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Al Qaeda in Europe

Al Qaeda in Europe Author Lorenzo Vidino
ISBN-10 9781615923113
Release 2006
Pages 403
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Vidino has produced an invaluable exposé of Al Qaeda's roots and tentacles in Europe and the threats that result from them. -Scott Newark, Former Crown Prosecutor, Executive Director of the Canadian Police AssociationAl Qaeda in Europe is an impressive work that provides detailed analysis on what is now Europe's most important security problem -Klaus Gruenewald, former head of Germany's security servicesThe July 2005 London bombings are yet another example of how Europe has emerged as one of the key battlegrounds in the global War on Terror. The region has become a critical ground zero for Islamist terrorists, not only as a target but as a base of operations. The implications for the United States are tremendous: under existing law, for example, terrorists carrying European passports could easily enter the country. It is not a coincidence, in fact, that every attack planned or executed against the United States, including 9/11, has had strong European ties.Al Qaeda in Europe is the first book in English that dissects Islamist terrorism in Europe. Written by Lorenzo Vidino, European expert at The Investigative Project-a Washington, D.C.-based counterterrorism institute and America's largest private data-gathering center on militant Islamic activities-Al Qaeda in Europe fills a critical gap in the understanding of the new threats posed by Islamist terrorism.Vidino analyzes the causes of this dangerous situation while providing an extensive historical overview of Islamist terrorist activities in Europe. The book shows how terrorists-most of them native to the Continent-raise money, communicate, and hide in plain sight in the suburbs of London, Paris, and Amsterdam. It also presents with painful clarity the difficulties that law enforcement agencies worldwide have had in shutting down terror cells. Finally, the book describes three of the most important networks operating in Europe. Vidino analyzes events such as the Madrid train bombings, the thwarted plot to attack various European capitals with chemical weapons, and the movements of hundreds of European Muslims who are joining terrorist groups in Iraq to fight U.S. forces.Vidino includes fascinating information taken from a dozen countries' original documentation (intelligence reports, indictments, court transcripts), plus transcripts of conversations among al Qaeda operatives that have been intercepted by intelligence agencies.Al Qaeda in Europe is authoritative, informative and written in a lively narrative that will captivate general readers, and become a valuable new resource for scholars and government officials.Lorenzo Vidino (Washington, D.C.) is widely recognized as an expert on terrorism in Europe. In March and April 2005, he testified before Congress on the subject, and he frequently consults for the U.S. government on terror-related issues. He regularly appears on television, including The NBC Nightly News, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, and European and Middle Eastern channels. He holds a law degree and speaks five languages.

An International History of Terrorism

An International History of Terrorism Author Jussi M. Hanhimäki
ISBN-10 9781136202797
Release 2013-01-17
Pages 336
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The aim of this book is to provide readers with the tools to understand the historical evolution of terrorism and counterterrorism over the past 150 years. In order to appreciate the contemporary challenges posed by terrorism it is necessary to look at its evolution, at the different phases it has gone through, and the transformations it has experienced. The same applies to the solutions that states have come up with to combat terrorism: the nature of terrorism changes but still it is possible to learn from past experiences even though they are not directly applicable to the present. This book provides a fresh look at the history of terrorism by providing in-depth analysis of several important terrorist crises and the reactions to them in the West and beyond. The general framework is laid out in four parts: terrorism prior to the Cold War, the Western experience with terrorism, non-Western experiences with terrorism, and contemporary terrorism and anti-terrorism. The issues covered offer a broad range of historical and current themes, many of which have been neglected in existing scholarship; it also features a chapter on the waves phenomenon of terrorism against its international background. This book will be of much interest to students of terrorism studies, political violence, international history, security studies and IR.

