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Ambulance Care Essentials

Ambulance Care Essentials Author Richard Pilbery
ISBN-10 1859595820
Release 2016-01
Pages 362
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Ambulance Care Essentials has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ambulance Care Essentials also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ambulance Care Essentials book for free.

Ambulance Care Practice

Ambulance Care Practice Author Richard Pilbery
ISBN-10 1859596061
Release 2016-04-25
Pages 500
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Preliminary Edition Ambulance Care Practice is an essential guide to the curriculum for trainee associate ambulance practitioners. Key features of the book and online materials are: In line with the National Education Network for Ambulance Services standards Illustrated throughout with anatomical drawings and photographs Procedures boxes which take you step by step through essential clinical skills Chapters on mental health and end of life care which are specific to associate ambulance practitioner level Evidence-based throughout and referenced to the latest guidance, research and policy Key points to guide you through the book."

Ambulance Care Responder

Ambulance Care Responder Author
ISBN-10 1859596088
Release 2016
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Ambulance Care Responder has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ambulance Care Responder also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ambulance Care Responder book for free.

Ambulance Girl

Ambulance Girl Author Jane Stern
ISBN-10 0307419770
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 240
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The basis for the movie starring Kathy Bates, Ambulance Girl is an inspiring story by a woman who found, somewhat late in life, that “in helping others I learned to help myself.” Jane Stern was a walking encyclopedia of panic attacks, depression, and hypochondria. Her marriage of more than thirty years was suffering, and she was virtually immobilized by fear and anxiety. As the daughter of parents who both died before she was thirty, Stern was terrified of illness and death, and despite the fact that her acclaimed career as a food and travel writer required her to spend a great deal of time on airplanes, she suffered from a persistent fear of flying and severe claustrophobia. Yet, this fifty-two-year-old writer decided to become an emergency medical technician. Stern tells her story with great humor and poignancy, creating a wonderful portrait of a middle-aged, Woody Allen–ish woman who was “deeply and neurotically terrified of sick and dead people,” but who went out into the world to save other people’s lives as a way of saving her own. Her story begins with the boot camp of EMT training: 140 hours at the hands of a dour ex-marine who took delight in presenting a veritable parade of amputations, hideous deformities, and gross disasters. Jane—overweight and badly out of shape—had to surmount physical challenges like carrying a 250-pound man seated in a chair down a dark flight of stairs. After class she did rounds in the emergency room of a local hospital. Each call Stern describes is a vignette of human nature, often with a life in the balance. From an AIDS hospice to town drunks, yuppie wife beaters to psychopaths, Jane comes to see the true nature and underlying mysteries of a town she had called home for twenty years. Throughout the book we follow her as she gets her sea legs, bonds with the firefighters who become her colleagues, and eventually, comes to be known as Ambulance Girl.


Ambulances Author Michelle Levine
ISBN-10 9780822599234
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 32
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Simple text describes how ambulances rush to emergencies to take hurt or sick people to the hospital, including how the lights and siren operate and where the emergency medical technicians store their equipment.

The Essential Hand Foot

The Essential Hand   Foot Author Harry Wastrack
ISBN-10 9781462843251
Release 2005-07-08
Pages 83
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In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Canasta was all the rage. Fast forward forty years or so. Canasta is still played, though mostly by people who learned the game more than a generation ago. However, somewhere (I do not know exactly where) someone (I do not know exactly who) decided that Canasta needed to have new life breathed into it, thus this new variation called Hand & Foot. It only takes a quick practice hand to teach the gist of the game. Though its similarities to Canasta are unmistakable, Hand & Foot is an edgier game that allows players to be more aggressive. Everyone has a strategy, some quite elaborate, others quite generic, but the caveat to each is if the cards cooperate. The luck of the draw is a variable everyone has to take into account. Among Hand & Foot players there are often heard frustrated sighs and disgusted groans. There is also breathless anxiousness as players sweat out an opponents turn hoping they will not go out before a Foot can be played or a red three can be discarded. Like a spirited game of Monopoly, Hand & Foot tends to bring out elements of personality heretofore unknown among its players, you know, sort of a playful viciousness. It only takes one round of Hand & Foot for a new player to recognize the objectives and basic strategies,and the opportunities for deviousness. Also, while a veteran player who plays a solid game has a definite advantage, a novice can have fun and even prevail. It cannot be taken for granted that the best and most experienced player at the table will win a game of Hand & Foot. The cards do not always allow that. And there is that adrenaline rush that comes from just barely pulling out a win. It is probably that adrenaline rush that makes the game so addictive. This is why someone who has just played his first game of Hand & Foot will invariably insist on right away playing a second he thinks he has figured it out. The Essential Hand & Foot for the first time codifies the rules of the game, holding to the common basics and incorporating the best of the regional variations. It also explains why some players consistently win more than others using such ploys as "priming the pump" and the "honey pot," and why picking a pile containing red threes can sometimes be a good thing. When was the last time you had a blast playing cards?

