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Advanced Computing in Electron Microscopy

Advanced Computing in Electron Microscopy Author Earl J. Kirkland
ISBN-10 0306459361
Release 1998-09-30
Pages 250
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Image simulation has become a common tool in HREM (High Resolution Electron Microscopy) in recent years. However, the literature on the subject is scattered among many different journals and conference proceedings that have occurred in the last two or three decades. It is difficult for beginners to get started in this field. The principle method of image simulation has come to be known as simply the multislice method. This book attempts to bring the diverse information on image simulation together into one place and to provide a background on how to use the multislice method to simulate high resolution images in both conventional and scanning transmission electron microscopy. The main goals of image simulation include understanding the microscope and interpreting high resolution information in the recorded micrographs. This book contains sections on the theory of image formation and simulation as well as a more practical introduction on how to use the multislice method on real specimens. Also included with this book is a CD-ROM with working programs to perform image simulation. The source code as well as the executable code for IBM-PC and Apple Macintosh computers is included. Although the programs may not have a very elegant user interface by today's standards (simple command line dialog), the source code should be very portable to a variety of different computers. It has been compiled and run on Mac's, PC's and several different types of UNIX computers.

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics Author Peter W. Hawkes
ISBN-10 0120147521
Release 1999-09
Pages 178
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Advances in Imaging & Electron Physics merges two long-running serials--Advances in Electronics & Electron Physics and Advances in Optical & Electron Microscopy. The series features extended articles on the physics of electron devices (especially semiconductor devices), particle optics at high and low energies, microlithography, image science and digital image processing, electromagnetic wave propagation, electron microscopy, and the computing methods used in all these domains.

Electron Microscopy In Material Science

Electron Microscopy In Material Science Author U Valdre
ISBN-10 9780323142564
Release 2012-12-02
Pages 784
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Electron Microscopy in Material Science covers the proceedings of the International School of Electron Microscopy held in Erice, Itsaly, in 1970. The said conference is intended to the developments of electron optics and electron microscopy and its applications in material science. The book is divided into four parts. Part I discusses the impact of electron microscopy in the science of materials. Part II covers topics such as electron optics and instrumentation; geometric electron optics and its problems; and special electron microscope specimen stages. Part III explains the theory of electron diffraction image contrast and then elaborates on related areas such as the application of electron diffraction and of electron microscopy to radiation; computing methods; and problems in electron microscopy. Part IV includes topics such as the transfer of image information in the electron microscope; phase contrast microscopy; and the magnetic phase contrast. The text is recommended for electron microscopists who are interested in the application of their field in material science, as well as for experts in the field of material science and would like to know about the importance of electron microscopy.

Scanning Electron Microscope Optics and Spectrometers

Scanning Electron Microscope Optics and Spectrometers Author Anjam Khursheed
ISBN-10 9789812836670
Release 2011
Pages 402
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This book contains proposals to redesign the scanning electron microscope, so that it is more compatible with other charged particle beam instrumentation and analytical techniques commonly used in surface science research. It emphasizes the concepts underlying spectrometer designs in the scanning electron microscope, and spectrometers are discussed under one common framework so that their relative strengths and weaknesses can be more readily appreciated. This is done, for the most part, through simulations and derivations carried out by the author himself.The book is aimed at scientists, engineers and graduate students whose research area or study in some way involves the scanning electron microscope and/or charged particle spectrometers. It can be used both as an introduction to these subjects and as a guide to more advanced topics about scanning electron microscope redesign.

Transmission Electron Microscopy

Transmission Electron Microscopy Author C. Barry Carter
ISBN-10 9783319266510
Release 2016-08-24
Pages 518
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This text is a companion volume to Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook for Materials Science by Williams and Carter. The aim is to extend the discussion of certain topics that are either rapidly changing at this time or that would benefit from more detailed discussion than space allowed in the primary text. World-renowned researchers have contributed chapters in their area of expertise, and the editors have carefully prepared these chapters to provide a uniform tone and treatment for this exciting material. The book features an unparalleled collection of color figures showcasing the quality and variety of chemical data that can be obtained from today’s instruments, as well as key pitfalls to avoid. As with the previous TEM text, each chapter contains two sets of questions, one for self assessment and a second more suitable for homework assignments. Throughout the book, the style follows that of Williams & Carter even when the subject matter becomes challenging—the aim is always to make the topic understandable by first-year graduate students and others who are working in the field of Materials Science Topics covered include sources, in-situ experiments, electron diffraction, Digital Micrograph, waves and holography, focal-series reconstruction and direct methods, STEM and tomography, energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM) imaging, and spectrum imaging. The range and depth of material makes this companion volume essential reading for the budding microscopist and a key reference for practicing researchers using these and related techniques.

