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A Very Maverick Christmas

A Very Maverick Christmas Author Rachel Lee
ISBN-10 9780373658565
Release 2014-11-18
Pages 224
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"Category: Home and family"--Page 4 of cover.

Marrying Dr Maverick

Marrying Dr  Maverick Author Karen Rose Smith
ISBN-10 9781460319932
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 224
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Hitched for love—or business? Find out as Karen Rose Smith returns to Rust Creek Falls in the latest installment of the Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys! Rust Creek Ramblings It seems as if all we've been hearing about these days in Rust Creek Falls is folks falling in love and getting engaged. But this latest one tops them all. Dr. Brooks Smith, our favorite veterinarian, the most confirmed bachelor in all of Montana, is taking himself a bride! The fact that he has chosen Jasmine "Jazzy" Cates, his new assistant, a visitor from Thunder Canyon, is only fueling speculation. Rumors are this "love match" is really just a business proposition, but sweet Jazzy may have something more in mind. Can she turn her convenient husband's wedding fever into a lifelong condition?

The Maverick the Manhattanite

The Maverick   the Manhattanite Author Leanne Banks
ISBN-10 9780373657636
Release 2013-08-20
Pages 224
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Ever since volunteer coordinator Lissa Roarke rolled into town with her fancy luggage and metropolitan attitude, Sheriff Gage Christensen has been fit to be tied.

The Maverick s Thanksgiving Baby Mills Boon Cherish Montana Mavericks 20 Years in the Saddle Book 6

The Maverick s Thanksgiving Baby  Mills   Boon Cherish   Montana Mavericks  20 Years in the Saddle   Book 6 Author Brenda Harlen
ISBN-10 9781472048769
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 416
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It’s a mystery why cowboy Jesse Crawford is marrying Hollywood lawyer Maggie – they couldn’t be more different! But when Maggie reveals a brand-new baby bump, it looks like Jesse might find a bride and a baby under his Christmas tree!

Maverick for Hire

Maverick for Hire Author Leanne Banks
ISBN-10 9780373658350
Release 2014-08-19
Pages 218
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A MAVERICK MAKEOVER RUST CREEK RAMBLINGS Nick Pritchett, that hunky blond carpenter from Thunder Canyon, has been doing his share to put the town back together after the Great Flood. He's great with a hammer and popular with the ladies. Maybe a bit too popular, if you ask his best bud, Cecelia Clifton! Cecelia's come to town looking for L.O.V.E., but according to Nick, she's been going about it all wrong. He's convinced he can help Cecelia meet her match if she follows his instructions to a T. Trouble is, the only man he finds good enough for his childhood pal is…himself! Dear reader, I always knew romance was brewing underneath their outward bickering. The question is, can Nick convince sexy Cecelia 2.0 that he's the best man for her?

From Maverick to Daddy

From Maverick to Daddy Author Teresa Southwick
ISBN-10 9780373658299
Release 2014-07-15
Pages 217
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MONTANA'S LITTLEST MATCHMAKER RUST CREEK RAMBLINGS Have you met eight-year-old Lily? The fast-talking street-smart New Yorker has charmed everyone here in Rust Creek Falls. She has even managed to win over Caleb Dalton, our curmudgeonly cowboy who usually avoids all things family related. Or could it be that Caleb's real interest lies in Lily's adoptive mom, Mallory Franklin? It's hard to believe our eternal bachelor would consider getting involved with someone who has a child. It's even harder to fathom that spunky Mallory would date a man whose only documented commitment is to playing the field. But Lily insists the two are the perfect couple, and who are we to argue? Stay tuned, dear readers, and see if Lily can lead them down the bridal path!

The Last Chance Maverick

The Last Chance Maverick Author Christyne Butler
ISBN-10 9780373658435
Release 2014-09-16
Pages 224
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THE ART OF FALLING IN LOVE RUST CREEK RAMBLINGS Fellow Ramblers, have you heard that Jonah Dalton is back in town? The sexy, citified architect hasn't been seen round these parts since…well, we won't get into all that. Let's just say love has not been kind to our Jonah. But our sources whisper he's recently been painting the town red with spirited artist Vanessa Brent. She's been methodically working her way through her bucket list—and taking Jonah along for the ride. You'd never guess that Vanessa's lust for life is masking her own heartbreaking secret. Can our hardworking maverick be the one to finally make her whole? Readers, we will let you draw your own conclusions—but we think this romance is a masterpiece in the making!

Real Vintage Maverick

Real Vintage Maverick Author Marie Ferrarella
ISBN-10 9781459238213
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 224
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Thunder Canyon Nugget Found: One genuine cowboy, in need of a cowgirl! Folks in Thunder Canyon all remember the broad-shouldered, blond cowpoke with the green eyes and somber expression. We haven't seen Cody Overton smile much in the years since he lost his wife. But there's been a strange discovery inside Catherine Clifton's new secondhand boutique, Real Vintage Cowboy. Rumor has it that the eldest Clifton sister has found Cody Overton's heart! Is it true that cutie Catherine has put the spring back in Cody's boot-scootin' step? Stay tuned, smart shoppers, and find out whether Catherine and Cody can seal the deal—and what other surprises the sassy shopkeeper might have in store!

