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Adoption healing

Adoption healing Author Joe Soll
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924089468585
Release 2003-09
Pages 193
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A unique book describing the coersion of pregnant women to surrender their babies to adoption, the personal holocaust suffered by them, and strategies for healing

Adoption Healing

Adoption Healing Author Joe Soll
ISBN-10 0967839009
Release 2000
Pages 191
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Adoption Healing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Adoption Healing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Adoption Healing book for free.

Adoption Healing a Path Recovery

Adoption Healing    a Path Recovery Author Joe Soll, 3rd
ISBN-10 0615756085
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 174
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This addition to the Adoption Healing series is a compilation of all the articles that I have been asked to write in the last year, These articles address specific issues faced by adoptees and mothers of adoption loss. These articles suggest additional exercises and methods of healing the wounds while working towards better relationships, peace and contentment. - "Joe Soll has probably worked with adoptees and first parents more than anyone else on the planet. His approach has always involved empathy, intuition and introspection, without which dialogue runs dry. Few know the depth of the adoptee and first parent experience as well as Joe Soll, especially the dark side, where loss and loneliness reside. Combining his experience, or perhaps we should say wisdom, with current therapeutic approaches, Joe creates an environment where growth can occur. Read his work, try it out, see how it works for you." - Robert Andersen, M.D., psychiatrist, author of Second Choice: Growing Up Adopted and A Bridge Less Travelled: Twice Visited

Wounded Children Healing Homes

Wounded Children  Healing Homes Author Jayne Schooler
ISBN-10 9781615215225
Release 2014-02-27
Pages 272
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Why doesn’t our child return our love? What are we failing to understand? What are we failing to do? These questions can fill the minds of adoptive parents caring for wounded, traumatized children. Families often enter into this experience with high expectations for their child and for themselves but are broadsided by shattered assumptions. This book addresses the reality of those unmet expectations and offers validation and solutions for the challenges of parenting deeply traumatized and emotionally disturbed children.

Healing for Adults Who Grew Up in Adoption or Foster Care

Healing for Adults Who Grew Up in Adoption or Foster Care Author Renee Wolfs
ISBN-10 9780857009883
Release 2015-03-21
Pages 160
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Positive and practical, this guide is designed to offer a route to recovery from grief and loss after adoption or long-term foster care. Children growing up in adoptive families or foster care often have complicated feelings about the loss of their birth parents - feelings which become all the more complex as they gain independence and become young adults, and which can endure throughout their lives. Common life events such as entering new relationships, building a family or losing a loved one can give rise to difficult questions about their own childhood and identity. In this book, Renée Wolfs provides an accessible explanation of the feelings of loss and grief commonly experienced by adults who grew up in adoptive families or foster care, and how debilitating they can be. She provides grounded advice and strategies to aid recovery and provides the reader with a useful tool: The Circle of Connecting. The Circle provides strategies for healing from loss, spanning all seven elements of your life: your body, mind, heart, environment, past, present and future. This book is essential reading for older teens and adults who need help in addressing feelings of grief and loss, as well as those who support them including adoptive and foster parents, social workers, counsellors and therapists.

Attachment Trauma and Healing

Attachment  Trauma  and Healing Author Michael Orlans
ISBN-10 9780857005977
Release 2014-06-28
Pages 482
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Now in a fully updated and expanded edition, Levy and Orlans' classic text provides a comprehensive overview of attachment theory, how attachment issues manifest, and how they can be treated. The book covers attachment-focused assessment and diagnosis, specialised training and education for caregivers, treatment for children and caregivers and early intervention and prevention programmes for high-risk families. The authors explain their unique models of 'corrective attachment therapy' and 'corrective attachment parenting', and provide practical guidance on goals and techniques for clinicians who work with maltreated and attachment disordered children and families. This second edition incorporates advances in the fields of child and family psychology that have occurred since the book first published in 1998, with substantial new sections on interpersonal neurobiology, adult and couple treatment, the application of positive psychology. Clear, authoritative and skills-oriented, this is the essential guide to attachment for psychologists, social workers, clinicians, as well as foster and adoptive parents.

