, vibrant with humanity, a cry “de profundis” and a vow that it must never happen again. This book should be long remembered.

The Dead Years

The Dead Years Author Joseph Schupack
ISBN-10 UOM:39015013412849
Release 1986
Pages 200
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The Dead Years has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Dead Years also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Dead Years book for free.