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An Introduction to Close Binary Stars

An Introduction to Close Binary Stars Author R. W. Hilditch
ISBN-10 0521798000
Release 2001-03-12
Pages 381
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This 2001 book was the first to provide a pedagogical and comprehensive introduction to binary stars for advanced students.

Evolutionary Processes in Binary and Multiple Stars

Evolutionary Processes in Binary and Multiple Stars Author Peter Eggleton
ISBN-10 9781139456951
Release 2006-07-20
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Binary systems of stars are as common as single stars. Stars evolve primarily by nuclear reactions in their interiors, but a star with a binary companion can also have its evolution influenced by the companion. Multiple star systems can exist stably for millions of years, but can ultimately become unstable as one star grows in radius until it engulfs another. This volume, first published in 2006, discusses the statistics of binary stars; the evolution of single stars; and several of the most important kinds of interaction between two (and even three or more) stars. Some of the interactions discussed are Roche-lobe overflow, tidal friction, gravitational radiation, magnetic activity driven by rapid rotation, stellar winds, magnetic braking and the influence of a distant third body on a close binary orbit. A series of mathematical appendices gives a concise but full account of the mathematics of these processes.

Binary Stars as Critical Tools and Tests in Contemporary Astrophysics IAU S240

Binary Stars as Critical Tools and Tests in Contemporary Astrophysics  IAU S240 Author International Astronomical Union. Symposium
ISBN-10 0521863481
Release 2007-08-27
Pages 479
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IAU S240 focuses on recent advances across the broad field of binary star research.

Fundamental Astronomy

Fundamental Astronomy Author Hannu Karttunen
ISBN-10 9783540341444
Release 2007-08-09
Pages 510
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Fundamental Astronomy is a well-balanced, comprehensive introduction to classical and modern astronomy. While emphasizing both the astronomical concepts and the underlying physical principles, the text provides a sound basis for more profound studies in the astronomical sciences. This is the fifth edition of the successful undergraduate textbook and reference work. It has been extensively modernized and extended in the parts dealing with extragalactic astronomy and cosmology. You will also find augmented sections on the solar system and extrasolar planets as well as a new chapter on astrobiology. Long considered a standard text for physical science majors, Fundamental Astronomy is also an excellent reference work for dedicated amateur astronomers.

An Introduction to the Theory of Stellar Structure and Evolution

An Introduction to the Theory of Stellar Structure and Evolution Author Dina Prialnik
ISBN-10 9781316284308
Release 2009-10-29
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Using fundamental physics, the theory of stellar structure and evolution can predict how stars are born, how their complex internal structure changes, what nuclear fuel they burn, and their ultimate fate. This textbook is a stimulating introduction for undergraduates in astronomy, physics and applied mathematics, taking a course on the physics of stars. It uniquely emphasises the basic physical principles governing stellar structure and evolution. This second edition contains two new chapters on mass loss from stars and interacting binary stars, and new exercises. Clear and methodical, it explains the processes in simple terms, while maintaining mathematical rigour. Starting from general principles, this textbook leads students step-by-step to a global, comprehensive understanding of the subject. Fifty exercises and full solutions allow students to test their understanding. No prior knowledge of astronomy is required, and only a basic background in physics and mathematics is necessary.

Principles of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

Principles of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics Author Cathie Clarke
ISBN-10 9781139462235
Release 2007-03-08
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Fluid dynamical forces drive most of the fundamental processes in the Universe and so play a crucial role in our understanding of astrophysics. This comprehensive textbook, first published in 2007, introduces the necessary fluid dynamics to understand a wide range of astronomical phenomena, from stellar structures to supernovae blast waves, to accretion discs. The authors' approach is to introduce and derive the fundamental equations, supplemented by text that conveys a more intuitive understanding of the subject, and to emphasise the observable phenomena that rely on fluid dynamical processes. The textbook has been developed for use by final-year undergraduate and starting graduate students of astrophysics, and contains over fifty exercises. It is based on the authors' many years of teaching their astrophysical fluid dynamics course at the University of Cambridge.

Introduction to Astronomical Photometry

Introduction to Astronomical Photometry Author Edwin Budding
ISBN-10 0521847117
Release 2007
Pages 434
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Review of astronomical photometry for graduate students, researchers and advanced amateurs in practical and observational astronomy.

