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Andreas Papandreou

Andreas Papandreou Author Stan Draenos
ISBN-10 9781780760803
Release 2012-07-15
Pages 340
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'Andreas Papandreou' chronicles the events, struggles and ideas that defined the man's dramatic, intrigue-filled transformation from Kennedy-era moderniser to Cold War maverick. In the process, the book examines the interplay of character and circumstance that generated Papandreou's contentious, but consequential politics.

Stan Draenos Andreas Papandreou The Making of a Greek Democrat and Political Maverick

Stan Draenos  Andreas Papandreou  The Making of a Greek Democrat and Political Maverick Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:1032171023
Release 2014
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Stan Draenos Andreas Papandreou The Making of a Greek Democrat and Political Maverick has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Stan Draenos Andreas Papandreou The Making of a Greek Democrat and Political Maverick also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Stan Draenos Andreas Papandreou The Making of a Greek Democrat and Political Maverick book for free.

Memoirs of a Mission

Memoirs of a Mission Author Verena Klemm
ISBN-10 9780857714688
Release 2003-11-21
Pages 150
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Al-Mu'ayyad fi'l-DÌn al-ShÌrzÌ (d. 470/1087) was an outstanding, multi-talented Fatimid scholar of Persian origin. He excelled as a missionary-agent, statesman, poet, preacher and theologian. Based on his autobiography, this work provides an insight into the remarkable life and achievements of al- Mu'ayyad through important stages of his career, describing his daring attempt to win over the Buyids of western Iran to the Fatimid cause, his dangerous flight to Cairo and finally his expedition to Syria and Iraq to build up an alliance of local rulers against the invading Saljuk Turks._x000D_ The author demonstrates that in addition to being a fascinating personal account, the life of al-Mu'ayyad is a rich source of Islamic history in the 5th/11th century dealing with crucial events in the struggle between the Fatimids, Abbasids, Buyids and Saljuks for supremacy in the Muslim world.

The Colonels Coup and the American Embassy

The Colonels    Coup and the American Embassy Author Robert V. Keeley
ISBN-10 9780271076515
Release 2011-01-12
Pages 304
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Robert Keeley was a Foreign Service officer stationed in Greece during one of the most tumultuous events in the country’s history, the so-called Colonels’ coup of April 21, 1967. This is his insider’s account of how U.S. policy was formulated, debated, and implemented from 1966 to 1969, the critical years directly before and after the coup. A major event in the history of the Cold War, the coup ushered in a seven-year period of military rule in Greece. In its wake, some eight thousand people affiliated with the Communist Party were rounded up, and Greece became yet another country where the fear of Communism led the United States into alliance with a repressive right-wing authoritarian regime. In military coups in some other countries, it is known that the CIA and other agencies of the U.S. government played an active role in encouraging and facilitating the takeover. The Colonels’ coup, however, came as a surprise to the United States (which was expecting a Generals’ coup instead). Yet the U.S. government accepted it after the fact, despite internal disputes within policymaking circles about the wisdom of accommodating the upstart Papadopoulos regime. Keeley was among those dissenters.

Trust but Verify

Trust  but Verify Author Martin Klimke
ISBN-10 9781503600133
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 272
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Trust, but Verify uses trust—with its emotional and predictive aspects—to explore international relations in the second half of the Cold War, beginning with the late 1960s. The détente of the 1970s led to the development of some limited trust between the United States and the Soviet Union, which lessened international tensions and enabled advances in areas such as arms control. However, it also created uncertainty in other areas, especially on the part of smaller states that depended on their alliance leaders for protection. The contributors to this volume look at how the "emotional" side of the conflict affected the dynamics of various Cold War relations: between the superpowers, within the two ideological blocs, and inside individual countries on the margins of the East–West confrontation.

A J P Taylor

A J P Taylor Author C.J. Wrigley
ISBN-10 9780857710017
Release 2006-08-25
Pages 256
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A.J.P. Taylor - a gentleman scholar in the old style; a non-conforming radical from the north of England; an academic steeped in Oxford traditions; a late 20th-century British media personality; one of the most outstanding historians of his age. C.J.Wrigley’s biography brings out fascinating, hitherto unrevealed details of this extraordinary man’s life. It gives a vivid picture of his pampered childhood, his rivalry with Hugh Trevor-Roper, his complex relationships with women, and his time as a teacher, broadcaster, historian and incorrigible bête noir to many another scholar. Taking into account Taylor’s own conviction about history’s place at the heart of national consciousness, this full and enthralling portrait of a highly complicated figure assesses his achievements as both man and historian.

Greece Financialization and the EU

Greece  Financialization and the EU Author V. Fouskas
ISBN-10 9781137273451
Release 2013-07-30
Pages 245
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The debt crisis in Greece has sparked lively debates about the origins of the crisis and policy measures to be adopted in order to fix it. The authors offer the first original and comprehensive narrative on Greece.


