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An Elemental Thing

An Elemental Thing Author Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-10 0811216942
Release 2007
Pages 194
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An anthology of interconnected nonfiction essays by the author of Works on Paper and Karmic Traces includes a poetic biographical evaluation of the prophet Muhammad and a meditative exploration of the universe titled, "The Stars." Original.

Oranges Peanuts for Sale

Oranges   Peanuts for Sale Author Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-10 0811218341
Release 2009
Pages 254
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Presented at the PEN World Voices Festival as a “post-national” writer,Eliot Weinberger is “a sparkling essayist” (Confrontation), andhis writings “a boundary-crossing, shape-shifting cabinet ofcuriosities” (The Bloomsbury Review).

Karmic Traces 1993 1999

Karmic Traces  1993 1999 Author Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-10 0811214567
Release 2000-01
Pages 200
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Collects twenty-four of Eliot Weinberger's writings describing his personal travels to the Atacama Desert, Iceland, and Hong Kong.

The Ghosts of Birds

The Ghosts of Birds Author Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-10 9780811226196
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 240
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A new collection from “one of the world’s great essayists” (The New York Times) The Ghosts of Birds offers thirty-five essays by Eliot Weinberger: the first section of the book continues his linked serial-essay, An Elemental Thing, which pulls the reader into “a vortex for the entire universe” (Boston Review). Here, Weinberger chronicles a nineteenth-century journey down the Colorado River, records the dreams of people named Chang, and shares other factually verifiable discoveries that seem too fabulous to possibly be true. The second section collects Weinberger’s essays on a wide range of subjects—some of which have been published in Harper’s, New York Review of Books, and London Review of Books—including his notorious review of George W. Bush’s memoir Decision Points and writings about Mongolian art and poetry, different versions of the Buddha, American Indophilia (“There is a line, however jagged, from pseudo-Hinduism to Malcolm X”), Béla Balázs, Herbert Read, and Charles Reznikoff. This collection proves once again that Weinberger is “one of the bravest and sharpest minds in the United States” (Javier Marías).

New Selected Essays

New   Selected Essays Author Denise Levertov
ISBN-10 0811212181
Release 1992
Pages 266
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Denise Levertov fulfills the eternal mission of the true Poet: to be a receptacle of Divine Grace and a 'spendor of that Grace to humanity.' World Literature Today"

Nineteen Ways of Looking at Wang Wei with More Ways

Nineteen Ways of Looking at Wang Wei  with More Ways Author Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-10 9780811226219
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 64
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A new expanded edition of the classic study of translation, finally back in print The difficulty (and necessity) of translation is concisely described in Nineteen Ways of Looking at Wang Wei, a close reading of different translations of a single poem from the Tang Dynasty—from a transliteration to Kenneth Rexroth’s loose interpretation. As Octavio Paz writes in the afterword, “Eliot Weinberger’s commentary on the successive translations of Wang Wei’s little poem illustrates, with succinct clarity, not only the evolution of the art of translation in the modern period but at the same time the changes in poetic sensibility.”

What Happened Here

What Happened Here Author Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-10 0811216381
Release 2005
Pages 184
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Essayist Eliot Weinberger sets his sights on the Bush team with brilliant, thought-provoking, funny consequences. Written for publication in magazines abroad, translated into sixteen languages, and collected here for the first time, Eliot Weinberger's chronicles of the Bush era range from first-person journalism to political analysis to a kind of documentary prose poetry. The book begins with the inauguration of George W. Bush in January 2001--and an eerie prediction of the invasion of Iraq--and picks up on September 12, with an account of downtown Manhattan, where Weinberger lives, on the "day after." With wit and anger, and sometimes startling prescience, What Happened Here takes us through the first term of the "Bush junta": the deep history of the neoconservative "sleeper cell," the invention of the War on Terror, the real wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the often bizarre behavior of the Republican Party. For twenty-five years, Eliot Weinberger has been taking the essay form into unexplored territory. In What Happened Here, truth proves stranger than poetry.

Works on Paper 1980 1986

Works on Paper  1980 1986 Author Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-10 0811210006
Release 1986
Pages 175
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Essays discuss East and West, Columbus, Christian missionaries in China, Tibetan government, Kampuchea under Pol Pot, and modern poets


Muhammad Author Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-10 9781786635686
Release 2018-10-16
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Muhammad is a shimmering, lyrical biography of the Prophet, composed from the words of Muslims throughout the centuries. Drawing on a variety of Islamic sources, from the hadith, or sayings of Muhammad and his companions, to Abbasid and Persian texts, Weinberger weaves a subtle, mystical prose poem, spanning Muhammad’s birth and childhood; his adolescence, miracles and marriages; to the isra and miraj, his journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and ascent into heaven, with the angel Jibril (Gabriel) as his guide. The result is a vivid triptych that presents the final prophet of Islam with extraordinary clarity. At a time when the Muslim world is being demonized in much of the media Muhammad provides a sense of the awe surrounding this historical and sacred figure.