An Introduction to the Sun and Stars

An Introduction to the Sun and Stars Author Simon F. Green
ISBN-10 0521546222
Release 2004-02-26
Pages 373
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Compiled by a team of experts, this textbook has been designed for elementary university courses in astronomy and astrophysics. It starts with a detailed discussion of our nearest star, the Sun, and describes how solar physicists have come to understand its internal workings. It then considers how astronomers go about studying the basic physical properties and life-cycles of more distant stars, and culminates with a discussion of the formation of exotic objects such as neutron stars and black holes. Written in an accessible style that avoids complex mathematics, and illustrated in colour throughout, this book is suitable for self-study and will appeal to amateur astronomers as well as undergraduate students. It contains numerous helpful learning features such as boxed summaries, student exercises with full solutions, and a glossary of terms. The book is also supported by a website hosting further teaching materials.

Stellar Rotation

Stellar Rotation Author Jean-Louis Tassoul
ISBN-10 1139428322
Release 2000-04-13
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Like the Earth and planets, stars rotate. Understanding how stars rotate is central to modelling their structure, formation and evolution, and how they interact with their environment and companion stars. This authoritative volume, first published in 2000, provides a lucid introduction to stellar rotation and the definitive reference to the subject. It combines theory and observation in a comprehensive survey of how the rotation of stars affects the structure and evolution of the Sun, single stars and close binaries. This book will be of primary interest to graduate students and researchers studying solar and stellar rotation and close binary systems. It will also appeal to those with a more general interest in solar and stellar physics, star formation, binary stars and the hydrodynamics of rotating fluids - including geophysicists, planetary scientists and plasma physicists.

Advanced Stellar Astrophysics

Advanced Stellar Astrophysics Author William K. Rose
ISBN-10 0521588332
Release 1998-04-16
Pages 480
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This advanced 1998 textbook on stellar astrophysics provides a comprehensive and self-contained introduction for graduate students.

Accretion Processes in Star Formation

Accretion Processes in Star Formation Author Lee Hartmann
ISBN-10 0521785200
Release 2000-11-15
Pages 237
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This first comprehensive account of the dynamical processes in the formation of stars and disks from which planets ultimately form.

An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics

An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics Author Bradley W. Carroll
ISBN-10 9781108422161
Release 2017-09-07
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A comprehensive and engaging textbook, covering the entire astrophysics curriculum in one volume.

Accretion Power in Astrophysics

Accretion Power in Astrophysics Author Juhan Frank
ISBN-10 0521629578
Release 2002-01-17
Pages 384
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An updated version of the popular graduate text on accretion in astrophysics.

Solar and Stellar Magnetic Activity

Solar and Stellar Magnetic Activity Author C. J. Schrijver
ISBN-10 1139425420
Release 2008-10-30
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This timely volume provides the first comprehensive review and synthesis of current understanding of magnetic fields in the Sun and similar stars. Magnetic activity results in a wealth of phenomena - including starspots, non-radiatively heated outer atmospheres, activity cycles, deceleration of rotation rates, and even, in close binaries, stellar cannibalism - all of which are covered clearly and authoritatively. This book brings together for the first time recent results in solar studies and stellar studies. The result is an illuminating new view of stellar magnetic activity. Key topics include radiative transfer, convective simulations, dynamo theory, outer-atmospheric heating, stellar winds and angular momentum loss. Researchers are provided with a state-of-the-art review of this exciting field, and the pedagogical style and introductory material make the book an ideal and welcome introduction for graduate students.

An Introduction to Astrophysical Hydrodynamics

An Introduction to Astrophysical Hydrodynamics Author Steven N. Shore
ISBN-10 9780323139922
Release 2012-12-02
Pages 452
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This book is an introduction to astrophysical hydrodynamics for both astronomy and physics students. It provides a comprehensive and unified view of the general problems associated with fluids in a cosmic context, with a discussion of fluid dynamics and plasma physics. It is the only book on hydrodynamics that addresses the astrophysical context. Researchers and students will find this work to be an exceptional reference. Contents include chapters on irrotational and rotational flows, turbulence, magnetohydrodynamics, and instabilities.

Advanced Astrophysics

Advanced Astrophysics Author Neb Duric
ISBN-10 0521525713
Release 2004
Pages 296
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Graduate textbook in astrophysics.

Pulsar Astronomy

Pulsar Astronomy Author Andrew G. Lyne
ISBN-10 0521839548
Release 2006-01-30
Pages 309
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A thoroughly revised third edition, covering recent advances in the field and including an updated catalogue of all known pulsars.