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A Z of Public Health

A Z of Public Health Author Glenn Laverack
ISBN-10 9781137426185
Release 2014-12-12
Pages 248
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This book provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to the many definitions, theories and approaches in public health. It is an important book for students and practitioners who are interested in public health, and for those who are keen to improve it.

A Z of Health Promotion

A Z of Health Promotion Author Glenn Laverack
ISBN-10 9781137350503
Release 2013-11-28
Pages 224
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If you are looking for the definitive short guide to the theory and practice of health promotion, then you need look no further. Written by a leading international expert, this concise text offers, for the first time, a comprehensive explanation of key concepts, terms and definitions used in health promotion. Glenn Laverack explains over 70 key concepts and many other guiding principles, theoretical models and approaches that frame health promotion. He also explains the many tools and strategies that enable practitioners to work more effectively. This handy sourcebook has been written by the author in a typically accessible style that will provide readers with a superb overview of the subject. Numerous cross-references signpost the connections between different ideas, allowing you to explore conceptual relationships and linked approaches in an order that suits the reader. Whether you are studying, training or are already working, this book will be an indispensable source of information, evidence and analysis for deepening your understanding and for extending your practice. A companion source book in the same series, entitled the 'A to Z of Public Health', is intended to further extend the range of definitions and terms.

A Z of Psychodynamic Practice

A Z of Psychodynamic Practice Author Jeffrey Longhofer
ISBN-10 9781137033888
Release 2015-05-18
Pages 280
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If you are searching for a clear exploration of the key concepts in psychodynamic thinking and practice, then this is the book for you. In this book Jeffrey Longhofer unravels the complex field of psychodynamic practice and lays it out in an accessible A-Z format that enables any practitioner to implement psychodynamic practice into their work with people. Each entry introduces the reader to the fundamental aspects of psychodynamic practice: the theoretical underpinnings, key thinkers, debates and research. With 'Points for reflection and practice' and 'Key texts' throughout it provides clear guidance for day-to-day practice and further study. Whether you work in social work, psychology, counselling or related fields, this book will equip you with a broad knowledge of psychodynamic practice and its contribution to understanding human development.

A Z of Housing

A Z of Housing Author David Garnett
ISBN-10 9781137366740
Release 2015-07
Pages 248
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This book provides an accessible and up-to-date overview of the current debates and discussions in housing policy and practice. It acts as a source of reference for anyone studying or working in the housing field; from social policy studies to town planning.

101 Careers in Public Health

101 Careers in Public Health Author Beth Seltzer, MD, MPH
ISBN-10 0826117694
Release 2010-09-28
Pages 396
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"First rate advice."--APHA What sort of training do you need to work in public health? What kinds of jobs are out there right now? And what exactly is an epidemiologist, anyway? Answering these questions and more, this career guide provides an overview of the numerous options in public health and the many different roads to get there. Whether you're a student who wants to launch a career or a professional looking to change careers, this guide offers an easy introduction to the field. It details the training, salary ranges, and degree requirements for each job, and alerts readers to alternative pathways beyond the traditional MPH. 101 Careers in Public Health helps you follow your interests, find the right job, and make a difference. Key Features Includes a detailed guide to educational paths, options, and training requirements at the bachelor's, master's, and PhD levels Offers guidance on navigating the job market, with information on both traditional and nontraditional pathways-and tips on landing the job you want Provides descriptions of careers in disease prevention, environmental health, disaster preparedness, nutrition, education, public safety, and many more Includes interviews with public health professionals who offer details of their day-to-day lives on the job

Occupational Outlook Handbook 2009

Occupational Outlook Handbook 2009 Author U. S. Department of Labor
ISBN-10 9781602393202
Release 2008-12
Pages 890
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A directory for up-and-coming jobs in the near-future employment market includes recommendations for finding or advancing a career and draws on statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, in a guide that includes coverage of more than 250 occupations. Original.

