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German English Dictionary of Idioms

German English Dictionary of Idioms Author Hans Schemann
ISBN-10 9781136783036
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 1280
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This unique dictionary covers all the major German idioms and is probably the richest source of contemporary German idioms available, with 33,000 headwords. Within each entry the user is provided with: English equivalents; variants; contexts and precise guidance on the degree of currency/rarity of an idiomatic expression. This dictionary is an essential reference for achieving fluency in the language. It will be invaluable for all serious learners and users of German. Not for sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Sex Thugs and Rock n Roll

Sex  Thugs and Rock  n  Roll Author Mark Fenemore
ISBN-10 9780857452290
Release 2007-12-30
Pages 296
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A fascinating and highly readable account of what it was like to be young and hip, growing up in East Germany in the 1950s and 1960s. Living on the frontline of the Cold War, young people were subject to a number of competing influences. For young men from the working class, in particular, a conflict developed between the culture they inherited from their parents and the new official culture taught in schools. Merging with street gangs, new youth cultures took shape, which challenged authority and provided an alternative vision of modernity. Taking their fashion cues, music and icons from the West, they rapidly came into conflict with a didactic and highly controlling party-state. Charting the clashes which occurred between teenage rebels and the authorities, the book explores what happened when gender, sexuality, Nazism, communism and rock 'n' roll collided during a period, which also saw the building of the Berlin Wall.

Bill Haley

Bill Haley Author Otto Fuchs
ISBN-10 9783866833517
Release 2008
Pages 777
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Bill Haley has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bill Haley also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bill Haley book for free.

Rock n Roll and Nationalism

Rock  n  Roll and Nationalism Author Mark YOFFE
ISBN-10 UOM:39015063664380
Release 2005-12-01
Pages 175
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In the mid-twentieth century, pop music joined classical and folk as an important site of the formation and renewal of nationalism. Rock 'n' Roll and Nationalism: A Multinational Perspective, deals -- in essays on Croatia, Bosnia, England, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Slovenia, and the United States -- with the fascinating interplay between national and nationalistic identities and emotions and the rock music idiom. This scholarly enquiry brings together the talents of observers of popular music, including academic and independent scholars, and rock performers and journalists. Though the authors use many methodologies to get at their subjects, they all include thick description of the cultural systems around which rock in the eight different countries is structured. The author's insights into the detail and nuance of their topics will lead readers to new understanding of the subject of rock and roll and nationalism, and also provide them with a fruitful jumping off point for thoughtful further research. Most of the papers included in this volume were presented at two extraordinary international conferences, Popular Music and National Culture, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in November 2000 and Crossroads in Cultural Studies, held in Tampere, Finland, in June-July 2002.

The Body of the People

The Body of the People Author Jens Richard Giersdorf
ISBN-10 9780299289638
Release 2013-05-15
Pages 240
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The Body of the People is the first comprehensive study of dance and choreography in East Germany. More than twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Jens Richard Giersdorf investigates a national dance history in the German Democratic Republic, from its founding as a Communist state that supplanted the Soviet zone of occupation in 1949 through the aftermath of its collapse forty years later, examining complex themes of nationhood, ideology, resistance, and diaspora through an innovative mix of archival research, critical theory, personal narrative, and performance analysis. Giersdorf looks closely at uniquely East German dance forms—including mass exercise events, national folk dances, Marxist-Leninist visions staged by the dance ensemble of the armed forces, the vast amateur dance culture, East Germany’s version of Tanztheater, and socialist alternatives to rock ‘n’ roll—to demonstrate how dance was used both as a form of corporeal utopia and of embodied socialist propaganda and indoctrination. The Body of the People also explores the artists working in the shadow of official culture who used dance and movement to critique and resist state power, notably Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, Arila Siegert, and Fine Kwiatkowski. Giersdorf considers a myriad of embodied responses to the Communist state even after reunification, analyzing the embodiment of the fall of the Berlin Wall in the works of Jo Fabian and Sasha Waltz, and the diasporic traces of East German culture abroad, exemplified by the Chilean choreographer Patricio Bunster.

The Many Faces of Germany

The Many Faces of Germany Author Frank Trommler
ISBN-10 157181034X
Release 2004-01
Pages 411
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With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the shifting of American foreign policy away from "old" Europe, long-established patterns of interaction between Germany and the U.S. have come under review. Although seemingly disconnected from the cultural and intellectual world, political developments were not without their influence on the humanities and their curricula during the past century. In retrospect, we can speak of the many different roles Germany has played in American eyes. The Many Faces of Germany seeks to acknowledge the importance of those incarnations for the study of German culture and history on both sides of the Atlantic. One of the major questions raised by the contributors is whether the transformations in the transatlantic dynamics and in the importance of Germany for the U.S. have had a major influence on the study of things German in the U.S. internally. The volume gathers together leading voices of the older and younger generations of social historians, literary scholars, film critics, and cultural historians.

