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Achieving Peace in Northern Mali

Achieving Peace in Northern Mali Author Stephanie Pezard
ISBN-10 9780833088239
Release 2015-04-28
Pages 132
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This report examines prospects for stabilization in Mali; Mali's peace settlements since the early 1990s; factors contributing to stability in Mali's neighbor, Niger; and whether Niger might offer lessons for Mali.

Mali s Next Battle

Mali s Next Battle Author Michael Shurkin
ISBN-10 9780833091901
Release 2017-04-19
Pages 142
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"This report examines Mali's counterterrorism requirements in light of recent evolutions in the country's security environment. In spite of the achievements of France, the United Nations, and the European Union, the terrorist threat in Mali is growing, but Mali's military remains largely ineffective. Part of the challenge is the interconnected nature of Mali's terrorist problem and the political strife that afflicts Mali's northern half, which the peace agreement signed in Algiers in June 2015 only somewhat addresses. Moreover, Bamako's response remains focused to an inappropriate degree on acquiring the military capabilities it hopes will help redress the balance of power in the North while leveraging proxy ethnic militias. These militias, though more effective on the battlefield than Mali's own forces, have the potential to further aggravate northern Mali's instability. The report argues that it is not possible to strengthen Mali's counterterrorism capabilities in isolation from its general military capabilities, which are in need of fundamental reforms. Such reforms should include making the armed forces more inclusive of minority groups and more attentive to relations with northern communities, improving the effectiveness and accountability of defense institutions, building human capital and leadership, and enhancing operational capabilities. In all cases, the United States must coordinate its efforts with the other actors on the ground in Mali, especially the French and the European Union, to ensure complementarity."--Publisher's web site.

Militancy and the Arc of Instability

Militancy and the Arc of Instability Author Jennifer G. Cooke
ISBN-10 9781442279698
Release 2016-10-28
Pages 36
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An arc of instability stretching across Africa’s Sahel region, an area of strategic interest for the United States and its allies, is plagued by violent extremist organizations (VEOs). These organizations, including Boko Haram, al Qaeda, and other terror groups, have metastasized and present a serious threat to regional stability.

Is Local Beautiful

Is Local Beautiful Author Sara Hellmüller
ISBN-10 9783319003061
Release 2013-12-17
Pages 107
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Based on the swisspeace annual conference 2012, the publication examines the delicate balance between external interventions and locally-led initiatives. It addresses the question of what “local” means in the peacebuilding and development context; which actors on the ground actually represent the local level and how external actors choose their partners from amongst them. Moreover, it examines how local ownership - emerging as key criteria for any external intervention - is constituted: does this concept only imply local participation or is local control from the outset a must? Finally, it assesses the potential of locally-led initiatives and local conflict resolution mechanisms and their interaction with external interventions. Several authors provide insights on these questions and nuance our thinking about both local ownership and external interventions. As such, the publication aims to encourage critical reflections on this topical debate in peacebuilding and development.

Lessons from U S Allies in Security Cooperation with Third Countries

Lessons from U S  Allies in Security Cooperation with Third Countries Author Jennifer D. P. Moroney
ISBN-10 9780833059109
Release 2011-09-21
Pages 154
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Several key U.S. allies engage in security cooperation, albeit on a smaller scale than the United States. To see what the U.S. Air Force can learn from these efforts, the authors examined how and why three allies--Australia, France, and the United Kingdom--provide security cooperation and highlight three key areas that could benefit from further collaboration: staff talks, exercises, and training followed by exercises.

The French War on Al Qa ida in Africa

The French War on Al Qa ida in Africa Author Christopher S. Chivvis
ISBN-10 9781107121034
Release 2015-10-31
Pages 240
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This book investigates France's 2013 military intervention in Mali and its lessons for America's fight against terrorist groups in Africa and worldwide. Its assessment of new anti-terrorist military strategy will be of use to those in the foreign policy and national security communities.

Transatlantic Security from the Sahel to the Horn of Africa

Transatlantic Security from the Sahel to the Horn of Africa Author Riccardo Alcaro
ISBN-10 9788868122737
Release 2014-05-21
Pages 140
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As the so-called Arab Spring has slid into political uncertainty, lingering insecurity and civil conflict, European and American initial enthusiasm for anti-authoritarian protests has given way to growing concerns that revolutionary turmoil in North Africa may in fact have exposed the West to new risks. Critical in cementing this conviction has been the realisation that developments originated from Arab Mediterranean countries and spread to the Sahel have now such a potential to affect Western security and interests as to warrant even military intervention, as France’s operation in Mali attests. EU and US involvement in fighting piracy off the Horn of Africa had already laid bare the nexus between their security interests and protracted crises in sub-Saharan Africa. But the new centrality acquired by the Sahel after the Arab uprisings – particularly after Libya’s civil war – has elevated this nexus to a new, larger dimension. The centre of gravity of Europe’s security may be swinging to Africa, encompassing a wide portion of the continental landmass extending south of Mediterranean coastal states. The recrudescence of the terrorist threat from Mali to Algeria might pave the way to an American pivot to Africa, thus requiring fresh thinking on how the European Union and the United States can better collaborate with each other and with relevant regional actors.

The Peacebuilding Puzzle

The Peacebuilding Puzzle Author
ISBN-10 9781107169319
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The Peacebuilding Puzzle has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Peacebuilding Puzzle also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Peacebuilding Puzzle book for free.

