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Advertising Author Elizabeth Rose McFall
ISBN-10 0761942548
Release 2004
Pages 208
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Advertising is often used to illustrate popular and academic debates about cultural and economic life. This book reviews cultural and sociological approaches to advertising and, using historical evidence, demonstrates that a rethink of the analysis of advertising is long overdue. Liz McFall surveys dominant and problematic tendencies within the current discourse. This book offers a thorough review of the literature and also introduces fresh empirical evidence. Advertising: A Cultural Economy uses a historical study of advertising to regain a sense of how it has been patterned, not by the `epoch', but by the interaction of institutional, organisational and technological forces.

Cultural Economy

Cultural Economy Author Paul du Gay
ISBN-10 9781412931908
Release 2002-01-31
Pages 256
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Phrases such as `corporate culture', `market culture' and the `knowledge economy', have now become familiar clarion calls in the world of work. They are calls that have echoed through organizations and markets. Clearly something is happening to the ways markets and organizations are being represented and intervened in and this signals a need to reassess their very constitution. In particular, the once clean divide that placed the economy, dealt with mainly by economists, on one side, and culture, addressed chiefly by those in anthropology, sociology and the other `cultural sciences', on the other, can no longer hold. This volume presents the work of an international group of academics from a range of disciplines including sociology, media and cultural studies, social anthropology and geography, all of whom are involved not only in thinking `culture' into the economy but thinking culture and economy together.

Advertising Cultures

Advertising Cultures Author Sean Nixon
ISBN-10 0761961984
Release 2003-04-01
Pages 184
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The economic and cultural role of the `creative industries' has gained a new prominence and centrality in recent years. These worlds are explored here through the most emblematic creative industry: advertising. Advertising Cultures presents a case-study of the social make-up, informal cultures and subjective identities of these creative practices.

Organizing Identity

Organizing Identity Author Paul du Gay
ISBN-10 9781848605091
Release 2007-02-15
Pages 208
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"This book overturns the conventional thinking about organization and identity and puts in its place a wholly new theoretical synthesis. It is not just an extraordinarily incisive commentary on modern life but it is also a key to thinking about identity in new ways which will prove an indispensable guide as we move beyond social constructionism. Remarkable." - Nigel Thrift, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Warwick "I have to say that as usual I find very refreshing Paul du Gay's courageous and unconventional approach, a clarity of vision that I find very appealing." - Professor Marilyn Strathern, University Of Cambridge Like many other popular academic terms, ‘identity’ has been asked to do so much work that it has often ended up doing none at all and, as a consequence, there has been a recent turn away from identity work. In this book, Paul du Gay moves identity theory in a new direction, offering a distinctive approach to studying how persons - human and non human - are put together or assembled: how their ‘identities’ are formed. He does through an engagement with a range of work in the social sciences, humanities and in organization studies which privileges the business of description over metaphysical speculation and epochalist assertion. At the heart of the book is an approach to the material-cultural making up of ‘persons’ that involves a shift away from general social and cultural accounts concerning the formation of ‘subjectivity’ and ‘identity’ towards an understanding of the specific forms of personhood that individuals acquire through their immersion in and subjection to particular normative and technical regimes of conduct. The book is written for postgraduate students and researchers interested in debates about identity, subjectivity and personhood in a range of disciplines – especially those in sociology, social anthropology, geography, and organization and management studies.

Advertising as Culture

Advertising as Culture Author Chris Wharton
ISBN-10 9781841506142
Release 2013
Pages 229
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Penned by contributors from a range of disciplines, including art history, sociology, and media and cultural studies, this title explores such topics as the conceptual relationship between advertising and culture; the relationship of advertising to cultural fields such as art, fashion, and music; and developments in digital media practice.

Sport Culture and Advertising

Sport  Culture and Advertising Author Steven J. Jackson
ISBN-10 9781134298792
Release 2004-11-10
Pages 288
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Despite the range of theoretical and methological positions adopted and the wide range of issues and topics related to advertising covered by cultural studies, relationships between sport and advertising have been largely overlooked. Given its gobal popularity and its prevalence across the spectrum of cultural and commercial life it is not surprising that scholars interrogating the cultural politics of sport have begun to recognise advertising as an important site for the analysis of power relations, cultural politics and cultural repesentation. Sport, Culture and Advertising presents a first step towards understanding the relationship between advertising and identity with a focus on sport. The book will be useful for scholars across a range of disciplines and will be of interest to students looking for a more critical examination of the commercial realm of sport.

