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Almost Gone

Almost Gone Author Steve Jenkins
ISBN-10 1442060603
Release 2009-06-23
Pages 40
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Describes animals that are in danger of extinction, including the golden lion tamarin and the giant stick insect.

Almost Gone

Almost Gone Author Carol Lander
ISBN-10 9780595391561
Release 2006-08
Pages 132
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ALMOST GONE"I never imagined that I'd ever get divorced. I never imagined that I'd have cancer, or lose a baby, then have a second cancer. Nor did I ever imagine that a hurricane would almost destroy my hometown, worst of all that I'd end up happily married to a Yankee" writes Carol Lander in this marvelous collection of moving and often hysterical stories of life in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and beyond.Having survived a variety of "natural disasters" with her wit, wisdom, charm, and (especially) sense of humor intact, Carol Lander has written a beautiful elegy to her native soil, forever changed by Hurricane Katrina, and a marvelous collection of inspiring and often hysterical stories.The book moves the reader to recall that every Day is a gift and that no disaster is insurmountable for those of intrepid spirit and unfailing sense of humor. Almost Gone reminds us that our we have the power to preserve precious memories and use them to sustain and entertain us in hours of darkness as well as times of joy.

Almost Gone

Almost Gone Author Carla Gormley
ISBN-10 9780244995300
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Almost Gone has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Almost Gone also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Almost Gone book for free.

Almost Gone

Almost Gone Author John Baldwin
ISBN-10 9781501179068
Release 2017-11-14
Pages 240
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This is the never-before-told, riveting true story about a teenage Christian girl who was seduced online by a charming young Muslim man from Kosovo, and her father who ultimately worked with the FBI to save her from disappearing forever. The Baldwins were a strong Christian family, living in Plano, Texas. When their seventeen-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, met Aadam in a random-match online chat room, she fell for his good looks, his charm, and his respectful conversation. He told her he lived in New York, and they began an online friendship. But over the course of a few months, Aadam revealed that he actually lived in Kosovo and had only pretended to live in New York so Mackenzie would keep chatting with him. The more attached she became to Aadam, the more detached she became from her family. John and Stephanie, Mackenzie’s parents, had no clue what was behind their daughter’s change in personality, her surprising interest in Islam, her suddenly modest dress, and her withdrawal from friends and family. When Mackenzie’s attachment to Aadam increased even more and they became “engaged,” she started making plans to secretly fly to Kosovo where she and Aadam would be married. But twenty-five days before Mackenzie was scheduled to fly to Kosovo, John found out about his daughter’s dangerous plan when three of her friends came forward. John contacted the FBI, and asked for help. Though the FBI did not believe Aadam was trying to radicalize Mackenzie, they were concerned about his intentions, as that part of Kosovo was known for sex-trafficking, human-trafficking, and citizenship frauds. Kosovo was no place for an unaccompanied, naïve teenager to secretly travel and marry a stranger she knew only through online chats. Within the limited time remaining before Mackenzie’s departure, John and Stephanie had to confront Mackenzie and stop her before she would be lost to them forever. Told from the viewpoint of both father and daughter, Almost Gone follows Mackenzie’s network of lies and deceit and her parents’ escalating bewilderment and alarm. More than a cautionary tale, this is the incredible story of unconditional parental love, unwavering faith, and how God helped a family save their daughter from a relationship that jeopardized not only her happiness, but also her safety.

Almost Gone

Almost Gone Author Sarah Cottrell
ISBN-10 1462632041
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 218
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Almost Gone has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Almost Gone also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Almost Gone book for free.

