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America Through the Eyes of China and India

America Through the Eyes of China and India Author Edward D. Sherman
ISBN-10 9780826430922
Release 2010-09-09
Pages 167
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America has long exported its network and cable programming abroad, but with a changing world comes a changing dynamic. As global centers of power shift, and wealth becomes redistributed, and perhaps even re-centered, vast audiences which have never before had contact with American television will begin to gain access to the full wealth and abundance of American programming. The opening of new markets and new audiences, particularly within the growing superpowers of China and India, presents us with a novel situation. It is one thing for a show like The OC to be played in a nation like England, where the cultural and religious differences with the United States are not that profound, and quite another for it to air in a nation like India, where arranged marriages, the caste system, and pervasive poverty are still everyday realities. America Through the Eyes of China and India explores the dynamics of television, identity, and cultural communication, providing a new lens for encountering, interpreting, and judging American culture and the American identity.

China Through the Eyes of the West

China Through the Eyes of the West Author Gianni Guadalupi
ISBN-10 8854400157
Release 2004
Pages 336
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China Revealed presents the history of the relationships between Europe and the Celestial Empire of classical antiquity, from the time when the caravans began to bring a divine fabric known as silk to the shores of the Mediterranean from the far-off, mysterious East, up to the fall of the Manchu dynasty in 1911. Through beautifully illustrated maps, ancient engravings, the first black-and-white pictures and color plates, this book describes the incredible experiences of those who ventured into distant Cathay, crossing the endless deserts of Asia and the treacherous oceans-the Franciscan monks who were the first to penetrate the Mongolian steppes, the merchants such as Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta, the Portuguese sailors and Jesuit missionaries who became counsellors to the Son of the Heavens, and many more.

Through the Eyes of the Pack

Through the Eyes of the Pack Author Lorenzo Currie
ISBN-10 9781493145188
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 331
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This is the real deal nowI am not trying to persuade anyone or change their minds. I am simply telling the truth! This is... The inside on the forgotten and taboo cultural history and the forgotten art of respect for one another and the inside views and explanations of people of mixed heritages and their life encounters, how other ethnic groups treat one another, and how they think of other groups in society. The ugly truth about man and prejudice as well as how to love and accept other cultures, what to do with your mixed childs hair and skin care products, as well as important people in each of the main cultures of whites, blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and Hispanics. People you never heard of that made great contributions to our present day world, as well as women who, against the odds of man, contributed greatly to our present-day society. Women who were told not to do so, but they did it with determination and courage! Experience the hidden secret of each culture that can only be shared and protected by that culture as a group. A glossary of the meanings of words in the book, as well as every ethnic derogatory word from A to Z.


Easternization Author Gideon Rachman
ISBN-10 9781590518519
Release 2016
Pages 307
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**NAMED NPR "BEST BOOKS OF 2017""** From the winner of the 2016 Orwell Prize and the European Press Prize for Commentator of the Year, a provocative analysis of how a new era of global instability has begun, as the flow of wealth and power turns from West to East. Easternization is the defining trend of our age -- the growing wealth of Asian nations is transforming the international balance of power. This shift to the East is shaping the lives of people all over the world, the fate of nations, and the great questions of war and peace. A troubled but rising China is now challenging America's supremacy, and the ambitions of other Asian powers -- including Japan, North Korea, India, and Pakistan -- have the potential to shake the whole world. Meanwhile the West is struggling with economic malaise and political populism, the Arab world is in turmoil, and Russia longs to reclaim its status as a great power. As it becomes clear that the West's historic power and influence is receding, Gideon Rachman offers a road map to the turbulent process that will define the international politics of the twenty-first century.

Asia in the Making of Europe

Asia in the Making of Europe Author Donald Frederick Lach
ISBN-10 0226467678
Release 1998
Pages 2077
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This monumental series, acclaimed as a "masterpiece of comprehensive scholarship" in the New York Times Book Review, reveals the impact of Asia's high civilizations on the development of modern Western society. The authors examine the ways in which European encounters with Asia have altered the development of Western society, art, literature, science, and religion since the Renaissance. In Volume III: A Century of Advance, the authors have researched seventeenth-century European writings on Asia in an effort to understand how contemporaries saw Asian societies and peoples. Book 3: Southeast Asia examines European images of the lands, societies, religions, and cultures of Southeast Asia. The continental nations of Siam, Vietnam, Malaya, Pegu, Arakan, Cambodia, and Laos are discussed, as are the islands of Java, Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Amboina, the Moluccas, the Bandas, Celebes, the Lesser Sundas, New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Mindanao, Jolo, Guam, and the Marianas.

Asia Eyes America

Asia Eyes America Author
ISBN-10 1884733433
Release 2007
Pages 254
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Asia Eyes America has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Asia Eyes America also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Asia Eyes America book for free.

