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Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic Geometry Author Robin Hartshorne
ISBN-10 9781475738490
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 496
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An introduction to abstract algebraic geometry, with the only prerequisites being results from commutative algebra, which are stated as needed, and some elementary topology. More than 400 exercises distributed throughout the book offer specific examples as well as more specialised topics not treated in the main text, while three appendices present brief accounts of some areas of current research. This book can thus be used as textbook for an introductory course in algebraic geometry following a basic graduate course in algebra. Robin Hartshorne studied algebraic geometry with Oscar Zariski and David Mumford at Harvard, and with J.-P. Serre and A. Grothendieck in Paris. He is the author of "Residues and Duality", "Foundations of Projective Geometry", "Ample Subvarieties of Algebraic Varieties", and numerous research titles.

Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic Geometry Author Daniel Bump
ISBN-10 9810235615
Release 1998
Pages 218
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This is a graduate-level text on algebraic geometry that provides a quick and fully self-contained development of the fundamentals, including all commutative algebra which is used. A taste of the deeper theory is given: some topics, such as local algebra and ramification theory, are treated in depth. The book culminates with a selection of topics from the theory of algebraic curves, including the Riemann-Roch theorem, elliptic curves, the zeta function of a curve over a finite field, and the Riemann hypothesis for elliptic curves.

Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic Geometry Author Solomon Lefschetz
ISBN-10 9780486154725
Release 2012-09-05
Pages 256
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An introduction to algebraic geometry and a bridge between its analytical-topological and algebraical aspects, this text for advanced undergraduate students is particularly relevant to those more familiar with analysis than algebra. 1953 edition.

Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic Geometry Author Sinan Sertoz
ISBN-10 0824701232
Release 1997-08-12
Pages 408
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"Surveys and applies fundamental ideas and techniques in the theory of curves, surfaces, and threefolds to a wide variety of subjects. Furnishes all of the basic definitions necessary for understanding and provides interrelated articles that support and refer to one another."

Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic Geometry Author Masayoshi Miyanishi
ISBN-10 082188770X
Pages 246
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Students often find, in setting out to study algebraic geometry, that most of the serious textbooks on the subject require knowledge of ring theory, field theory, local rings, and transcendental field extensions, and even sheaf theory. Often the expected background goes well beyond college mathematics. This book, aimed at senior undergraduates and graduate students, grew out of Miyanishi's attempt to lead students to an understanding of algebraic surfaces while presenting thenecessary background along the way. Originally published in Japanese in 1990, it presents a self-contained introduction to the fundamentals of algebraic geometry. This book begins with background on commutative algebras, sheaf theory, and related cohomology theory. The next part introduces schemes andalgebraic varieties, the basic language of algebraic geometry. The last section brings readers to a point at which they can start to learn about the classification of algebraic surfaces.

Geometric Modeling and Algebraic Geometry

Geometric Modeling and Algebraic Geometry Author Bert Jüttler
ISBN-10 3540721851
Release 2007-12-24
Pages 231
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Geometric Modeling and Algebraic Geometry, though closely related, are traditionally represented by two almost disjoint scientific communities. Both fields deal with objects defined by algebraic equations, but the objects are studied in different ways. In 12 chapters written by leading experts, this book presents recent results which rely on the interaction of both fields. Some of these results have been obtained from a major European project in geometric modeling.

