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All God s Promises a Prairie Heritage Book 7

All God s Promises  a Prairie Heritage  Book 7 Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0986261599
Release 2016-05-29
Pages 340
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So many unanswered questions. "Who am I really?" Kari wondered again. "I am not KariAnn Hillyer. Not KariAnn Granger. They tell me my real name is KariAnn Thoresen Michaels. But who is that person?" She frowned. "And where are my sister and brother? Who took them? Where are they now?" "Lord, my uncle and my cousins urge me to trust you. They say that you will help me through this difficult transition. And they say that you know where Elaine and Samuel are, that I can trust you-that in you the lost are found! I am so new to this faith thing, though. It is hard to believe you will find them after so many years." Kari pledges her considerable fortune toward the search for the social worker who, thirty-three years earlier, took three-year-old Elaine and infant Samuel from the scene of an accident-the same accident that killed Kari's parents-and sold them in an illegal adoption. And she is not alone in the search for Elaine and Samuel. Private investigators Anthony Esquibel and Owen Washington join efforts to unearth the identity of the social worker and trace the adoptions of Kari's siblings. Will the "last" of the lost be found? Will Kari discover for herself that all God's promises are true?

The Captive Within

The Captive Within Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 098244575X
Release 2013-09-30
Pages 284
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Faith-Filled Fiction at Its Best! "The Captive Within" picks up the day after "Joy on This Mountain" ends. The two infamous houses of Corinth, Colorado, are closed and the young women who had been imprisoned there have been released. Rose and Joy leave Corinth to establish a home and a haven for "their" girls in Denver. Before long, Rose and Joy face a heartbreaking challenge: What does it take to unlock and free the soul of a defiled woman? And as they wrestle for a foothold in Denver, Rose discovers that the long abandoned house given to them hides a dark secret of its own. A Prairie Heritage: Prequel: "Land of Dust & Tears" (Free Kindle download) Book 1: "A Rose Blooms Twice" Book 2: "Wild Heart on the Prairie" Book 3: "Joy on This Mountain" Book 4: "The Captive Within" Book 5: "Stolen" Book 6: "Lost Are Found" "Vikki writes the kind of faith-filled fiction that hooks you within the first few pages, will not let you go until you have finished, and leaves you wishing for more." "-Janis Braun, Seattle, Washington" "Her books are not just for 'chicks'! I was amazed how engrossed I became in the lives of Vikki's characters, and how much I could relate to their situations." "-Ed Dunne, Los Angeles" "Be prepared to put life on hold. That's all I have to say!" "-Rebecca H., New Jersey" "You will laugh, you will cry but, most of all, you will be uplifted." "-LaTisha Holland, St. Augustine, FL"


Stolen Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 1513046357
Release 2015
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A Prairie Heritage One family ... steeped in the love and grace of God, indomitable in their faith, tried and tested in the fires of life, passing forward a legacy to change their world. The compelling saga of family, faith, and great courage. Denver, 1910: Stolen continues to chronicle the lives of Rose Thoresen, her daughter, Joy Thoresen Michaels, and those who live at Palmer House--a most extraordinary refuge for young women rescued from prostitution. The opening of Stolen finds young Mei-Xing safely returned to her friends and family at Palmer House. However, after six harrowing months of captivity, Mei-Xing stuns those who love her when she returns to Palmer House with child. If Su-Chong's mother, Fang-Hua Chen, discovers that her son, now dead, has left behind a child, will she allow Mei-Xing to keep him--or will she set in motion plans to steal him away? Will O'Dell, Martha Palmer, Minister Liáng, and others concerned for the safety of Mei-Xing and her child be forced to face off with those who would see Mei-Xing and the work of Palmer House destroyed? A Prairie Heritage Book 1: A Rose Blooms Twice Book 2: Wild Heart on the Prairie Book 3: Joy on This Mountain Book 4: The Captive Within Book 5: Stolen Book 6: Lost Are Found Book 7: All God's Promises

A Rose Blooms Twice

A Rose Blooms Twice Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0982445733
Release 2012
Pages 237
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Rose Brownlee has lost more than most can endure. Now she must find a way to move on with her life. Will she bow to conventional wisdom or will she, like Abraham of old, choose to follow where God leads her ... even to a wild and strange land she does not know? Set in the American prairie of the late 1800s, this story of loss, disillusionment, rebirth, and love will inspire, challenge, and encourage you.


Tabitha Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 098626153X
Release 2015-11-02
Pages 350
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Tabitha has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tabitha also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tabitha book for free.

