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Alice s adventures in wonderland Through the looking glass

Alice s adventures in wonderland Through the looking glass Author Lewis Carroll
ISBN-10 8809025717
Release 2002
Pages 256
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Alice s adventures in wonderland Through the looking glass has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Alice s adventures in wonderland Through the looking glass also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Alice s adventures in wonderland Through the looking glass book for free.

Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Author Lewis Carroll
ISBN-10 9780553902808
Release 2012-03-28
Pages 272
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Introduction by A. S. Byatt Illustrations by John Tenniel Includes commissioned endnotes Conceived by a shy British don on a golden afternoon to entertain ten-year-old Alice Liddell and her sisters, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass have delighted generations of readers in more than eighty languages. “The clue to the enduring fascination and greatness of the Alice books,” writes A. S. Byatt in her Introduction, “lies in language. It is play, and word-play, and its endless intriguing puzzles continue to reveal themselves long after we have ceased to be children.” Includes a Modern Library Reading Group Guide From the Trade Paperback edition.

Alice s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice s Adventures in Wonderland Author Lewis Carroll
ISBN-10 9781402199936
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 241
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This book contains color illustrations.

Alice in Wonderland Collection All Four Books Alice in Wonderland Alice Through the Looking Glass Hunting of the Snark and Alice Underground Black Horse Classics

Alice in Wonderland Collection     All Four Books  Alice in Wonderland  Alice Through the Looking Glass  Hunting of the Snark and Alice Underground  Black Horse Classics Author Lewis Carroll
ISBN-10 9781530917563
Release 2017-01-25
Pages 202
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Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland books have delighted readers across the globe for over a hundred years. Alice in Wonderland Collection – All Four Books presents the two most famous Alice books – Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass – as well as the Alice-related fantasy verse The Hunting of the Snark and, for Alice aficionados, a digitized copy of Alice’s Adventures Underground, the shorter, original Alice in Wonderland manuscript which Carroll wrote for his friends and family before they encouraged him to expand the book and send it to a publisher. Also included in this collection Audiobooks Link 'Alice in Wonderland,' Alice Through the Looking Glass'

Alice s Adventures in Wonderland Collins Classics

Alice   s Adventures in Wonderland  Collins Classics Author Lewis Carroll
ISBN-10 9780007382484
Release 2010-06-03
Pages 320
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HarperCollins is proud to present a range of best-loved, essential classics.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass Author Kari Sutherland
ISBN-10 1484729595
Release 2016-04-12
Pages 304
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When Alice returns to Underland in this sequel to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, she must go on an action-packed adventure to help save her friends!

Wizard at Large

Wizard at Large Author Terry Brooks
ISBN-10 0307549593
Release 2009-01-21
Pages 320
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Questor Thews is only a semi-competent wizard, but when High Lord Ben Holiday and his love Willow need use of his powers, he tries to comply. He tries, all right, but he doesn't have all that much faith in himself--not since he turned a terrier into an imp. Still, he'll do what he can.... From the Paperback edition.

Mini Classic Alice s Adventures in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass

Mini Classic Alice s Adventures in Wonderland   Through the Looking Glass Author Lewis Carroll
ISBN-10 1782098437
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 320
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Each mini book in this series contains one of the biggest and best-loved stories in children's literature, reimagined with more than 20 beautiful full-colour plate illustrations by a talented artist. Carefully selected range of classics from children's literature Specially commissioned plate illustrations give a fresh, modern approach to iconic stories Small, portable format

The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Writings

The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Writings Author Oscar Wilde
ISBN-10 9781451686074
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 369
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Enriched Classics offer readers accessible editions of great works of literature enhanced by helpful notes and commentary. Each book includes educational tools alongside the text, enabling students and readers alike to gain a deeper and more developed understanding of the writer and their work. The well-known artist Basil Hallward meets the young Dorian Gray in the stately London home of his aunt, Lady Brandon. Basil becomes immediately infatuated with Dorian, who is cultured, wealthy, and remarkably beautiful. Such beauty, Basil believes, is responsible for a new mode of art, and he decides to paint a portrait of the young man. While finishing the painting, Basil reluctantly introduces Dorian to his friend Lord Henry Wotton, a man known for scandal and exuberance. Wotton inspires Dorian to live life through the senses, to feel beauty in everyday experience. Dorian becomes enthralled by Wotton’s ideas, and more so becomes obsessed with remaining young and beautiful. He expresses a desire to sell his soul and have the portrait of him age, while he, the man, stays eternally young. A tragic story of hedonism and desire, The Picture of Dorian Gray is Oscar Wilde’s only published novel. Other writings include De Profundis and The Ballad of Reading Gaol. Enriched Classics enhance your engagement by introducing and explaining the historical and cultural significance of the work, the author’s personal history, and what impact this book had on subsequent scholarship. Each book includes discussion questions that help clarify and reinforce major themes and reading recommendations for further research. Read with confidence.

