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Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Author John Alcock
ISBN-10 0878939660
Release 2013
Pages 522
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This title offers a treatment of the underlying mechanisms and evolutionary bases of behaviour with a focus on the importance of evolutionary theory for the unification of the different behavioural disciplines.

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Author John Alcock
ISBN-10 1605355488
Release 2018-01-14
Pages 600
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Revised edition of: Animal behavior: an evolutionary approach / John Alcock. 10th ed. c2013.

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Author John Alcock
ISBN-10 0878932259
Release 2009
Pages 606
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This title offers a treatment of the underlying mechanisms and evolutionary bases of behaviour with a focus on the importance of evolutionary theory for the unification of the different behavioural disciplines.

Exploring Animal Behavior

Exploring Animal Behavior Author Paul W. Sherman
ISBN-10 1605351954
Release 2013
Pages 372
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This anthology contains 37 articles published since 1974 in American Scientist, the journal of the scientific society Sigma Xi. While sequenced particularly to complement John Alcock's Animal Behavior, this readily comprehensible and richly illustrated reader can stand alone as a sampler of the excitement and diversity of research approaches and organisms that constitute the modern study of animal behavior.

Principles of Animal Behavior

Principles of Animal Behavior Author Lee Alan Dugatkin
ISBN-10 9780393922332
Release 2013-03-28
Pages 648
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Principles of Animal Behavior has long been considered the most current and engaging introduction to animal behavior. The Third Edition is now also the most comprehensive and balanced in its approach to the theoretical framework behind how biologists study behavior.

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Author Victor S. Lamoureux
ISBN-10 9781466562097
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 320
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This comprehensive volume looks at a range of topics covering the habits of a variety of animals, including how macaques teach their offspring, how rats transmit avoidance behavior, how supplementary feeding of tree frogs affects their breeding behavior, and more. Studies in animal behavior can have far-reaching implications for animals and humans alike—suggesting how humans can improve conservation efforts, how we can better protect animals both in the wild and in captivity, and what can be learned about humans from animals.

Comparative Animal Behavior

Comparative Animal Behavior Author Richard A. Maier
ISBN-10 0205199852
Release 1998
Pages 569
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Comparative Animal Behavior meets the need for a student friendly and comprehensive text in the rapidly expanding field of animal behavior. It achieves a good balance between recent, hot research and classic studies of animal behavior, in an organized and engaging manner. Comparative Animal Behavior surpasses other texts in its coverage of the rapidly developing area of evolutionary psychology and differs from standard texts in its organizational approach which is designed to draw students into the material in a way that no other animal behavior textbook does. Brief, rather than extensive, discussions of history are presented throughout the text to hold students interest. The amount of material integrating psychological and biological approaches surpasses the competition. Comparative Animal Behavior also responds to recent shifts in research and theoretical interests by providing current information in the areas of animal learning and cognition, parasitism, and mutualism. Maier describes his book as a labor of love, that reflects a life-long interest in the subject and over thirty-five years of teaching experience.

Observing Animal Behaviour

Observing Animal Behaviour Author Marian Stamp Dawkins
ISBN-10 9780191037443
Release 2007-10-18
Pages 176
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This book introduces the reader to the power of observation before, and sometimes instead of, experimental manipulation in the study of animal behaviour. It starts with simple and easily accessible methods suitable for student projects, before going on to demonstrate the possibilities that now exist for far more sophisticated analyses of observational data. At a time when animal welfare considerations are attracting political as well as scientific debate, the potential for non-intrusive studies on animals is being increasingly recognized. Observation emerges as a valuable alternative approach, often yielding highly informative results in situations (such as on zoos, farms or for wild animals) where more invasive experimental techniques would be undesirable, unethical or just plain impossible. However, to justify its place alongside experimentation as a rigorous scientific method, observation needs to be just as disciplined and systematic and have just as much attention paid to project design in the way that observations are made and recorded. Observing Animal Behaviour takes the reader through all these stages: from the initial observations, to the formulation of hypotheses, and their subsequent testing with further systematic observations. Although designed principally as a companion text for advanced undergraduate and students taking courses in animal behaviour, this accessible text will be essential reading for anyone wanting to study animal behaviour using observational methods rather than experimentation, and assumes no previous knowledge of animals, statistics or scientific method. It will be of particular relevance and use to those professional researchers and consultants in the behavioural sciences who seek a compact but comprehensive introduction to the quantitative observation of animal behaviour.