4D Electron Microscopy

4D Electron Microscopy Author Ahmed H. Zewail
ISBN-10 9781848164000
Release 2010
Pages 341
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Structural phase transitions, mechanical deformations, and the embryonic stages of melting and crystallization are examples of phenomena that can now be imaged in unprecedented structural detail with high spatial resolution, and ten orders of magnitude as fast as hitherto. No monograph in existence attempts to cover the revolutionary dimensions that EM in its various modes of operation nowadays makes possible. The authors of this book chart these developments, and also compare the merits of coherent electron waves with those of synchrotron radiation. They judge it prudent to recall some important basic procedural and theoretical aspects of imaging and diffraction so that the reader may better comprehend the significance of the new vistas and applications now afoot. This book is not a vade mecum - numerous other texts are available for the practitioner for that purpose.

Introduction to Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy

Introduction to Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy Author Marc De Graef
ISBN-10 0521629950
Release 2003-03-27
Pages 718
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A graduate level textbook covering the fundamentals of conventional transmission electron microscopy, first published in 2003.

Scanning Electron Microscopy for the Life Sciences

Scanning Electron Microscopy for the Life Sciences Author Heide Schatten
ISBN-10 9780521195997
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 261
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A guide to modern scanning electron microscopy instrumentation, methodology and techniques, highlighting novel applications to cell and molecular biology.

Principles of Electron Optics

Principles of Electron Optics Author Peter W. Hawkes
ISBN-10 0080962432
Release 2012-12-02
Pages 1188
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This is a complete handbook and reference volume which covers everything that one needs to know about electron optics. It is a comprehensive coverage of theoretical background and modern computing methods. It contains a detailed and unique account of numerical methods and an extensive bibliography.

Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy

Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy Author
ISBN-10 9781107116573
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Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy book for free.

Aberration Corrected Imaging in Transmission Electron Microscopy

Aberration Corrected Imaging in Transmission Electron Microscopy Author Rolf Erni
ISBN-10 9781783265305
Release 2015-03-23
Pages 432
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Aberration-Corrected Imaging in Transmission Electron Microscopy provides an introduction to aberration-corrected atomic-resolution electron microscopy imaging in materials and physical sciences. It covers both the broad beam transmission mode (TEM; transmission electron microscopy) and the scanning transmission mode (STEM; scanning transmission electron microscopy). The book is structured in three parts. The first part introduces the basics of conventional atomic-resolution electron microscopy imaging in TEM and STEM modes. This part also describes limits of conventional electron microscopes and possible artefacts which are caused by the intrinsic lens aberrations that are unavoidable in such instruments. The second part introduces fundamental electron optical concepts and thus provides a brief introduction to electron optics. Based on the first and second parts of the book, the third part focuses on aberration correction; it describes the various aberrations in electron microscopy and introduces the concepts of spherical aberration correctors and advanced aberration correctors, including correctors for chromatic aberration. This part also provides guidelines on how to optimize the imaging conditions for atomic-resolution STEM and TEM imaging. This second edition has been completely revised and updated in order to incorporate the very recent technological and scientific achievements that have been realized since the first edition appeared in 2010.

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy of Nanomaterials

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy of Nanomaterials Author Nobuo Tanaka
ISBN-10 9781783264711
Release 2014-08-21
Pages 616
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The basics, present status and future prospects of high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) are described in the form of a textbook for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. This volume covers recent achievements in the field of STEM obtained with advanced technologies such as spherical aberration correction, monochromator, high-sensitivity electron energy loss spectroscopy and the software of image mapping. The future prospects chapter also deals with z-slice imaging and confocal STEM for 3D analysis of nanostructured materials. Contents:Introduction (N Tanaka)Historical Survey of the Development of STEM Instruments (N Tanaka)Basic Knowledge of STEM:Basics of STEM (N Tanaka and K Saitoh)Application of STEM to Nanomaterials and Biological Specimens (N Shibata, S D Findlay, Y Ikuhara and N Tanaka)Theories of STEM Imaging:Theory for HAADF-STEM and Its Image Simulation (K Watanabe)Theory for Annular Bright Field STEM Imaging (S D Findlay, N Shibata and Y Ikuhara)Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy in STEM and Its Imaging (K Kimoto)Density Functional Theory for ELNES in STEM-EELS (T Mizoguchi)Advanced Methods in STEM:Aberration Correction in STEM (H Sawada)Secondary Electron Microscopy in STEM (H Inada and Y Zhu)Scanning Confocal Electron Microscopy (K Mitsuishi and M Takeguchi)Electron Tomography in STEM (N Tanaka)Electron Holography and Lorentz Electron Microscopy in STEM (N Tanaka)Recent Topics and Future Prospects in STEM (N Tanaka) Readership: Graduate students and researchers in the field of nanomaterials and nanostructures. Key Features:Most advanced; befitting beginning graduate studentsVery convenient for advanced researchers who would like to use STEM and have a comprehensive understanding of the theory of image contrast and application detailsSpans from the basic theory to the applications of STEMKeywords:STEM;Nanomaterials;HAADF-STEM;Atomic Resolution;Elemental Mapping;Dark Field Images;Nanoanalysis;Nanofabrication;NanodiffractionReviews: “This is written in a very readable style, packed with information and helpful explanations, and above all, very up to date. The book is generously illustrated, with many nice line-drawings, historic photographs, micrographs and spectra and, as a bonus, it has a name index as well as a subject index.” Ultramicroscopy