Almost Gone

Almost Gone Author Brian Sousa
ISBN-10 9781933227504
Release 2013
Pages 179
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Alternately gritty, suspenseful, and illuminating, Brian Sousa's debut collection of interlocking stories depicts the Portuguese American experience from a new perspective

Almost Gone

Almost Gone Author Larry McKenna
ISBN-10 0978549805
Release 2006-04-01
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This is a TRUE accounting about the Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys Coriacea); the World's largest turtle and marine reptile. This book is NOT Fiction! In The Jurassic periods (about 100 million years ago), there were reported to be about 100 million of these "Gentle Giants" © in the oceans. NOW, over the past 20 to 25 years, Gill net and Long Line fishing and barbaric killings/ egg poaching of these turtles on their nesting beaches have reduced the Pacific Ocean female nesting populations to...LESS THAN 600. I present a candid exposure of the threats, while a series of long standing actions and INACTIONS on the parts of International groups, agencies, NGO's and Nations which, collectively, are driving these "Gentle Giants of the Pacific" © toward a very rapid extinction. There are some "Good Guys" and lots of "Bad Guys" revealed in my book. Greed, Money, political lies, inactions, lack of Law enforcements and serious efforts in conservation clash at almost every turn by those who attempt to SAVE these Leatherback Turtles. These conflicts as are the at sea killings continue unabated - EVERY DAY!

Almost Gone

Almost Gone Author Stan Richards
ISBN-10 0981557929
Release 2009-04-01
Pages 200
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With this eerie, suspenseful, and heart-wrenching debut novel, Stan Richards provides shocking twists to familiar roman noir themes. Police officer Chuck Johnson is driving on a rainy two-lane highway when he loses control and crashes into a semi-truck. Although he survives the accident, Chuck learns that he has suffered a serious trauma to his brain. From that moment on he begins having strange hallucinations about his mother's death, which occurred when he was a teenager. Obsessed that he might have played a role in her brutal murder, Chuck Johnson reopens the unsolved case and ventures into the dark oedipal depths of his childhood. But he soon learns that the past is not what it seems to be.

Writing American Indian Music

Writing American Indian Music Author Victoria Lindsay Levine
ISBN-10 9780895794949
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 304
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This edition explores the history of musical contact, interaction, and exchange between American Indians and Euramericans, as documented in musical transcriptions, notations, and arrangements. The volume contributes to an understanding of American music that reflects our cultural reality, depicting reciprocal influences among Native Americans, scholars, composers, and educators, and illustrating consequences of those encounters for American musical life in general. Culled from a published record of over 8,000 songs, the edition contains 116 musical examples reproduced in facsimile. Included in the volume are the earliest attempts to represent tribal music in European notation, archetypal transcriptions in the scholarly literature of ethnomusicology, and recent contributions by contemporary scholars. Some of the notations shown here inspired composers in search of a distinctively American musical idiom to write works based on American Indian melodies. Others captured the imagination of American school children, whose concept of cultural and musical identity came to be linked with American Indians. Indigenous notations, the work of native scholars and educators, and recent compositions by native composers working in the classical vein also appear in this volume. As a compendium of historic materials, the edition illustrates the development of Euramerican attitudes and approaches to American Indian musics, the infusion of native musics into American musical culture, and native responses to and participation in the enterprise.

Going Going Almost Gone

Going  Going   Almost Gone Author Elizabeth Riegler MacManus
ISBN-10 1597320714
Release 2011
Pages 692
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Sequel to: Citrus, sawmills, critters & crackers. Tampa, Fla.: University of Tampa Press, 1998.


Release 2018-04-24
Pages 511
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Rakha tahu bagaimana cara membuat Audya menyukainya. Dia selalu meyakinkan Audya bahwa hanya dirinya laki-laki dunia ini yang tak akan menyakiti perempuan itu. Tapi apa jadinya jika suatu saat Rakha tiba-tiba berubah? Bagaimana perasaan Audya saat Rakha memutuskannya pada saat acara pentas seni sekolah di hadapan seluruh pengunjung? Rakha benci Audya. Audya lebih membenci lelaki itu. Keduanya bersikap seperti orang asing, hingga pada akhirnya jarak memisahkan dan Rakha tak bisa bertemu dengan Audya lagi.