Essentials of Aggression Management in Health Care

Essentials of Aggression Management in Health Care Author Steven Scott Wilder
ISBN-10 013013130X
Release 2001
Pages 152
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Two seasoned professionals in healthcare aggression management analyze specific cases of violence and examine alternative approaches to facilitate safer outcomes. Applicable to pre-hospital, acute care and long term care, the book provides readers with de-escalation techniques and step-by-step guidelines for recognizing and diffusing aggressive behavior before it becomes violent. Features guidelines and techniques for defusing aggressive behavior in EMS, Hospitals/Clinics, workplace, domestic violence and gang situations. Features the "Prevent" Plan for Violence and the Aggression Continuum. For all levels of care providers who may face the potential of aggressive or violent action against them.

Bad Call

Bad Call Author Mike Scardino
ISBN-10 9780316469609
Release 2018-07-17
Pages 304
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An adrenaline-fueled read that will stay with you long after the you turn the final page, BAD CALL is a "compulsively readable, totally unforgettable"* memoir about working on a New York City ambulance in the 1960s. (*James Patterson) Bad Call is Mike Scardino's visceral, fast-moving, and mordantly funny account of the summers he spent working as an "ambulance attendant" on the mean streets of late-1960s New York. Fueled by adrenaline and Sabrett's hot dogs, young Mike spends his days speeding from one chaotic emergency to another. His adventures take him into the middle of incipient race riots, to the scene of a plane crash at JFK airport and into private lives all over Queens, where New Yorkers are suffering, and dying, in unimaginable ways. Learning on the job, Mike encounters all manner of freakish accidents (the man who drank Drano, the woman attacked by rats, the man who inflated like a balloon), meets countless unforgettable New York characters, falls in love, is nearly murdered, and gets an early and indelible education in the impermanence of life and the cruelty of chance. Action-packed, poignant, and rich with details that bring Mike's world to technicolor life, Bad Call is a gritty portrait of a bygone era as well as a bracing reminder that, though "life itself is a fatal condition," it's worth pausing to notice the moments of beauty, hope, and everyday heroism along the way.

Essentials of Paramedic Care

Essentials of Paramedic Care Author Bryan E. Bledsoe
ISBN-10 0130987921
Release 2002-04-01
Pages 2132
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Essentials of Paramedic Care presents the knowledge of emergency care in an accurate, standardized, and clear manner. This book is based upon the 1998 USDOT National Standard Curriculum for the EMT Paramedic, helping readers prepare to be excellent care providers in any emergency situation. Clearly written and well-organized, this book covers the fundamentals of paramedic practice including pathophysiology, pharmacology, medication administration, and advanced airway management; assessment skills; trauma emergencies; medical emergencies; and neonatal, pediatric, geriatric, home health care, specially challenged patients, incident command, ambulance service, rescue, hazardous material, and crime scene operations. For paramedics and those working in the field of advanced prehospital care.

Intermediate Emergency Care

Intermediate Emergency Care Author Bryan E. Bledsoe
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032578638
Release 1995
Pages 428
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Intermediate Emergency Care has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Intermediate Emergency Care also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Intermediate Emergency Care book for free.

The Ambulance

The Ambulance Author Ryan Corbett Bell
ISBN-10 9780786438112
Release 2009
Pages 382
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Over several centuries the ambulance has evolved from horse-drawn wagons designed to remove wounded soldiers from the battlefield into high-speed emergency rooms on wheels, staffed by skilled professionals. This thorough history follows the ambulance through every phase, focusing not just on the vehicles but on their role within the developing medical systems they served, as well as the political, social and economic influences that have shaped their advancement. Topics include the critical role of police ambulances in the development of the first emergency medical services, the history of the ambulance intern, breakthroughs in ambulance design and function from the horse-drawn days to the present, notable women in ambulance development, and a fresh look at the first organized paramedic services. More than 275 photographs and other illustrations accompany the text.

