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Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment

Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment Author Henri Lefebvre
ISBN-10 0816677190
Release 2014
Pages 190
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Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment, the first publication of Henri Lefebvre's only book devoted to architecture, redefines architecture as a mode of imagination rather than a specialized process or a collection of monuments. Lefebvre calls for an architecture of jouissance—of pleasure or enjoyment—centered on the body and its rhythms and based on the possibilities of the senses.

Fly Solo

Fly Solo Author Teresa Rodriguez Williamson
ISBN-10 1440678030
Release 2007-02-06
Pages 368
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There's a whole big world out there. Here's how every woman can get out and conquer it-solo. This is an inspiring guide for women who want to "fly solo"-yet stay safe, sane, and solvent during their travels. With candid advice and insider's secrets about some of the most exciting places on earth, readers will find: - A quiz to help determine what sorts of trips best suit one's personality, interests, and goals - The essential female-friendly spots every woman should visit - Why each destination is perfect for solo travelers, important foreign phrases, what to pack, what shoes to wear, special events, historical facts, where to meet the global glitterati, and a list of the top ten things women must do while visiting - Where to eat, meet, party, people watch, sunbathe, soul-search, shop, spa, frolic, photograph, and more Whether surfing in Hawaii, strolling the cobblestone streets of St. Petersburg, drinking in Dublin, or swimming with dolphins in the Caribbean, women can take on the world and create lasting memories with the best travel companion ever-themselves!

The Scottish Nation

The Scottish Nation Author Thomas Martin Devine
ISBN-10 9780718193201
Release 2012-07-05
Pages 760
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This bestselling history of Scotland traces the epic story of a nation from the Union with England to today's debates on the possibilities of Scottish independence in the future. Ranging from high politics to everyday life, The Scottish Nation is the most read modern history of Scotland at home and abroad: vital to understanding an ancient nation at a crucial time. 'Magnificent . . . a high achievement, a history of modern Scotland which, rarely for the subject, endows with sweep and power the changes that have created the country we live in.' Michael Fry, The Herald 'A fiercely intelligent account of Scotland . . . Devine is the country's most prominent historian, and from the evidence of this book, rightly so.' Rosemary Goring, Scotland on Sunday 'A formidable work . . . quite remarkable.' Donald Dewar 'Outstanding . . . if you are after answers to the big questions of Scottish history, Devine is your man.' Niall Ferguson 'The work of a compendious historical mind. In it, you can smell the stink of the nineteenth-century Glasgow slums . . . hear the disputations of the Enlightenment scholars . . . the first history of Scotland which both a nationalist and a unionist Scot can keep on their shelves with pride, and that is a large achievement in itself.' John Lloyd, Financial Times

A Man s Place

A Man s Place Author John Tosh
ISBN-10 9780300143683
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 272
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divDomesticity is generally treated as an aspect of women’s history. In this fascinating study of the nineteenth-century middle class, John Tosh shows how profoundly men’s lives were conditioned by the Victorian ideal and how they negotiated its many contradictions. Tosh begins by looking at the experience of boyhood, married life, sex, and fatherhood in the early decades of the nineteenth century—illustrated by case studies representing a variety of backgrounds—and then contrasts this with the lives of the late Victorian generation. He finds that the first group of men placed a new value on the home as a reaction to the disorienting experience of urbanization and as a response to the teachings of Evangelical Christianity. Domesticity still proved problematic in practice, however, because most men were likely to be absent from home for most of the day, and the role of father began to acquire its modern indeterminacy. By the 1870s, men were becoming less enchanted with the pleasures of home. Once the rights of wives were extended by law and society, marriage seemed less attractive, and the bachelor world of clubland flourished as never before. The Victorians declared that to be fully human and fully masculine, men must be active participants in domestic life. In exposing the contradictions in this ideal, they defined the climate for gender politics in the next century. /DIV

The Reformation of Community

The Reformation of Community Author Charles H. Parker
ISBN-10 0521623057
Release 1998-11-28
Pages 221
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By the time of the Calvinist Reformation, the cities of Holland had established a very long tradition of social provision for the poor in the civic community. Calvinists however intended to care for their own church members, who were by definition 'within the household of faith', through the deaconate, a confessional relief agency. This book examines the relationship between municipal and ecclesiastical relief agencies in the six chief cities of Holland - Dordrecht, Haarlem, Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam and Gouda - from the public establishment of the Reformed Church in 1572 to the aftermath of the Synod of Dort. The author argues that the conflict between charitable organizations reveal competing conceptions of Christian community that came to the fore as a result of the Dutch Reformation. This is the first comparative study of poor relief in Holland, which contributes to our understanding of the Reformation throughout Europe.