Comparative Psychology

Comparative Psychology Author Mauricio R. Papini
ISBN-10 9781136873195
Release 2010-10-18
Pages 800
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This textbook introduces the student to evolutionary and developmental approaches to the study of animal behavior. It can be used as a core textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate courses in Comparative Psychology, Animal Behavior, and Evolutionary Psychology.

Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists

Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists Author Katherine A. Houpt
ISBN-10 9781119232803
Release 2018-01-04
Pages 448
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Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists, Sixth Edition is a fully updated revision of this popular, classic text offering a thorough understanding of the normal behavior of domestic animals. Provides a complete understanding of the normal behavior of domestic animals Covers dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep, cattle, and goats Describes all key aspects of animal behavior, with images to support the concepts Revised and updated to cover the latest thinking, with enhanced coverage of behavioral genetics, animal cognition, and learning Includes access to a companion website with review questions and answers and the figures from the book in PowerPoint

Perspectives on Animal Behavior

Perspectives on Animal Behavior Author Judith Goodenough
ISBN-10 9780470045176
Release 2009-09-22
Pages 544
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Perspectives on Animal Behavior introduces biologists and psychologists to the scientific reasoning and methodology in the field while also addressing development and mechanisms. Rather than just focusing on evolutionary behavior, the book presents a variety of different perspectives including genetics, neurological, learning, and behavioral ecology. The third edition walks them through experimentation and data analysis, which are critical in the field. It includes classical studies that form the foundation of this field but concentrates on more current work in order to present the thinking and experiments. Biologists and psychologists will then gain a modern understanding of animal behavior.

Field and Laboratory Exercises in Animal Behavior

Field and Laboratory Exercises in Animal Behavior Author Chadwick V. Tillberg
ISBN-10 0080552765
Release 2007-09-04
Pages 232
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Field and Laboratory Exercises in Animal Behavior is an interactive laboratory manual for students in animal behavior, ethology, and behavioral ecology. It is the first of its kind in this subject area that guides students through the diverse and fascinating fields of behavioral and ethological studies, employing a wide array of organisms as model systems for the study of behavior. Students participate in the development of hypothesis and turn the recording, analysis, and interpretation of data into an active and engaging process. A teacher-friendly companion website provides extensive teaching notes on the background to each lab project, tips and hints for successful project presentation, sources for studying organisms, ideas for variations in labs, and alternate study organisms. This text is recommended for undergraduate courses in Animal Behavior, Ethology, and Behavioral Ecology. Provides fully developed and tested laboraty exercises Offers both field and lab experiences- adaptable for fall, spring, or summer courses Laboratories emphasize student thought and involvement in experimental design Includes an online supplement to the manual for teachers

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Author Lee C. Drickamer
ISBN-10 0071130209
Release 2001
Pages 422
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Uses evolutionary principles as a unifying theme to provide students with an exposure to approaches in the field of animal behavior. This work demonstrates that the varied perspectives used to study behavior are complementary and often integrated. It is designed for a one-semester introductory course in Animal Behavior.

