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Arab Cultural Studies

Arab Cultural Studies Author Tarik Sabry
ISBN-10 9781848855595
Release 2012-02-15
Pages 321
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Arab Cultural Studies: Mapping the Fieldis the first attempt to explore ways of conceptualizing and theorizing the nascent field of Arab Cultural Studies. It reflects and engages in an interdisciplinary discussion on the different facets of Arab cultural studies, including gender, economy, history, epistemology, language, method, politics, literary and cultural criticism, institutionalization, popular culture, creativity and much more. The book presents a meta-narrative about how scholars have thus far thought and re-thought the field. It brings together prominent and emerging experts, writing from both Arab and Western academia, to engage with key complex, epistemic and methodological questions and to articulate in the meantime the new kinds of language and hermeneutics necessary for the appropriation of an historically conscious and coherent field of scientific enquiry into contemporary Arab media, culture and society.

Arab Cultural Studies

Arab Cultural Studies Author Anastasia Valassopoulos
ISBN-10 9781317981053
Release 2013-09-13
Pages 220
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This book seeks to both showcase and further develop innovative research and debates on contemporary Arab cultural production. Popular culture in the form of cinema, popular music, literature, visual media and cyber-cultures, both local and imported, enjoy a central role in Arab cultural life, and the contributors to this innovative collection showcase the tremendous cultural output emerging from the Arab world. They present sensitive, conceptual readings whilst remaining mindful of the place of this work within a wider framework that seeks to prevent isolationist readings of cultural phenomena. Making sense of the place of culture in the Arab world, and agreeing upon a broadly recognisable and commonly accepted set of terms within which to discuss this output, is a new and urgent challenge. Arab Cultural Studies aspires to understand, communicate and theorise these forms. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal for Cultural Research.

Arab Subcultures

Arab Subcultures Author Tarik Sabry
ISBN-10 9781780769035
Release 2016
Pages 272
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What is 'Arab' about Arab subcultures? This is the first book to set out to delineate different ways of studying and theorising Arab subcultural groups and practices, including film, graffiti, music, live art performances, Arab techies and youth cultures. Contributors tackle a number of questions including: How is the study of Arab subcultures to be theorised? How are we to analyse such creative processes in a new worldliness characterised by trans-temporality and trans-subjectivity? Arab Subcultures effectively opens up a critical and interdisciplinary dialogue about Arab subcultures with different fields of enquiry, including anthropology, philosophy, art criticism and cultural studies, at the heart of which lies the key intellectual task of re-imagining the uneasy relation between aesthetics and politics in the age of revolutions.

Cultural Encounters in the Arab World

Cultural Encounters in the Arab World Author Tarik Sabry
ISBN-10 NWU:35556041256751
Release 2010-10-15
Pages 228
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Explores experiences of being modern in Arab transitional societies.

Manuscript Cultures Mapping the Field

Manuscript Cultures  Mapping the Field Author Jörg Quenzer
ISBN-10 9783110384826
Release 2014-12-12
Pages 383
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What do Mesoamerica, Greece, Byzantium, Island, Chad, Ethiopia, India, Tibet, China and Japan have in common? Like many other cultures of the world, they share a particular form of cultural heritage: ancient handwritten documents. This volume offers in 16 articles on philological, cultural, and material aspects of manuscripts a common ground across disciplines and cultures.

Transnational Landscapes and Postmodern Poetics

Transnational Landscapes and Postmodern Poetics Author Samira Mechri
ISBN-10 9781527505063
Release 2017-11-06
Pages 213
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This book moves beyond conventional conceptions of space and place to explore how the spatial imagination has informed our postmodern mapping of literature, culture, history, geography and politics. In this volume, scholars from different academic fields contest new territories for critical expression, venturing into a geocritical discussion of notions of identity, borders, territory, cognitive geographies, glocal cultural mobility, gendered spaces, (post)colonial cartographies, and spaces of resistance. These brilliant discussions of the postmodern dialectics of space and place invite a reappraisal of the value of space in our social, political and historical realities, thus extending the geographical imagination beyond its physical and territorial manifestations and investigating its hitherto uncharted spiritual, psychic, emotional, literary, and symbolic terrains. Bringing together theoretical and critical contributions in the fields of culture, history, politics, and literature, this engaging work invites readers to think geocritically about the significance of space and place in the postmodern age. It represents essential reading for students, critics, and scholars from various academic fields and disciplines, including history, geography, cultural studies, anthropology, political science, literature and critical theory.

Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry

Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry Author Nancy Duxbury
ISBN-10 9781317588016
Release 2015-05-22
Pages 378
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This edited collection provides an introduction to the emerging interdisciplinary field of cultural mapping, offering a range of perspectives that are international in scope. Cultural mapping is a mode of inquiry and a methodological tool in urban planning, cultural sustainability, and community development that makes visible the ways local stories, practices, relationships, memories, and rituals constitute places as meaningful locations. The chapters address themes, processes, approaches, and research methodologies drawn from examples in Australia, Canada, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Palestine, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Ukraine. Contributors explore innovative ways to encourage urban and cultural planning, community development, artistic intervention, and public participation in cultural mapping—recognizing that public involvement and artistic practices introduce a range of challenges spanning various phases of the research process, from the gathering of data, to interpreting data, to presenting "findings" to a broad range of audiences. The book responds to the need for histories and case studies of cultural mapping that are globally distributed and that situate the practice locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Mapping Jewish Identities