Timbuktu and the Songhay Empire

Timbuktu and the Songhay Empire Author John O. Hunwick
ISBN-10 9004128220
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 480
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The principal text translated in this volume is the "Ta'rikh Al-sudan" of the 17th-century Timbuktu scholar, 'Abd al-Rahman al-Sadi. The other documents include an English translation of Leo Africanus's description of West Africa and some letters relating to Sa'dian diplomacy.

Global Governance and the New Wars

Global Governance and the New Wars Author Mark Duffield
ISBN-10 9781780329826
Release 2014-02-13
Pages 320
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In this hugely influential book, originally published in 2001 but just as - if not more - relevant today, Mark Duffield shows how war has become an integral component of development discourse. Aid agencies have become increasingly involved in humanitarian assistance, conflict resolution and the social reconstruction of war-torn societies. Duffield explores the consequences of this growing merger of development and security, unravelling the nature of the new wars and the response of the international community, in particular the new systems of global governance that are emerging as a result. An essential work for anyone studying, interested in, or working in development or international security.

What Is Next for Mali the Roots of Conflict and Challenges to Stability Enlarged Edition

What Is Next for Mali  the Roots of Conflict and Challenges to Stability  Enlarged Edition Author Strategic Studies Institute
ISBN-10 1304872068
Release 2014-02-03
Pages 104
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In March 2012, the government of Mali, one of the most touted symbols of Africa's democratic potential, fell in a military-executed coup. At the same time, a 4-decades old rebellion among Tuaregs seeking autonomy or independence reached new heights fueled by weapons from Libya and the belief that the Arab Spring could extend to northern Mali. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and their allies were quick to capitalize on the increasing chaos in a territory characterized by lack of government control and poverty and seized the major cities in the north. While French-led military intervention restored security to cities in the north, the underlying social, economic and political issues of the crisis remain.

Cultivating Peace

Cultivating Peace Author Daniel Buckles
ISBN-10 0889368996
Release 1999
Pages 285
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Cultivating Peace: Conflict and collaboration in natural resource management

Warlord Democrats in Africa

Warlord Democrats in Africa Author Anders Themnér
ISBN-10 9781783602513
Release 2017-04-15
Pages 264
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Post-war democratization has been identified as a crucial mechanism to build peace in war-ridden societies, supposedly allowing belligerents to compete through ballots rather than bullets. A byproduct of this process, however, is that military leaders often become an integral part of the new democratic system, using resources and networks generated from the previous war to dominate the emerging political landscape. The crucial and thus-far overlooked question to be addressed, therefore, is what effect the inclusion of ex-militaries into electoral politics has on post-war security. Can 'warlord democrats' make a positive contribution by shepherding their wartime constituencies to support the building of peace and democracy, or are they likely to use their electoral platforms to sponsor political violence and keep war-affected communities mobilized through aggressive discourses? This important volume, containing a wealth of fresh empirical detail and theoretical insight, and focussing on some of Africa's most high-profile political figures – from Paul Kagame to Riek Machar to Afonso Dhlakama – represents a crucial intervention in the literature of post-war democratization.

Contemporary Peacemaking

Contemporary Peacemaking Author J. Darby
ISBN-10 9780230584556
Release 2008-06-11
Pages 401
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Contemporary Peacemaking draws on recent experience to identify and explore the essential components of peace processes. The book is organized around five key themes in peacemaking: planning for peace; negotiations; violence on peace processes; peace accords; and peace accord implementation and post-war reconstruction.

A Climate of Conflict

A Climate of Conflict Author Dan Smith
ISBN-10 189870290X
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 44
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Climate change is upon us and its physical effects have started to unfold. That is the broad scientific consensus expressed in the Fourth Assessment Review of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change. This report takes this finding as its starting point and looks at the social and human consequences that are likely to ensue--particularly the risks of conflict and instability.

Post Conflict Power Sharing Agreements

Post Conflict Power Sharing Agreements Author Imad Salamey
ISBN-10 9783319601045
Release 2017-08-27
Pages 191
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The book surveys comparative power sharing models implemented in societies that have faced identity-conflicts, with attention given to post-conflict design. It analyzes the success and pitfalls of international experiences before proposing a model for Syria. Contributors address the central question: which among the set of power-sharing agreements that have helped settle protracted identity-driven armed conflict can provide Syria with a platform for dialogue, negotiation, and conflict mitigation? The comparative analysis advanced in this book extracts lessons from countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, Northern Ireland, the Philippines and Sudan. The prospect of a post-conflict distribution of power in Syria is then unraveled from different sectarian, ethnic and regional perspectives. The authors also address challenges of peacebuilding such as violent extremism, gender participation, resettlements, retributions, transitional justice, integration of armed groups and regional and international sponsorship.

Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory Author Sara Pantuliano
ISBN-10 1853396877
Release 2009
Pages 224
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Disputes over land often start conflicts; and land is often a key issue when refugees and internally displaced people attempt to return home when the conflict is over. Access to land affects people's choice to return and their prospects of recovery. Yet humanitarian agencies largely neglect these wider issues on the basis that they are too complex and politically sensitive, and that they lie in the mandate of development or human rights organizations. Uncharted Territory bridges the humanitarian and land tenure divide and seeks to understand how housing, land and property issues can and should be practically incorporated into humanitarian responses. The book explores the theoretical nexus between land, conflict and humanitarianism, discusses the challenges for a more integrated response, and presents the findings of case studies from Angola, Colombia, Rwanda, and Sudan. This book should be read by humanitarian aid workers, policy analysts, academics, and government officials in developing countries.