Handbook Of Solid State Batteries Second Edition

Handbook Of Solid State Batteries  Second Edition Author Dudney Nancy J
ISBN-10 9789814651912
Release 2015-07-09
Pages 836
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Solid-state batteries hold the promise of providing energy storage with high volumetric and gravimetric energy densities at high power densities, yet with far less safety issues relative to those associated with conventional liquid or gel-based lithium-ion batteries. Solid-state batteries are envisioned to be useful for a broad spectrum of energy storage applications, including powering automobiles and portable electronic devices, as well as stationary storage and load-leveling of renewably generated energy. This comprehensive handbook covers a wide range of topics related to solid-state batteries, including advanced enabling characterization techniques, fundamentals of solid-state systems, novel solid electrolyte systems, interfaces, cell-level studies, and three-dimensional architectures. It is directed at physicists, chemists, materials scientists, electrochemists, electrical engineers, battery technologists, and evaluators of present and future generations of power sources. This handbook serves as a reference text providing state-of-the-art reviews on solid-state battery technologies, as well as providing insights into likely future developments in the field. It is extensively annotated with comprehensive references useful to the student and practitioners in the field.

Electron Microprobe Analysis and Scanning Electron Microscopy in Geology

Electron Microprobe Analysis and Scanning Electron Microscopy in Geology Author S. J. B. Reed
ISBN-10 113944638X
Release 2005-08-25
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Originally published in 2005, this book covers the closely related techniques of electron microprobe analysis (EMPA) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) specifically from a geological viewpoint. Topics discussed include: principles of electron-target interactions, electron beam instrumentation, X-ray spectrometry, general principles of SEM image formation, production of X-ray 'maps' showing elemental distributions, procedures for qualitative and quantitative X-ray analysis (both energy-dispersive and wavelength-dispersive), the use of both 'true' electron microprobes and SEMs fitted with X-ray spectrometers, and practical matters such as sample preparation and treatment of results. Throughout, there is an emphasis on geological aspects not mentioned in similar books aimed at a more general readership. The book avoids unnecessary technical detail in order to be easily accessible, and forms a comprehensive text on EMPA and SEM for geological postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, as well as those working in industrial laboratories.

High Resolution Electron Microscopy

High Resolution Electron Microscopy Author John C. H. Spence
ISBN-10 9780199668632
Release 2013-09-12
Pages 406
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This book describes in practical detail how to see atoms using an electron microscope. The discovery of the Nanotube by electron microscopy in 1991 by atomic-resolution electron microscopy (and graphene more recently) has ushered in the era of Nanoscience, described recently as "a new industrial revolution, in which we make the world, atom by atom, to our own design". The atomic-resolution electron microscope has been a crucial tool in this effort. This book givesthe basic theoretical background needed to understand how electron microscopes allow us to see atoms, together with highly practical advice for electron microscope operators. The book covers theusefulness of seeing atoms in the semiconductor industry, in materials science (where scientists strive to make new lighter, stronger, cheaper materials), in condensed matter physics (for example in the study of new superconductors) and in biology.

Electron Crystallography

Electron Crystallography Author Xiaodong Zou
ISBN-10 9780199580200
Release 2011-08-18
Pages 332
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Includes bibliographical references and index.

Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy

Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy Author Jian Min Zuo
ISBN-10 9781493966073
Release 2016-10-26
Pages 729
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This volume expands and updates the coverage in the authors' popular 1992 book, Electron Microdiffraction. As the title implies, the focus of the book has changed from electron microdiffraction and convergent beam electron diffraction to all forms of advanced transmission electron microscopy. Special attention is given to electron diffraction and imaging, including high-resolution TEM and STEM imaging, and the application of these methods to crystals, their defects, and nanostructures. The authoritative text summarizes and develops most of the useful knowledge which has been gained over the years from the study of the multiple electron scattering problem, the recent development of aberration correctors and their applications to materials structure characterization, as well as the authors' extensive teaching experience in these areas. Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy: Imaging and Diffraction in Nanoscience is ideal for use as an advanced undergraduate or graduate level text in support of course materials in Materials Science, Physics or Chemistry departments.