Violent Non State Actors

Violent Non State Actors Author Ersel Aydinli
ISBN-10 9781317201212
Release 2016-06-10
Pages 240
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Given the importance of violent non-state actors (VNSA) and their evolving role in global politics, dynamic frameworks of analysis are needed both to trace historical trajectories in the evolution of violent non-state actorness and to identify emerging patterns by examining modern day cases. This book examines the defining characteristics and evolutionary dynamics of VNSAs, and introduces a framework based on their autonomy, representation and influence providing a comparative analysis of the late 19th and early 20th centuries’ Anarchist movement and the modern-day Jihadist network. It explores the distinct characteristics of the Anarchists and Jihadists as VNSAs with global potential, not just describing them, but also seeking to understand what they are instances of. With a longitudinal analysis, the book also considers the types of changes that have occurred in the past 150 years and the possible role VNSAs may play in current and future power polity shifts away from states toward non-state actors. It concludes with both theoretical implications for the study of non-state actors and transnational relations, and practical implications for government agencies or private groups tasked with finding ways of countering such violent non-state actors. This important book will be of interest to students and scholars of international relations, political science, and terrorism/security studies. It will also be of interest to practitioners in the security services including think-tank analysts and government security analysts.

The New Muslim Brotherhood in the West

The New Muslim Brotherhood in the West Author Lorenzo Vidino
ISBN-10 9780231522298
Release 2010-09-22
Pages 336
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In both Europe and North America, organizations tracing their origins back to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist movements have rapidly evolved into multifunctional, richly funded organizations. They now compete to become the major representatives of Western Muslim communities and government interlocutors. Some analysts and policy makers see these organizations as positive forces encouraging integration. Others treat them as modern-day Trojan horses that feign moderation while radicalizing Western Muslims. Lorenzo Vidino brokers a third and more informed view. Having completed more than a decade of research on political Islam in the West, Vidino is keenly qualified to analyze a movement that is as controversial as it is unknown. Conducting in-depth interviews on four continents and sourcing documents in ten languages, Vidino shares the history, methods, views, and goals of the Western Brothers, as well as their phenomenal growth. He then flips the perspective, examining the response to these groups by Western governments, concentrating specifically on Great Britain, Germany, and the United States. Highly informed and thoughtfully presented, Vidino's work sheds light on a critical juncture in Muslim-Western relations and the role Islam plays for a variety of uprooted individuals.

The Evolution of the Global Terrorist Threat

The Evolution of the Global Terrorist Threat Author Bruce Hoffman
ISBN-10 9780231537438
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 704
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The Evolution of the Global Terrorist Threat has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Evolution of the Global Terrorist Threat also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Evolution of the Global Terrorist Threat book for free.

Secret Affairs

Secret Affairs Author Mark Curtis
ISBN-10 9781782834335
Release 2018-01-04
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This updated edition of Secret Affairs covers the momentous events of the past year in the Middle East and at home in the UK. It reveals the unreported attempts by Britain to cultivate relations with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after the fall of Mubarak, the military intervention on the side of Libyan rebel forces which include pro-al-Qaeda elements, and the ongoing reliance on the region's ultimate fundamentalist state, Saudi Arabia, to safeguard its interest in the Middle East. It illuminates path of Salman Abedi, the bomber who attacked Manchester in May 2017, and his terror network: how he fought in Libya in 2011 as part of a group of fighters which the UK allowed to leave the country to go and battle against Gadafi to topple him. In this ground-breaking book, Mark Curtis reveals the covert history of British collusion with radical Islamic and terrorist groups. Secret Affairs shows how governments since the 1940s have connived with militant forces to control oil resources and overthrow governments. The story of how Britain has helped nurture the rise of global terrorism has never been told.

The Coming Balkan Caliphate

The Coming Balkan Caliphate Author Christopher Deliso
ISBN-10 0275995259
Release 2007
Pages 213
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Well-funded groups like the Saudi-backed Wahabbis continue to exploit internal schisms within local communities, while the international administrations in Bosnia and Kosovo have actually strengthened the grip of local mafia groups--business partners of terrorists. Worst of all, the Western peacekeepers' chronic "don't rock the boat" mentality has allowed extremist groups to operate unchallenged. Nevertheless, regional demographic and cultural trends, coinciding with an increasingly hostile attitude in the larger Muslim world over Western military actions and perceived symbolic provocations, indicate that the lawless Balkans will become increasingly valuable as a strategic base for Islamic radicals over the next two decades