China Burma India Theater Stilwell s Command Problems

China Burma India Theater  Stilwell s Command Problems Author
ISBN-10 0160882338
Release 1956
Pages 518
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China Burma India Theater Stilwell s Command Problems has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from China Burma India Theater Stilwell s Command Problems also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full China Burma India Theater Stilwell s Command Problems book for free.

The Impact of Asian Powers on Global Developments

The Impact of Asian Powers on Global Developments Author Erich Reiter
ISBN-10 9783662131725
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 209
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The international political and military-strategic importance of the Asian continent has dramatically increased in recent years and it is conceivable that world affairs in this century will be significantly influenced by developments in Asia. This volume examines, on the one hand, the strategic goals of the most influential powers in the Eurasian region – in particular India, Pakistan, China, Russia and Japan, but also the USA that is strongly involved in the region, and on the other, the relations that these states have with each other. Special attention is paid to the subjective perceptions and thought patterns of the different players, for the perception that international political players have of the outside world is an important element that is frequently neglected in political and military analyses.

China in Latin America Political and Economic Implications of Beijing s Involvement in the Region

China in Latin America  Political and Economic Implications of Beijing s Involvement in the Region Author Niccolo Locatelli
ISBN-10 9781599423906
Release 2011-02-15
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Relations with Latin America have never been and will probably never be a priority for the People's Republic of China (PRC), as they will be a dependent variable of domestic economic needs and other more important foreign policy goals among all, the ties with the United States. During the first forty years of existence, geopolitical and economic considerations (Latin America was considered to be Washington's backyard and the economies of the region were not complementary with that of China) were keeping the PRC away from the area; nevertheless, things have changed ever since the end of the Cold War, and more so since the new millenium. The PRC finds in Latin America a market of 500 million people and an almost infinite source of commodities: it currently gets from here around 17% of its overall agricultural products imports, and 11% of its fuel and mining ones. It is a big buyer of three of the four Latin American commodities (soy, copper and oil) and it's increasing its purchases of the fourth, coffee. The region is also a valuable partner in the struggle for a new world order, more democratic and more concerned with the stakes of the developing countries; it is a 33-wide voting block whose consensus is useful whenever the human rights policy of the PRC comes under the scrutiny of the United Nations or any of its agencies. Finally, Latin America is a pawn in the battle for the sovereignty over Taiwan, since 12 of the 23 countries that recognize the Republic of China (ROC) are in the area, mainly in Central America and the Caribbean, plus Paraguay alone in South America. For Latin America, the PRC is a huge 1.3 billion people market and a potential source of much-needed Foreign Direct Investment, which in actuality turns out to be smaller than expected and mostly concentrated in the fiscal heavens of the Caribbean. Politically, besides the partnership in the struggle for a new world order, the mere existence of a China-option is itself a source of leverage when Latin American countries have to deal with the United States, who now have to face a competitor on trade and politic issues in what used to be their backyard. Apparently, deepening ties with Latin America is a winning solution for the PRC. The same is not completely true for Latin America, whose relationship with Beijing can be beneficial, but with some caveats. As far as bilateral trade is concerned, the problem is that of export concentration: in 2006, 62.5% of the region's exports to China were in the commodity sector - it was just 35% in 1995. This leaves Latin America, especially South America, exposed to the price volatility of its resources, which is historically more elevated than that of the manufactured goods and breeds macroeconomic uncertainty in a region that has always struggled with that issue. Furthermore, export concentration in the commodity sector, as far as the terms of trade are favorable as in the years before the ongoing global crisis, might hinder the upgrading of the industrial structure of those countries who find in it an easy and quick source of revenues. A positive effect on the welfare of the people and the fight against poverty and inequality is not automatically related to the blossoming of exports of natural resources, but depends on economic policy choices. A more recent, less studied aspect of Sino-Latin American trade is the increasing penetration of Chinese manufactured goods in the domestic markets of the region: while initially outplacing foreign competitors, the flow is becoming a source of concern for businesses in the textile sector of countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico, who find it hard to compete with the minimum cost of labor that makes Chinese goods so cheap. That explains why the region has tariffs on imports from the Middle Kingdom that are 10% above world average (20% in the case of South America). Competition with Chinese manufactures in the third markets is also Central America's main problem in its re

A Feeling of Belonging

A Feeling of Belonging Author Shirley Jennifer Lim
ISBN-10 9780814751930
Release 2006
Pages 241
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When we imagine the activities of Asian American women in the mid-twentieth century, our first thoughts are not of skiing, beauty pageants, magazine reading, and sororities. Yet, Shirley Jennifer Lim argues, these are precisely the sorts of leisure practices many second generation Chinese, Filipina, and Japanese American women engaged in during this time. In A Feeling of Belonging, Lim highlights the cultural activities of young, predominantly unmarried Asian American women from 1930 to 1960. This period marks a crucial generation—the first in which American-born Asians formed a critical mass and began to make their presence felt in the United States. Though they were distinguished from previous generations by their American citizenship, it was only through these seemingly mundane “American”activities that they were able to overcome two-dimensional stereotypes of themselves as kimono-clad “Orientals.” Lim traces the diverse ways in which these young women sought claim to cultural citizenship, exploring such topics as the nation's first Asian American sorority, Chi Alpha Δ the cultural work of Chinese American actress Anna May Wong; Asian American youth culture and beauty pageants; and the achievement of fame of three foreign-born Asian women in the late 1950s. By wearing poodle skirts, going to the beach, and producing magazines, she argues, they asserted not just their American-ness, but their humanity: a feeling of belonging.

