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Africa s Wars and Prospects for Peace

Africa s Wars and Prospects for Peace Author Raymond W. Copson
ISBN-10 9781315484396
Release 2016-09-16
Pages 224
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A collection of articles addressing the issue of whether the industrial model of human progress can be sustained in the long term. It asks what the social, political, economic and environmental implications as well as potential solutions to the problem of resource-intensive growth are.

The Root Causes of Sudan s Civil Wars

The Root Causes of Sudan s Civil Wars Author Douglas Hamilton Johnson
ISBN-10 9781847010292
Release 2011
Pages 236
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Revised with an analysis of the escalation of the Darfur war, implementation of the peace agreement and implications of the Southern referendum.

War and Peace in Africa s Great Lakes Region

War and Peace in Africa   s Great Lakes Region Author Gilbert M. Khadiagala
ISBN-10 9783319581248
Release 2017-07-11
Pages 148
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The book probes major security and governance trends in Africa’s Great Lakes region since the 1990s. It examines political dynamics in key states – Burundi, the DRC, Rwanda, and Uganda – as well as the role of international actors such as the AU, the EU, and the UN, thereby providing a unique perspective on efforts towards regional peace and prosperity. The authors suggest that while the region has made tremendous progress, it faces continuing challenges (including reversals in governance) that threaten future regional security.

African Peace Militaries

African Peace Militaries Author David J. Francis
ISBN-10 9781134819720
Release 2017-08-16
Pages 186
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This book provides a critical understanding of the emerging role of African militaries in peacetime democratic Africa. This book departs from the dominant perspective which simply presents the military as an ‘enemy’ of democracy because of the history and legacy of unending military coup d’états and interventions in civilian politics. In the context of Africa, the military has been blamed or largely held responsible for instigating wars, armed conflicts, political violence, poverty and underdevelopment due to bad governance and mismanagement of the state. Drawing from diverse case studies across Africa, including Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia and Egypt, this volume presents the argument that though the military has played a negative, and sometimes, destructive role in undermining constitutional rule and the overthrow of democratic civilian governments, the same military, now operating in a changed global environment, is making effort to support the development of democracy and democratic consolidation as well as remain subjected to civilian democratic oversight and control. Notwithstanding, the real challenge for this emerging trend of African peace militaries is the extent to which they are able to fulfil, on a predictable and consistent basis, their constitutional mandate to defend the people against ‘elected autocrats’ in Africa who try to use the military to perpetuate themselves in power. This work fills a critical gap in the literature and will be of much interest to students of African security and politics, peace and conflict studies, security studies and IR in general.

Narrating War and Peace in Africa

Narrating War and Peace in Africa Author Hetty ter Haar
ISBN-10 9781580463300
Release 2010
Pages 328
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A comprehensive volume that offers historical and nuanced representations of war and peace in Africa from the fields of African studies and cultural studies, linguistics, journalism and the media, literature, film, drama and performance, women's and gender studies, and human rights.

Peace and Conflict in Africa

Peace and Conflict in Africa Author David Francis
ISBN-10 9781848137493
Release 2013-04-04
Pages 256
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Nowhere in the world is the demand for peace more prominent and challenging than in Africa. From state collapse and anarchy in Somalia to protracted wars and rampant corruption in the Congo; from bloody civil wars and extreme poverty in Sierra Leone to humanitarian crisis and authoritarianism in Sudan, the continent is the focus of growing political and media attention. This book presents the first comprehensive overview of conflict and peace across the continent. Bringing together a range of leading academics from Africa and beyond, Peace and Conflict in Africa is an ideal introduction to key themes of conflict resolution, peacebuilding, security and development. The book's stress on the importance of indigenous Africa approaches to creating peace makes it an innovative and exciting intervention in the field.

Durable Peace

Durable Peace Author Taisier Mohamed Ahmed Ali
ISBN-10 080208463X
Release 2004
Pages 443
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Taisier M. Ali and Robert O. Matthews have brought together leading scholars to discuss the experiences of ten African countries recovering from violent civil war. In this series of remarkable and thought-provoking essays, the contributors shed light on the process of peacebuilding.

The Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa Author Paul B. Henze
ISBN-10 9781349214563
Release 2016-07-27
Pages 278
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There are many books on individual countries of the Horn, but this one is unique in treating the region as a whole, stressing interactions among as well as within Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia and, in turn, their relations with neighbouring regions of Africa and the Middle East. The author summarizes the history of the region from earliest times to the 19th century and then concentrates on Russian and American involvements.

Ending Africa s Wars

Ending Africa s Wars Author Roy May
ISBN-10 9781317143802
Release 2016-04-29
Pages 258
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Post-colonial Africa has seemingly been in an intractable state of conflict and war for a considerable period of time. This volume explores the process by which these wars were ended, discusses the lessons learnt, and examines the sustainability of recently reconciled conflicts to see how far peace solutions are permanent in this region. Ending Africa's Wars is an important and timely book for all those interested in conflict, democracy, international organizations, civil society, refugees, gender and the economic reconstruction of Africa.