Sharing Cities

Sharing Cities Author Duncan McLaren
ISBN-10 9780262029728
Release 2015-11-27
Pages 464
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How cities can build on the "sharing economy" and smart technology to deliver a "sharing paradigm" that supports justice, solidarity, and sustainability.

The Decline of Privilege

The Decline of Privilege Author Joseph A. Soares
ISBN-10 0804748195
Release 2002-12-30
Pages 322
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Best Book Award, 2000, Sociology of Culture Section of the American Sociological Association This book studies Oxford University’s transformation—and the political hazards for academics that ensued—when, after World War II, it changed from a private liberal-arts club with aristocratic pretensions into a state university heavily committed to the natural sciences, and with a middle-class consituency and a meritocratic ethos.

The Berber Identity Movement and the Challenge to North African States

The Berber Identity Movement and the Challenge to North African States Author Bruce Maddy-Weitzman
ISBN-10 9780292745056
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 304
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Like many indigenous groups that have endured centuries of subordination, the Berber/Amazigh peoples of North Africa are demanding linguistic and cultural recognition and the redressing of injustices. Indeed, the movement seeks nothing less than a refashioning of the identity of North African states, a rewriting of their history, and a fundamental change in the basis of collective life. In so doing, it poses a challenge to the existing political and sociocultural orders in Morocco and Algeria, while serving as an important counterpoint to the oppositionist Islamist current. This is the first book-length study to analyze the rise of the modern ethnocultural Berber/Amazigh movement in North Africa and the Berber diaspora. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman begins by tracing North African history from the perspective of its indigenous Berber inhabitants and their interactions with more powerful societies, from Hellenic and Roman times, through a millennium of Islam, to the era of Western colonialism. He then concentrates on the marginalization and eventual reemergence of the Berber question in independent Algeria and Morocco, against a background of the growing crisis of regime legitimacy in each country. His investigation illuminates many issues, including the fashioning of official national narratives and policies aimed at subordinating Berbers in an Arab nationalist and Islamic-centered universe; the emergence of a counter-movement promoting an expansive Berber "imagining" that emphasizes the rights of minority groups and indigenous peoples; and the international aspects of modern Berberism.

Forging Political Compromise

Forging Political Compromise Author Daniel Miller
ISBN-10 9780822977285
Release 1999-07-15
Pages 344
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Historians have long claimed Czechoslovakia between the world wars as an island of democracy in a sea of dictatorships. The reasons for the survival of democratic institutions in the Czechoslovak First Republic, with its profound divisions, have never been fully explained, partly because for years critical research was thwarted by the communist state. Drawing on information from European archives, Miller pieces together the story of the party and its longtime leader, Antonín Svehla- the "Master of Compromise," who had an extraordinary capacity to mediate between political parties, factions, and individual political leaders. Miller shows how Svehla's official and behind-the-scenes activities in the parliament provided the new state with stability and continuity.

Cultural Memories

Cultural Memories Author Peter Meusburger
ISBN-10 9048189454
Release 2011-05-11
Pages 384
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The revival of interest in collective cultural memories since the 1980s has been a genuinely global phenomenon. Cultural memories can be defined as the social constructions of the past that allow individuals and groups to orient themselves in time and space. The investigation of cultural memories has necessitated an interdisciplinary perspective, though geographical questions about the spaces, places, and landscapes of memory have acquired a special significance. The essays in this volume, written by leading anthropologists, geographers, historians, and psychologists, open a range of new interpretations of the formation and development of cultural memories from ancient times to the present day. The volume is divided into five interconnected sections. The first section outlines the theoretical considerations that have shaped recent debates about cultural memory. The second section provides detailed case studies of three key themes: the founding myths of the nation-state, the contestation of national collective memories during periods of civil war, and the oral traditions that move beyond national narrative. The third section examines the role of World War II as a pivotal episode in an emerging European cultural memory. The fourth section focuses on cultural memories in postcolonial contexts beyond Europe. The fifth and final section extends the study of cultural memory back into premodern tribal and nomadic societies.

