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Advanced Hypnotherapy

Advanced Hypnotherapy Author John G. Watkins
ISBN-10 9781135912468
Release 2012-04-17
Pages 368
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This book focuses on tested hypnoanalytic techniques, with step-by-step procedures for integrating hypnosis into psychoanalytic processes. In its examination of the latest thinking, research, and techniques, the book discusses historical origins of hypnosis as well as how to apply it to current events, such as using hypnosis in the treatment of trauma with soldiers coming out of the war in Iraq. The text shows how hypnosis can be combined with psychoanalysis to make it possible to understand the subjective world of clients. Its accessible nature, rich detail, and significant updates make the book an invaluable resource for the professional who wishes to incorporate hypnosis into his or her practice. With the authors’ extensive and impressive knowledge, careful updates, and comprehensive coverage of the proper and appropriate techniques to use, this volume is an indispensable addition to the field.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Author Deirdre Barrett
ISBN-10 9780313356322
Release 2010
Pages 378
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Once thought pure entertainment akin to magic acts, hypnosis is now a growing field being practiced by psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical doctors. Across all ages—from children to adults and the elderly—patients are finding professional, therapeutic hypnosis can help them recover from mental maladies ranging from addiction to depression and psychosis, and from physical illnesses from chronic pain to obesity and skin disorders. Studies show hypnosis can even speed healing from broken bones, burns, and surgery. These unprecedented volumes, including some of the best-known experts in the field hailing from Harvard, Stanford and other top universities, cover the newest research and practice in this intriguing arena. Edited by a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, this set explains developments in hypnosis, from its colorful if misguided inception with Anton Mesmer, across clinical techniques developed for health care in the 20th century, to emerging research showing new potential applications to aide mental and physical health. Chapters also highlight what psychologists, neurologists, physicians, and scientists have discovered about how personality, cognition, and brain functions affect, and are affected by, hypnosis. An appendix explains how to tell the difference between an entertainer or charlatan and a practitioner who is trained, credentialed, and practicing research-backed hypnosis. Universities with hypnotherapy programs and courses are also included.

Clinician s Guide to Medical and Psychological Hypnosis

Clinician s Guide to Medical and Psychological Hypnosis Author Gary Elkins, PhD, ABPP, ABPH
ISBN-10 9780826124876
Release 2016-07-25
Pages 744
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A unique, state-of-the art, interdisciplinary resource on clinical hypnosis in psychology and medicine This is the only up-to-date, comprehensive interdisciplinary resource on clinical hypnosis research and applications in psychology and medicine. Authoredby hypnosis experts worldwide, it encompasses state-of-the-art scholarship and techniques for hypnotic treatments along with hypnosis transcripts and caseexamples for all major psychological disorders and medical conditions. In easily understandable language, this desk reference addresses theories,neurophysiology of hypnosis, hypnotherapy screening, measurement of hypnotizability, professional issues, and ethics. Individual chapters present hypnoticinductions to treat 70 disorders including anxiety, depression, pain, sleep problems, phobias, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal hotflashes, Parkinson's disease, palliative care, tinnitus, addictions, and a multitude other common complaints. The guide also examines the history and foundations of hypnosis, myths and misconceptions, patient screening, dealing with resistance, and precautions tothe use of hypnosis. It examines a variety of hypnotherapy systems ranging from hypnotic relaxation therapy to hypnoanalysis. With each application thetext includes relevant research, specific induction techniques, and an illustrative case example. Additionally the resource covers professional issues,certification, hypnosis in the hospital, and placebo effects. Key Features: Presents state-of-the art hypnosis research and applications for a wide range of psychological and medical disorders Encompasses information on 70 disorders with relevant research, intervention techniques, and case examples Authored by an international cadre of experts Provides an interdisciplinary perspective of both the mental health and medical communities Addresses certification, ethics, and other professional issues

Group Therapy For Cancer Patients A Research based Handbook Of Psychosocial Care

Group Therapy For Cancer Patients  A Research based Handbook Of Psychosocial Care Author David Spiegel
ISBN-10 0786723408
Release 2008-08-01
Pages 416
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This extraordinary resource celebrates and expands on Dr. David Spiegel’s discovery that a shared intimacy with mortality creates very different concerns in the patient from those that apply in conventional settings. Spiegel and Classen introduce mental health professionals to the awareness as well as the tools they will need to facilitate groups coping with existential crises. The result is a model for helping that actually helps.