Seeds of Terror

Seeds of Terror Author Maria Ressa
ISBN-10 1451636342
Release 2011-02-05
Pages 272
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For anyone wishing to understand the next, post-9/11 generation of al-Qaeda planning, leadership, and tactics, there is only one place to begin: Southeast Asia. In fact, such countries as the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia have been crucial nodes in the al-Qaeda network since long before the strikes on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, but when the allies overran Afghanistan, the new camps in Southeast Asia became the key training grounds for the future. It is in the Muslim strongholds in the Philippines and Indonesia that the next generation of al-Qaeda can be found. In this powerful, eye-opening work, Maria Ressa casts the most illuminating light ever on this fascinating but little-known "terrorist HQ." Every major al-Qaeda attack since 1993 has had a connection to the Philippines, and Maria Ressa, CNN's lead investigative reporter for Asia and a Filipino-American who has lived in the region since 1986, has broken story after story about them. From the early, failed attempts to assassinate Pope John Paul II and Bill Clinton to the planning of the 9/11 strikes and the "48 Hours of Terror," in which eleven American jetliners were to be blown up over the Pacific, she has interviewed the terrorists, their neighbors and families, and the investigators from six different countries who have tracked them down. After the Bali bombing, al-Qaeda's worst strike since 9/11, which killed more than two hundred, Ressa broke major revelations about how it was planned, why it was a Plan B substitute for an even more ambitious scheme aimed at Singapore, and why the suicide bomber recruited to deliver the explosives almost caused the whole plan to fall apart when he admitted he could barely drive a car. Above all, Ressa has seen how al-Qaeda's tactics are shifting under the pressures of the war on terror. Rather than depending upon its own core membership (estimated at three to four thousand at its peak), the network is now enmeshing itself in local conflicts, co-opting Muslim independence movements wherever they can be found, and helping local "revolutionaries" to fund, plan, and execute sinister attacks against their neighbors and the West. If history is any guide, al-Qaeda revisits its plans over and over until they can succeed -- and many of those plans have already been discovered and are here revealed, thanks to classified investigative documents uncovered by Ressa.

The Last Refuge

The Last Refuge Author Gregory D. Johnsen
ISBN-10 9781780741185
Release 2013-01-02
Pages 368
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‘Exhausted and on the run, it looked like the end for the small band of men. Looking at the few who had followed him into the desert, Muhammad said, “When disaster threatens, seek refuge in Yemen”… Yemen was the last refuge.’ Far from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, in an unforgiving corner of Arabia, the US and al-Qaeda are fighting a clandestine war of drones and suicide bombers. The battles began in 2006, when twenty-three men tunnelled out of a maximum-security prison in Yemen’s capital to their freedom. Later they were joined by a dozen men released from Guantánamo Bay. Together, they formed the core of al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula – and now they and their recruits stand ready to hijack the Arab Spring, from the streets of Syria to hotspots much closer to home. In The Last Refuge, al-Qaeda scholar Gregory D. Johnsen charts the rise, the fall, and the ultimate resurrection of al-Qaeda in Yemen – given new life through a combustion of civil wars, Afghan refugees, and Muhammad’s prophetic teachings. Johnsen brings us inside al-Qaeda’s training camps and safe houses as the terrorists plot poison attacks and debate how to bring down a plane on Christmas Day. Based on years of on-the-ground interviews and never-before-translated al-Qaeda battle notes, he delivers a riveting and incisive investigation of the state of the Middle East.

The Islamic State

The Islamic State Author Charles R. Lister
ISBN-10 9780815726685
Release 2015-03-02
Pages 110
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An authoritative guide to the rise of the Islamic State and its senior leadership. How did the Islamic State grow from regional terrorist group to a brutal multinational bureaucratic machine? What are its goals? How can it be stopped? In 2014 the Islamic State seemingly appeared out of nowhere, routing Iraqi forces, conquering Iraq's second-largest city, boldly announcing the establishment of a caliphate, and declaring itself the Islamic State (IS). Today, IS controls thousands of square miles and is attempting to govern millions of people. In this definitive guide to the Islamic State and its senior leadership, Charles R. Lister traces its roots from the release of its notorious father figure, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, from a Jordanian prison and the group's formation in Afghanistan in the late-1990s, and finally to its stunning maturation in Iraq and Syria. The West knows IS through its unrelenting propaganda war, with its deft use of social media and videos of horrific acts. Lister shares details of IS's sophisticated revenue machine, attempts at governing, and its formidable military. With IS knocking on the doors of Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, Lister's portrait helps us understand what to expect next and recommends a course of action to defeat IS, extinguish extremism, and encourage a tolerant Islam across the Middle East. This book includes a Who's Who in the Islamic State's senior leadership. From the foreword by Ahmed Rashid "The Islamic State is the best basic understanding available of the ISIS phenomena and how to deal with it."

