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When Your Parent Becomes Your Child

When Your Parent Becomes Your Child Author Ken Abraham
ISBN-10 9780849949944
Release 2012-10-29
Pages 256
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At first, Ken Abraham wrote off his mother's changes in behavior as quirks that just come with old age. There was memory loss, physical decline, hygiene issues, paranoia, and uncharacteristic attitudes. He soon realized that dementia had changed her life—and his familiy's—forever. "How is it possible to lose a loved one while he or she is still living, still sitting right in front of you, talking with you, smiling at you—and yet the person you have known and loved for years is somehow gone?" According to the Alzheimer's Association, an estimated 5.4 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer's disease. That's one in eight older Americans. More than likely, that figure includes someone you know and love. As he chronicles his own mother's degenerative condition, New York Times best-selling writer Ken Abraham educates while offering inspiration to help readers cope with and manage their family circumstances. With humor and spiritual reminders of God's command to honor our parents, Abraham encourages readers through often-difficult responsibilities. And though in most cases patients will not recover this side of heaven, he suggests many practical things that families can do to make the experience safer, kinder, and more endurable for everyone involved. When Your parent Becomes Your Child tells the story of one family's journey through dementia while offering hope to family members and friends, that they might better understand the effects of the disease. Dont let this catch you by surprise—be informed before you face the challenges and difficulties of a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia. This book can help.

Alzheimer s Workbook Holistic Health and Problem Solving for Everyday Care

Alzheimer s Workbook  Holistic Health and Problem Solving for Everyday Care Author Elizabeth Cochran
ISBN-10 9780578025988
Release 2009-08-01
Pages 230
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The Alzheimer's Workbook is an in-depth, easy to use guide to help caregivers track, document and understand the behaviors of a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia disorders. * Helps caregivers track the Alzheimer's person through the 3 stages of the disease. * Space for notes to chronicle the progression of the disease. * Hundreds of practical, common sense problem solving suggestions to ease the stress of both caregivers and the person with Alzheimer's. The Alzheimer's Workbook was written by Elizabeth Cochran, a home health nurse and case manager with a Masters Degree in Health Education who cared for her mother-in-law for four years in her home.

Alzheimer s Dementia Through the Looking Glass

Alzheimer s   Dementia  Through the Looking Glass Author Betty Weiss
ISBN-10 9781468594287
Release 2012-08-14
Pages 228
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Alzheimers & Dementia: Through the Looking Glass, explains in easy to understand nontechnical language the difference between Alzheimers and dementia; discusses issues like driving, hallucinations, delusions, bathing, respite, feeding tubes, hospice, guilt, sexuality, genetics, aging, warning signs, placement or home care, diagnosis, hospice, finding help, emotions and more. Sixty-six columns, and more, from the highly regarded All About Alzheimers feature written by the author and published monthly in Todays Senior Magazine are assembled here to help the family and caregiver through the demanding trials of living with someone who has Alzheimers. Few things are as frustrating and maddening as Alzheimers and caring for someone with the disease is uniquely different from other medical conditions. In time, the patient is unable to help in his own care, even to follow such simple instructions as stand up or sit down, creating a difficult situation for everyone. Perhaps you think when someone forgets, you just remind them; no one forgets their own children, how to eat, dress and use the bathroom! But they do! In this book you will learn the difference between your forgetting a word and remembering it later and the Alzheimers patient who forgets but cannot remember later because the memory is not just momentarily forgottenit no longer exists! If it does not exist, it cannot be recalled. Youll learn things you need to know that will seem counterintuitive and require changes in your normal responses. They are not always easy to use, but they can make life with this disease a bit easier for both the afflicted individuals and those who care for and love them. You will come to understand the basics of the illness, why such bizarre things happen, and how to react to unexpected and on-going problems without making things worse.

Alzheimer s Disease Treatment and Family Stress

Alzheimer s Disease Treatment and Family Stress Author Enid Light
ISBN-10 1560321377
Release 1990
Pages 486
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Alzheimer s Disease Treatment and Family Stress has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Alzheimer s Disease Treatment and Family Stress also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Alzheimer s Disease Treatment and Family Stress book for free.

Loving Your Parents When They Can No Longer Love You

Loving Your Parents When They Can No Longer Love You Author Terry Hargrave
ISBN-10 9780310873099
Release 2010-05-04
Pages 252
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Insights on Caring for Any Aging Parent• Timely guidance for the challenges• Encouragement for the journeyYou had plans for this time in your life, but now a parent needs care. It’s a confusing, stressful, and exhausting time. But it can also be a time of remarkable spiritual growth. Loving Your Parents When They Can No Longer Love You helps you navigate your role as caregiver with God’s grace and guidance. And it alerts you to the difficult issues you may face, such as:• Legal and financial decisions• How much care will be needed and when• Evaluating different living options• Depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease• Caring for a parent who has mistreated you • Accepting and planning for deathMost important, this book helps you embrace caregiving as a spiritual journey that will deepen your faith and strengthen your character. It not only opens your eyes to the realities of caregiving; it also teaches you how to allow God to change your life for the better.