Tory Girls from the Mountain Book 2

Tory  Girls from the Mountain  Book 2 Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0986261580
Release 2017-10-31
Pages 380
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Victoria Washington-sophisticated and elegant, owner of Victoria's House of Fashion, designer of haute couture gowns for the wealthy and elite of Denver, a brilliant and successful business woman in her own right. Tory, as she is known to her friends, is also a supporter of Palmer House-a most extraordinary refuge for young women rescued from prostitution. Deceived, kidnapped, and beaten into submission, the girls of Palmer House had been held captive in Corinth, the little mountain village above Denver, forced into an occupation not of their own choosing, until freed by the combined efforts of U.S. Marshals and Pinkerton detectives. Through no fault of her own, Tory was one of those girls-also rescued from a life of shame and degradation. And Tory's past hides more than one dark secret: She was born in the deep South to Adeline Washington-a negress, the daughter and granddaughter of slaves, and the "kept" woman of a wealthy, married white man. Tory's mixed blood, her illegitimate birth, and the shame of her exploitation follow her down the mountain and haunt her, even to the cusp of her success. What will happen when those who hate Tory expose her secrets? Will her business and reputation survive the scandals? Or are the rumors a cover for a more sinister plot? Is Tory's life also in danger? And, if so, why? Girls from the Mountain Book 1: Tabitha Book 2: Tory A Prairie Heritage: Book 1: A Rose Blooms Twice Book 2: Wild Heart on the Prairie Book 3: Joy on This Mountain Book 4: The Captive Within Book 5: Stolen Book 6: Lost Are Found Book 7: All God's Promises Book 8: The Heart of Joy-A Short Story (eBook only) "Vikki writes the kind of faith-filled fiction that hooks you within the first few pages, will not let you go until you have finished, and leaves you wishing for more." -Janis Braun, Seattle, Washington "Her books are not just for 'chicks'! I was amazed how engrossed I became in the lives of Vikki's characters, and how much I could relate to their situations." -Ed Dunne, Los Angeles "Be prepared to put life on hold. That's all I have to say!" -Rebecca H., New Jersey "You will laugh, you will cry but, most of all, you will be uplifted." -LaTisha Holland, St. Augustine, FL

Firefly Cove

Firefly Cove Author Davis Bunn
ISBN-10 9781496708342
Release 2017-12-26
Pages 304
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I have this, Lucius thought to himself. I have today. Since the age of seven, Lucius Quarterfield has known he is dying. Doctors told him he had a “bad ticker” and might not live to see his next birthday. But somehow, the frail yet determined boy managed to hang on and surprise everyone. Lucius not only survived to adulthood, he thrived, turning a small car dealership into a successful chain. But now, at twenty-eight, his time is finally running out. So he’s returning to the one place he ever felt happy, near the only woman he ever truly wanted—the California seaside town of Miramar Bay . . . Was it so much to ask, a healthy tomorrow shared with a woman he loved? Jessica was the only daughter of the only dentist in town. An ardent reader and fan of Jane Austen, she was able to follow in her father’s footsteps, as he desired. But Jessica preferred the simple things in life—a trait that captivated Lucius from the moment he arrived in town. Her quick wit and carefree approach to life were a breath of fresh air to a man who devoted all his time to work. Soon they were falling head over heels—until Lucius pulled away, to spare her the pain of his inevitable fate. Now, after all this time, he’s going to make each moment count. Because he knows that everything is about to change . . . he just can’t know exactly how. “Readers of Nicholas Sparks will find it appealing.” —Library Journal “Fans of Kate Morton and Liane Moriarty will enjoy how this warm and well-crafted novel explores the limits of human understanding, acceptance, and imagination.” —Booklist

Wild Heart on the Prairie

Wild Heart on the Prairie Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0982445768
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 303
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After braving an ocean crossing and an arduous journey west, Jan Thoresen and his family encounter a land so vast and wide that it defies mastery. Will Jan find a way to overcome this wild land?

Stealth Power Nanostealth Book 2

Stealth Power  Nanostealth  Book 2 Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0986261556
Release 2017-01-27
Pages 321
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I must survive. For Dr. Bickel's sake, I must survive.Weakened by the nanomites' drain, Gemma flees from General Cushing's renewed pursuit. She finds temporary refuge in Dr. Bickel's vacant safe house-refuge and time for her body to recover from the damage inflicted by the nanomites. But how does an invisible woman with no identity survive in a visible world? While the nanomites search for Dr. Bickel (intent upon facilitating his rescue), Gemma appropriates a new identity and, piece by piece, secures a tenuous foothold in the real world that allows her to move about unnoticed. To Gemma's amazement and grave misgivings, the nanomites, who had previously withstood her every overture, show themselves to be her allies. Or are they? The struggle for control is on. Nanostealth Book 1: Stealthy Steps Book 2: Stealth Power Book 3: Stealth Retribution, June 2017

Blue Skies Tomorrow

Blue Skies Tomorrow Author Sarah Sundin
ISBN-10 9780800734237
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 427
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Helen Carlisle, a young war widow covers her pain with the frenzy of volunteer work until the spark of her romance with Lt. Raymond Novak, a WWII pilot, propels them both into peril. Original.