The 9 11 Wars

The 9 11 Wars Author Jason Burke
ISBN-10 9781846142819
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 736
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DAILY TELEGRAPH, ECONOMIST AND INDEPENDENT BOOKS OF THE YEAR Throughout the 1990s a vast conflict was brewing. The storm broke on September 11th 2001. Since then much of the world has seen invasions, bombings, battles and riots. Hundreds of thousands of people have died. Jason Burke, a first-hand witness of many of the conflict's key moments, has written the definitive account of its course in his acclaimed book The 9/11 Wars. At once investigation, reportage and contemporary history, The 9/11 Wars is an essential book for understanding the dangerous and unstable twenty-first century. Whether reporting on the riots in France or the attack on Mumbai, suicide bombers in Iraq or British troops fighting in Helmand, Jason Burke tells the story of a world that changed forever when the hijacked planes flew out of the brilliant blue sky above Manhattan on September 11th. Reviews: 'The best overview of the 9/11 decade so far in print' Economist 'A magisterial history of the last decade ... The long patient sentences of The 9/11 Wars are suffused with the melancholy of a man who has learned a great deal from long exposure to atrocity and folly' Pankaj Mishra, Guardian 'The 9/11 Wars warrants great respect' Metro 'Pacy, well-researched, and packed with telling anecdotes, this book's strength is in its detailed, balanced overview ... At a time when there are more books out on terrorism than ever before ... this is likely to be among the best' Sunday Telegraph '[Burke] is one of the most respected and experienced foreign correspondents in the business ... A major authority on the politics and organisation of Islamic extremism and ... a talented writer with the rare gift of joining effortless prose to challenging scholarship ... [The 9/11 Wars] is a magnificent achievement' Irish Times 'A reader wanting a more dispassionate survey of how 9/11, and the response to it, may have shaped parts of the world will do no better than invest in [this] brilliant book' David Aaronovitch, The Times 'This remarkably balanced, well-sourced and very well-written book ... will be turned to in the future ... [Burke] has demonstrated impressive expertise as a historian who has had the advantage of having been present on many of the battlefields he describes' Andrew Roberts, Evening Standard '[A] lucid, sane account ... taut, careful reporting ... Remarkable' Scotsman 'Potent ... journalism of a high order. Like all good reporters, Burke is something of a scholar, drawing meticulously on interview notes years old, and on extensive background reading. He excels, too, in describing the experiences of ordinary Muslims; such insights make this book essential for understanding the past decade' Sunday Times About the author: Jason Burke is the South Asia correspondent for the Guardian. He has reported around the world for both the Guardian and the Observer. He is the author of two other widely praised books, both published by Penguin: Al-Qaeda and On the Road to Kandahar. He lives in New Delhi.

The New Frontiers of Jihad

The New Frontiers of Jihad Author Alison Pargeter
ISBN-10 0812241460
Release 2008
Pages 244
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Alison Pargeter delves into the causes, motivations, and diverse forms of Islamic extremism in Europe. Drawing on original research and interviews conducted with moderates and radicals from across the continent, she shows how the lexicon of the war on terror has succeeded in distorting the complexities and peculiarities of the movement.