Safer Healthcare

Safer Healthcare Author Charles Vincent
ISBN-10 9783319255590
Release 2016-01-13
Pages 157
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The authors of this book set out a system of safety strategies and interventions for managing patient safety on a day-to-day basis and improving safety over the long term. These strategies are applicable at all levels of the healthcare system from the frontline to the regulation and governance of the system. There have been many advances in patient safety, but we now need a new and broader vision that encompasses care throughout the patient’s journey. The authors argue that we need to see safety through the patient’s eyes, to consider how safety is managed in different contexts and to develop a wider strategic and practical vision in which patient safety is recast as the management of risk over time. Most safety improvement strategies aim to improve reliability and move closer toward optimal care. However, healthcare will always be under pressure and we also require ways of managing safety when conditions are difficult. We need to make more use of strategies concerned with detecting, controlling, managing and responding to risk. Strategies for managing safety in highly standardised and controlled environments are necessarily different from those in which clinicians constantly have to adapt and respond to changing circumstances. This work is supported by the Health Foundation. The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK. The charity’s aim is a healthier population in the UK, supported by high quality health care that can be equitably accessed. The Foundation carries out policy analysis and makes grants to front-line teams to try ideas in practice and supports research into what works to make people’s lives healthier and improve the health care system, with a particular emphasis on how to make successful change happen. A key part of the work is to make links between the knowledge of those working to deliver health and health care with research evidence and analysis. The aspiration is to create a virtuous circle, using what works on the ground to inform effective policymaking and vice versa. Good health and health care are vital for a flourishing society. Through sharing what is known, collaboration and building people’s skills and knowledge, the Foundation aims to make a difference and contribute to a healthier population.

Health Care Policy and Politics A to Z

Health Care Policy and Politics A to Z Author Julie Rovner
ISBN-10 9780872897762
Release 2009
Pages 314
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Drawing on over two decades of experience covering health policy on Capitol Hill, National Public Radio journalist Julie Rovner has written explanations for over 300 key concepts to demystify the world of health care policy in the United States. The third edition of Health Care Policy and Politics A to Z has been completely updated and now includes many new entries. Readers will find updated information on long term health care spending, abortion, Medicaid and Medicare, health insurance and the uninsured, and the State Childrens Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). New entries reflect important changes in recent years and include the Medicare Modernization Act, abstinence education, electronic health records, health savings accounts, Plan B, the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and Project BioShield.

Reducing Oral Health Disparities What Can We Learn from Social Environmental and Cultural Factors

Reducing Oral Health Disparities  What Can We Learn from Social  Environmental and Cultural Factors Author Tamanna Tiwari
ISBN-10 9782889453719
Release 2017-12-05
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Oral health disparities are profound worldwide, and they affect the quality of life of individuals of all age groups. Disparities in oral health are seen in racial and ethnic minorities, at different socioeconomic levels and due to differences in environment and cultural factors. Several determinants of oral health have been identified at the population, community, family and individual levels. These determinants represent a complex interplay of the social, biological, cultural and economic factors that in turn affect the oral health behaviors, environmental exposures, health care utilization. To date, biological factors related to oral diseases have received much attention in oral health research; whilst social and cultural determinants have just started to receive recognition for their role in oral disease development and progression. This research highlights that interventions designed to reduce disparities should adopt a multi-level approach in order to identify the modifiable mechanisms and target all determinants of oral health disparities. In this Research Topic, we will focus on the role of social, environmental and cultural factors in the development and progression of oral diseases, their role in oral health disparities and interventions focusing on these factors to improve oral health and reduce disparities.

Health Promotion in Action

Health Promotion in Action Author R. Labonté
ISBN-10 9780230228375
Release 2008-09-30
Pages 215
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Examining health promotion in the context of globalization, this book explores how globalization affects health and shows how practitioners can respond to these new challenges.

Public Health

Public Health Author Glenn Laverack
ISBN-10 9781137546043
Release 2015-11-24
Pages 128
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This highly anticipated new edition of Glenn Laverack's Public Health: Power, Empowerment and Professional Practice has been fully revised throughout to provide readers with a practical understanding of how to help others to empower themselves in public health practice. The book explores the key concept of power and offers practical solutions for transforming professional power relations; it introduces a methodology to plan, implement and evaluate public health programmes; and it investigates the implications of empowerment on public health practice. The book also offers two new chapters: 'Patient Empowerment' and 'Helping Migrant Populations to Become Empowered', both emerging international public health issues. The new edition is a timely and valuable literary addition that has been designed for those who want to work in a more empowering way. So whether you're studying or practising, if you aspire to be a more effective and empowering practitioner this book will help you realise your professional goals. Glenn Laverack has spent his whole life living and working with people who experience powerlessness and who suffer the consequences of poverty and inequality. He has a strong academic and practice background and has worked for more than 30 years in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific regions.