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap Author Kris Deschouwer
ISBN-10 1786605414
Release 2018-01-19
Pages 324
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This book draws a picture of a parliamentary and representative democracy that faces multiple tensions and multiple gaps.

Rising from the Flames

Rising from the Flames Author Samuel L. Leiter
ISBN-10 0739128183
Release 2009
Pages 429
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This is the first book to describe the way in which the traditional and modern forms of Japanese theater responded to Japan's defeat in World War II. It includes sixteen essays by thirteen specialists demonstrating the triumphs and tribulations of Japanese theater during the Allied Occupation, 1945–1952.

The Historian s Craft

The Historian s Craft Author Marc Bloch
ISBN-10 071903292X
Release 1992-01
Pages 163
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This work, by the co-founder of the "Annales School" deals with the uses and methods of history. It is useful for students of history, teachers of historiography and all those interested in the writings of the Annales school.

City Edge

City Edge Author Esther Charlesworth
ISBN-10 9781136417184
Release 2006-08-11
Pages 272
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This series of essays outlines a number of case studies from Europe, North America, Australia and Asia and provides first hand accounts of the experiences that planners, architects and politicians have had in reshaping cities. These insights provide a pragmatic assessment of the challenges and constraints posed by changing patterns of urban growth in a broad spectrum of urban environments. The reader will discover, through these multiple voices and views, the diverse forms of global cities, and will have a grasp of where the debate on urban design stands today, and where it may be going in the future.

A Dictionary of Jewish Christian Relations

A Dictionary of Jewish Christian Relations Author Edward Kessler
ISBN-10 0521730783
Release 2008-06-19
Pages 538
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This reference is a pioneering work which explores and defines the many factors which characterise the historic and ongoing relationship between the two traditions. From Aaron to Zionism, the editors have brought together over 700 entries--including events, institutions, movements, people, places and publications--contributed by more than 100 internationally renowned scholars. The Dictionary, compiled under the auspices of the Cambridge-based Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations, offers a focus for the study and understanding of Jewish-Christian relations internationally, both within and between Judaism and Christianity.

Scottish embroidery

Scottish embroidery Author Margaret H. Swain
ISBN-10 IND:39000005594283
Release 1986
Pages 190
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Scottish embroidery has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Scottish embroidery also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Scottish embroidery book for free.

Writing About Architecture

Writing About Architecture Author Alexandra Lange
ISBN-10 9781616890537
Release 2012-02-29
Pages 192
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Extraordinary architecture addresses so much more than mere practical considerations. It inspires and provokes while creating a seamless experience of the physical world for its users. It is the rare writer that can frame the discussion of a building in a way that allows the reader to see it with new eyes. Writing About Architecture is a handbook on writing effectively and critically about buildings and cities. Each chapter opens with a reprint of a significant essay written by a renowned architecture critic, followed by a close reading and discussion of the writer's strategies. Lange offers her own analysis using contemporary examples as well as a checklist of questions at the end of each chapter to help guide the writer. This important addition to the Architecture Briefs series is based on the author's design writing courses at New York University and the School of Visual Arts. Lange also writes a popular online column for Design Observer and has written for Dwell, Metropolis, New York magazine, and The New York Times. Writing About Architecture includes analysis of critical writings by Ada Louise Huxtable, Lewis Mumford, Herbert Muschamp, Michael Sorkin, Charles Moore, Frederick Law Olmsted, and Jane Jacobs. Architects covered include Marcel Breuer, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Field Operations, Norman Foster, Frank Gehry, Frederick Law Olmsted, SOM, Louis Sullivan, and Frank Lloyd Wright.