Globalization Sport and Corporate Nationalism

Globalization  Sport and Corporate Nationalism Author Jay Scherer
ISBN-10 3039111140
Release 2010
Pages 272
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Although New Zealand exists as a small (pop. 4.3 million), peripheral nation in the global economy, it offers a unique site through which to examine the complex, but uneven, interplay between global forces and long-standing national traditions and cultural identities. This book examines the profound impact of globalization on the national sport of rugby and New Zealand's iconic team, the All Blacks. Since 1995, the national sport of rugby has undergone significant change, most notably due to the New Zealand Rugby Union's lucrative and ongoing corporate partnerships with Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation and global sportswear giant Adidas. The authors explore these significant developments and pressures alongside the resulting tensions and contradictions that have emerged as the All Blacks, and other aspects of national heritage and indigenous identity, have been steadily incorporated into a global promotional culture. Following recent research in cultural studies, they highlight the intensive, but contested, commodification of the All Blacks to illuminate the ongoing transformation of rugby in New Zealand by corporate imperatives and the imaginations of marketers, most notably through the production of a complex discourse of corporate nationalism within Adidas's evolving local and global advertising campaigns.

European Spirit Adaption to Market Economy and National Identity in Poland and Ukraine

European Spirit  Adaption to Market Economy and National Identity in Poland and Ukraine Author Matthias Reichhard
ISBN-10 9783836662833
Release 2008-09
Pages 294
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When at the turn of the 1980, the face of the political world was largely remodelled with the vanishment of classical East and West blocs, the economical wasteland created by the failed socialist planned economic system constituted a fascinating research pasture for economists of all disciplines - especially macroeconomists and specialists for economic politics. At universities, new faculties for transformation studies were created. Authors like Rodrick elucidated the reasons for the acute period of the COMECON alliance in form of teh Soviet trade shock, de Melo, van den Mortel a.o. discussed reasons for discrepancy of initial condions, Aghion & Blanchard about the speed of transition, just like Wyplosz, Fischer & Sahayestablished a balance sheet after a decade of transition. However, the preponderant part authorship dedicated to the fate and future of Central and Eastern European countries left apart a force of influence which disciplines of business adminitration have discovered for disciplines like management and staff motivation: culture. The author of the present study did extended research for working papers a.o. which may provide hints for characteristics of development visible in two exemplaric states, out of which one used to be part fo the soviet Union (Ukraine), the other a satellite brother country" (POland), which lie below the surface of economic behaviour and performance. The result of this quest was y and large that there indeed do exist works which deal with the selected econo-political aspects; however, most authors refer to the five dimensions of national culture presented by Hofstede, which in the authors opinion oversimplify the complex and difficultly obervable domain fo culture, sometimes even is entangled in contradictions like with the high masculinity/femininity index for Italy. This is why the author rather oriented by the need-belief-value-attitude continuum described by Culatta and thus developped his chapters on EU accession, adv

The Routledge Companion to Advertising and Promotional Culture

The Routledge Companion to Advertising and Promotional Culture Author Matthew P. McAllister
ISBN-10 9780415888011
Release 2013
Pages 464
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The Routledge Companion to Advertising and Promotional Culture provides an essential guide to the key issues, methodologies, concepts, debates, and policies that shape our everyday relationship with advertising. The book contains eight sections: Historical Perspectives considers the historical roots and their relationship to recent changes of contemporary advertising and promotional practice. Political Economy examines how market forces, corporate ownership, and government policies shape the advertising and media promotion environment. Globalization presents work on advertising and marketing as a global, intercultural, and transnational practice. Audiences as Labor, Consumers, Interpreters, Fans introduces how people construct promotional meaning and are constructed as consumers, markets, and labor by advertising forces. Identities analyzes the ways that advertising constructs images and definitions of groups -- such as gender, race and the child -- through industry labor practices, marketing, as well as through representation in advertising texts. Social Institutions looks at the pervasiveness of advertising strategies in different social domains, including politics, music, housing, and education. Everyday Life highlights how a promotional ethos and advertising initiatives pervade self image, values, and relationships. The Environment interrogates advertising's relationship to environmental issues, the promotional efforts of corporations to construct green images, and mass consumption's relationship to material waste. With chapters written by leading international scholars working at the intersections of media studies and advertising studies, this book is a go-to source for those looking to understand the ways advertising has shaped consumer culture, in the past and present.