Health Activism

Health Activism Author Glenn Laverack
ISBN-10 9781446291924
Release 2013-01-11
Pages 192
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Activism is action on behalf of a cause, action that goes beyond what is conventional or routine and is relative to the actions by others. Health activism is a growing area of interest for many who work to improve health at both national and international levels because it offers a more direct approach to achieve lasting social and political change. This book, for the first time, provides a clear foundation to the theory, evidence-base and strategies that can be harnessed to bring about change to improve the lives and health of others. For anyone working to improve the health of groups and communities, this will be thought-provoking reading. It has particular relevance for postgraduate students and practitioners in public health and health promotion.

Public Health Significance of Urban Pests

Public Health Significance of Urban Pests Author Xavier Bonnefoy
ISBN-10 9789289071888
Release 2008
Pages 569
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Many urban planners and managers erroneously assume that pest-borne diseases are relics of the past. Since the mid-20th century, however, major changes in ecology, climate and human behavior have favored the proliferation of urban pests. Alarmingly, the dramatic rise in urban sprawl has led to city suburbs becoming the natural habitat of ticks, rodents and other pests. These changes make timely a new analysis of the effects of present-day urban pests on health. To this end, WHO invited international experts in various pest-related fields to identify the public health risk posed by various pests and to suggest appropriate prevention and control measures. This book presents their conclusions and formulates policy options for all levels of decision-making on the future management of pests and pest-related diseases.

A Z of Learning Disability

A Z of Learning Disability Author Angela Olsen
ISBN-10 9781137471215
Release 2016-10-07
Pages 228
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If you are looking for an incisive overview of current thinking and practice in the field of learning disabilities, then this is the book for you. Written by a highly experienced team of authors, this handy pocket-sized guide succinctly captures the fundamental ideas in policy and practice that currently dominate the field of learning disabilities. With a strong grounding in ethics and values, the book focuses on the experience of people with learning disabilities through examination of topics such as discrimination, communication and assistive technology, as well as promoting readers' understanding of key areas such as care planning, accommodation and application of the Human Rights Act 1998. With explicit 'Implications for Practice' points and extensive signposting to further reading, A-Z of Learning Disabilities is an essential resource not only for students and practitioners in learning disability nursing or social work, but also teachers, policymakers, families and anyone who lives with, or whose work brings them into contact with, people who have learning disabilities.

Emergent Public Health Issues in the US Mexico Border Region

Emergent Public Health Issues in the US Mexico Border Region Author Cecilia Ballesteros Rosales
ISBN-10 9782889450473
Release 2017-02-16
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US-Mexico border region area has unique social, demographic and policy forces at work that shape the health of its residents as well as serves as a microcosm of migration health challenges facing an increasingly mobile and globalized world. This region reflects the largest migratory flow between any two nations in the world. Data from the Pew Research Center shows over the last 25 years there has never been lower than 140,000 annual immigrants from Mexico to the United States (with peaks over 700,000). This migratory route is extremely hazardous due to natural (e.g., arid and hot desert regions) and human made barriers as well as border enforcement practices tied to socio-political and geopolitical pressures. Also, reflecting the national interdependency of public health and human services needs, during the most recent five year period surveyed the migratory flow between the US and Mexico has equaled that of the flow of Mexico to the US--both around 1.4 million persons. Of particular public health concern, within the US-Mexico region of both nations there is among the highest disparities in income, education, infrastructure and access to health care--factors within the World Health Organization’s conceptualization of the Social Determinants of Health, and among the highest rates of chronic disease. For instance obesity and diabetes rates in this region are among the highest of those monitored in the world, with adult population estimates of the former over 40% and estimates in some population sub-groups for the latter over 20%. The publications reflected in this Research Topic, all reviewed from experts in the field, addressed many of the public health issues in the US Mexico Border Health Commission’s Healthy Border 2020 objectives. Those objectives-- broad public health goals used to guide a diverse range of government, research and community-based stakeholders--include Non Communicable Diseases (including adult and childhood obesity-related ones; cancer), Infectious Diseases (e.g., tuberculosis; HIV; emerging diseases--particularly mosquito borne illnesses), Maternal and Child Health, Mental Health Disorders, and Motor Vehicle Accidents. Other relevant public health issues affecting this region, for example environmental health, binational health services coordination (e.g., immunization), the impact of migration throughout the Americas and globally in this region, health issues related to the physical climate, access to quality health care, discrimination/mistreatment and well-being, acculturative/immigration stress, violence, substance use/abuse, oral health, respiratory disease, and well-being from a social determinants of health framework, are critical areas addressed in these publications or for future research. Each of these Research Topic publications presented applied solutions (e.g., new programs, technology or infrastructure) and/or public health policy recommendations relevant to each public health challenge addressed.