A Caregiver s Guide to Alzheimer s Disease

A Caregiver s Guide to Alzheimer s Disease Author Dr. Roger A. Brumback, MD
ISBN-10 9781934559000
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 320
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An estimated 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease. That number continues to grow - by 2050 the number of individuals with Alzheimer's could range from 11.3 million to 16 million. Alzheimer's disease is not a normal part of aging. It is a devastating disorder of the brain's nerve cells that impairs memory, thinking, and behavior. Written for patients, their families, and caregivers, A Caregiver's Guide to Alzheimer's Disease: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier will help readers understand what is physically happening to the brain so they can empower their own special skills and talents throughout the disease process. The book is divided into three sections that correspond to the progression of Alzheimer's and the unique challenges encountered at each stage. Section A: The major part of the book divides the progression of the disease into Stages: the Pre-Clinical Stage; Early-To-Mild Stage, which marks the onset of the disease; Moderate Stage; and the Severe Stage. Hundreds of practical tips geared to coping and compensating at each level of the disease provide support for the affected individual and the caregiver. Section B: A bonus section of questions and answers addresses specific issues caregivers face and give them points to reflect on as they continue the process. Key topics covered include: Legal and financial issues Family Forums in the caregiving process The role of medication at various stages of the disease Helping children understand what is happening to a loved one Handling the holidays and celebrations Making the living environment more stimulating and enjoyable Section C: Lists resources and suggests websites to find additional information about the disease itself as well as related valuable networks. With an abundance of pointers and guidelines for affected individuals, their families, friends and caregivers, A Caregiver's Guide to Alzheimer's Disease: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier is essential for all readers who want to focus on the capabilities that remain instead of those that have been lost.

Learning to Speak Alzheimer s

Learning to Speak Alzheimer s Author Joanne Koenig Coste
ISBN-10 0618485171
Release 2004
Pages 240
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A new approach to dealing with Alzheimer's disease offers a five step method for caring for people with progressive dementia, while offering hundreds of practical tips to ease life for patients and caregivers.

The Task Planner

The Task Planner Author William J. Reid
ISBN-10 9780231506199
Release 2000-07-12
Pages 320
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A comprehensive, A-to-Z set of task planners for more than one hundred psychosocial problems from alcoholism and anxiety to domestic violence and sexual abuse. Each entry includes a menu of actions the client can undertake to affect resolution, a guide to the practitioner's role in facilitating these actions, and a reference list. An accompanying disk allows social workers to update the task planners they are working with and enables keyword searches for specific topics.

Psychosocial Aspects of Disability

Psychosocial Aspects of Disability Author Noreen M. Glover-Graf, RhD, CRC
ISBN-10 9780826106032
Release 2011-07-27
Pages 528
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"What a marvelous and amazing textbook. Drs. Marini, Glover-Graf and Millington have done a remarkable job in the design of this highly unique book, that comprehensively and very thoughtfully addresses the psychosocial aspects of the disability experience. These highly respected scholars have produced a major work that will be a central text in rehabilitation education for years to come." From the Foreword by Michael J. Leahy, Ph.D., LPC, CRC Office of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Michigan State University "This is an excellent book, but the best parts are the stories of the disabled, which give readers insights into their struggles and triumphs." Score: 94, 4 Stars--Doody's Medical Reviews What are the differences between individuals with disabilities who flourish as opposed to those who never really adjust after a trauma? How are those born with a disability different from individuals who acquire one later in life? This is the first textbook about the psychosocial aspects of disability to provide students and practitioners of rehabilitation counseling with vivid insight into the experience of living with a disability. It features the first-person narratives of 16 people living with a variety of disabling conditions, which are integrated with sociological and societal perspectives toward disability, and strategies for counseling persons with disabilities. Using a minority model perspective to address disability, the book focuses on historical perspectives, cultural variants regarding disability, myths and misconceptions, the attitudes of special interest and occupational groups, the psychology of disability with a focus on positive psychology, and adjustments to disability by the individual and family. A wealth of counseling guidelines and useful strategies are geared specifically to individual disabilities. Key Features: Contains narratives of people living with blindness, hearing impairments, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, polio, mental illness, and other disabilities Provides counseling guidelines and strategies specifically geared toward specific disabilities, including "dos and don'ts" Includes psychological and sociological research relating to individual disabilities Discusses ongoing treatment issues and ethical dilemmas for rehabilitation counselors Presents thought-provoking discussion questions in each chapter Authored by prominent professor and researcher who became disabled as a young adult

