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Action Theory

Action Theory Author Ladislav Valach
ISBN-10 0275970868
Release 2002
Pages 268
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Presents a theory of goal directed action, helping us see our everyday behavior in a systematic manner relevant to our lives.

Counseling and Action

Counseling and Action Author Richard A. Young
ISBN-10 9781493907731
Release 2014-06-17
Pages 350
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Engaging in action is at the heart of our most meaningful experiences. And given the fast-paced, goal-driven nature of modern society, engagement in action is also central to how we perceive ourselves. Action has traditionally been viewed as an end product of the counseling process, but now a bold new redefinition makes counseling not only a driver of action, but an action in itself. Counseling and Action couples a timely update on the multiple roles of action in counseling with an action-based framework for enhancing progress between client and professional. Grounded in the core concepts of contextual action theory as well as key aspects of counseling (e.g., identity, intentionality, emotion), the book explicates an approach that is responsive to client complexities and the larger social conditions that frame them. Expert-penned chapters apply theory to practice, illustrating levels of engagement in action as counselor and client negotiate goals and work toward their realization. And an especially useful section offers guidelines for intervening with specific populations and addressing particular issues. Among the topics covered: Designing projects for career construction. Agentic action in context. Counseling intentional addiction recovery grounded in relationships and social meaning. The action of mindfulness in counseling. A contextual action theory perspective on self-efficacy in individual counseling. Counseling processes and procedures through the lens of contextual action theory. With its forceful argument for a quantum leap in both theory and practice, Counseling and Action is transformative reading for professionals, educators, and graduate students in social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and counseling.

The Explanation of Social Action

The Explanation of Social Action Author John Levi Martin
ISBN-10 9780199773442
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 400
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The Explanation of Social Action is a sustained critique of the conventional understanding of what it means to "explain" something in the social sciences. It makes the strong argument that the traditional understanding involves asking questions that have no clear foundation and provoke an unnecessary tension between lay and expert vocabularies. Drawing on the history and philosophy of the social sciences, John Levi Martin exposes the root of the problem as an attempt to counterpose two radically different types of answers to the question of why someone did a certain thing: first person and third person responses. The tendency is epitomized by attempts to explain human action in "causal" terms. This "causality" has little to do with reality and instead involves the creation and validation of abstract statements that almost no social scientist would defend literally. This substitution of analysts' imaginations over actors' realities results from an intellectual history wherein social scientists began to distrust the self-understanding of actors in favor of fundamentally anti-democratic epistemologies. These were rooted most defensibly in a general understanding of an epistemic hiatus in social knowledge and least defensibly in the importation of practices of truth production from the hierarchical setting of institutions for the insane. Martin, instead of assuming that there is something fundamentally arbitrary about the cognitive schemes of actors, focuses on the nature of judgment. This implies the need for a social aesthetics, an understanding of the process whereby actors intuit intersubjectively valid qualities of complex social objects. In this thought-provoking and ambitious book, John Levi Martin argues that the most promising way forward to such a science of social aesthetics will involve a rigorous field theory.

Cognition and Action in Skilled Behaviour

Cognition and Action in Skilled Behaviour Author A.M. Colley
ISBN-10 008086709X
Release 1988-09-01
Pages 424
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This book contains a number of chapters on the control and execution of skilled movements, as well as more general chapters on theoretical issues in skilled performance. The contributors have summarised their most recent research, and general themes and issues are presented in discussion chapters at the end of each section, thus providing a good general summary of the kind of research and theoretical frameworks developing in this area. The first section is concerned with the theoretical issues of programming and co-ordination. Issues raised in the second section are basic to much of the research reviewed in the volume. This section summarises the various theoretical positions in the recent debates on the role of cognitive processes in motor control and the usefulness of the ``psychomotor'' approach, and contains chapters based on individual papers which present relevant empirical findings. The third section deals with the learning and performance of skilled movements, containing papers with practical implications for everyday skills. The final section contains chapters on cognitive processes in skilled performance.

Purposive Behaviour and Teleological Explanations

Purposive Behaviour and Teleological Explanations Author Frank Honywill George
ISBN-10 2881241107
Release 1985-01-01
Pages 309
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Purposive Behaviour and Teleological Explanations has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Purposive Behaviour and Teleological Explanations also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Purposive Behaviour and Teleological Explanations book for free.