Gone West

Gone West Author Robert Harrison
ISBN-10 9781490813714
Release 2013-12-19
Pages 286
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A young Wyatt Harrison grows dissatisfied with the drudgery of working on the family farm in northern Alabama and contending with an unpredictable father during the early 1870's. His decision to leave home and find a life more to his liking is soon immersed in trouble. Following a series of conformations with a co-worker, he is attacked one night with deadly intentions. The resulting fight is brutal, leaving two seriously injured and another fatally wounded. This time Wyatt runs from the law and his employer's henchmen. Along the way he is joined by a young woman, who is also involved in some deadly actions of her own in which she involves Wyatt. Together they travel the Natchez Trace heading away from their troubles only to find even more problems at nearly every turn. Their involvement with a Federal Marshall takes an unusual turn which both relieves them and causes a new struggle as well. Wyatt is drawn closer to his faith in God and struggles with how to explain it to Mabel, who has no understanding about what he is going through.

Wade in the Water The Wisdom of the Spirituals

Wade in the Water  The Wisdom of the Spirituals Author Arthur Jones
ISBN-10 0976237709
Release 2005-11
Pages 202
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Wade in the Water The Wisdom of the Spirituals has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wade in the Water The Wisdom of the Spirituals also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wade in the Water The Wisdom of the Spirituals book for free.

When the One You Love Is Gone

When the One You Love Is Gone Author Rebekah Miles
ISBN-10 9781426745867
Release 2012
Pages 122
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When a loved one dies, you don't get over it, but you can move forward. The bad news is that we never fully "get over" the loss of those we hold most dear; we bear those scars to the grave. The good news is that God is at work in us turning our loss and pain into something beautiful. God can take the scars and the mess and the heartache of our lives-- yours and mine--­ and use it to give new life, new life to us and new life to others. God is not in the business of zapping our loved ones and stealing them away from us. But in a world where death waits for every person, God stands ready. God stands ready to receive our beloved dead as they cross over; and God stands ready to guide us through the saddest days, to walk with us through our grief, and to take us into places we never could have imagined places of hope and renewal. If God could take a cross and broken body and make of them redemption, God can take your pain and heartache and fashion them into new life. This book is composed of the reflections that point to broader lessons that will help those who find themselves passing through grief, as well as the pastors, counselors, and friends whose job is to accompany the traveler.

The treasury of David containing an original exposition of the Book of psalms

The treasury of David  containing an original exposition of the Book of psalms Author Charles Haddon Spurgeon
ISBN-10 OXFORD:600090644
Release 1872
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The treasury of David containing an original exposition of the Book of psalms has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The treasury of David containing an original exposition of the Book of psalms also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The treasury of David containing an original exposition of the Book of psalms book for free.

Almost English

Almost English Author Charlotte Mendelson
ISBN-10 9781447219989
Release 2013-08-15
Pages 288
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Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2013 and the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction 2014 Home is a foreign country: they do things differently there . . . In a tiny flat in West London, sixteen-year-old Marina lives with her emotionally delicate mother, Laura, and three ancient Hungarian relatives. Imprisoned by her family's crushing expectations and their fierce unEnglish pride, by their strange traditions and stranger foods, she knows she must escape. But the place she runs to makes her feel even more of an outsider. At Combe Abbey, a traditional English public school for which her family have sacrificed everything, she realises she has made a terrible mistake. She is the awkward half-foreign girl who doesn't know how to fit in, flirt or even be. And as a semi-Hungarian Londoner, who is she? In the meantime, her mother Laura, an alien in this strange universe, has her own painful secrets to deal with, especially the return of the last man she'd expect back in her life. She isn't noticing that, at Combe Abbey, things are starting to go terribly wrong.

Consumer Driven Demand and Operations Management Models

Consumer Driven Demand and Operations Management Models Author Serguei Netessine
ISBN-10 9780387980263
Release 2009-06-02
Pages 488
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This important book is by top scholars in supply chain management, revenue management, and e-commerce, all of which are grounded in information technologies and consumer demand research. The book looks at new selling techniques designed to reach the consumer.