Algebraic Geometry From algebraic varieties to schemes

Algebraic Geometry  From algebraic varieties to schemes Author 健爾·上野
ISBN-10 0821808621
Release 1999
Pages 154
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This is the first of three volumes on algebraic geometry. The second volume, Algebraic Geometry 2: Sheaves and Cohomology, is available from the AMS as Volume 197 in the Translations of Mathematical Monographs series. Early in the 20th century, algebraic geometry underwent a significant overhaul, as mathematicians, notably Zariski, introduced a much stronger emphasis on algebra and rigor into the subject. This was followed by another fundamental change in the 1960s with Grothendieck's introduction of schemes. Today, most algebraic geometers are well-versed in the language of schemes, but many newcomers are still initially hesitant about them. Ueno's book provides an inviting introduction to the theory, which should overcome any such impediment to learning this rich subject. The book begins with a description of the standard theory of algebraic varieties. Then, sheaves are introduced and studied, using as few prerequisites as possible. Once sheaf theory has been well understood, the next step is to see that an affine scheme can be defined in terms of a sheaf over the prime spectrum of a ring. By studying algebraic varieties over a field, Ueno demonstrates how the notion of schemes is necessary in algebraic geometry. This first volume gives a definition of schemes and describes some of their elementary properties. It is then possible, with only a little additional work, to discover their usefulness. Further properties of schemes will be discussed in the second volume. Ueno's book is a self-contained introduction to this important circle of ideas, assuming only a knowledge of basic notions from abstract algebra (such as prime ideals). It is suitable as a text for an introductory course on algebraic geometry.

Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic Geometry Author Daniel Perrin
ISBN-10 1848000561
Release 2007-12-16
Pages 263
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Aimed primarily at graduate students and beginning researchers, this book provides an introduction to algebraic geometry that is particularly suitable for those with no previous contact with the subject; it assumes only the standard background of undergraduate algebra. The book starts with easily-formulated problems with non-trivial solutions and uses these problems to introduce the fundamental tools of modern algebraic geometry: dimension; singularities; sheaves; varieties; and cohomology. A range of exercises is provided for each topic discussed, and a selection of problems and exam papers are collected in an appendix to provide material for further study.

Selected Papers on Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry

Selected Papers on Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry Author Katsumi Nomizu
ISBN-10 0821804456
Release 1996
Pages 91
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does not need NBB copy

ALgebraic Geometry

ALgebraic Geometry Author David Mumford
ISBN-10 3540586571
Release 1995-02-15
Pages 186
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Let me begin with a little history. In the 20th century, algebraic geometry has gone through at least 3 distinct phases. In the period 1900-1930, largely under the leadership of the 3 Italians, Castelnuovo, Enriques and Severi, the subject grew immensely. In particular, what the late 19th century had done for curves, this period did for surfaces: a deep and systematic theory of surfaces was created. Moreover, the links between the "synthetic" or purely "algebro-geometric" techniques for studying surfaces, and the topological and analytic techniques were thoroughly explored. However the very diversity of tools available and the richness of the intuitively appealing geometric picture that was built up, led this school into short-cutting the fine details of all proofs and ignoring at times the time consuming analysis of special cases (e. g. , possibly degenerate configurations in a construction). This is the traditional difficulty of geometry, from High School Euclidean geometry on up. In the period 1930-1960, under the leadership of Zariski, Weil, and (towards the end) Grothendieck, an immense program was launched to introduce systematically the tools of commutative algebra into algebraic geometry and to find a common language in which to talk, for instance, of projective varieties over characteristic p fields as well as over the complex numbers. In fact, the goal, which really goes back to Kronecker, was to create a "geometry" incorporating at least formally arithmetic as well as projective geo metry.

Basic Algebraic Geometry 2

Basic Algebraic Geometry 2 Author Igor R. Shafarevich
ISBN-10 9783642380105
Release 2013-08-31
Pages 262
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Shafarevich's Basic Algebraic Geometry has been a classic and universally used introduction to the subject since its first appearance over 40 years ago. As the translator writes in a prefatory note, ``For all [advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate] students, and for the many specialists in other branches of math who need a liberal education in algebraic geometry, Shafarevich’s book is a must.'' The second volume is in two parts: Book II is a gentle cultural introduction to scheme theory, with the first aim of putting abstract algebraic varieties on a firm foundation; a second aim is to introduce Hilbert schemes and moduli spaces, that serve as parameter spaces for other geometric constructions. Book III discusses complex manifolds and their relation with algebraic varieties, Kähler geometry and Hodge theory. The final section raises an important problem in uniformising higher dimensional varieties that has been widely studied as the ``Shafarevich conjecture''. The style of Basic Algebraic Geometry 2 and its minimal prerequisites make it to a large extent independent of Basic Algebraic Geometry 1, and accessible to beginning graduate students in mathematics and in theoretical physics.