Cognitive Science and the Social

Cognitive Science and the Social Author Stephen P. Turner
ISBN-10 0815385692
Release 2018-03-14
Pages 238
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The rise of cognitive neuroscience is the most important scientific and intellectual development of the last thirty years. Findings pour forth, and major initiatives for brain research continue. The social sciences have responded to this development slowly--for good reasons. The implications of particular controversial findings, such as the discovery of mirror neurons, have been ambiguous, controversial within neuroscience itself, and difficult to integrate with conventional social science. Yet many of these findings, such as those of experimental neuro-economics, pose very direct challenges to standard social science. At the same time, however, the known facts of social science, for example about linguistic and moral diversity, pose a significant challenge to standard neuroscience approaches, which tend to focus on "universal" aspects of human and animal cognition. A serious encounter between cognitive neuroscience and social science is likely to be challenging, and transformative, for both parties. Although a literature has developed on proposals to integrate neuroscience and social science, these proposals go in divergent directions. None of them has a developed conception of social life. This book surveys these issues, introduces the basic alternative conceptions both of the mental world and the social world, and show how, with sufficient modification, they can be fit together in plausible ways. The book is not a "new theory " of anything, but rather an exploration of the critical issues that relate to the social aspects of cognition which expands the topic from the social neuroscience of immediate interpersonal interaction to the whole range of places where social variation interacts with the cognitive. The focus is on the conceptual problems produced by any attempt to take these issues seriously, and also on the new resources and considerations relevant to doing so. But it is also on the need for a revision of social theoretical concepts in order to utilize these resources. The book points to some conclusions, especially about how the process of what was known as socialization needs to be understood in cognitive science friendly terms. But there is no attempt to resolve the underlying issues within cognitive science, which will doubtless persist.

The status of common sense in psychology

The status of common sense in psychology Author Jürg Siegfried
ISBN-10 UOM:39015033261457
Release 1994
Pages 363
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The status of common sense in psychology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The status of common sense in psychology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The status of common sense in psychology book for free.

Interpersonal violent behaviors

Interpersonal violent behaviors Author R. Barry Ruback
ISBN-10 082618510X
Release 1995-01-01
Pages 190
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Interpersonal violent behaviors has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Interpersonal violent behaviors also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Interpersonal violent behaviors book for free.

Mathematical Perspectives on Neural Networks

Mathematical Perspectives on Neural Networks Author Paul Smolensky
ISBN-10 0805812016
Release 1996
Pages 862
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Recent years have seen an explosion of new mathematical results on learning and processing in neural networks. This body of results rests on a breadth of mathematical background which even few specialists possess. In a format intermediate between a textbook and a collection of research articles, this book has been assembled to present a sample of these results, and to fill in the necessary background, in such areas as computability theory, computational complexity theory, the theory of analog computation, stochastic processes, dynamical systems, control theory, time-series analysis, Bayesian analysis, regularization theory, information theory, computational learning theory, and mathematical statistics. Mathematical models of neural networks display an amazing richness and diversity. Neural networks can be formally modeled as computational systems, as physical or dynamical systems, and as statistical analyzers. Within each of these three broad perspectives, there are a number of particular approaches. For each of 16 particular mathematical perspectives on neural networks, the contributing authors provide introductions to the background mathematics, and address questions such as: * Exactly what mathematical systems are used to model neural networks from the given perspective? * What formal questions about neural networks can then be addressed? * What are typical results that can be obtained? and * What are the outstanding open problems? A distinctive feature of this volume is that for each perspective presented in one of the contributed chapters, the first editor has provided a moderately detailed summary of the formal results and the requisite mathematical concepts. These summaries are presented in four chapters that tie together the 16 contributed chapters: three develop a coherent view of the three general perspectives -- computational, dynamical, and statistical; the other assembles these three perspectives into a unified overview of the neural networks field.

Restoration of Normal Movement After Stroke

Restoration of Normal Movement After Stroke Author Margaret Johnstone (FCSP.)
ISBN-10 UOM:39015034866270
Release 1995-01-01
Pages 188
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This is a guide to the Johnstone method of stroke rehabilitation. It is a practical guide to the restoration of muscle function following stroke using the techniques and rehabilitation programmes developed by Margaret Johnstone. The book condenses information from three of the author's previous works on the subject, describing the philosophy behind the author's teaching and showing the reader how to take this philosophy forward into improving patient care.

Quality Evidence and Effectiveness in Health Promotion

Quality  Evidence  and Effectiveness in Health Promotion Author John Kenneth Davies
ISBN-10 041517967X
Release 1998
Pages 225
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Quality, Evidence and Effectiveness is unique in bringing together, for the first time, the critical concepts of quality assurance and effectiveness in relation to health promotion and research. Contributions from leading health promotion specialists around the world discuss how best to push forward evidence of the value of health promotion as an effective investment strategy. They examine particular examples of health promotion interventions, focusing on both practical suggestions and the concepts underlying them. Contributions are divided into three core sections: * the examination of effectiveness studies through the application of different evaluation methodologies * practice-based quality assurance programmes * the examination of examples of health promotion interventions Quality, Evidence and Effectiveness will be invaluable to students, researchers and policy-makers in health promotion and all professionals who are committed to the effective and efficient delivery of New Public Health.