Helping the Suicidal Person

Helping the Suicidal Person Author Stacey Freedenthal
ISBN-10 9781317353263
Release 2017-09-13
Pages 274
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Helping the Suicidal Person provides a highly practical toolbox for mental health professionals. The book first covers the need for professionals to examine their own personal experiences and fears around suicide, moves into essential areas of risk assessment, safety planning, and treatment planning, and then provides a rich assortment of tips for reducing the person’s suicidal danger and rebuilding the wish to live. The techniques described in the book can be interspersed into any type of therapy, no matter what the professional’s theoretical orientation is and no matter whether it’s the client’s first, tenth, or one-hundredth session. Clinicians don’t need to read this book in any particular order, or even read all of it. Open the book to any page, and find a useful tip or technique that can be applied immediately.

Salem health

Salem health Author Nancy A. Piotrowski
ISBN-10 PSU:000067331031
Release 2010
Pages 2208
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Salem health has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Salem health also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Salem health book for free.

Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis

Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis Author Steven J. Lynn
ISBN-10 1433805685
Release 2010
Pages 806
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Hypnosis has always captured the attention of some of the most creative thinkers in the field of psychology. Today, hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena are studied with state-of-the-science neuroimaging techniques, and hypnosis has informed cognitive science (and vice-versa) in meaningful ways. In this second edition of the landmark Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis, editors Steven Jay Lynn, Judith Rhue, and Irving Kirsch have undertaken a significant revision and update to their classic text, first published over ten years ago. It is divided into six sections: Foundations and General Considerations, which includes chapters on the history of hypnosis and measures of hypnotizability; Theories of Hypnosis, in which hypnosis is examined within the context of various therapeutic constructs; Hypnotic Techniques, which includes a how-to primer for trained therapists to conduct hypnotic inductions, as well as chapters about the integration of hypnosis with mindfulness strategies; Treating Psychological Problems and Populations, which discusses the use of hypnosis in treatment for depression, PTSD and Anxiety; Health and Sport Psychology, which examines hypnotic treatments for pain control and surgery as well as for maximizing athletic performance; and finally Further Issues and Extensions, which addresses, among other things, popular and cross-cultural conceptions of hypnosis. Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis, Second Edition is the comprehensive resource for clinicians, researchers, and anyone interested in the theory and practice of clinical hypnosis.

Psychotherapy for People Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Psychotherapy for People Diagnosed with Schizophrenia Author Andrew Lotterman
ISBN-10 9781317540960
Release 2015-02-11
Pages 232
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In this unique book, Andrew Lotterman describes a creative approach to the psychotherapy of people diagnosed with schizophrenia and other forms of psychosis. Lotterman focuses on specific techniques that can be used in psychological therapy with people who have symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, ideas of reference, looseness of association and pressured speech. Formerly titled Specific Techniques for the Psychotherapy of Schizophrenic Patients, this edition updates research on the biology and psychology of psychosis and explores the many controversial issues surrounding diagnosis. It also includes two new chapters on the psychology and treatment of paranoia and on the experience of having a shattered self and the delusion of being the Messiah. Lotterman’s innovative approach aims to help patients with one of the most debilitating symptoms of psychosis: the collapse of language use. By restoring language as a way of communicating the patient’s meaningful inner life to himself and to others, the patient is then able to undertake a more traditional form of verbal psychotherapy. The book presents detailed case histories of patients who have benefited from this method, highlighting the specific techniques used and the psychological improvements that followed. The approach presented here complements medication-based treatments that have only had partial success, as well as other psychological approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy and social skills training. Psychotherapy for People Diagnosed with Schizophrenia will be a valuable text for clinicians working with people suffering from psychosis, including psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, psychologists, physicians and social workers. It will also be of great interest to academics and students.

