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Alter Your Life

Alter Your Life Author Emmet Fox
ISBN-10 9780062010056
Release 2010-07-06
Pages 240
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A rousing action program for overcoming adversity and taking charge of life -- by one of our century's greatest mystics. For unhappiness, frustration, loneliness, and other afflictions of the spirit, Dr. Emmet Fox prescribes a powerful remedy based on the life and message of Jesus. In Alter Your Life, Fox explains that these "dreary" problems are actually bad habits of mind -- habits from which we can free ourselves. "There is no necessity for anything but success, good health,prosperity, and an abounding interest and joy in life," Fox writes Through a series of brief meditations, Fox shows us how to exchange our bad habits of mind for the healthy ones demonstrated by Jesus. Based upon biblical texts, Alter Your Life offers a progressive, life-changing course designed for all readers, whether or not they have read a religious book before.

Alter Your Life

Alter Your Life Author Kathleen Hall
ISBN-10 0974542725
Release 2005
Pages 184
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"Alter Your Life" offers you alternative solutions that will bring greater balance and stress reduction to your busy life.

Prayers to Alter your Life the Introduction

Prayers to Alter your Life the  Introduction Author Dr. Virgil Postell
ISBN-10 9781312014404
Release 2015-05-21
Pages 86
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Taking everyday issues in life and pressing into prayers that will not just open our eyes but alter our lives forever prayers that will take us from labor to reward, prayers that will push our lives to another level in God one that will open up doors that we thought were closed one that will lift our minds a taken our faith on a ride of your life, powerful moving mind blowing spiritual elevating this book will cause the realm of the supernatural to open up for you and you will see things change in your life sickness broken off of your life spiritual growth spiritual insight this book is a great weapon to attack the devil before and after he attacks you, Prayers to Alter Your Life.

The Altars Will Alter Your Life Forever

The Altars Will Alter Your Life Forever Author Shirley Nash
ISBN-10 9781609572419
Release 2010-10
Pages 236
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The Altars Will Alter Your Life Forever has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Altars Will Alter Your Life Forever also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Altars Will Alter Your Life Forever book for free.

Change Your Clothes Change Your Life

Change Your Clothes  Change Your Life Author George Brescia
ISBN-10 9781476748764
Release 2014-08-19
Pages 288
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Open the door to harmonious, powerful, and positive dressing with a guide that’s like The Secret—for your wardrobe. In this groundbreaking how-to book, style expert George Brescia shows you how to transform yourself from the inside out. More than a style guide, this revolutionary book by a seasoned stylist teaches a method of conscious dressing that begins with a powerful internal change. Instead of just grabbing for whatever’s on hand, you’ll learn to set your goals for the day, determining how you want to be perceived, and then dress in a way that helps manifest those intentions. Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life reveals the true power your clothing has to affect your life, showing how this second skin impacts your job prospects, your romantic life, your income, and even your deepest sense of self. Translating his styling methods into a philosophy anyone can apply on her own, Brescia also delivers tips and tricks of the trade to help convert even the most hapless dresser into a happy and educated shopper. Because the goal is to have you not only looking great, but feeling more confident, too. From major closet overhauls to a whole new philosophy on color, this is a comprehensive manual for anyone who’s ever looked at her closet in despair. Accessible, direct, honest, and thought-provoking, Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life takes an eye-opening look at the intersection between our clothing and our emotions, hopes, and dreams, showing us how improving our external appearance can have life-changing effects on how we’re perceived by others—and more importantly, on how we perceive ourselves.

Level Up Your Life

Level Up Your Life Author Steve Kamb
ISBN-10 9781623365417
Release 2016-01-12
Pages 288
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In 5 years, Steve Kamb has transformed himself from wanna-be daydreamer into a real-life superhero and actually turned his life into a gigantic video game: flying stunt planes in New Zealand, gambling in a tuxedo at the Casino de Monte-Carlo, and even finding Nemo on the Great Barrier Reef. To help him accomplish all of these goals, he built a system that allowed him to complete quests, take on boss battles, earn experience points, and literally level up his life. If you have always dreamed of adventure and growth but can’t seem to leave your hobbit-hole, Level Up Your Life is for you. Kamb will teach you exactly how to use your favorite video games, books, and movies as inspiration for adventure rather than an escape from the grind of everyday life. Hundreds of thousands of everyday Joes and Jills have joined Steve’s Rebellion through his popular website,, and leveled up their lives—losing weight, getting stronger, and living better. In Level Up Your Life, you’ll meet more than a dozen of these members of The Rebellion: men and women, young and old, single and married, from all walks of life who have created superhero versions of themselves to live adventurously and happily. Within this guide, you’ll follow in their footsteps and learn exactly how to: • Create your own “Alter Ego” with real-life super powers • Build your own Epic Quest List, broken into categories and difficulty levels • Hack your productivity habits to start making progress • Train your body for any adventure • Build in rewards and accountability that will actually motivate you to succeed • Travel the world freely (and cheaply) • Recruit the right allies to your side and find powerful mentors for guidance Adventure is out there, and the world needs more heroes. Will you heed the call?

