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Animal Skulls

Animal Skulls Author Mark Elbroch
ISBN-10 9780811742412
Release 2006-11-21
Pages 744
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Comprehensive guide to the animals of North America. Fully illustrated with drawings and photographs. User-friendly format makes comparing species easy.

Animal Skulls

Animal Skulls Author Mark Elbroch
ISBN-10 9780811733090
Release 2006
Pages 727
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This reference and guidebook offers illustrations, descriptions, and measurements for the skulls of some 275 animal species found throughout North America. The skull is the key anatomical feature used to identify an animal and understand many of its behaviors. This book describes in words and pictures the bones and regions of the skull important to identification, including illustrations of all the bones in the cranium, leading to a greater understanding of a creature's place in the natural world. With life-size drawings, this guide is a reference for wildlife professionals, trackers, and animal-lovers.

Mammal Tracks Sign

Mammal Tracks   Sign Author Mark Elbroch
ISBN-10 0811726266
Release 2003
Pages 779
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Organized for in-the-field use or at-home reference, this guide brings together text, line drawings, range maps, and more than 1,000 color photographs to illustrate and describe the tracks and sign left by North American mammals -- feeding signs, scat, burrows, tunnels, bedding areas, rubbings, remains, and 104 life-size tracks.

Bird Tracks Sign

Bird Tracks   Sign Author Mark Elbroch
ISBN-10 0811726967
Release 2001
Pages 456
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Songbirds, waterfowl, owls, shorebirds, warblers, woodpeckers, nightjars, birds of prey Dozens of feather groups photographed in color A sighting in the field is just one way birders can identify bird species. Observant nature-lovers can discover what birds are where by examining tracks, trails, and a variety of bird sign: discarded feathers, feeding leftovers and caches, pellets, nests, droppings, and skulls and bones. This fully illustrated guide--the first of its kind for North American birds--presents thorough and straightforward instruction for identifying bird families or individual species by careful examination of the unique sign they leave behind. It also offers keys to the birds' behavior in the wild.

Bird Feathers

Bird Feathers Author S. David Scott
ISBN-10 0811742172
Release 2010-09-03
Pages 368
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Over 400 photos of representative feathers from 379 species.

Animal Skulls Bones

Animal Skulls   Bones Author James Kavanagh
ISBN-10 1583557962
Release 2012-08-15
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This Duraguide teaches how to identify the skulls and bones of common North American mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes. Indulge your inner explorer and learn how to infer the behavior of animals based on their skull and limb shape and dental patterns. This nearly indestructible guide also features step-by-step instructions for preparing and preserving specimens.

Illustrated Key to Skulls of Genera of North American Land Mammals

Illustrated Key to Skulls of Genera of North American Land Mammals Author J. Knox Jones
ISBN-10 0896722899
Release 1992-01
Pages 75
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Complete with glossary and bibliography, this book is a must have for every serious student of mammology. Illustrated with photographs and line drawings, this volume uses two or more pairs of contrasting characters in the keys.

Key Guide to Mammal Skulls and Lower Jaws

Key Guide to Mammal Skulls and Lower Jaws Author Aryan I. Roest
ISBN-10 UOM:39015064098125
Release 1986-06
Pages 39
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Key Guide to Mammal Skulls and Lower Jaws has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Key Guide to Mammal Skulls and Lower Jaws also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Key Guide to Mammal Skulls and Lower Jaws book for free.

Behavior of North American Mammals

Behavior of North American Mammals Author Mark Elbroch
ISBN-10 0618883452
Release 2011
Pages 374
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A comprehensive reference on animal behavior focuses on 70 North American mammal species and includes authoritative, engaging details about habitats, life cycles and daily and seasonal activities. 15,000 first printing.

Skulls and Bones

Skulls and Bones Author Glenn Searfoss
ISBN-10 0811725715
Release 1995
Pages 277
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How to identify mammal bones and comprehend what the structures indicate about each animal's lifestyle.

Tracks Sign of Insects Other Invertebrates

Tracks   Sign of Insects   Other Invertebrates Author Charley Eiseman
ISBN-10 9780811736244
Release 2010
Pages 582
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This Ground-Breaking Reference offers details for identifying beetles, spiders, flies, ants, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, earwigs, mayflies, crickets, grasshoppers, centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, earthworms, slugs, lacewings, wasps, bees, damselflies, alderflies, crabs, and many other invertebrates from the sign they leave behind. Includes almost 1,000 color photos and some 2,000 species.

A Field Guide to the Mammals

A Field Guide to the Mammals Author William Henry Burt
ISBN-10 0395910986
Release 1998-05-01
Pages 289
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Describes species with common and scientific names with detailed information

Stories in Tracks Sign

Stories in Tracks   Sign Author Diane Gibbons
ISBN-10 9781461751755
Release 2002-08-06
Pages 128
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Test your ability to "read" the wilderness environment Dozens of illustrated examples of animal behaviors and the resulting sign Beautiful nature photographs combined with illustrations allow readers to discover the mystery behind wild animal tracks and sign. Detailed information about each sign is provided, urging readers to imagine what animal might have made a particular footprint, left fleece on a rock, built a nest in a grill, and so on. On the next page, an illustration overlaid on the photograph shows what animal made the sign, such as a bobcat balancing on a snow-covered log. Certain to delight readers of all ages, this book presents a unique perspective on how to read animal tracks and sign in the wild.


Skulls Author Simon Winchester
ISBN-10 9781579129125
Release 2012-10-09
Pages 255
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Shares photographs of a variety of skulls, including those of mammals, birds, and fish.

Identifying and Interpreting Animal Bones

Identifying and Interpreting Animal Bones Author April M. Beisaw
ISBN-10 9781623490263
Release 2013-11-21
Pages 179
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Introduction -- Preparing your assemblage -- What animal is it? -- What bone is it? -- What else can the bone tell me? -- Recording your data -- Describing your data -- Epilogue -- Appendix 1: Online appendix -- Appendix 2: Bone atlases -- Appendix 3: Mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians by habitat preference -- Glossary.

Kaufman Field Guide to Mammals of North America

Kaufman Field Guide to Mammals of North America Author Nora Bowers
ISBN-10 0618951881
Release 2007-08-01
Pages 351
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Now with a new lower price and a new ISBN, the Kaufman Field Guide to Mammals invites nature lovers to discover North America's wild animals This comprehensive guide treats every species of wild mammal found north of the Mexican border, from squirrels and chipmunks to grizzly bears and jaguars as well as those in offshore waters. More than 1,200 photographs have been digitally edited to show correct sizes, comparative colors, and the field marks necessary for identification in the wild. With each title in the distinguished Kaufman Field Guide series, Kenn Kaufman engages and educates naturalists of all ages and skill levels about the wonders of nature. In Mammals of North America, the format has been designed for easy field use, with illustrations, maps, and text arranged side by side. Detailed range maps show where each species is common or rare. The authoritative text discusses the identification of these animals and the essential facts about their habitats and behavior. Hundreds of illustrations show tracks, dens, and other signs that we may notice even when the animals themselves are out of sight.

Practical Tracking

Practical Tracking Author Mark Elbroch
ISBN-10 9780811741279
Release 2010-03-08
Pages 352
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Techniques from international tracking experts applicable to any quarry and terrain. How to follow and find elk, deer, bears, cougars, lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, and cape buffalo.