The Hard to Get Cowboy

The Hard to Get Cowboy Author Crystal Green
ISBN-10 9780373656264
Release 2011-09-20
Pages 224
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"The marriage proposals are flying and Laila Cates is saying "I won't" to every eligible cowboy from Montana to Texas. The independent beauty has sworn off romance. But we hear she's been changing her tune ever since the new man in town set his sights on her. Settling down is the last thing on Jackson Traub's mind. The oilman-turned-rancher is here to take care of family business, but the minute he sees Laila, he knows she's got to be his. And soon, the sparks between them have the whole town ablaze. Maybe the good-time cowboy and Thunder Canyon's most eligible bachelorette are having second thoughts about this whole happily-ever-after business."--p. [4] of cover.

The Maverick s Ready Made Family

The Maverick s Ready Made Family Author Brenda Harlen
ISBN-10 9780373656974
Release 2012-09-18
Pages 224
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Thunder Canyon Nugget Invasion of the Baby Mavericks! What could be more of a handful than a babbling, bouncing baby? How abouttwo?Sexy single dad Clayton Traub already has a full plate with adorable six-month-old Bennett. But now tipsters tell us Clay's got a new main squeeze in Antonia Wright. Yes,thatAntonia—feisty, independent and eight months pregnant! Antonia knows better than to fall for a wrangler bunking at her boardinghouse—particularlyin her condition. But how can she resist Clay's magnetism when he's living so close? Never underestimate the power of a Traub, big or small. Stay tuned, rough riders, and see if the cowboy daddy can lasso Toni's heart!

The Boss s Christmas Proposal

The Boss s Christmas Proposal Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781426825255
Release 2008-12-01
Pages 224
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Greg Sherman was determined to make the newest addition to the Taka-Hanson hotel empire a resounding success. Then the hardworking manager met the newest addition to his team: Kimiko Taka, the boss's daughter. She was gorgeous, free-spirited…and strictly off-limits. When Kimi decided to learn the family business from the ground up, the hotel heiress didn't realize her new job came with an irresistible boss! Greg might have decided that business and pleasure don't mix, but Kimi had already made up her mind about the gift she wanted this special holiday season: a proposal from the man she loved!

The Bride and the Bargain

The Bride and the Bargain Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781426812484
Release 2008-02-01
Pages 224
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If the running shoe fits… As head of his family's Seattle-based software empire, workaholic Grayson Hunt was married to the job. Then Dear Old Dad issued Gray and his brothers an ultimatum—find brides, fast, or lose their fortunes. Gray was at wit's end—until he literally ran into the perfect candidate on his favorite jogging path. But did humble school librarian Amelia White have a hidden agenda? This cinderella will wear it! Amelia was going to teach this billionaire-in-training that his actions had consequences—and make him pay for what he had done to her sister. But when she signed up for this marriage of convenience, she didn't know she was signing away her heart in the bargain. Could she stick to her plan the more she fell for the man?

A Texas Rescue Christmas

A Texas Rescue Christmas Author Caro Carson
ISBN-10 9780373658589
Release 2014-11-18
Pages 224
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"Category: Home and family"--Page 4 of cover.

Puppy Love in Thunder Canyon

Puppy Love in Thunder Canyon Author Christyne Butler
ISBN-10 9780373656851
Release 2012-07-24
Pages 224
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Tongues are wagging all over town that bubbly, quirky pet therapist Annabel Cates has been spotted keeping company with Dr. Thomas North. Yes,thatDr. North—the ever-serious, oh-so-gorgeous and utterly unattainable orthopedic surgeon who has dashed the hopes of so many Thunder Canyon cowgirls. Will Annabel really be able to domesticate the medical maverick? Folks round these parts can't understand how two such emotionally opposite people even got together. (We give the credit to an unlikely matchmaker with four paws and a winning smile!) Stay tuned, faithful friends, and find out if sexy Dr. North can stay immune to this adorable Cates sister and her irresistible pup!

Fortune s Secret Heir

Fortune s Secret Heir Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9780373659319
Release 2015-12-15
Pages 224
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"Category: Home and family"--Page 4 of cover.

Marriage Maverick Style

Marriage  Maverick Style Author Christine Rimmer
ISBN-10 9781488002526
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 224
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THE MAVERICK MEETS HER MATCH RUST CREEK RAMBLINGS As summer arrives in Rust Creek Falls, the town is bursting with babies…and the Gazette is bursting with news. Did you hear there's a new billionaire in town? President and CEO of Drake Distilleries and Drake Hospitality, Carson Drake is no one's baby daddy…at least, not yet. But the handsome, delicious Los Angeleno has his eye on our own Tessa Strickland, and things are about to get very interesting… Sweet, serious Tessa has had firsthand experience with heartbreak and is determined to avoid a second go-round. But after one unexpected night in Carson's sheltering arms, she begins to waver. Dear readers, that's only the beginning of the surprises. Saddle up and find out what happens when two commitment-phobes discover that love is life's richest reward!


Stay   Author Allison Leigh
ISBN-10 9781459281547
Release 2011-10-17
Pages 256
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WELCOME HOME, STRANGER After ten long years Jefferson Clay was back. But now he was a different man. Leaner. Mysterious. Pained. Something else had changed, too. The pint-sized tomboy who'd tagged along after him at his family's ranch had matured into a beautiful woman… Emily Nichols had been hopelessly in love with Jefferson ever since she could remember. And now this gorgeous, enigmatic man was sending her heart further into a tailspin, awakening her woman's passion as no other man could. but would Emily's love be enough to bring Jefferson's deepest, darkest secrets into the light and convince her wounded hero to stay…with her…forever?