Popular Culture Political Economy and the Death of Feminism

Popular Culture  Political Economy and the Death of Feminism Author Penny Griffin
ISBN-10 9781317580379
Release 2015-06-05
Pages 242
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While some have argued that we live in a ‘postfeminist’ era that renders feminism irrelevant to people’s contemporary lives this book takes ‘feminism’, the source of eternal debate, contestation and ambivalence, and situates the term within the popular, cultural practices of everyday life. It explores the intimate connections between the politics of feminism and the representational practices of contemporary popular culture, examining how feminism is ‘made sensible’ through visual imagery and popular culture representations. It investigates how popular culture is produced, represented and consumed to reproduce the conditions in which feminism is valued or dismissed, and asks whether antifeminism exists in commodity form and is commercially viable. Written in an accessible style and analysing a broad range of popular culture artefacts (including commercial advertising, printed and digital news-related journalism and commentary, music, film, television programming, websites and social media), this book will be of use to students, researchers and practitioners of International Relations, International Political Economy and gender, cultural and media studies.

Global Marketing and Advertising

Global Marketing and Advertising Author Marieke de Mooij
ISBN-10 9781412970419
Release 2010
Pages 323
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The Third Edition of the bestseller is packed with cultural, company, and country examples that help explain the paradoxes international marketers are likely to encounter.

British Television Advertising

British Television Advertising Author Renée Dickason
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105110481939
Release 2000
Pages 188
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Since television in the UK began, advertisements have come to be acceptable to the viewer and to be considered, by some, as a bastion of "Britishness" in a world of increasing media globalization. This study examines the question of television advertising as an expression of cultural identity.

Buy This Book

Buy This Book Author Mica Nava
ISBN-10 9781136181795
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 368
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Buy This Book is an important contribution to the history and understanding of consumption and advertising. This book brings together an outstanding collection of writing on the study of advertising, consumer practices and the future directions of research. Advertising and Consumption constitutes an invaluable resource for researchers, teachers and students. The essays are based on new textual and ethnographic research and engage with existing theoretical and historical work to form a volume which is a challenging companion to studies in this field.

Youth Culture and Sport

Youth Culture and Sport Author Michael D. Giardina
ISBN-10 9781135914639
Release 2012-08-06
Pages 228
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Youth Culture and Sport critically interrogates and challenges contemporary articulations of race, class, gender, and sexual relations circulating throughout popular iterations of youth sporting culture in late-capitalism. Written against the backdrop of important changes in social, cultural, political, and economic dynamics taking place in corporate culture’s war on kids, this exciting new volume marks the first anthology to critically examine the intersection of youth culture and sport in an age of global uncertainty. Bringing together leading scholars from cultural studies, gender studies, sociology, sport studies, and related fields, chapters range in scope from 'action' sport subcultures and community redevelopment programs to the cultural politics of white masculinity and Nike advertising. It is a must read for anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the role sport plays in the construction of experiences, identities, practices, and social differences of contemporary youth culture.

bersetzung translation traduction

  bersetzung  translation  traduction Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060672162
Release 2004
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bersetzung translation traduction has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from bersetzung translation traduction also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full bersetzung translation traduction book for free.

American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015066180434
Release 2006
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American Book Publishing Record has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American Book Publishing Record also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American Book Publishing Record book for free.

Gender Race and Class in Media

Gender  Race  and Class in Media Author Gail Dines
ISBN-10 9781412974417
Release 2011
Pages 671
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From gender issues in Desperate Housewives, to race in Ugly Betty, gender biases in video games, and portrayals of the American family in Extreme Makeover, to analyzes of new genres like fandom and social media - no other book is so successful in engaging students in critical media scholarship. By encouraging students to critically analyze those media they already interact with for pleasure, and by editing the articles, Gail Dines and Jean Humez are able to make sophisticated concepts and theories accessible and interesting to undergraduate students.