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew Author Sherrie Eldridge
ISBN-10 9780307570819
Release 2009-10-07
Pages 240
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"Birthdays may be difficult for me." "I want you to take the initiative in opening conversations about my birth family." "When I act out my fears in obnoxious ways, please hang in there with me." "I am afraid you will abandon me." The voices of adopted children are poignant, questioning. And they tell a familiar story of loss, fear, and hope. This extraordinary book, written by a woman who was adopted herself, gives voice to children's unspoken concerns, and shows adoptive parents how to free their kids from feelings of fear, abandonment, and shame. With warmth and candor, Sherrie Eldridge reveals the twenty complex emotional issues you must understand to nurture the child you love--that he must grieve his loss now if he is to receive love fully in the future--that she needs honest information about her birth family no matter how painful the details may be--and that although he may choose to search for his birth family, he will always rely on you to be his parents. Filled with powerful insights from children, parents, and experts in the field, plus practical strategies and case histories that will ring true for every adoptive family, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew is an invaluable guide to the complex emotions that take up residence within the heart of the adopted child--and within the adoptive home. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Reparenting the Child who Hurts

Reparenting the Child who Hurts Author Caroline Archer
ISBN-10 9781849052634
Release 2013
Pages 287
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" ... A parenting book [that] demystifies the latest thinking on neurobiology, physiology and trauma, and explains what the research means for parenting children who hurt"--Cover, page [4].

Adoption Therapy

Adoption Therapy Author Laura Dennis
ISBN-10 098561689X
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 228
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Addresses a variety of potential psychological and physiological concerns, for adoptees, adoptive parents, first families, and mental health professionals. Provides insight, advice, and personal stories which highlight the specific nature of the adoptee experience.

Restorative Grief

Restorative Grief Author Cynthia Christensen
ISBN-10 0692453164
Release 2015-09-03
Pages 144
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Birth mother grief is a type of grief many don't know at all, yet some know all too well. The author, Cynthia Christensen, trudged through her own grief after the adoption of her son, Joshua. Being a private person, she did not want to do one-on-one counseling so she decided to travel the path with only one counselor -- Jesus. Walking alongside Jesus proved to be not only healing, but restorative and life changing. While counseling at an adoption agency and talking with others whose lives have been touched by adoption, Cynthia recognized that many post adoption birth mothers, birth fathers and family member never fully recovered from the grief of adoption. Restorative Grief is a Bible study written for the sole purpose of restoring broken hearts and shattered lives, by dealing with the pain of separation that follows the extremely emotional events leading up to the relinquishment of a child. Through her willingness to share the emotional and physical struggles she faced, Cynthia has used her experience to provide a step-by-step recovery process that will help lead the reader to a full recovery of mind, body, and soul through the healing power and love of Jesus Christ. Restorative Grief should leave its readers ready to rise up from the ashes and stand tall as Daughters of A King!

Second Choice

Second Choice Author Robert Andersen
ISBN-10 0963264842
Release 1993-02-01
Pages 164
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Discusses the struggles, insecurities, and other damaging aspects of being an adoptee, and offers advice to adoptees, adoptive and birth parents, and adoption professionals

Exploring the Spirit of Adoption

Exploring the Spirit of Adoption Author Dennis Nice
ISBN-10 0977861430
Release 2006-10-01
Pages 96
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Exploring the Spirit of Adoption has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Exploring the Spirit of Adoption also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Exploring the Spirit of Adoption book for free.