The Power of Intellectuals in Contemporary Germany

The Power of Intellectuals in Contemporary Germany Author Michael Geyer
ISBN-10 0226289869
Release 2001-12-17
Pages 459
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A decade after reunification, with Germany laboring to define a new national identity, the defunct German Democratic Republic has gained a second life in the pages of history. The former GDR, and particularly the fate of its intellectuals, has become the subject of novels, memoirs, and films, and it has also become the backdrop for general debates over the power of intellectuals in contemporary media and society. This new collection of essays considers the demise of the GDR and its impact on the place of intellectuals in Germany today. Distinguished contributors from Germany, Austria, and the United States survey aspects of high and low culture, including the current nostalgia for East German film, the demise of the GDR rock scene, the pivotal role of East German poets, the consolidation and privatization of German media, and the frightening new resurgence of right-wing violence. The result is a timely volume that charts Germany's rocky transition from one world to another. Contributors: Mitchell G. Ash Simone Barck David Bathrick John Borneman Dorothea Dornhof Michael Geyer Andreas Graf Dietrich Hohmann Andreas Huyssen Konrad Jarausch Alexander Kluge Loren Kruger Martina Langermann Siegfried Lokatis Patricia Anne Simpson Frank Trommler Katie Trumpener

German Politics and Society

German Politics and Society Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015052815548
Release 1990
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German Politics and Society has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from German Politics and Society also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full German Politics and Society book for free.

Pop Feminist Narratives

Pop Feminist Narratives Author Emily Spiers
ISBN-10 9780192552853
Release 2018-04-19
Pages 288
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In Pop-Feminist Narratives, Emily Spiers explores the recent phenomenon of 'pop-feminism' and pop-feminist writing across North America, Britain, and Germany. Pop-feminism is characterised by its engagement with popular culture and consumerism; its preoccupation with sexuality and transgression in relation to female agency; and its thematisation of intergenerational feminist discord, portrayed either as a damaging discursive construct or as a verifiable phenomenon requiring remediation. Central to this volume is the question of theorising the female subject in a postfeminist neoliberal climate and the role played by genre and narrative in the articulation of contemporary pop-feminist politics. The heightened visibility of mainstream feminist discourse and feminist activism in recent years—especially in North America, Britain, and Germany—means that the time is ripe for a coherent comparative scholarly study of pop-feminism as a transnational phenomenon. This volume provides such an account of pop-feminism in a manner which takes into account the varied and complex narrative strategies employed in the telling of pop-feminist stories across multiple genres and platforms, including pop-literary fiction, the popular 'guide' to feminism, film, music, and the digital.


ISBN-10 9783732398751
Release 2017-07-27
Pages 488
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An incredible life journey of a family before, during and after WWII in Germany. The joys, the heartaches, the inbelievable twists of fate will leave the reader breathless with anticipation.


Dimension Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015067472608
Release 1987
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Dimension has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Dimension also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Dimension book for free.

The Billboard Book of Number One Hits

The Billboard Book of Number One Hits Author Fred Bronson
ISBN-10 UVA:X006044819
Release 1997
Pages 884
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Lists number one songs from "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley and His Comets to Elton John's "Candle in the Wind 1997," and includes background information on the songs and their writers and performers

Star Man

Star Man Author Michael Francis
ISBN-10 9780743462358
Release 2004-10-01
Pages 310
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Life changed for Michael Francis at the age of 21 when Paul McCartney walked into his father's boxing gym to watch his friend John Conteh preparing for a fight. Paul hired Michael as his security guard, beginning a thirty-year music business career in which he worked with such legendary names as Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, The Osmonds, Sheena Easton, Frank Sinatra, Bon Jovi, Cher and Kiss. As tour manager, Michael was responsible for every aspect of their safety and their comfort, from making sure they were not mobbed on stage to making sure they got paid. Whatever they wanted, he got hold of. To some of them he became close. He was best man at Jon Bon Jovi's wedding, and provided personal security for five years for Cher at her Malibu home. He shared their wildest excesses, their highs and their lows; he saw their fears and, all too often, their loneliness and paranoia. Sometimes hilarious, frequently shocking, always perceptive, STAR MAN is the outrageous, uncompromising and brutally honest story of one man's life with the biggest stars of rock.

The American German Review

The American German Review Author
ISBN-10 WISC:89058250465
Release 1964
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The American German Review has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The American German Review also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The American German Review book for free.