The New Directions Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry

The New Directions Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry Author Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-10 0811215407
Release 2003
Pages 242
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Provides translations of more than two hundred-fifty poems by over forty poets, from early anonymous poetry through the T'ang and Sung dynasties.

The Green Child

The Green Child Author Herbert Read
ISBN-10 0811201724
Release 1935-01-17
Pages 194
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"[B]eautifully written....a triumph of delicate and suggestive mystification."—The New York Times

World Beat

World Beat Author Eliot Weinberger
ISBN-10 0811216519
Release 2006
Pages 258
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A celebratory anthology of contemporary poetry from around the world includes pieces by twenty-eight contributors including Octavio Paz, Dunya Mikhail, and Bei Dao, in a volume that serves to reflect a timely dialogue between international writers. Original.

The Blue Flowers

The Blue Flowers Author Raymond Queneau
ISBN-10 9780811220859
Release 1985-04-17
Pages 232
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Only a pataphysician nurtured lovingly on surrealist excess could have come up with The Blue Flowers, Queneau's 1964 novel. At his death in 1976, Raymond Queneau was one of France's most eminent men of letters––novelist, poet, essayist, editor, scientist, mathematician, and, more to the point, pataphysician. And only a pataphysician nurtured lovingly on surrealist excess could have come up with The Blue Flowers, Queneau's 1964 novel, now reissued as a New Directions Paperbook. To a pataphysician all things are equal, there is no improvement or progress in the human condition, and a "message" is an invention of the benighted reader, certainly not the author or his perplexing creations––the sweet, fennel-drinking Cidrolin and the rampaging Duke d'Auge. History is mostly what the duke rampages through––700 years of it at 175-year clips. He refuses to crusade, clobbers his king with the "in" toy of 1439––the cannon––dabbles in alchemy, and decides that those musty caves down at Altamira need a bit of sprucing up. Meanwhile, Cidrolin in the 1960s lolls on his barge moored along the Seine, sips essence of fennel, and ineffectually tries to catch the graffitist who nightly defiles his fence. But mostly he naps. Is it just a coincidence that the duke appears only when Cidrolin is dozing? And vice versa? In the tradition of Villon and Céline, Queneau attempted to bring the language of the French streets into common literary usage, and his mad word-plays, bad puns, bawdy jokes, and anachronistic wackiness have been kept amazingly and glitteringly intact by the incomparable translator Barbara Wright.

Soul Signs

Soul Signs Author Rosemary Altea
ISBN-10 9781594862298
Release 2005-07-08
Pages 304
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A leading spiritual medium introduces her system of soul typing, explaining how the thirteen soul signs can provide a basic understanding of human nature, relationships, and emotions.

A Tale of Two Gardens

A Tale of Two Gardens Author Octavio Paz
ISBN-10 0811213498
Release 1997
Pages 111
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Gathers poems about India by the Nobel Prize winning poet and former Mexican ambassador to India

Paris Spleen

Paris Spleen Author Charles Baudelaire
ISBN-10 0819569984
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 124
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Between 1855 and his death in 1867, Charles Baudelaire inaugurated a new—and in his own words “dangerous”—hybrid form in a series of prose poems known as Paris Spleen. Important and provocative, these fifty poems take the reader on a tour of 1850s Paris, through gleaming cafes and filthy side streets, revealing a metropolis on the eve of great change. In its deliberate fragmentation and merging of the lyrical with the sardonic, Le Spleen de Paris may be regarded as one of the earliest and most successful examples of a specifically urban writing, the textual equivalent of the city scenes of the Impressionists. In this compelling new translation, Keith Waldrop delivers the companion to his innovative translation of The Flowers of Evil. Here, Waldrop’s perfectly modulated mix releases the music, intensity, and dissonance in Baudelaire’s prose. The result is a powerful new re-imagining that is closer to Baudelaire’s own poetry than any previous English translation.

A Tree Within

A Tree Within Author Octavio Paz
ISBN-10 0811210715
Release 1988
Pages 164
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A Tree Within (Arbor Adentro), the first collection of new poems by the great Mexican author Octavio Paz since hi Return (Vuelta) of 1975, was originally published as the final section of The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz, 1957-1987.