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Advancing Race and Ethnicity in Education

Advancing Race and Ethnicity in Education Author Richard Race
ISBN-10 1137274751
Release 2014-05-21
Pages 280
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This timely collection focuses on domestic and international education research on race and ethnicity. As co-conveners of the British Education Research Associations (BERA) Special Education Group on Race and Ethnicity (2010-2013), Race and Lander are advocates for the promotion of race and ethnicity within education. With its unique structure and organisation of empirical material, this volume collates contributions from global specialists and fresh new voices to bring cutting-edge research and findings to a multi-disciplinary marker which includes education, sociology and political studies. The aim of this book is to promote and advocate a range of contemporary issues related to race, ethnicity and inclusion in relation to pedagogy, teaching and learning.

Advancing Multicultural Dialogues in Education

Advancing Multicultural Dialogues in Education Author Richard Race
ISBN-10 9783319605586
Release 2017-10-27
Pages 333
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This edited collection advances the call for continued multicultural dialogues within education. Dialogue and education are the two most essential tools that can help tackle some of the biggest problems we are facing across the globe, including fanaticism, chauvinistic nationalism, religious fundamentalism and racism. The contributors to this book explore the necessity of sustained dialogue within the wider social and political sciences alongside in national and international politics, where more multicultural voices need to be heard in order to make progress. The book builds on existing evidence and literature to advocate in favour of this movement, and highlights how important and significant multiculturalism and multicultural education remains. It will be essential reading for students and academics working in the fields of education and sociology, particularly those with an interest in social justice and multiculturalism.

Ethnicity in College

Ethnicity in College Author Anna Marie Ortiz
ISBN-10 9781579223328
Release 2009
Pages 401
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This book explores the importance, and construction, of ethnic identity among college students, and how ethnicity interfaces with students interactions on campus, and the communities in which they live.

Multiculturalism and Education

Multiculturalism and Education Author Richard Race
ISBN-10 9781472570215
Release 2015-02-26
Pages 192
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There is a need to rethink education studies in these times of change, in terms of literacies and technologies, conflict and environmental concerns, and a need for authoritative texts addressing the key areas within education; sociology, child and infant development, social justice, policy, social welfare and development – and multiculturalism. This popular text provides approaches to the theoretical perspectives and frameworks and focuses on the relevant literature surrounding multiculturalism for today's students. This new edition includes a completely new contemporary chapter on the notion of multicultural citizenship and new integrationist policies in England, including the latest research on citizenship, immigration and integration as applied to worldwide education policy-making. Including extensive examples of empirical research, study questions, updated references and website resources, Multiculturalism and Education 2e is essential reading for all those studying multiculturalism, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, within education and the wider social sciences today.

Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity Author John Rex
ISBN-10 0335153860
Release 1986
Pages 148
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Race and Ethnicity has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Race and Ethnicity also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Race and Ethnicity book for free.

Diversifying the Teaching Force in Transnational Contexts

Diversifying the Teaching Force in Transnational Contexts Author Clea Schmidt
ISBN-10 9789463006637
Release 2016-10-26
Pages 192
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"Diversifying the teaching force has become a priority in many migrant-receiving jurisdictions worldwide with the growing mismatch between the ethnic backgrounds, cultures, languages, and religions of teachers and those of students and families. Arguments for diversification tend to be couched in terms of disproportionate representation and students from minority backgrounds needing positive role models, yet research identifies other compelling reasons for diversification, including the fact that teachers of migrant backgrounds often possess outstanding qualifications when multilingualism and internationally obtained education and experience are taken into account, and the fact that all students, including majority-background students, benefit from a diversity of role models in schools. Nevertheless, the process of diversification is fraught with complexity. Depending on the context, systemic discrimination, an oversupply of teachers in the profession generally, and outdated hiring policies and practices can all impede efforts to diversify the teaching force.This volume comprises original research from Canada, the U.S., Germany, Ireland, Scotland, and England that problematizes issues of diversifying the teaching force and identifies promising practices. A foreword written by Charlene Bearhead of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation questions the very purpose of education in and for diverse societies. An introduction written by the editors defines key concepts and establishes a rationale for diversifying the teaching force in migrant-receiving contexts. Following this, key international scholars offer empirical perspectives using a range of methodologies and theories rooted in critical social science paradigms. The volume informs future research, programming, and policy development in this area."“/div>div

Judith Butler Race and Education

Judith Butler  Race and Education Author Charlotte Chadderton
ISBN-10 9783319733654
Release 2018-05-22
Pages 208
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This book provides an analysis of race and education through the lens of the work of Judith Butler. Although Butler tends to be best known in the field of education for her work on gender and sexuality, her work more broadly encompasses the functioning of power and hegemonic norms and the formation of subjects, and thus can also be applied to analyse issues of race. Applying a Butlerian framework to race allows us to question its ontological status, while considering it a hegemonic norm and a performative notion which has a significant impact on real lives. The author considers the implications of Butler’s thinking for debates; addressing diverse contemporary educational issues in which race continues to be (re)produced, such as the formation of leaner identities, the production of the good citizen, raising student aspirations, counter terrorism and surveillance in education, and qualitative research in education. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of education and race, the sociology of education and equality of opportunity.