Forensic Hypnosis

Forensic Hypnosis Author Roy Udolf
ISBN-10 UOM:39015009910269
Release 1983-01-01
Pages 238
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Forensic Hypnosis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Forensic Hypnosis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Forensic Hypnosis book for free.

Virtual Reality Filmmaking

Virtual Reality Filmmaking Author Celine Tricart
ISBN-10 9781315280394
Release 2017-11-22
Pages 180
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Virtual Reality Filmmaking presents a comprehensive guide to the use of virtual reality in filmmaking, including narrative, documentary, live event production, and more. Written by Celine Tricart, a filmmaker and an expert in new technologies, the book provides a hands-on guide to creative filmmaking in this exciting new medium, and includes coverage on how to make a film in VR from start to finish. Topics covered include: The history of VR; VR cameras; Game engines and interactive VR; The foundations of VR storytelling; Techniques for shooting in live action VR; VR postproduction and visual effects; VR distribution; Interviews with experts in the field including the Emmy-winning studios Felix & Paul and Oculus Story Studio, Wevr, Viacom, Fox Sports, Sundance’s New Frontier, and more.

Harry the Hypno potamus

Harry the Hypno potamus Author Linda Thomson
ISBN-10 1845907264
Release 2011-06
Pages 176
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A collection of metaphorical stories that rely on hypnosis and other relaxation techniques to deal with a variety of physical and behavioural problems faced by children of all ages. It includes the stories that feature animals in the Ashland Zoo that rely on the guidance and support of Dr Dan, the zoo's vet, to help master their problems.

Books in Print 2009 2010

Books in Print 2009 2010 Author
ISBN-10 0835250199
Release 2009
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Books in Print 2009 2010 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Books in Print 2009 2010 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Books in Print 2009 2010 book for free.

The World s Greatest Hypnotists

The World s Greatest Hypnotists Author John C. Hughes
ISBN-10 UOM:39015040746813
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 278
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Today, hypnotism is recognized as an effective therapeutic tool and its importance is growing. This book shows how hypnotism reached its present status of acceptance, through two centuries of pioneering effort by several fascinating personalities. Special emphasis is placed on the life and work of Dr. Milton H. Erickson, the foremost mid-20th century exponent of hypnotism and the acknowledged father of modern hypnotherapy. This is the first book to provide a thorough narrative and biographical account of hypnotism's progress from 1775 to the present day. In addition to the history of hypnotism from its shamanistic origins to the modern clinical applications of today, this book looks forward to still greater advances in the use of hypnosis for the relieving and blocking of pain, and in enhancing the human immune system.

Ego State Therapy

Ego State Therapy Author Gordon Emmerson
ISBN-10 1845900790
Release 2007-09
Pages 212
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Aims to provide an improved psychological and physical experience of life. This book presents the theory and practice of working with ego states, helping to understand them, recognize and use them.

Competition Engine Building

Competition Engine Building Author John Baechtel
ISBN-10 9781934709627
Release 2012
Pages 176
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Authored by veteran author John Baechtel, COMPETITION ENGINE BUILDING stands alone as a premier guide for enthusiasts and students of the racing engine. It will also find favor as a reference guide for experienced professionals for years to come.

Medical Hypnosis Primer

Medical Hypnosis Primer Author Arreed Franz Barabasz
ISBN-10 9781136915703
Release 2011-04-27
Pages 152
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This brief Primer, assembled by top recognized hypnosis authorities, briefly presents the basic concepts of modern medical hypnosis and encourages mental health care practitioners to learn how to use hypnosis as an adjunct to standard medical care. It also lays the groundwork for the teaching and practice of hypnosis as part of the required syllabus for every medical and nursing school as well as graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology. Medical Hypnosis Primer goes far in advancing the medical and factual aspects of this still greatly misunderstood field, and is of great value to practitioners, teachers, and students.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Interpersonal Psychotherapy Author Arthur Burton
ISBN-10 UOM:39015000855125
Release 1975
Pages 172
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Interpersonal Psychotherapy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Interpersonal Psychotherapy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Interpersonal Psychotherapy book for free.