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Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio

Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio Author Jack Purdum
ISBN-10 9780071834063
Release 2014-09-04
Pages 464
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BOOST YOUR HAM RADIO'S CAPABILITIES USING LOW-COST ARDUINO MICROCONTROLLER BOARDS! Do you want to increase the functionality and value of your ham radio without spending a lot of money? This book will show you how! Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio is filled with step-by-step microcontroller projects you can accomplish on your own--no programming experience necessary. After getting you set up on an Arduino board, veteran ham radio operators Jack Purdum (W8TEE) and Dennis Kidder (W6DQ) start with a simple LCD display and move up to projects that can add hundreds of dollars' worth of upgrades to existing equipment. This practical guide provides detailed instructions, helpful diagrams, lists of low-cost parts and suppliers, and hardware and software tips that make building your own equipment even more enjoyable. Downloadable code for all of the projects in the book is also available. Do-it-yourself projects include: LCD shield Station timer General purpose panel meter Dummy load and watt meter CW automatic keyer Morse code decoder PS2 keyboard CW encoder Universal relay shield Flexible sequencer Rotator controller Directional watt and SWR meter Simple frequency counter DDS VFO Portable solar power source

Arduino for Ham Radio

Arduino for Ham Radio Author Glen Popiel
ISBN-10 1625950160
Release 2014-08-18
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Arduino for Ham Radio has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Arduino for Ham Radio also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Arduino for Ham Radio book for free.

Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe

Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe Author Leigh L. Klotz, Jr.
ISBN-10 087259324X
Release 2013
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Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe book for free.

Arduino Playground

Arduino Playground Author Warren Andrews
ISBN-10 9781593277444
Release 2017-04-05
Pages 344
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You’ve mastered the basics, conquered the soldering iron, and programmed a robot or two; now you’ve got a set of skills and tools to take your Arduino exploits further. But what do you do once you’ve exhausted your to-build list? Arduino Playground will show you how to keep your hardware hands busy with a variety of intermediate builds, both practical and just-for-fun. Advance your engineering and electronics know-how as you work your way through these 10 complex projects: *A reaction-time game that leverages the Arduino’s real-time capabilities *A tool for etching your own printed circuit boards *A regulated, variable-voltage power supply *A kinetic wristwatch winder decked out with LEDs *A garage parking assistant that blinks when your vehicle is perfectly parked *A practical and colorful pH meter *A ballistic chronograph that can measure the muzzle velocity of BB, *Airsoft, and pellet guns *A battery saver that prevents accidental discharge *A square-wave generator *A thermometer that tells the temperature using a sequence of colored LEDs Each project begins with a list of required tools and components, followed by the instructions, full sketch, and circuit board templates for the build, as well as directions for building a permanent enclosure. You’ll even find the author’s design notes, which are sure to provide inspiration for your own inventions. Gather your parts, break out the soldering iron, and get ready to take your Arduino skills to the next level with Arduino Playground. Uses the Arduino Nano and Pro Mini boards

Arduino Workshop

Arduino Workshop Author John Boxall
ISBN-10 9781593274481
Release 2013
Pages 392
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Describes the Arduino system, components, and concepts and offers instructions for sixty-five projects, including a digital thermometer, a GPS logger, a keyboard-controlled lock, and a binary quiz game.

ARRL s VHF Digital Handbook

ARRL s VHF Digital Handbook Author Steve Ford
ISBN-10 9780872591226
Release 2008
Pages 172
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Without complicated "owners manual" jargon, ARRL's VHF Digital Handbook presents the material through a unique how-to approach and friendly, conversational style. Readers will understand how to set up and operate their equipment and software, and make the best use of their VHF digital station.--Book cover.

Arduino Projects For Dummies

Arduino Projects For Dummies Author Brock Craft
ISBN-10 9781118551516
Release 2013-06-05
Pages 408
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Discover all the amazing things you can do with Arduino Arduino is a programmable circuit board that is being used by everyone from scientists, programmers, and hardware hackers to artists, designers, hobbyists, and engineers in order to add interactivity to objects and projects and experiment with programming and electronics. This easy-to-understand book is an ideal place to start if you are interested in learning more about Arduino's vast capabilities. Featuring an array of cool projects, this Arduino beginner guide walks you through every step of each of the featured projects so that you can acquire a clear understanding of the different aspects of the Arduino board. Introduces Arduino basics to provide you with a solid foundation of understanding before you tackle your first project Features a variety of fun projects that show you how to do everything from automating your garden's watering system to constructing a keypad entry system, installing a tweeting cat flap, building a robot car, and much more Provides an easy, hands-on approach to learning more about electronics, programming, and interaction design for Makers of all ages Arduino Projects For Dummies is your guide to turning everyday electronics and plain old projects into incredible innovations. Get Connected! To find out more about Brock Craft and his recent Arduino creations, visit

Hamshack Raspberry Pi

Hamshack Raspberry Pi Author James Baughn K9E0H
ISBN-10 9781524691646
Release 2017-05-15
Pages 108
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Use a forty-dollar credit cardsized computer to enhance your amateur radio operating. Learn how to set up and configure the computer. Then learn how to install operating aids, such as logging, timekeeping, satellite tracking, and Morse code practicing. Communicate in sixteen digital modes. Design antennas and save, restore, and manage memory for your radios.