Algebraic Geometry Sheaves and cohomology

Algebraic Geometry  Sheaves and cohomology Author 健爾·上野
ISBN-10 0821813579
Release 2001
Pages 184
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Modern algebraic geometry is built upon two fundamental notions: schemes and sheaves. The theory of schemes is presented in the first part of this book (Algebraic Geometry 1: From Algebraic Varieties to Schemes, AMS, 1999, Translations of Mathematical Monographs, Volume 185). In the present book, the author turns to the theory of sheaves and their cohomology. Loosely speaking, a sheaf is a way of keeping track of local information defined on a topological space, such as the local algebraic functions on an algebraic manifold or the local sections of a vector bundle. Sheaf cohomology is a primary tool in understanding sheaves and using them to study properties of the corresponding manifolds. The text covers the important topics of the theory of sheaves on algebraic varieties, including types of sheaves and the fundamental operations on them, such as coherent and quasicoherent sheaves, direct and inverse images, behavior of sheaves under proper and projective morphisms, and Cech cohomology. The book contains numerous problems and exercises with solutions. It would be an excellent text for the second part of a course in algebraic geometry.

Introduction to Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Introduction to Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Author Ernst Kunz
ISBN-10 9781461459873
Release 2012-11-06
Pages 238
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Originally published in 1985, this classic textbook is an English translation of Einführung in die kommutative Algebra und algebraische Geometrie. As part of the Modern Birkhäuser Classics series, the publisher is proud to make Introduction to Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry available to a wider audience. Aimed at students who have taken a basic course in algebra, the goal of the text is to present important results concerning the representation of algebraic varieties as intersections of the least possible number of hypersurfaces and—a closely related problem—with the most economical generation of ideals in Noetherian rings. Along the way, one encounters many basic concepts of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry and proves many facts which can then serve as a basic stock for a deeper study of these subjects.

Methods of Algebraic Geometry

Methods of Algebraic Geometry Author William Vallance Douglas Hodge
ISBN-10 0521469015
Release 1994-05-19
Pages 408
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All three volumes of Hodge and Pedoe's classic work have now been reissued. Together, these books give an insight into algebraic geometry that is unique and unsurpassed.

Linear Systems Theory Introductory Algebraic Geometry

Linear Systems Theory   Introductory Algebraic Geometry Author Róbert Hermann
ISBN-10 0915692074
Release 1974
Pages 282
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Linear Systems Theory Introductory Algebraic Geometry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Linear Systems Theory Introductory Algebraic Geometry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Linear Systems Theory Introductory Algebraic Geometry book for free.

An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry

An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry Author Kenji Ueno
ISBN-10 9780821811443
Release 1997
Pages 246
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This introduction to algebraic geometry allows readers to grasp the fundamentals of the subject with only linear algebra and calculus as prerequisites. After a brief history of the subject, the book introduces projective spaces and projective varieties, and explains plane curves and resolution of their singularities. The volume further develops the geometry of algebraic curves and treats congruence zeta functions of algebraic curves over a finite field. It concludes with a complex analytical discussion of algebraic curves. The author emphasizes computation of concrete examples rather than proofs, and these examples are discussed from various viewpoints. This approach allows readers to develop a deeper understanding of the theorems.

Rudiments of Algebraic Geometry

Rudiments of Algebraic Geometry Author W.E. Jenner
ISBN-10 9780486818061
Release 2018-01-16
Pages 112
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Aimed at advanced undergraduate students of mathematics, this concise text covers the basics of algebraic geometry. Topics include affine spaces, projective spaces, rational curves, algebraic sets with group structure, more. 1963 edition.