Supreme Influence

Supreme Influence Author Niurka
ISBN-10 9780307956873
Release 2013
Pages 301
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A motivational expert demonstrates how shifting one's language can positively transform the spectrum of daily experience, outlining techniques for developing skills in the areas of mental focus, empowerment, and articulation.

Choose Love

Choose Love Author Stormie Omartian
ISBN-10 9780736958981
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 272
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Stormie Omartian’s bestselling books on the power of prayer have touched millions of lives. Recent books have taken a closer look at the leading of the Holy Spirit and the call to be a prayer warrior for God. Now Stormie takes a fresh look at another powerful aspect of knowing our Creator…His amazing and great love for us. We reflect God most clearly when we are motivated by the power of love in all we say and do. But first we have to understand the depth of God's love for us and receive it. Then we must learn how to effectively express our love for Him. “One of the many ways we can show our love to God is to deliberately choose to show love to others and in every situation,” says Stormie. “We can only accomplish this with the guidance and enablement of the Holy Spirit. When we do that, God blesses us and transforms our lives in ways we cannot even imagine. And we will have a sense of God's pleasure toward us that is far more valuable than anything else we may desire. This book is about making that sometimes difficult choice and the rewards that follow.” Transform your heart, your relationships, and your future as you press into God’s love and let the power of His life and character move through you.

Know What You Sow

Know What You Sow Author Reverend Reah Wallace
ISBN-10 1438941358
Release 2008-03-11
Pages 152
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Know What You Sow has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Know What You Sow also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Know What You Sow book for free.

Alter Your Reality

Alter Your Reality Author Sharmila Rao
ISBN-10 9781482811070
Release 2013-08-20
Pages 164
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We , the human beings , are divine energy beings residing in a physical body. We have an in-built system in our energy body which connects us to the One divine source. Due to the deviation from the universal laws/principles that govern life , the consciousness of mankind fell gradually from the golden age of light to the iron age of darkness . This resulted in the spiritual DNA being deactivated and mankind lost his direct connection with the Divine. In the dark ages, the psyche of mankind suffered great damage due to experiencing immense pain and suffering. Now the cycle of human consciousness is on a upward swing , ultimately leading to the golden age of light. It is now possible for every man to re-establish his divine connection with the help of various energy healing techniques which are now widely practiced and can be easily incorporated in our day to day life. These divine healing energies have the ability to repair the damaged energy field/ aura of man and help him to re-create a life for himself which is a reflection of his dreams. For , reality that is experienced by each man is nothing but a reflection of his thoughts/ emotions.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Author Judy Alter
ISBN-10 9781602792043
Release 2007-08-01
Pages 48
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From the impoverished inner-city streets of Milwaukee to her own nationally syndicated talk show in Chicago, Oprah has persevered to become one of the most recognized personalities in the world. Readers will learn how her courage, kindness, and perseverance have led her to found Oprah's Angel Network, a charity whose mission is to help the underprivileged of the world.

Make Your Life Worthwhile

Make Your Life Worthwhile Author Emmet Fox
ISBN-10 9780062010063
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 256
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Here are brief, pointed, practical instructions in successful living to help achieve real health, happiness, prosperity, greater security, andpeace of mind. In clear, concise terms, Emmet Fox outlines the sevenmental laws that are the stepping stones to full realization of the inner, spiritual Power which ties within the reach of anyone who sincerely wants it and who is willing to apply the principles set forth. Make Your Life Worthwhile reveals how you can put these principles to immediate use to begin transforming your life. Dr. Fox explains the eleven key words in the Bible and discusses what the Bible has to say about successful living, showing how its wisdom can become a part of your everyday life. This is a lifetime plan for tapping into the great spiritual truths that underlie, everyday existence and applying them to: Reach through to true spiritual Power • Use your own inner resources more fully • Overcome difficulties • Become a dynamic person • Achieve what you really desire • Pray unselfishly • Get results with positive thinking • Make the most of the present moment • Enhance spiritual growth and material well-being • Build confidence in yourself • Understand your unique role in God's unfolding purpose • and much more.