Stealth Retribution Nanostealth Book 3

Stealth Retribution  Nanostealth   Book 3 Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0986261564
Release 2017-05-29
Pages 325
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Retribution. Also known as "payback" or a more dated word: "vengeance." Arnaldo Soto has taken Emilio and intends to use him as bait to trap Gemma. It's an effective strategy, because Gemma will do anything-anything-to save the young boy. The woman known as Gemma Keyes is gone, her molecular structure destroyed and reassembled as . . . something else. In Gemma's stead emerges a fierce weapon: part woman, part nanotechnology, her cellular composition conjoined with the nanocloud, indissoluble and formidable. She and the nanomites are now more than a match for her enemies-but Gemma has promised God that she will not strive to exact retribution on Arnaldo Soto for taking Emilio. The nanomites have made no such promise. The conclusion to the Nanostealth series will blow your mind. Excerpt. First the "merge." Now this, the latest iteration of Gemma Keyes-or should I say, the "new and improved nanocloud"? The revived and restored nanocloud . . . superior in every way, comprised of six tribes and, at last count, more than twenty trillion nanomites; the nanocloud that had just annexed and incorporated the person I'd been-all of who and what I was. The nanomites and I were melded. We were irrevocably bound to each other now. We were an amalgamation. I lifted my hands to examine them. As I did, the light fixtures banding the cavern flickered; current jetted from the wavering lights and slammed into my chest. The drawn energy coursed through me and reverberated in my bones. It swelled and spread down my arms until it reached my fingertips, ready to burst forth. With a curious and almost detached air, I watched as my body attracted more energy from the light fixtures. Electricity crackled around me, infusing me with might. I flexed and curved my fingers; tongues of current sizzled in the palm of my hand and built into a ball of pulsing blue fire. I drew another deep breath and felt my body respond, my strength rise. The electricity I attracted from the cavern's lights (without conscious intent) pulsed and crackled; it bent toward me and flowed into me. I raised one hand toward the electrical source and current jetted into my palm-arcing and building within the span of my fingertips. I rotated my wrist, and the ball of energy sizzled. Intensified. I brought my hands together and stared with fascination as the shimmering bolus of energy enlarged. It swirled between my extended fingers. As I moved my splayed hands apart, tendrils of electricity climbed from my fingers onto the ball; they wrapped themselves about the sphere to hold and feed it. The orb grew larger; its vibrations thudded through my chest. I stared at the sparking sphere of electricity sitting in my hand. What could I do with it? What would happen if I . . . tossed it? I thought that I knew the answer. Nanostealth Book 1: Stealthy Steps Book 2: Stealth Power Book 3: Stealth Retribution

Eli Vs God

Eli Vs God Author John Moelker
ISBN-10 1775237125
Release 2018-02-23
Pages 326
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A twenty-two-year-old Eli Poole is about to break free from a Christian home and enter a brave new world. It will be a wilderness of trials and temptations. He believes that it's Eli vs. the world, but he's about to find out that it's not the world he has to worry about-it's the world's creator-the LORD God, Almighty.

Where the Heart Leads

Where the Heart Leads Author Kim Vogel Sawyer
ISBN-10 1585586560
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 352
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After his graduation from college, Thomas Ollenburger is filled with big dreams and many questions. What will he do for a career? Should he marry? Where will he call home? Torn between his Mennonite roots on the Kansas prairie and his love for the big city of Boston, as well as his affection for a girl in each location, Thomas is unsure of his place in the world. He has always sought God's leading in his decision-making, but now it seems as if God is staying silent. Has Thomas's heart led him astray?

Joy on This Mountain

Joy on This Mountain Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0982445741
Release 2013-01-20
Pages 275
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"The little town of Corinth, Colorado, lies in the gateway to the majestic Rocky Mountains, just west of Denver ... just far enough from the city to avoid close scrutiny. Few know of the wickedness hidden in the small town, set so picturesquely in the foothills of the mountains."--Back cover.

The Forgiven

The Forgiven Author Marta Perry
ISBN-10 9780698139329
Release 2014-10-07
Pages 384
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When three women, all cousins, are given the task of sorting through the treasures of several generations of their Amish family, they each discover a story from the past that provides insights and inspiration for their own lives. Central Pennsylvania, current day. Rebecca Fisher gladly accepted her husband Paul’s dreams as her own, but now that he has passed away, she’s struggling to raise two children and keep her home. Renting her stable to carpenter Matthew Byler offers a partial solution—even though Matthew has a troubled history, having sometimes failed to embrace Amish beliefs. As Matthew seeks to prove himself, Rebecca realizes how dependent she has become on others. Where can she find the courage to grow and change? Lancaster County, 1941. As war threatens, Anna Esch pours her experiences into her diary. Her world seems to crumble as neighbors turn against the Amish and her love, Jacob, is sent to a camp far away for refusing to fight. She can’t know, as she grows from a girl into a woman during a time of trouble and grief, that one day another Amish woman will gain strength from the words she writes and will learn that she, too, can become a keeper of the promise. FIRST IN A NEW SERIES

Lost Are Found

Lost Are Found Author Vikki Kestell
ISBN-10 0982445792
Release 2014-10-18
Pages 292
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"Four families bind themselves in a solemn pledge: They vow to never stop searching for Edmund and to never stop trusting that God will restore him to them, whether in this life or the next."--Back cover.

Black Elk Speaks

Black Elk Speaks Author John G. Neihardt
ISBN-10 9781438425405
Release 2008-10-16
Pages 334
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The famous story of the Lakota healer and visionary, Nicholas Black Elk.