Leading for Equality

Leading for Equality Author Jacky Lumby
ISBN-10 9781473987968
Release 2016-10-18
Pages 216
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Disentangling the concept of equality in schools can be a tricky task for those in senior, middle or classroom leadership. This book will unpack ideas of equality, equity, diversity and social justice, providing practitioners and those training to teach with an understanding of equality in order to address educational values and practice. Drawing on a wide range of case studies from schools in England, Wales and Scotland, the authors illustrate the importance of leading for equality with a clear and proactive vision for change. The authors explore these key areas: · Socio-economic class · Gender · Sexuality · Ethnicity · Religion · Migrant children · Special learning needs and disabilities This book will serve as a handy guide for postgraduate and undergraduate students on Education Leadership and Inclusive Education courses.

African American Male Students in PreK 12 Schools

African American Male Students in PreK 12 Schools Author Chance W. Lewis
ISBN-10 9781784412838
Release 2014-05-28
Pages 424
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Presents a comprehensive viewpoint on preK-12 schooling for African American males. Including theoretical, conceptual, and research based chapters, this edited volume offers readers compelling evidence of the education challenges and successes for this student population.

The School to Prison Pipeline

The School to Prison Pipeline Author Nathern Okilwa
ISBN-10 9781785601293
Release 2017
Pages 215
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This edited volume focuses on the role that school climate and disciplinary practices have on the educational and social experiences of students of color. Drawing from quantitative, qualitative, and theoretical studies, it brings to bear a number of topics such as racialized school experiences; criminology, discursive deviance and punishment and carceral studies; urban studies; school administration and leadership; and, a number of critical theorist frameworks. Practical insights are offered to assist administrators, teachers, school counsellors, and other school and non-school based professionals on how to address not only disparities in school discipline, but also create and promote an inclusive, affirming positive school culture and climate. With applications in disciplinary studies and criminology, leadership studies, critical race theory and other critical frameworks, this volume is a valuable resource advancing new theoretical concepts.

School Integration Matters

School Integration Matters Author Erica Frankenberg
ISBN-10 9780807774700
Release 2016
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More than 60 years after the Brown v. Board of Education decision declared segregated schooling inherently unequal, this timely book sheds light on how and why U.S. schools are experiencing increasing segregation along racial, socioeconomic, and linguistic lines. It offers policy and programmatic alternatives for advancing equity and describes the implications for students and more broadly for the nation. The authors look at the structural and legal roots of inequity in the United States educational system and examine opportunities to support integration efforts across the educational pipeline (pre-k to higher education). School Integration Matters examines: The need to increase school integration to advance equity.The roots of persisting inequity in U.S. schools.Current practices that adversely affect historically marginalized groups.K–12 integration and bilingual education policy.The challenges and opportunities to advancing integration within higher education.Future directions and policy recommendations for pursuing integration for equity. “This is the book that reignites the civil rights movement for the 21st century, written and edited by a powerful new generation of civil rights scholars.” —Patricia Gandara, co-director, The Civil Rights Project, UCLA “This is visionary scholarship at its best and it moves far beyond the policy vacuum and the black-white paradigm to suggest workable solutions for a multiracial future. Educators and policy makers need this book.” —Gary Orfield, Co-Director, Civil Rights Project, UCLA Contributors: Martha Cecilia Bottia, Courtney D. Cogburn, Erica Frankenberg, Liliana M. Garces, Rachel Garver, Cynthia Gordon da Cruz, Mariela Gutierrez, Megan Hopkins, Michael Hilton, Daniel Kiel, Richard Lambert, Savannah Larimore, Rebecca Lowenhaupt, Roslyn Arlin Mickelson, P. Zitlali Morales, Lindsay Pérez Huber, Aria Razfar, Jeanne L. Reid, Matthew Patrick Shaw, Philip Tegeler, Hoang Vu Tran, Tina Trujillo, Brenda Pulido Villanueva

Race Ethnicity and Gender in Education

Race  Ethnicity and Gender in Education Author Joseph Zajda
ISBN-10 9781402097393
Release 2010-03-23
Pages 230
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Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Education: Cross-cultural, which is the sixth volume in the 12-volume book series Globalisation, Comparative Education and Policy Research, presents scholarly research on major discourses of race, ethnicity and gender in education. It provides an easily accessible, practical yet scholarly source of information about the international concern in the field of globalisation and comparative education. Above all, the book offers the latest findings to the critical issues concerning major discourses on race, ethnicity and gender in the global culture. It is a sourcebook of ideas for researchers, practitioners and policymakers in education, globalisation, social justice, equity and access in schooling around the world. It offers a timely overview of current issues affecting research in comparative education of race, ethnicity and gender. It provides directions in education and policy research relevant to progressive pedagogy, social change and transformational educational reforms in the twen- first century. The book critically examines the overall interplay between the state, ideology and current discourses of race, ethnicity and gender in the global culture. It draws upon recent studies in the areas of globalisation, equity, social justice and the role of the State (Zajda et al. , 2006, 2008). It explores conceptual frameworks and methodological approaches applicable in the research covering the State, globa- sation, race, ethnicity and gender.