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Author Shawn Nordell
ISBN-10 0190276789
Release 2017-05-30
Pages 480
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EMPHASIZES CONCEPTS. Animal Behavior: Concepts, Methods, and Applications, Second Edition, takes a conceptual approach that highlights the process of science and the real-world applications of animal behavior research. In an engaging, question-driven style, Shawn E. Nordell and Thomas J. Valone offer readers a clear learning progression for understanding and evaluating empirical research examples. FOCUSES ON METHODOLOGY AND THE PROCESS OF SCIENCE. Featured studies illustrate each concept and emphasize research methods, immersing students in the process of animal behavior research. The authors clearly identify the research question, hypothesis, and prediction for each featured study and then demonstrate how the methods allow the prediction to be tested. HIGHLIGHTS REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS. To help students understand the broader significance of animal behavior research, each chapter contains examples of how various people and groups are applying the concepts to societal problems and issues. DISTINCTIVE FEATURES Bolded key terms, a running glossary, chapter summaries, and thought-provoking discussion questions provide additional support for students "Scientific Process" boxes clearly and concisely lay out each step of the research process "Toolboxes" explain essential skills or complex terms in the science of animal behavior "Applying the Concepts" boxes provide examples of how animal behavior research is being applied to real-life problems Diverse research examples represent all major taxa and highlight both classic and contemporary research Beautiful illustrations and photos help readers visualize complex processes and connect with the natural world

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Author Michael D. Breed
ISBN-10 9780128016831
Release 2015-05-16
Pages 552
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Animal Behavior, Second Edition, covers the broad sweep of animal behavior from its neurological underpinnings to the importance of behavior in conservation. The authors, Michael Breed and Janice Moore, bring almost 60 years of combined experience as university professors to this textbook, much of that teaching animal behavior. An entire chapter is devoted to the vibrant new field of behavior and conservation, including topics such as social behavior and the relationship between parasites, pathogens, and behavior. Thoughtful coverage has also been given to foraging behavior, mating and parenting behavior, anti-predator behavior, and learning. This text addresses the physiological foundations of behavior in a way that is both accessible and inviting, with each chapter beginning with learning objectives and ending with thought-provoking questions. Additionally, special terms and definitions are highlighted throughout. Animal Behavior provides a rich resource for students (and professors) from a wide range of life science disciplines. Provides a rich resource for students and professors from a wide range of life science disciplines Updated and revised chapters, with at least 50% new case studies and the addition of contemporary in-text examples Expanded and updated coverage of animal welfare topics Includes behavior and homeostatic mechanisms, behavior and conservation, and behavioral aspects of disease Available lab manual with fully developed and tested laboratory exercises Companion website includes newly developed slide sets/templates (PowerPoints) coordinated with the book

The Evolution of Primate Societies

The Evolution of Primate Societies Author John C. Mitani
ISBN-10 9780226531731
Release 2012-10-24
Pages 728
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In 1987, the University of Chicago Press published Primate Societies, the standard reference in the field of primate behavior for an entire generation of students and scientists. But in the twenty-five years since its publication, new theories and research techniques for studying the Primate order have been developed, debated, and tested, forcing scientists to revise their understanding of our closest living relatives. Intended as a sequel to Primate Societies, The Evolution of Primate Societies compiles thirty-one chapters that review the current state of knowledge regarding the behavior of nonhuman primates. Chapters are written by the leading authorities in the field and organized around four major adaptive problems primates face as they strive to grow, maintain themselves, and reproduce in the wild. The inclusion of chapters on the behavior of humans at the end of each major section represents one particularly novel aspect of the book, and it will remind readers what we can learn about ourselves through research on nonhuman primates. The final section highlights some of the innovative and cutting-edge research designed to reveal the similarities and differences between nonhuman and human primate cognition. The Evolution of Primate Societies will be every bit the landmark publication its predecessor has been.

An Introduction to Animal Behaviour

An Introduction to Animal Behaviour Author Aubrey Manning
ISBN-10 9781107000162
Release 2012-03-26
Pages 458
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"Wolves excitedly greet each other as members of the pack come together; a bumble bee uses its long tongue to reach the nectar at the base of a foxglove flower; a mongoose swiftly and deftly bites its prey to death; young cheetahs rest quietly together, very close to sleep. Now in full colour, this revised and updated edition of Manning and Dawkins' classic text provides a beautifully written introduction to the fundamentals of animal behaviour. Tinbergen's four questions of causation, evolution, development and function form the fundamental framework of the text, illustrated with fascinating examples of complex behavioural mechanisms. The authors provide accounts of all levels of behaviour from the nerve cell to that of the population. The strengths of An Introduction to Animal Behaviour as a textbook include its clear explanations and concise, readable text and the enthusiasm of the authors for their subject"--