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Adult Social Care Law in England

Adult Social Care Law in England Author John Williams
ISBN-10 9781137443564
Release 2014-07-08
Pages 216
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Social work law is at the foundation of all social work practice, from shaping professional boundaries to determining the level of intervention. Every case is complex and unique and therefore requires different legal treatment; this means it is absolutely vital that social workers not only understand the law, but are able to critically analyse the legal framework and apply it to their practice. This book provides students and practitioners with an essential guide to adult social care law. It lays out the key case law, core legislation and the HSPCC standards as they apply to different areas of adult social care. This includes issues of capacity, making an assessment, supporting carers and working with vulnerable adults. Designed to support learning needs, the book is packed with engaging case studies and reflective exercises, as well as a legal toolbox to help simplify the legal jargon. Whether you are a student or practitioner, this is a practical, accessible guide to competent and lawful practice in adult social care.

The Social Worker s Guide to the Care Act 2014

The Social Worker s Guide to the Care Act 2014 Author Pete Feldon
ISBN-10 1911106686
Release 2017-05-15
Pages 328
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The Care Act 2014 is arguably the most significant piece of legislation in the UK since the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 in relation to adults who have social care needs. It is particularly important for social workers as it sets out the legislative context for the core social work processes that apply to all adults. The Social Worker's Guide to the Care Act 2014 considers the Act and the statutory guidance from the perspective of what is most important and relevant for social workers. It covers the key stages of what is known as the 'customer journey'-first contact, assessment of needs, prevention, consideration of eligibility, charging and financial assessment, care and support planning, and review. In addition, other chapters look at significant issues that cut across several stages of the customer journey, such as safeguarding and working with NHS colleagues. To provide a broader context for the Care Act, consideration is made for how the Act consolidates and modernises social care law and codifies good practice. There is also an examination of how the new legislation is reshaping the language of social care. This book provides qualifying social workers with a working knowledge of what the Care Act and the accompanying statutory guidance says about their professional role and how professional judgments are to be made, and helps them to understand the good practice that is codified in the statutory guidance. [Subject: UK Social Work]~

Social Work and Community Development

Social Work and Community Development Author
ISBN-10 9781137308399
Release 2017-09-16
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Social Work and Community Development has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Social Work and Community Development also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Social Work and Community Development book for free.

Values in Social Work

Values in Social Work Author Jane Fenton
ISBN-10 9781137528339
Release 2016-09-09
Pages 200
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Principles of social justice lie at the heart of the social work profession. This book examines the current climate of social work practice and the challenges presented by neoliberalism. It puts forward a model for reconnecting with more traditional social justice values and doing the right thing rather than just doing things the right way.

Doing Radical Social Work

Doing Radical Social Work Author Colin Turbett
ISBN-10 9781137308542
Release 2014-01-27
Pages 216
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This is the first book to provide social workers with an applicable model for radical practice. Through examining the current state of social work in the UK and looking at the radical approaches that have developed over the years, this book explores some of the opportunities that exist for a radical social work.

Social Care Practice in Context

Social Care Practice in Context Author Malcolm Payne
ISBN-10 9781137048547
Release 2008-10-06
Pages 240
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In this clear and insightful book, best selling author Malcolm Payne analyses the major elements of social care practice, explaining how caring and social work skills and values are crucial to effective social care. Through theory, research evidence and skill development, Payne identifies the varying contexts in which social care takes place, the agencies that provide it and the relationships at its heart. The book explains the key practical social care skills: • How to be receptive to users' and carers' own understanding of their needs • How to develop continuity in service provision • How to use effective interpersonal engagement with users and carers to ensure a positive future for them in which they have as much control over their care as possible • How to work in partnership with colleagues and other agencies With practice and case examples, research boxes, further reading and reflection activities, this book is a stimulating read for social work and community care students and practitioners.

Adult Social Care Law

Adult Social Care Law Author Stephen Knafler
ISBN-10 1908407786
Release 2016-10-19
Pages 908
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Adult Social Care Law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Adult Social Care Law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Adult Social Care Law book for free.