Changing Urban Education

Changing Urban Education Author Simon Pratt-Adams
ISBN-10 9781441147912
Release 2010-04-08
Pages 208
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Changing Urban Education considers the way we approach teaching and learning in the urban context and examines the debates concerning developments in wider social, cultural, political and economic contexts. Grounded in a strong conceptual, theoretical framework, this accessible text will guide the reader through this evolving area. Reflective exercises, interviews, chapter summaries and useful websites will encourage and support student learning and the application of new concepts. Recent debates and developments are considered, including: * The city as a social, cultural and economic resource * Virtual communities * The impact of the forces of globalisation on urban education * Challenging schools and urban policy * Mobile urban learning Changing Urban Education is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students on education studies and related courses.

Young People Popular Culture and Education

Young People  Popular Culture and Education Author Chris Richards
ISBN-10 9781623561321
Release 2010-12-16
Pages 200
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Written to support the Education Studies student with full pedagogical features throughout, this book explores the inter-relationship between the three fields and considers how these relationships have informed teaching practice, especially in the school context.

The Pursuit of Racial and Ethnic Equality in American Public Schools

The Pursuit of Racial and Ethnic Equality in American Public Schools Author Kristi L. Bowman
ISBN-10 9781628952391
Release 2014-12-19
Pages 452
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In 1954 the Supreme Court decided Brown v. Board of Education; ten years later, Congress enacted the Civil Rights Act. These monumental changes in American law dramatically expanded educational opportunities for racial and ethnic minority children across the country. They also changed the experiences of white children, who have learned in increasingly diverse classrooms. The authors of this commemorative volume include leading scholars in law, education, and public policy, as well as important historical figures. Taken together, the chapters trace the narrative arc of school desegregation in the United States, beginning in California in the 1940s, continuing through Brown v. Board, the Civil Rights Act, and three important Supreme Court decisions about school desegregation and voluntary integration in 1974, 1995, and 2007. The authors also assess the status of racial and ethnic equality in education today and consider the viability of future legal and policy reform in pursuit of the goals of Brown v. Board. This remarkable collection of voices in conversation with one another lays the groundwork for future discussions about the relationship between law and educational equality, and ultimately for the creation of new public policy. A valuable reference for scholars and students alike, this dynamic text is an important contribution to the literature by an outstanding group of authors.

Advancing Democracy

Advancing Democracy Author Amilcar Shabazz
ISBN-10 0807875988
Release 2005-11-16
Pages 320
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As we approach the fiftieth anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education (1954), it is important to consider the historical struggles that led to this groundbreaking decision. Four years earlier in Texas, the Sweatt v. Painter decision allowed blacks access to the University of Texas's law school for the first time. Amilcar Shabazz shows that the development of black higher education in Texas--which has historically had one of the largest state college and university systems in the South--played a pivotal role in the challenge to Jim Crow education. Shabazz begins with the creation of the Texas University Movement in the 1880s to lobby for equal access to the full range of graduate and professional education through a first-class university for African Americans. He traces the philosophical, legal, and grassroots components of the later campaign to open all Texas colleges and universities to black students, showing the complex range of strategies and the diversity of ideology and methodology on the part of black activists and intellectuals working to promote educational equality. Shabazz credits the efforts of blacks who fought for change by demanding better resources for segregated black colleges in the years before Brown, showing how crucial groundwork for nationwide desegregation was laid in the state of Texas.

Teacher Education and Black Communities

Teacher Education and Black Communities Author Chance W. Lewis
ISBN-10 9781623966997
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 353
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The field of education has been and will continue to be essential to the survival and sustainability of the Black community. Unfortunately, over the past five decades, two major trends have become clearly evident in the Black community: (a) the decline of the academic achievement levels of Black students and (b) the disappearance of Black teachers, particularly Black males. Today, of the 3.5 million teachers in America’s classrooms (AACTE, 2010) only 8% are Black teachers, and approximately 2% of these teachers are Black males (NCES, 2010). Over the past few decades, the Black teaching force in the U.S. has dropped significantly (Lewis, 2006; Lewis, Bonner, Byrd, & James, 2008; Milner & Howard, 2004), and this educational crisis shows no signs of ending in the near future. As the population of Black students in K12 schools in the U. S. continue to rise—currently over 16% of students in America’s schools are Black (NCES, 2010)—there is an urgent need to increase the presence of Black educators. The overall purpose of this edited volume is to stimulate thought and discussion among diverse audiences (e.g., policymakers, practitioners, and educational researchers) who are concerned about the performance of Black students in our nation’s schools, and to provide evidencebased strategies to expand our nation’s pool of Black teachers. To this end, it is our hope that this book will contribute to the teacher education literature and will inform the teacher education policy and practice debate.