Having the Time of Your Life

Having the Time of Your Life Author Allen Klein
ISBN-10 9781936740956
Release 2014-04-21
Pages 244
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The big questions come to us at different times. Whether just starting college, about to have a first child, or considering a new house or job, at some point we’ve all asked, “Why am I here? What is life? What am I doing?” In Having the Time of Your Life, Allen Klein helps us come to terms with these questions and have a few laughs long the way. He has collected 500 inspiring and uplifting quotations on the endlessly fascinating subject of life itself. From Lily Tomlin to Abraham Lincoln, the people quoted in this book have perspective to offer everyone, no matter which of life’s many roads they may be traversing. Don’t let the heavy questions weigh you down! With selections covering topics ranging from finding forgiveness to making music, this book offers a healthy dose of the motivation and levity we all need.


Irresistible Author Adam Alter
ISBN-10 9780698402638
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 368
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“One of the most mesmerizing and important books I’ve read in quite some time. Alter brilliantly illuminates the new obsessions that are controlling our lives and offers the tools we need to rescue our businesses, our families, and our sanity.” —Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Originals and Give and Take Welcome to the age of behavioral addiction—an age in which half of the American population is addicted to at least one behavior. We obsess over our emails, Instagram likes, and Facebook feeds; we binge on TV episodes and YouTube videos; we work longer hours each year; and we spend an average of three hours each day using our smartphones. Half of us would rather suffer a broken bone than a broken phone, and Millennial kids spend so much time in front of screens that they struggle to interact with real, live humans. In this revolutionary book, Adam Alter, a professor of psychology and marketing at NYU, tracks the rise of behavioral addiction, and explains why so many of today's products are irresistible. Though these miraculous products melt the miles that separate people across the globe, their extraordinary and sometimes damaging magnetism is no accident. The companies that design these products tweak them over time until they become almost impossible to resist. By reverse engineering behavioral addiction, Alter explains how we can harness addictive products for the good—to improve how we communicate with each other, spend and save our money, and set boundaries between work and play—and how we can mitigate their most damaging effects on our well-being, and the health and happiness of our children. Adam Alter's previous book, Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces that Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave is available in paperback from Penguin.

Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep Author Matthew Walker
ISBN-10 9781501144318
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 368
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"Sleep is one of the most important but least understood aspects of our life, wellness, and longevity ... An explosion of scientific discoveries in the last twenty years has shed new light on this fundamental aspect of our lives. Now ... neuroscientist and sleep expert Matthew Walker gives us a new understanding of the vital importance of sleep and dreaming"

The 3 Minute Difference

The 3 Minute Difference Author Wayne E. Nance
ISBN-10 1618431188
Release 2012-07-01
Pages 320
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Years ago, Wayne Nance's life was out of control. An incessant smoker, he weighed 315 pounds. His marriage was disintegrating and his finances were bottoming out. He finally realized that his obesity, debt and relationship meltdown were surface problems resulting from his core attitudes and beliefs. Then he began to bring his life back into balance. Today, Wayne is the "Real Life Attitude Guy". His true success story includes losing more than 100 pounds, staying married and paying off his financial debt that was ruining his life. The Real Life Management system, outlined in this book, centers on the 3-Minute Survey. It will help you identify your core attitudes and then identify weaknesses, avoid faulty decisions and stay focused on your self-improvement goals.

To Alter Your World

To Alter Your World Author Michael Frost
ISBN-10 9780830893355
Release 2017-03-21
Pages 224
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In Christ, a new world is being born and the new creation is unfurling all around us. God is directing history toward the future restoration, repair, and renewal of all creation. And our job is to cooperate with God in being a sign and foretaste of that coming world. Renowned missional leaders Michael Frost and Christiana Rice introduce the bold metaphor of a midwife to depict us as God's birthing attendants as the kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven. With groundbreaking ideas and practical illustrations from all corners of the globe, To Alter Your World will change the way you see how your church can partner in God's world-altering mission. Nothing else could be more rewarding than laboring alongside a God who is birthing the new creation and inviting all to join in its benefits and blessings.