Gelbe Karte f r die Liebe

Gelbe Karte f  r die Liebe Author Virna DePaul
ISBN-10 9781944561796
Release 2017-01-06
Pages 270
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Seine Aufgabe ist es, zu punkten, und er gewinnt immer. Heath Dawson: Footballstar, ein Traumtyp zum Anbeißen, einer, dem die Mädchen ihre Höschen nur so nachwerfen. Und Camille Pollerts erster Schwarm. Dann jedoch hat er sie bei einem Footballspiel in der Highschool bloßgestellt. Sie hat ihre Rache bekommen und zugleich ihr Herz für ihn verschlossen. Zehn Jahre später ist Camille Footballfotografin und alleinerziehende Mutter. Überraschend heftig gerät sie wieder ins Schwärmen, als sie Heath wiedersieht. Er sieht immer noch genauso umwerfend aus, aber jetzt ist er ein Mann. Ein Mann, dem sie nicht mehr widerstehen kann. Heath erkennt sie kaum als das magere Mädchen wieder, das er in der Highschool gekannt hat, und er kann nicht leugnen, dass er sich zu der kurvigen, schönen Frau, zu der Camille sich entwickelt hat, hingezogen fühlt. Er will sie, und er bekommt immer, was er will. Gerade als beide merken, dass sie perfekt füreinander sein könnten, zeigt die Wirklichkeit ihr hässliches Gesicht. Landen Heath und Camille einen Touchdown für ihre Liebe? Oder vermasseln sie das Spiel und werden wieder getrennt?

Rock and Roll Reform School Zombies

Rock and Roll Reform School Zombies Author Bryan Smith
ISBN-10 1936383276
Release 2010-10
Pages 124
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Sex, Death, and Heavy Metal! If you're a teenage metal head The Southern Illinois Music Reeducation Center is not the place you want to go. The center specializes in "de-metaling" - a treatment to cure teens of their metal loving, devil worshiping ways. A program that subjects its prisoners to sexual abuse, torture, and brain-washing. But tonight things get much worse. Tonight the flesh-eating zombies come . . . Rock and Roll Reform School Zombies is Bryan Smith's tribute to Return of the Living Dead and The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2: the Metal Years


ISBN-10 9783736881563
Release 2015-03-01
Pages 466
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Ob Michael Jackson, die Rolling Stones, The Who, Udo Lindenberg, Tina Turner, Police und Nina Hagen, James Brown, Kraftwerk, Frank Zappa, Pink oder AC/DC - der Autor traf sie alle. DAS LEBEN IST ROCK ́N ́ROLL, LIVE IN CONCERT VON A BIS Z, ist die Essenz aus über 1.600 Konzertbesuchen mit mehr als 1.300 Künstlern und Bands aus aller Welt. In BUCH 1 sind Konzertkritiken, Interviews und Erlebnisse von 146 Künstlern aus Rock, Pop, Jazz zusammengefasst. DAS LEBEN IST ROCK ́N ́ROLL gibt so einen interessanten Überblick über die nationale und internationale Musikszene der letzten 50 Jahre. Dankmar Isleib gewährt dem Leser zudem einen sehr persönlichen Einblick in sein Musik-Seelenleben. Die 90 Fotos im E-Book sind von JÜRGEN OLCZYK, einem der besten Fotografen im Pop-Business, der ebenfalls mit seinen Kameras über Jahrzehnte weltweit on the road war und so gut sie alle Stars & Superstars vor der Linse hatte. Die gedruckte Ausgabe von DAS LEBEN IST ROCK ́N ́ROLL hat 578 Seiten und über 170 Fotos. BUCH 2 - DAS LEBEN IST ROCK ́N ́ROLL - erscheint im Herbst 2016. Weitere Informationen unter: MEHR ÜBER DEN AUTOR: BIOGRAFIE: Was für ein Leben! Musik, Musik, Musik. Als nicht mehr aktiver Musiker (Schlagzeug/Gesang) und Musikproduzent war und ist Dankmar Isleib auch nach Jahrzehnten noch neugierig, was sich in der Szene tut. Als Journalist und Fan (von guter Rockmusik, kreativem Jazz, Richard Wagner & Gustav Mahler) ist er in Sachen Musik seit rund 50 Jahren noch immer weltweit unterwegs. Der Autor war in seiner Karriere u.a. Chefredakteur vom MUSIK EXPRESS, LIVE IN CONCERT, MUSIC & MORE, MUSIC SHOP, SMASH HITS, etc. Isleib verkaufte vor Jahren seinen eigenen Zeitschriften-Verlag und schreibt seitdem Bücher. Dass in der Thriller-Trilogie 666 - PERFEKTION DES BÖSEN. eine Rocksängerin die Protagonisten ist, ist nur logisch...