Caregiving Contexts

Caregiving Contexts Author Maximiliane E. Szinovacz, PhD
ISBN-10 0826103103
Release 2007-08-13
Pages 312
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"This volume represents a major step forward in the literature by placing its focus squarely on the caregiving context, its dimensions and how it shapes the process and outcomes of family care. The chapters locate care within the family, rather than a single individual....The family, in turn, in embedded within a larger cultural, community, and social context....These explorations of context will give us a broader view of how caregiving occurs. It will help us improve our theories about care and about the family's role in contemporary society....Care of our elders is an enduring and yet evolving part of life. The focus on context will help us understand, support and learn from the ways that families meet the challenges involved."--from the foreword by Steve H. Zarit, PhD, Professor and Head, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Pennsylvania State University Here, in Caregiving Contexts, the editors and their chapter authors explore the ways in which demographic change will influence the availability of caregivers and how divergent welfare and ideological systems will affect care among family members and between family and formal care systems. They also discuss the differences in experience between spousal and adult child caregivers, special circumstances such as child or adolescent caregivers, and government and workplace policies that are available to support caregivers in the United States and in some European countries. No other volume is available on caregiving which explores the sociocultural, familial, and sociopolitical contexts that effect both care decisions and outcomes.

When I Have Alzheimer S

When I Have Alzheimer   S Author Caryn Gale
ISBN-10 1453577432
Release 2010-09-25
Pages 137
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When I Have Alzheimers is written from the personal experiences of providing care for an Alzheimers patient, the authors mother. It includes everything the author wishes she had been told when her mother was diagnosed from The Simplistics of the Disease to When Death Is Approaching. The authors original reason for writing When I Have Alzheimers was to give simple groundwork for her husbands family if they are eventually faced with the prospect of providing care if she is diagnosed with Alzheimers. Her hope was to provide them with some assurance and strength while they are watching the normal progression of the disease. She hopes it will provide the same to you in the care of your own Alzheimers patient.

Parenting Your Parents

Parenting Your Parents Author Bart J. Mindszenthy
ISBN-10 9781550029994
Release 2005-03-12
Pages 275
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When our parents reach a certain age and have difficulty coping, we find ourselves wondering how to provide them with the kind of love, care, support, and attention they need - just as they have done for us all our lives. Parenting Your Parents shows, through case studies, that you are not alone and offers advice to help you along this difficult but rewarding journey. This revised and updated edition of the 2001 bestseller features a new introduction, new case studies, an expanded Personal Parenting Planner, and a totally updated resource directory. With reflections and advice from one of Canada's pre-eminent geriatric physicians, Parenting Your Parents is a valuable resource for anyone facing this special family crisis.

Alzheimer s and Dementia

Alzheimer s and Dementia Author Kim Boyer
ISBN-10 0874176603
Release 2006
Pages 159
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A comprehensive guide for Nevada patients and their caregivers offers advice on finding the right physician, available state resources, the legal and financial steps that patients and their families can take to protect themselves and their assets, and dealing with daily physical and emotional challenges. Original.

Working With Custodial Grandparents

Working With Custodial Grandparents Author Bert Hayslip, Jr., PhD
ISBN-10 0826116825
Release 2002-10-31
Pages 304
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Moving beyond simply describing the differences between custodial and noncustodial grandparents, this volume places helping efforts with grandparents in theoretical, empirical, and pragmatic contexts. Stressing the importance of theoretically grounded interventions and empirically-based studies for the design, implementation, and funding of programs, the chapters define an "action-oriented" approach toward changing the lives of grandparents and their grandchildren. Topics include: In what ways do support groups help; Caring for children with developmental disabilities; Predictors of psychological distress; Building parenting skills; and Strategies for solving everyday problems, among others.

Haven House

Haven House Author Rebecca Darling
ISBN-10 9781504333139
Release 2015-09-10
Pages 30
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Gillian loves to spend time with her Nanny. They enjoy precious moments together, from long walks in the park to drawing beautiful pictures with special colored pencils. Gillian also loves to hear Nannys stories about their family. Gillian starts to notice changes in Nanny. She begins to lose interest in activities and becomes easily confused. As nannys health declines and dementia sets in, Gillian must accept her Nannys condition and find new ways to love and connect with her.

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents Third Edition

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents  Third Edition Author Claire Berman
ISBN-10 0805079750
Release 2005-12-27
Pages 255
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A thoroughly revised guide for adult children of aging parents addresses such issues as guilt, long-distance caregiving, monetary concerns, and other practical and emotional issues, with all new sections on the Internet as a tool for seniors, new sources of prescription drugs, information on emergency response systems, and recommended exercises. Original. 17,500 first printing.

Caring for Your Parents

Caring for Your Parents Author Hugh Delehanty
ISBN-10 9781402758577
Release 2008
Pages 238
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"Practical advice you can trust from the experts at AARP"--Cover.