Essentials for the Emergency Medical Responder 1st ed

Essentials for the Emergency Medical Responder  1st ed Author Joseph A. Grafft
ISBN-10 9781435487840
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 288
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ESSENTIALS FOR THE EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONDER 1E presents you with unique and vital information not found in other Emergency Medical Responder books. This book is written to the new National EMS Education Standards for the Emergency Medical Responder (EM

Disease Control Priorities Third Edition Volume 1

Disease Control Priorities  Third Edition  Volume 1 Author Haile T. Debas
ISBN-10 9781464803673
Release 2015-03-23
Pages 442
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Essential Surgery is part of a nine volume series for Disease Control Priorities which focuses on health interventions intended to reduce morbidity and mortality. The Essential Surgery volume focuses on four key aspects including global financial responsibility, emergency procedures, essential services organization and cost analysis.

Emergency and Trauma Care for Nurses and Paramedics

Emergency and Trauma Care for Nurses and Paramedics Author Kate Curtis
ISBN-10 9780729579827
Release 2011-08-15
Pages 1494
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Emergency and Trauma Care is written for Australian emergency care providers including paramedics, emergency nurses, pre-hospital care providers, nurse practitioners, general practice nurses and allied health practitioners including occupational therapists and physiotherapists who are caring for trauma patients. This book follows the patient journey from pre-hospital to definitive care. Using a body systems approach, each chapter provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of adult and paediatric emergencies. Implications for clinical practice is supported by chapters of professional practice, clinical skills, research, evidence-based practice, and legal, ethical and cultural issues. Clinical assessment, physiology, management and rationale for intervention of common and not so common emergency presentations are provided, with each chapter providing clear and relevant examples for both Paramedics and Nurses. Emergency and Trauma Care brings together a team of highly respected clinical practitioners and academics to deliver the most up-to-date text dealing with the practical procedures and evidence experienced by emergency and trauma care providers every day. Chapter 2 Pre-hospital care overview in Australia and NZ Chapter 10 Scene assessment, management and rescue Chapter 11 Pre-Hospital Clinical Reasoning, Triage and Communication Pre-hospital and emergency nursing considerations included in all relevant chapters Chapter 5 Cultural Considerations in Emergency Care addresses cultural diversity, beliefs and values and focuses on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and Maori health Chapter 19 Resuscitation includes advanced life support, airway management and incorporates the 2010 Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines Chapter 37 People with disabilities provides assessment, examination and communication strategies for working with clients with intellectual and physical disabilities Section 5 focuses on examination and communication strategies for working with unique population groups, including the elderly, disabled, obstetric and paediatric patients Section 6 details major trauma assessment and management, blast injury, and trauma to specific body regions Essentials outline the main points addressed in each chapter Practice tips assist with communication skills, procedures and assessment Case studies supported by questions throughout Summaries and Key points, review questions, web links and references provide for consolidation and further research. Evolve resources include Power point slides, 30 additional Case studies, image bank, web links Three paramedic specific chapters (including scene assessment and management)

Guidelines for Essential Trauma Care

Guidelines for Essential Trauma Care Author World Health Organization
ISBN-10 9241546409
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 93
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Injury is an increasingly significant health problem throughout the world, accounting for 16 per cent of the global burden of disease. The public health burden of death and disability from injury is particularly notable in low and middle income countries. These guidelines seek to establish practical and affordable standards applicable to injury or trauma care worldwide, whether in rural health posts, small hospitals, hospitals staffed by specialists or tertiary care centres. It sets out a list of key trauma treatment services designed to be achievable in all settings, and defines the various human and physical resources required. It also includes a number of recommendations for methods to promote such standards including training, performance improvement, trauma team organisation and hospital inspection.

Nancy Caroline s Emergency Care in the Streets

Nancy Caroline   s Emergency Care in the Streets Author American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
ISBN-10 9781284104882
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 2500
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This fully updated training system covers every competency statement of the National EMS Education Standards for Paramedics with clarity and precision in a concise format that ensures student comprehension and encourages critical thinking.

Management of Ambulance Services

Management of Ambulance Services Author Skip Kirkwood
ISBN-10 0135028299
Release 2014-03-14
Pages 486
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Management of Ambulance Operations offers nineteen chapters of “best practices” covering the management of an ambulance service, with each chapter written by a recognized expert in that area of ambulance service operation. Teaching and Learning Experience Offers insights and “best practices” from subject matter experts in ambulance services Provides a useful reference and resource for ambulance service managers and executives ***** This title is available only through the Pearson Custom Library (PCL). To order, click here PCL allows customers to create customized textbooks, giving students a more engaging and affordable education. Customers also have the option of purchasing the full text without customization in the Pearson Custom Library. For more information about customization opportunities, refer to Because this program is print-on-demand, printing will not start until we receive a purchase order from your bookstore. Please place your book order with the bookstore as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your book to print. Additional time is required for outside content and/or packaging with other components.