Changing Practice in Health and Social Care

Changing Practice in Health and Social Care Author Celia Davies
ISBN-10 0761964975
Release 2000-02-11
Pages 390
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Designed to lay sound foundations for continuing professional development in a world of rapid change, this Reader draws together key articles exploring the recent challenges facing professionals across the spectrum of health and social care. Topics examined include: accountability to service users, funders and communities; the skills needed for teamwork and collaboration; and ethical dilemmas of working in conditions of resource constraint, and engaging in questions of quality and performance review. The chapters reflect the similarities and differences between the NHS and social services. This a set book for the Open University course K302 Critical Practice in Health and Social Care.

Social Work with Older People

Social Work with Older People Author Karin Crawford
ISBN-10 9781844456093
Release 2008-08-08
Pages 208
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This second edition looks in detail at the role of the social worker who engages with older people. It enables the reader to develop the key skills required to understand the mental and physical needs of older people in society while encouraging plenty of discussion and critical, independent thought. Furthermore, this book is a source of contemporary research and offers the reader insights into government legislation and policy. It is an essential read for any student who wants to develop a distinctive focus on social work with older people.

Social Work

Social Work Author Mark Lymbery
ISBN-10 9781848607385
Release 2007-03-29
Pages 320
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'This engaging and stimulating book is well placed to become a key text in many student social workers' redaing lists' - Journal of Interprofessional Care `[An] excellent book, abounding with conceptual insights, bursting with research and evidence-based reasoning, and pretty comprehensive in the spread of topics. [It] contains plenty of though-provoking material in nice sized chunks that challenged me to think about my practice in different ways and also made me want to find out more. The range of contributors is impressive and students could do a lot worse than digest and reference their work in assignments' - Professional Social Work `a comprehensive account of the issues related to social workers' personal development and latest developments in social work practice. I have no doubt that this book will provide an invaluable reference guide for social workers who are interested in the development of the profession' - Social Policy and Social Work (SWAP) `[This] book is put together in an accessible and engaging way, which serves to stimulate the reader by posing questions, and creating opportunities for reflecting on the key learning points of each chapter. [It] should be an essential reading item on the book list of every social work student and act as a training resource to those training future social workers, and those already established within the profession' - Health & Social Care in the Community `In recent years, social work has been devalued by politicians and the media. However it requires practitioners equipped with key skills to empower individuals and communities and rooted in values which stimulate them to promote social justice. It is heartening that social work educators are at the forefront of equipping social workers with the skills and values to promote a better society. This book will open hearts and minds to achieve these ends' - Bob Holman, former Community Worker and Professor of Social Policy Social Work: A Companion to Learning is an exciting and definitive new book that will equip readers with the core knowledge and skills they need to successfully complete their social work training, and go on to be an effective practitioner. The text takes a holistic and critical approach, not only enabling students and practitioners to understand how to practise social work effectively, but also how to locate this practice within its societal context. Written and edited by leading experts in the field, each chapter skilfully explores key themes, issues, and concepts underpinning social work theory and practice in an engaging, authoritative and accessible way. The selection of topics serves to establish: - the contexts through which social work education can best be understood - the core requirements and processes that characterise social work courses - the issues involved in continuing professional development. The chapters comprise a wide range of key issues, such as communication skills, partnership working, the values of social work, supervision, management, law, and research mindedness, as well as two unique chapters written exclusively from service users' perspectives. Case studies, interactive questions, key points and further reading sections are used throughout the book to bring the material to life and aid readers' understanding. Social Work: A Companion to Learning will be a core text for students and practitioners at all levels, providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive companion they will need to help them progress in their careers. Mark Lymbery has taught social work at the University of Nottingham since 1995. He is the author of Social Work with Older People (2005), also published by SAGE. Karen Postle is a lecturer in social work at the University of East Anglia. Both authors have a background as social work practitioners.

Social work and poverty

Social work and poverty Author Lester Parrott
ISBN-10 9781447307945
Release 2014
Pages 167
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Social work and poverty: A critical approach provides a timely review of the key issues facing social workers and service users in working together to combat poverty, covering key areas including access to food, obesity and drug use.