China and Indian Ocean Strategic Interests in the 21st Century

China and Indian Ocean  Strategic Interests in the 21st Century Author Khin Ma Ma Myo
ISBN-10 9781445797069
Release 2011
Pages 103
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In the Post-Cold War Era, the balance of redistribution of power has more shifted to Asia. China's rise in world affairs is... More > one of the main principal trends that define the new global order and China's increasing diplomatic, economic and military strength has compelled countries to rethink existing security strategies. As Chinese strategic interests lie in the Indian Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the states on its littoral are of growing strategic importance.

Latin American Responses to Globalization in the 21st Century

Latin American Responses to Globalization in the 21st Century Author M. Nilsson
ISBN-10 9781137003126
Release 2012-02-29
Pages 267
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Written by a diverse group of scholars and practitioners from Latin America, the US and Europe and taking into consideration the recent global financial crisis,the book offers a multifaceted insight into the expectations as well as the possible threats related to Latin America's incorporation into the sphere of global interconnectedness.

Scratches on Our Minds American Images of China and India

Scratches on Our Minds  American Images of China and India Author Harold R. Isaacs
ISBN-10 9781317460060
Release 2015-02-12
Pages 452
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A presentation of eight contemporary Chinese women writers, representing two generations of women with different backgrounds and experiences. The selections explore esthetic, cultural and ideological problems that continue to challenge Chinese women.

America Through European Eyes

America Through European Eyes Author Aurelian Cr_iu_u
ISBN-10 9780271033907
Release 2009
Pages 288
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"A collection of essays that discuss representative eighteenth- and nineteenth-century French and English views of American democracy and society, and offer a critical assessment of various narrative constructions of American life, society, and culture"--Provided by publisher.

The Economist Pakistan

The Economist  Pakistan Author The Economist
ISBN-10 9780241963166
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 50
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The Penguin Economist Special reports delve into the most pressing economic issues of the day: from national and global economies, to the impact of trade, industry and jobs. Written to be read on a long commute or in your lunch hour - be better informed in under an hour. Pakistan is in a tricky situation. It is under constant scrutiny by the world media but is more often than not described in terms of its problems. There are indeed difficulties - bordering the unsettled nations of Afghanistan and Iran puts it in a precarious position. A poor and badly educated population for the most part is not helping the country's growth. There is hope. The wealth of natural resources, a growing, urban population and a more democratic government all point to a positive future. But with the NATO withdrawal from its troubled neighbours nearing, Pakistan's survival hangs in the balance. Simon Long's special report includes the following sections: Perilous Journey Too close for comfort State of vulnerability Captain's innings In the shadow of the mosque Lights off A taste of Hunny Always with us Dripping with blood Going with the flow

Global Entertainment Media

Global Entertainment Media Author Tanner Mirrlees
ISBN-10 9781136334658
Release 2013-04-02
Pages 320
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A critical cultural materialist introduction to the study of global entertainment media. In Global Entertainment Media, Tanner Mirrlees undertakes an analysis of the ownership, production, distribution, marketing, exhibition and consumption of global films and television shows, with an eye to political economy and cultural studies. Among other topics, Mirrlees examines: Paradigms of global entertainment media such as cultural imperialism and cultural globalization. The business of entertainment media: the structure of capitalist culture/creative industries (financers, producers, distributors and exhibitors) and trends in the global political economy of entertainment media. The "governance" of global entertainment media: state and inter-state media and cultural policies and regulations that govern the production, distribution and exhibition of entertainment media and enable or impede its cross-border flow. The new international division of cultural labor (NICL): the cross-border production of entertainment by cultural workers in asymmetrically interdependent media capitals, and economic and cultural concerns surrounding runaway productions and co-productions. The economic motivations and textual design features of globally popular entertainment forms such as blockbuster event films, TV formats, glocalized lifestyle brands and synergistic media. The cross-cultural reception and effects of TV shows and films. The World Wide Web, digitization and convergence culture.

China Burma India Theater Time Runs Out in CBI

China Burma India Theater  Time Runs Out in CBI Author Riley Sunderland
ISBN-10 0160882311
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China Burma India Theater Time Runs Out in CBI has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from China Burma India Theater Time Runs Out in CBI also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full China Burma India Theater Time Runs Out in CBI book for free.