Alice s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded

Alice s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded Author David Day
ISBN-10 9780385682275
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 320
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This gorgeous 150th anniversary edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is also a revelatory work of scholarship. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland--published 150 years ago in 1865--is a book many of us love and feel we know well. But it turns out we have only scratched the surface. Scholar David Day has spent many years down the rabbit hole of this children's classic and has emerged with a revelatory new view of its contents. What we have here, he brilliantly and persuasively argues, is a complete classical education in coded form--Carroll's gift to his "wonder child" Alice Liddell. In two continuous commentaries, woven around the complete text of the novel for ease of cross-reference on every page, David Day reveals the many layers of teaching, concealed by manipulation of language, that are carried so lightly in the beguiling form of a fairy tale. These layers relate directly to Carroll's interest in philosophy, history, mathematics, classics, poetry, spiritualism and even to his love of music--both sacred and profane. His novel is a memory palace, given to Alice as the great gift of an education. It was delivered in coded form because in that age, it was a gift no girl would be permitted to receive in any other way. Day also shows how a large number of the characters in the book are based on real Victorians. Wonderland, he shows, is a veritable "Who's Who" of Oxford at the height of its power and influence in the Victorian Age. There is so much to be found behind the imaginary characters and creatures that inhabit the pages of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. David Day's warm, witty and brilliantly insightful guide--beautifully designed and stunningly illustrated throughout in full colour--will make you marvel at the book as never before. From the Hardcover edition.

Through the Looking Glass The Little Folks Edition

Through the Looking Glass  The Little Folks Edition Author Lewis Carroll
ISBN-10 9781925480443
Release 2016-06-28
Pages 300
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Based on the original edition of Through the Looking-Glass Little Folks' Edition, a highlight of the Macmillan archive, this charming small format hardback is a companion to The Little Folks' Edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Specially abridged for younger readers to around one sixth the length of the original, it's a perfect introduction to the second of Carroll's classic Alice titles. With over thirty original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. This is a specially formatted fixed layout ebook that retains the look and feel of the print book.

A Fragile Power

A Fragile Power Author Chandra Mukerji
ISBN-10 9781400860241
Release 2014-07-14
Pages 268
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When the National Science Foundation funds research about the earth's crust and the Department of Energy supports studies on the disposal of nuclear wastes, what do they expect for their money? Most scientists believe that in such cases the government wants information for immediate use or directions for seeking future benefits from nature. Challenging this oversimplified view, Chandra Mukerji depicts a more complex interdependence between science and the state. She uses vivid examples from the heavily funded field of oceanography, particularly from recent work on seafloor hot springs and on ocean disposal of nuclear wastes, to raise questions about science as it is practiced and financed today. She finds that scientists act less as purveyors of knowledge to the government than as an elite and highly skilled talent pool retained to give legitimacy to U.S. policies and programs: scientists allow their authority to be projected onto government officials who use scientific ideas for political purposes. Writing in a crisp and jargon-free style, Mukerji reveals the peculiar mix of autonomy and dependency defined for researchers after World War II--a mix that has changed since then but that continues to shape the practical conduct of science. Scientists use their control over the scientific content of research to convince themselves of their autonomy and to achieve some power in their dealings with funding agencies, but they remain fundamentally dependent on the state. Mukerji argues that they constitute a kind of reserve force, like the Army or Navy reserves, paid by the government to do research only because science is politically essential to the workings of the modern state. This book is essential reading not only for sociologists and students of science and society, and for oceanographers, but also for every scientist whose work depends directly or indirectly on government support. Originally published in 1990. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Author Lewis Carroll
ISBN-10 1906814481
Release 2010-07-02
Pages 48
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Alice in Wonderland has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Alice in Wonderland also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Alice in Wonderland book for free.