Mapping Jewish Identities Author Laurence J. Silberstein
ISBN-10 9780814797693
Release 2000-07-01
Pages 368
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Is Jewish identity flourishing or in decline? Community leaders and scholarly researchers continually seek to determine the attitudes, beliefs, and activities that best measure Jewish identity. At issue, according to these studies, is the very survival of the Jewish community itself. But such studies rarely ask what actually is being examined when we attempt to assess "Jewish identity" or any identity. Most tend to assume that identity is a preexisting, relatively fixed frame of reference reflecting shared cultural and historical experiences. Drawing on recent work in such fields as cultural studies, poststructuralist theory, postmodern philosophy, and feminist theory, Mapping Jewish Identities challenges this premise. Contesting conventional approaches to Jewish identity, contributors argue that Jewish identity should be conceptualized as an ongoing dynamic process of "becoming" in response to changing cultural and social conditions rather than as a stable defining body of traits. Contributors, including Daniel Boyarin, Laura Levitt, Adi Ophir, and Gordon Bearn, examine such topics as American Jews' desires to connect with a lost immigrant past through photography, the complicated function of the Holocaust in the identity formation of contemporary Jews, the impact of the struggle with the Palestinians on Israeli group identity construction, and the ways in which repressed voices such as those of women, Mizrahim, and Israeli Arabs have changed our ways of thinking about Jewish and Israeli identity.

Mapping Meanings

Mapping Meanings Author Michael Lackner, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9789004139190
Release 2004-01
Pages 741
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"Mapping Meanings," a broad-ranged introduction to China's intellectual entry into the family of nations, guides the reader into the late Qing encounter with Western, at the same time connecting convincingly to the broader question of the mobility of knowledge.

Mapping Islamic Studies

Mapping Islamic Studies Author Azim Nanji
ISBN-10 9783110811681
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 291
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Since its founding by Jacques Waardenburg in 1971, Religion and Reason has been a leading forum for contributions on theories, theoretical issues and agendas related to the phenomenon and the study of religion. Topics include (among others) category formation, comparison, ethnophilosophy, hermeneutics, methodology, myth, phenomenology, philosophy of science, scientific atheism, structuralism, and theories of religion. From time to time the series publishes volumes that map the state of the art and the history of the discipline.

Religion and Sexuality in Cross Cultural Perspective

Religion and Sexuality in Cross Cultural Perspective Author Stephen Ellingson
ISBN-10 9781135375881
Release 2014-03-18
Pages 256
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Issues of sexuality and gender are hotly contested in both religious communities and national cultures around the world. In the social sciences, religious traditions are often depicted as inherently conservative or even reactionary in their commitments to powerful patriarchal and pronatalist sexual norms and gender categories. In illuminating the practices of religious traditions in various cultures, these essays expose the diversity of religious rituals and mythologies pertaining to sexuality. In the process the contributors challenge conventional notions of what is normative in our sexual lives.

Sociological Abstracts

Sociological Abstracts Author Leo P. Chall
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105114637544
Release 2004
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CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.

ADFL Bulletin

ADFL Bulletin Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000107223046
Release 2001
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ADFL Bulletin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ADFL Bulletin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ADFL Bulletin book for free.

Global and Local Televangelism

Global and Local Televangelism Author P. Thomas
ISBN-10 9781137264817
Release 2012-07-30
Pages 250
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An exploration of the many faces of televangelism in our world today, including Christian, Islamic and Hindu. The collection analyses the correspondences and major differences between global and local televangelism, focusing on the main individuals involved in televangelism, their practices and the social and cultural impact of their ministries.

Om ros

Om  ros Author Derek Walcott
ISBN-10 9602363533
Release 1993
Pages 388
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Om ros has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Om ros also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Om ros book for free.

Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies Author PAULA A AUTOR TREICHLER
ISBN-10 OSU:32435061041323
Release 1992
Pages 788
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The most ambitious and broadly international collection on cultural studies ever published, this book is destined to shape research and teaching through the 1990s and beyond. It arrives at a time of high visibility for cultural studies but a time as well when cultural studies' long oppositional history is in danger--particularly in the United States-- of being taken up and assimilated into the ongoing, apolitical, academic enterprise. In an effort to disrupt this process, Cultural Studies interrogates the contemporary commitments of the field: its historical and intellectual positions, political and scholarly preoccupations, and the kinds of interventions it aims for now and in the future. Featuring essays by such prominent cultural theorists as Tony Bennett, Homi Bhaba, Donna Haraway, bell hooks, Constance Penley, Janice Radway, Andrew Ross, and Cornel West, Cultural Studies offers numerous specific cultural analyses while simultaneously defining and debating the common body of assumptions, questions, and concerns that have helped create the field. The topics addressed include race and minority discourses; ethnicity and postcolonialism; postmodernism; feminism; cultural policy; the place of history in cultural studies; the politics of representation; popular culture; aesthetics; ethics; and technology. At the same time Cultural Studies explores the cultural work performed by such diverse forms of cultural production as rock music, Chicano art, detective novels, African-American writing, the AIDS epidemic, architecture, reproductive freedom, sati Star Trek fandom, and New Age technology. Numerous contributors interrogate their own theoretical and methodological commitments, examining the place of representation, narrative, identity, language, and textual criticism in their work. -- Publisher description.

Cultural Interactions

Cultural Interactions Author Ulla Haselstein
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105120014316
Release 2005
Pages 274
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International conference proceedings of the 50th Annual Meeting of the German Association for American Studies, held June 10-13, 2003, Munich.