Loved as I Am

Loved as I Am Author Miriam James Heidland
ISBN-10 9781594715471
Release 2014-11-03
Pages 128
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When Sr. Miriam James Heidland’s life as a successful college athlete proved unfulfilling, she went searching for something deeper and ended up falling in love with Jesus. By charting her own journey toward wholeness, Heidland invites young Catholics to pursue their own relationship with Jesus. Although originally full of athletic ambition and goals for a career in sports news, Heidland was transformed in a very slow but deep way during her undergraduate years, moving from party girl to bride of Christ. In Loved as I Am: An Invitation to Conversion, Healing, and Freedom through Jesus, Heidland helps readers learn from her experience of seeking love in the wrong places and instead finding it in Christ. She shares her struggles—learning she was adopted, battling alcoholism, and healing from childhood sexual abuse—as signs of hope that anyone who desires to know Christ can find him and be loved intimately by him in return. By bringing readers into Heidland’s healing process, Loved as I Am provides a gentle and subtle template for finding peace and freedom in Jesus.

Parenting the Hurt Child

Parenting the Hurt Child Author Gregory Keck
ISBN-10 9781615214549
Release 2014-02-27
Pages 304
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The world is full of hurt children, and bringing one into your home can quickly derail the easy family life you once knew. Get effective suggestions, wisdom, and advice to parent the hurt child in your life. The best hope for tragedy prevention is knowledge! Updated and revised.

The Connected Child Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family

The Connected Child  Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family Author Karyn Purvis
ISBN-10 0071509267
Release 2007-03-16
Pages 288
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"An extremely useful parenting handbook... truly outstanding ... strongly recommended." --Library Journal (starred review) "A tremendous resource for parents and professionals alike." --Thomas Atwood, president and CEO, National Council for Adoption The adoption of a child is always a joyous moment in the life of a family. Some adoptions, though, present unique challenges. Welcoming these children into your family--and addressing their special needs--requires care, consideration, and compassion. Written by two research psychologists specializing in adoption and attachment, The Connected Child will help you: Build bonds of affection and trust with your adopted child Effectively deal with any learning or behavioral disorders Discipline your child with love without making him or her feel threatened "A must-read not only for adoptive parents, but for all families striving to correct and connect with their children." --Carol S. Kranowitz, author of The Out-of-Sync Child "Drs. Purvis and Cross have thrown a life preserver not only to those just entering uncharted waters, but also to those struggling to stay afloat." --Kathleen E. Morris, editor of S. I. Focus magazine "Truly an exceptional, innovative work . . . compassionate, accessible, and founded on a breadth of scientific knowledge and clinical expertise." --Susan Livingston Smith, program director, Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute "The Connected Child is the literary equivalent of an airline oxygen mask and instructions: place the mask over your own face first, then over the nose of your child. This book first assists the parent, saying, in effect, 'Calm down, you're not the first mom or dad in the world to face this hurdle, breathe deeply, then follow these simple steps.' The sense of not facing these issues alone--the relief that your child's behavior is not off the charts--is hugely comforting. Other children have behaved this way; other parents have responded thusly; welcome to the community of therapeutic and joyful adoptive families." --Melissa Fay Greene, author of There is No Me Without You: One Woman's Odyssey to Rescue Africa's Children

Adoption and Healing

Adoption and Healing Author
ISBN-10 0473047330
Release 1997
Pages 350
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Adoption and Healing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Adoption and Healing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Adoption and Healing book for free.

The Spirit of Open Adoption

The Spirit of Open Adoption Author James L. Gritter
ISBN-10 0878686371
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 315
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An outspoken and ardent advocate for openness in adoption, James Gritter writes of the need for members of the adoption triad to emphasize services that first and foremost benefit adoptees. Open adoption serves children first by reversing the traditional hierarchy -- by treating adoptive families as resources for birthfamilies. Adoptive parents, birthparents, and adoptees come together in a spirit of extended family that helps them replace the fear, pain, shame, and loss of adoption with honor, respect, and reverence. Drawing on the profound insights of contemporary thinkers in the fields of adoption, theology, philosophy, and literature, Gritter guides the reader along a spiritual journey that explores the candor, commitment, community, and cooperation that define successful open adoptions.