A Z of Interagency Working

A Z of Interagency Working Author Jon Glasby
ISBN-10 9781137005342
Release 2013-11-28
Pages 224
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If you are looking for a succinct overview of the ideas and debates that shape the field of interagency working, then this is the book for you. Jon Glasby and Helen Dickinson's A-Z of Interagency Working provides an expertly organised source of clear explanation and astute commentary on a topic that is of importance to anyone working in the health and social care field today. Capturing key policies, concepts and perspectives across the fields of adult and children's services, the book distils a complex subject into 70 pivotal ideas. Cross-references cleverly aid navigation and help the reader see how ideas connect up. This flexible source book makes sense of current policy, explains the latest terminology and engages with the evidence base for what is happening on the ground. It is also packed with excellent recommendations for further reading. This is an ideal starting-point for students needing to get to grips with current debates, and a perfect point of reference for practitioners and policy-makers engaged in collaboration and partnership day to day.

Emerging Technologies to Promote and Evaluate Physical Activity

Emerging Technologies to Promote and Evaluate Physical Activity Author Dan J Graham
ISBN-10 9782889192984
Release 2014-10-23
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Increasingly, efforts to promote and measure physical activity are achieving greater precision, greater ease of use, and/or greater scope by incorporating emerging technologies. This is significant for physical activity promotion because more precise measurement will allow investigators to better understand where, when, and how physical activity is and is not occurring, thus enabling more effective targeting of particular behavior settings. Emerging technologies associated with the measurement and evaluation of physical activity are noteworthy because: (1) Their ease of use and transferability can greatly increase external validity of measures and findings; (2) Technologies can significantly increase the ability to analyze patterns; (3) They can improve the ongoing, systematic collection and analysis of public health surveillance due to real-time capabilities associated with many emerging technologies; (4) There is a need for research and papers about the cyberinfrastructure required to cope with big data (multiple streams, processing, aggregation, visualization, etc.); and (5) Increasingly blurred boundaries between measurement and intervention activity (e.g., the quantified-self /self-tracking movement) may necessitate a reevaluation of the conventional scientific model for designing and evaluating these sorts of studies. There have been many recent, disparate advances related to this topic. Advances such as crowdsourcing allow for input from large, diverse audiences that can help to identify and improve infrastructure for activity (e.g., large group identification of environmental features that are conducive or inhibiting to physical activity on a national and even global scale). Technologies such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and accelerometry are now available in many mobile phones and can be used for identifying and promoting activity and also understanding naturalistically-occurring activity. SenseCam and other personal, visual devices and mobile apps provide person point of view context to physical activity lifestyle and timing. Further, multiple sensor systems are enabling better identification of types of activities (like stair climbing and jumping) that could not previously be identified readily using objective measures like pedometers or accelerometers in isolation. The ability of activity sensors to send data to remote servers allows for the incorporation of online technology (e.g., employing an online social-network as a source of inspiration or accountability to achieve physical activity goals), and websites such as enable individuals to make public contracts visible to other users and also incorporates financial incentives and disincentives in order to promote behaviors including physical activity. In addition, the increasing use of active-gaming (e.g., Wii, XBox Kinect) in homes, schools, and other venues further underscores the growing link between technology and physical activity. Improvements in mathematical models and computer algorithms also allow greater capacity for classifying and evaluating physical activity, improving consistency across research studies. Emerging technologies in the promotion and evaluation of physical activity is a significant area of interest because of its ability to greatly increase the amount and quality of global recorded measurements of PA patterns and its potential to more effectively promote PA. Emerging technologies related to physical activity build on our own and others’ interdisciplinary collaborations in employing technology to address public health challenges. This research area is innovative in that is uses emerging resources including social media, crowdsourcing, and online gaming to better understand patterns of physical activity.