Peace Agreements and Civil Wars in Africa

Peace Agreements and Civil Wars in Africa Author
ISBN-10 9781621968542
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Peace Agreements and Civil Wars in Africa has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Peace Agreements and Civil Wars in Africa also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Peace Agreements and Civil Wars in Africa book for free.

Making war and waging peace

Making war and waging peace Author David R. Smock
ISBN-10 1878379283
Release 1993
Pages 290
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During the past decade or so, Africa has been beset by an extraordinarily high number of wars. Indeed, some two to three million people died because of Africa's warefare in the 1980's alone. That heavy burden of war, most of it originating internally, has been accompanied by frequent external involvement, both in terms of military intervention and through efforts to promote conflict resolution, usually by mediation. This volume focuses on the role and effectiveness of external intervention in sub-Saharan Africa, primarily during the 1980's. The authors include a range of Western and African scholars and policymakers with extensive experience in Africa. The richly detailed case studies examine Angola and Namibia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Mozambique, and Sudan. Additional essays assess the role of the OAU and summarize French, British, and Belgium military involvement. An afterword by former diplomat Chester Crocker offers several guidelines for promoting peace-making and peacekeeping on the African continent in the future.

Civil Wars in Africa

Civil Wars in Africa Author Taisier M. Ali
ISBN-10 9780773567382
Release 1999-01-27
Pages 336
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John Kiyaga-Nsubuga focuses on Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Movement regime's attempt to bring peace to Uganda. John Prendergast and Mark Duffield look at Ethiopia's long civil war and the role of liberation politics and external engagement. Bruce Jones studies the ethnic roots of the civil war in Rwanda. Elwood Dunn explores political manipulation and ethnic differences as causes of civil strife in Liberia. John Saul examines the role of Western powers in establishing peace in Mozambique. Hussein Adam describes the collapse of the authoritarian regime in Somalia and the subsequent rise of inter-clan and sub-clan rivalry. Taisier Ali and Robert Matthews argue that the forty-year conflict in Sudan is much more complex than the usual view that it results from the pitting of the Arab, Islamic North against the African, Christian South.

Conflict Resolution and Peace Education in Africa

Conflict Resolution and Peace Education in Africa Author Ernest E. Uwazie
ISBN-10 0739106694
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 188
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Africa today suffers from too much political unrest and violent conflict. The contributors to this edited collection recognize a missing link in efforts to foster democracy, and with it political stability and peace, in Africa's developing countries: Democracy can be sustained only where effective means for resolving citizens' disputes exist both within and outside the formal legal system. The writers whose articles appear here scholars, practitioners, and peace advocates present their varied knowledge of conflict and war in Africa and strategies for introducing and implementing mediation, from Sierra Leone to South Africa. This volume is a model exchange of insights and ideas in the important field of conflict resolution as applied to Africa."

A Socialist Peace

A Socialist Peace Author Mike McGovern
ISBN-10 9780226453606
Release 2017-06-22
Pages 249
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For the last twenty years, the West African nation of Guinea has exhibited all the characteristics that have correlated with civil wars in other countries, and Guineans themselves regularly talk about the inevitability of war tearing their country apart. Yet the country has narrowly avoided civil conflict again and again. Mike McGovern asks how this was possible, how a nation could beat the odds and evade civil war. All six of Guinea's neighbors have experienced civil war or separatist insurgency in the past twenty years. Guinea itself has similar makings for it. It is rich in resources, yet its people are some of the poorest in the world. Its political situation is polarized by fiercely competitive ethnic groups. Weapons flow freely through its lands and across its borders. And, finally, it is still recovering from the oppressive regime of Sekou Toure. Yet it is that aspect which McGovern points to: while Toure's reign was hardly peaceful, it was successful often through highly coercive and violent measures at establishing a set of durable national dispositions, which have kept the nation at peace. Exploring the ambivalences of contemporary Guineans toward the afterlife of Tour 's reign as well as their abiding sense of socialist solidarity, McGovern sketches the paradoxes that can undergird political stability.

Civil wars child soldiers and post conflict peace building in West Africa

Civil wars  child soldiers and post conflict peace building in West Africa Author African Strategic and Peace Research Group
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105114945319
Release 2003-12-30
Pages 225
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A study of conflict and post conflict reconstruction in West Africa discussing issues such as child soldiers, the dynamics of civil war, state and social disintegration, and multilateral agencies and post conflict peace. Sierra Leone and Liberia are studied in particular detail.

Somalia a Country at War

Somalia  a Country at War Author Theodros S. Dagne
ISBN-10 OCLC:38503583
Release 1992
Pages 29
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Somalia a Country at War has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Somalia a Country at War also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Somalia a Country at War book for free.

Uniting Africa

Uniting Africa Author David J. Francis
ISBN-10 0754646858
Release 2006
Pages 278
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Africa has suffered at the mercy of natural catastrophes, bloody wars, political instability and communal violence amongst others. David Francis focuses on the debate on uniting the continent in terms of co-operative peace, security and development, examining whether a series of emerging regional peace and security systems could feasibly be institutionalized and extended.