The Future of Social Work

The Future of Social Work Author Terry Bamford
ISBN-10 9781349203697
Release 1989-11-13
Pages 200
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This book aims to provide a brief and selective history of the development of social work following the publication of the Seebohm Report. It identifies emerging trends in practice and organization, looks at the pattern of Government thinking and attempts to construct a view of its future.

The Integration of Health and Social Care in the UK

The Integration of Health and Social Care in the UK Author Deirdre Heenan
ISBN-10 9781137404435
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 230
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Closer integration of health and social care with the aim of ending the historic divide between NHS and social services has been the goal of successive governments for decades. The rationale for greater integration has been widely accepted in terms of service improvement, better use of resources and meeting the needs arising from future demographic change. Various methods of integration have been tried and tested over the years, ranging from joint working to full structural integration. The debate about integration continues to dominate government papers and reports - and in 2010 the coalition government set out its intention to break down the barriers between health and social care funding to encourage preventative action. This much needed new text provides a systematic assessment of recent policy developments across the UK and introduces the different models of integration which currently operate - from structural integration in Northern Ireland to health and care partnerships in Scotland. The book goes on to examine the achievements of integrated working, showing how it can lead to improvements in the quality of services and access to services, as well as create cost efficiencies. In addition, the authors also consider barriers to integration and draw comparisons with experiences in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe to identify lessons for practice in the UK. Supported throughout by case studies and a wealth of illustrative material - including charts and diagrams - this will be key reading for anyone who seeks to understand the challenges and issues involved in the delivery of health and social care in the UK.

Radical Social Work in Practice

Radical Social Work in Practice Author Ferguson, Iain
ISBN-10 1861349912
Release 2009-05-14
Pages 192
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This much-needed textbook provides a fresh understanding of the radical tradition and shows how it can be developed in contemporary social work.

From Intervention to Social Change

From Intervention to Social Change Author Triin Vihalemm
ISBN-10 9781317132158
Release 2016-03-09
Pages 188
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This book explores the design, communication and implementation of social change programmes aimed at solving various social problems, from reducing health-risk behaviour to ’green’ consumption or financial literacy. Examining the application of social practice theory as a way of understanding social change, From Intervention to Social Change connects theoretical reflections with empirical research, sample cases and exercises, emphasising the importance of communication and community engagement in the initiation and implementation of social change programmes designed to address social problems and improve quality of life. Adopting a ’communication for social change’ approach and presenting illustrative studies drawn from ’developed’ and rapidly transforming countries, this handbook will appeal to project managers and communication professionals in the public and private sectors, as well as scholars of sociology, anthropology and development studies with interests in social problems and social change.

Reshaping Social Life

Reshaping Social Life Author Sarah Irwin
ISBN-10 9781134301386
Release 2005-11-14
Pages 224
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Caught up in current social changes, we do not fully understand the reshaping of social life. In sociological analyses there is a conceptual gap between subjectivities and social structural processes, and we face real difficulties in understanding social change and diversity. Through analysis of key areas of social life, here, Sarah Irwin develops a new and exciting resource for better understanding our changing social world. Breaking with conventional approaches and reconnecting the subjective with the objective, Irwin’s book develops a new conceptual and analytical perspective with social relationality, interdependence and social context at its heart. The new perspective is developed through grounded analyses of empirical evidence, and draws on new data. It explores and analyzes: * significant changes in family forms, fertility, gender relations and commitments to employment, children and care, both now, and with comparisons to early twentieth century developments * the meshing of norms and social relations in contexts of change * diverse values, norms and perceptions of fairness, analyzed with respect to diversity over the life course, and in respect of gender, ethnicity and social class. Through analysis of context, Irwin offers new insights, and tackles puzzles of explanation. Reshaping Social Life offers a fascinating and innovative way of slicing into and re-interrogating our changing social world, and is sure to become a landmark resource for students, scholars and researchers.

Social Work and Global Health Inequalities

Social Work and Global Health Inequalities Author Bywaters, Paul
ISBN-10 1847421954
Release 2009-09-16
Pages 303
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Based on the practice expertise and research of social workers from developing and developed countries worldwide, this book examines the relationship between social work and health inequalities in the context of globalisation.