Europe The future Battleground of Islamic Terrorism

Europe  The future Battleground of Islamic Terrorism Author Girma Yohannes Iyassu Menelik
ISBN-10 9783640523337
Release 2010-02-01
Pages 130
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Research Paper from the year 2010 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Peace and Conflict Studies, Security, grade: excellent, University of Miami (FL. And Brookings Institution Washington D. C.; Security And Terrorism Studies), course: Homegrown Terrorists And Their Future Goals In Europe, language: English, abstract: On November 28th 2009, referendum, a constitutional amendment banning the construction of new minarets was approved by 57.5% of the participating voters in Switzerland (based on their direct-vote system). The outcome of such a referendum angered not the moderates but all radical Muslims throughout Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and Pakistan.Do those radicals do the same if Vatican venture to construct a Church in Riad or Istanbul? The reason is simple, the people of Switzerland (57%)were afraid by the dramatic development of Islamic institutions and the Europe-wide agitation of radicalists’ through their mosques and forums. As you can read in this book, the radical Muslims were angry because one of their strategic pillar that carried their future goals has failed, hidered or doomed. The initial strategy targeting Europe as the future battleground for radical Islamic terrorists, was born in Geneva,Switzerland. Their goal is “to get back Europe, the continent once belonged to them”. For that purpose, they have laid down the groundwork that has been in process since the 1950s. Early in 1950, most members of Islamic Brotherhood (Ikwans, together with those retired Arabic soldiers who fought alongside Nazi-Germany, planted their Mosques in Geneva and Munich. Today,the Ikwans; allied with the Turkish (Milli Goerues) and Asian Islamic fundamentalists, succeeded (with oil Dollars from the Wahabists) in establishing hundreds of Mosques, Research Institutes and diverse business firms throughout Europe. Radical Muslims in Europe operate with a new under-cover strategy -attracting educated youngsters; immigrants, students and converted Europeans to execute their hidden agenda. The bombers of Madrid and London are not the radicals who travelled from the Middle East or Afghanistan to launch their terror actions; they originate from Europe or- mostly home-grown. In the future, as it is today, most of the Islamist terrorist threat to the United States will largely originate from Europe(due to visa waiver). As it is imagined, the graduates of Middle Eastern madrassas who are functional idiots and can do little more than read the Koran, will not travel to Europe or the US to launch their attacks. Miami, FL October, 2009

Al Qaeda in Its Own Words

Al Qaeda in Its Own Words Author Gilles Kepel
ISBN-10 067402804X
Release 2008
Pages 363
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Meticulously annotated key texts of the major figures from whom Al Qaeda has drawn its beliefs and direction reveal the terrorist network's full dimensions as a threat to world stability and security, in a comprehensive collection of writings that traces the history of Al Qaeda from its origins through the war in Iraq

The History of Terrorism

The History of Terrorism Author Gérard Chaliand
ISBN-10 9780520292505
Release 2016-08-23
Pages 536
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First published in English in 2007 under title: The history of terrorism: from antiquity to al Qaeda.

Jihadist Hotbeds

Jihadist Hotbeds Author Arturo Varvelli (a cura di)
ISBN-10 9788899647155
Release 2016-09-08
Pages 170
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Recent analyses reveal that the vast majority of jihadists come from or have some connections with specific areas or districts within different states. They can be labelled as local/regional “hotbeds” of extremism. Molenbeek in Belgium, Gornje Maoče and Ošve in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Minneapolis in the US, Kasserine and Ben Guerdane in Tunisia, Sirte and Derna in Libya, Sinai in Egypt, Pankisi Valley and Dagestan in the Caucasus: each area has unique characteristics that lead to “exporting” fighters or creating new IS-controlled zones. Starting from the debate on the origin and nature of jihadist militancy that is dividing the most important scholars of Islam, this report outlines a broad spectrum of radicalization factors leading to the emergence of jihadists hotbeds, such as poverty, unemployment, lack of job prospects, juvenile delinquency, trafficking and smuggling, socio-political, economic and physical marginalization, the role of Salafist ideology as well as the influence of brotherhood networks. All these elements have been frequently highlighted as factors or triggers that could contribute to explaining dynamics of radicalization leading to active violent militancy under the ideals of jihadism.

Jihadi Terrorists in Europe

Jihadi Terrorists in Europe Author Edwin Bakker
ISBN-10 905031113X
Release 2006
Pages 74
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Jihadi Terrorists in Europe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Jihadi Terrorists in Europe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Jihadi Terrorists in Europe book for free.