The Puffin in Bloom Collection

The Puffin in Bloom Collection Author Penguin Publishing Group
ISBN-10 0147518741
Release 2015-11-03
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Puffin in Bloom: A collection of classics with stunning cover art by renowned stationery brand Rifle Paper Co.'s principal artist, Anna Bond, now available as an exquisite gift set! Featuring all four Puffin in Bloom classics with illustrated covers by Anna Bond in a charming keepsake box designed in her signature style. Box includes: Anne of Green Gables, Heidi, Little Women, and A Little Princess "Puffin in Bloom's lush new editions of children's classics are sure to entertain older girls." - Vogue "Read 'em and keep: Chic...As a gift or on your shelf, they speak volumes." - O, The Oprah Magazine

Translating for Children

Translating for Children Author Ritta Oittinen
ISBN-10 9781135578923
Release 2002-06-01
Pages 224
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Translating for Children is not a book on translations of children's literature, but a book on translating for children. It concentrates on human action in translation and focuses on the translator, the translation process, and translating for children, in particular. Translators bring to the translation their cultural heritage, their reading experience, and in the case of children's books, their image of childhood and their own child image. In so doing, they enter into a dialogic relationship that ultimately involves readers, the author, the illustrator, the translator, and the publisher. What makes Translating for Children unique is the special attention it pays to issues like the illustrations of stories, the performance (like reading aloud) of the books in translation, and the problem of adaptation. It demonstrates how translation and its context takes precedence can take over efforts to discover and reproduce the original author's intentions. Rather than the authority of the author, the book concentrates on the intentions of the readers of a book in translation, both the translator and the target-language readers.

Masters of Mathematics

Masters of Mathematics Author Robert A. Nowlan
ISBN-10 9789463008938
Release 2017-05-13
Pages 24
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The original title for this work was “Mathematical Literacy, What Is It and Why You Need it”. The current title reflects that there can be no real learning in any subject, unless questions of who, what, when, where, why and how are raised in the minds of the learners. The book is not a mathematical text, and there are no assigned exercises or exams. It is written for reasonably intelligent and curious individuals, both those who value mathematics, aware of its many important applications and others who have been inappropriately exposed to mathematics, leading to indifference to the subject, fear and even loathing. These feelings are all consequences of meaningless presentations, drill, rote learning and being lost as the purpose of what is being studied. Mathematics education needs a radical reform. There is more than one way to accomplish this. Here the author presents his approach of wrapping mathematical ideas in a story. To learn one first must develop an interest in a problem and the curiosity to find how masters of mathematics have solved them. What is necessary to be mathematically literate? It’s not about solving algebraic equations or even making a geometric proof. These are valuable skills but not evidence of literacy. We often seek answers but learning to ask pertinent questions is the road to mathematical literacy. Here is the good news: new mathematical ideas have a way of finding applications. This is known as “the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics.”

The Feeling of Reading

The Feeling of Reading Author Rachel Ablow
ISBN-10 9780472051076
Release 2010
Pages 216
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"This gathering of state-of-the-art work generates a convincing and compelling vision of the emerging state of the field." ---Daniel Hack, University of Michigan Through discussions of an array of materials ranging from diaries to critical essays to cartoons, the collected writings in The Feeling of Reading explore the wide range of ways in which Victorian readers thought about the act of reading. With innovative examinations of well-known works by authors such as George Eliot, Lewis Carroll, and Lord Alfred Tennyson, the essays in this collection demonstrate that in the latter half of the 19th century, reading was commonly regarded as much as an affective experience as a way to convey information or increase understanding. By virtue of renewed attention to the experience of reading, rather than the information gained by the act, The Feeling of Reading demonstrates reading's intriguing and mysterious nature---not just because of the individuality of the experience but because the consequences of that experience can never be fully determined in advance. In addition to its obvious interest to Victorian historians and literary critics, this collection should find a readership among historical and literary scholars interested in the history and theory of reading. Rachel Ablow is Associate Professor at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York.