Radetzky Author Alan Sked
ISBN-10 9781848856776
Release 2011-01-15
Pages 262
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Later in Radetzky's career, in 1848 and again in 1849, it was he who defeated a much superior army - not merely to maintain the political and geographical integrity of the Habsburg Monarchy but thereby almost certainly preventing a whole continent from dissolving once again into war and revolution as it had in 1792-1815. --

American Foreign Policy Towards the Colonels Greece

American Foreign Policy Towards the Colonels  Greece Author Neovi M. Karakatsanis
ISBN-10 9781137523181
Release 2018-05-05
Pages 232
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This book seeks to comprehensively analyze and document U.S. foreign policy toward a strategic Cold War ally that posed a stark challenge to the traditionally-stated U.S. preference for democracy and political freedom. It details the complex ways in which the U.S. reacted to that challenge and went about crafting policies of longer-term accommodation with a regime it wished to retain as a close ally in a strategically important part of the world.

Ernst Th lmann

Ernst Th  lmann Author Norman Laporte
ISBN-10 1845117247
Release 2012-08
Pages 272
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LaPorte provides a critical and analytical study of communism in interwar Germany and shows how Thalmann became the symbol of communist antifascist resistance after 1933."

Churchill and Company

Churchill and Company Author David Dilks
ISBN-10 9781780769677
Release 2015-01-30
Pages 336
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Winston Churchill is one of the dominating figures of the 20th century. In this stimulating and original book, David Dilks presents Churchill, not only as a war leader and international statesman, but also as a private person with a rich variety of friendships and rivalries. New and penetrating light is directed on Churchill during World War II. This was a period of dramatic relationships: conflicts with General de Gaulle in contrast with respect and affection for Roosevelt (feelings not entirely reciprocated by the American president). In the post-war era, relations with Stalin, and precoccupation with the Soviet Union and the Cold War all dominated Churchill's subsequent career, a time when he was able to renew his working relationship with his wartime colleague General - now President - Eisenhower. Whether in or out of office, Churchill's influence was felt in all areas of British politics. David Dilks brings Churchill vividly to life for all those interested in modern British, military and international history.

The Logics and Politics of Post WWII Migration to Western Europe

The Logics and Politics of Post WWII Migration to Western Europe Author Anthony M. Messina
ISBN-10 9781139463607
Release 2007-06-04
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Few phenomena have been more disruptive to West European politics and society than the accumulative experience of post-WWII immigration. Against this backdrop spring two questions: Why have the immigrant-receiving states historically permitted high levels of immigration? To what degree can the social and political fallout precipitated by immigration be politically managed? Utilizing evidence from a variety of sources, this study explores the links between immigration and the surge of popular support for anti-immigrant groups; its implications for state sovereignty; its elevation to the policy agenda of the European Union; and its domestic legacies. It argues that post-WWII migration is primarily an interest-driven phenomenon that has historically served the macroeconomic and political interests of the receiving countries. Moreover, it is the role of politics in adjudicating the claims presented by domestic economic actors, foreign policy commitments, and humanitarian norms that creates a permissive environment for significant migration to Western Europe.

Propaganda and Mass Persuasion

Propaganda and Mass Persuasion Author Nicholas John Cull
ISBN-10 9781576078204
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 479
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Entries provide information on the history, key propagandists, and techniques and concepts of propaganda.

The Incomplete Breakthrough in Greek Turkish Relations

The Incomplete Breakthrough in Greek Turkish Relations Author Panayotis Tsakonas
ISBN-10 9780230278073
Release 2010-02-03
Pages 289
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This methodical analysis of Greece's strategy towards Turkey highlights important new findings about the role particular elements of a state's strategic culture play in explaining major and/or minor shifts in strategy. The book breaks new ground in exploring when and how states develop socialization strategies.

Modern Greece

Modern Greece Author John S. Koliopoulos
ISBN-10 1444314831
Release 2009-10-27
Pages 280
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Modern Greece: A History since 1821 is a chronological account of the political, economic, social, and cultural history of Greece, from the birth of the Greek state in 1821 to 2008 by two leading authorities. Pioneering and wide-ranging study of modern Greece, which incorporates the most recent Greek scholarship Sets the history of modern Greece within the context of a broad geo-political framework Includes detailed portraits of leading Greek politicians Provides in-depth considerations on the profound economic and social changes that have occurred as a result of Greece’s EU membership

National Identity and Europe in Times of Crisis

National Identity and Europe in Times of Crisis Author Christian Karner
ISBN-10 9781787149564
Release 2017-08-29
Pages 312
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Europeanness is challenged by the multiple crises and debates happening across the continent. There is long-standing disagreement over Europe’s boundaries, and politicians and citizens continually reflect on the EU’s past, present and future. This book analyses such reflections and political struggles in a variety of national and local contexts.

Killing the Host

Killing the Host Author Michael Hudson
ISBN-10 1568587376
Release 2015-05-12
Pages 400
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Hudson chronicles how the financial sector has become a parasite that has taken over the brain of the US economy.