Primer in Theory Construction

Primer in Theory Construction Author Paul Davidson Reynolds
ISBN-10 9781317345145
Release 2015-07-02
Pages 208
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A Primer in Theory Construction is for those who have already studied one or more of the social, behavioral, or natural sciences, but have no formal introduction to the way theories are constructed, stated, tested, and connected together to form a scientific body of knowledge. The author discusses scientific theories in general terms, but also addresses the special challenges of developing scientific knowledge about social and human phenomena. This Allyn and Bacon Classics Edition contains the complete text of the original copyright 1971 version, with new typography and page design.

Violence Within the Family

Violence Within the Family Author Sharon D. Herzberger
ISBN-10 UOM:39015037790279
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 257
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Perhaps one-fifth of all marriages are tainted by violence, and an equal number of children are harmed by parents. Abuse of elderly relatives is just beginning to be recognized as a major social problem, but the most common form of family violence occurs between siblings. Violence Within the Family connects the study of child, partner, sibling, and elderly abuse to the varied disciplinary perspectives of social psychology, drawing on research on aggression, attitude formation and change, self-perception, social cognition, gender roles, and group dynamics. The book covers the biological and social causes of aggression, the consequences of violence towards an intimate family member, and prevention and treatment strategies.Sharon Herzberger also addresses important policy issues and explores today’s hard questions: Does a child who is abused grow up to become an abuser? Can anyone, given the right circumstances, inflict violence on a family member? Why do victims of partner abuse remain with the perpetrator? Should we arrest perpetrators of family violence, and under what conditions does arrest do more harm than good? Why can’t we prosecute family violence more effectively?Answering widespread interest in this compelling topic, Herzberger’s book will appeal to laypeople and professionals in criminal justice, family systems, public policy, psychology, and sociology. It will also serve as a valuable text for advanced courses or as a supplementary text for introductory courses.

Family Systems Therapy

Family Systems Therapy Author Elsa Jones
ISBN-10 0471938254
Release 1993-04-08
Pages 280
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Family Systems Therapy Developments in the Milan--Systemic Therapies Elsa Jones Foreword by Donald A. Bloch, M.D., Family Systems Medicine, New York, USA This book gives an incisive and perceptive overview of the development of systemic therapies associated with the Milan approach. The author describes how, during the last decade, systemic therapies have developed through feedback from the clients, therapists and trainees who use them. This has caused a shift from 'the model' to a more personal integration of influences (including systemic, social constructionist, and feminist), leading to an approach which is ethical, practical and responsive. The author explores the development of the approach, using detailed transcripts from case examples, together with 'behind-the-scenes' consultations with therapists, trainers and supervisors, which bring the theory alive. Criticism of the approach is considered, together with controversial topics that are emerging today, to provide a valuable up-to-date guide for both newcomers to the field and experienced practitioners. This book appears in the Wiley Series in Family Psychology Series Editor: Neil Frude, University of Wales College of Cardiff, UK

Conductive Education for Adult Hemiplegia

Conductive Education for Adult Hemiplegia Author Ester Cotton
ISBN-10 0443027234
Release 1983-01-01
Pages 72
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Conductive Education for Adult Hemiplegia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Conductive Education for Adult Hemiplegia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Conductive Education for Adult Hemiplegia book for free.

Perceptual Processes as Prerequisites for Complex Human Behavior

Perceptual Processes as Prerequisites for Complex Human Behavior Author Ernst Stricker
ISBN-10 UCAL:B4397906
Release 1980
Pages 179
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Perceptual Processes as Prerequisites for Complex Human Behavior has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Perceptual Processes as Prerequisites for Complex Human Behavior also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Perceptual Processes as Prerequisites for Complex Human Behavior book for free.

International Handbook of Career Guidance

International Handbook of Career Guidance Author James A. Athanasou
ISBN-10 9781402062308
Release 2008-08-02
Pages 744
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This handbook offers a comprehensive review on career guidance, with an emphasis on the applied aspects of guidance together with research methods and perspectives. It features contributions from more than 30 leading authorities in the field from Asia, Africa, America, Australasia and Europe and draws upon a wide range of career guidance paradigms and theoretical perspectives. This handbook covers such subjects as educational and vocational guidance in a social context, theoretical foundations, educational and vocational guidance in practice, specific target groups, testing and assessment, and evaluation.