Beginning Arduino

Beginning Arduino Author Michael McRoberts
ISBN-10 9781430250173
Release 2013-09-30
Pages 424
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Want to light up a display? Control a touch screen? Program a robot? The Arduino is a microcontroller board that can help you do all of these things, plus nearly anything you can dream up. Even better, it's inexpensive and, with the help of Beginning Arduino, Second Edition, easy to learn. In Beginning Arduino, Second Edition, you will learn all about the popular Arduino by working your way through a set of 50 cool projects. You'll progress from a complete Arduino beginner to intermediate Arduino and electronic skills and the confidence to create your own amazing projects. You'll also learn about the newest Arduino boards like the Uno and the Leonardo along the way. Absolutely no experience in programming or electronics required! Each project is designed to build upon the knowledge learned in earlier projects and to further your knowledge of Arduino programming and electronics. By the end of the book you will be able to create your own projects confidently and with creativity. You'll learn about: Controlling LEDs Displaying text and graphics on LCD displays Making a line-following robot Using digital pressure sensors Reading and writing data to SD cards Connecting your Arduino to the Internet This book is for electronics enthusiasts who are new to the Arduino as well as artists and hobbyists who want to learn this very popular platform for physical computing and electronic art. Please note: The print version of this title is black and white; the eBook is full color. The color fritzing diagrams are available in the source code downloads on

Programming and Customizing the Arduino

Programming and Customizing the Arduino Author Dhananjay Gadre
ISBN-10 0071824308
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 368
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A hands-on, practical guide to programming and customizing Arduino, from software to generic and custom shields Programming and Customizing the Arduino is your complete, one-stop solution to learning about Arduino and using it in a variety of applications. The book introduces a model-based approach to planning and implementing any project using Arduino. This approach equips you with a complete process for evaluating and fulfilling project requirements. This step-by-step tutorial features hands-on examples and real-world projects, including sensors that update their status on the "Internet of Things." Assuming no prior experience, the book moves from basic electronics through beginning-to-advanced programming. You’ll also learn how to use EagleCAD software for creating schematics and circuit board layouts, which is essential to creating and sharing open source hardware. Includes a thorough overview of Arduino hardware design and architecture Covers everything from basic digital input and output, sensors and actuators, and communication protocols, to complete project implementation Introduces a unique model for project development consisting of 5 functional blocks that can be used to design any project Features several experiments and 10+ hands-on projects with step-by-step instructions All projects are extensively illustrated with photographs, diagrams, tables, and lists of materials Shows how to create custom hardware shields and how to write extensions to Arduino commands Explains how to use Arduino with an Android phone and the Raspberry Pi

Arduino Android Projects for the Evil Genius Control Arduino with Your Smartphone or Tablet

Arduino   Android Projects for the Evil Genius  Control Arduino with Your Smartphone or Tablet Author Simon Monk
ISBN-10 9780071775977
Release 2011-12-12
Pages 256
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TEAM ARDUINO UP WITH ANDROID FOR SOME MISCHIEVOUS FUN! Filled with practical, do-it-yourself gadgets, Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius shows you how to create Arduino devices and control them with Android smartphones and tablets. Easy-to-find equipment and components are used for all the projects in the book. This wickedly inventive guide covers the Android Open Application Development Kit (ADK) and USB interface and explains how to use them with the basic Arduino platform. Methods of communication between Android and Arduino that don't require the ADK--including sound, Bluetooth, and WiFi/Ethernet are also discussed. An Arduino ADK programming tutorial helps you get started right away. Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius: Contains step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations Provides tips for customizing the projects Covers the underlying principles behind the projects Removes the frustration factor--all required parts are listed Provides all source code on the book's website Build these and other devious devices: Bluetooth robot Android Geiger counter Android-controlled light show TV remote Temperature logger Ultrasonic range finder Home automation controller Remote power and lighting control Smart thermostat RFID door lock Signaling flags Delay timer

Beginning C for Arduino Second Edition

Beginning C for Arduino  Second Edition Author Jack Purdum
ISBN-10 9781484209400
Release 2015-06-30
Pages 388
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Beginning C for Arduino, Second Edition is written for those who have no prior experience with microcontrollers or programming but would like to experiment and learn both. Updated with new projects and new boards, this book introduces you to the C programming language, reinforcing each programming structure with a simple demonstration of how you can use C to control the Arduino family of microcontrollers. Author Jack Purdum uses an engaging style to teach good programming techniques using examples that have been honed during his 25 years of university teaching. Beginning C for Arduino, Second Edition will teach you: The C programming language How to use C to control a microcontroller and related hardware How to extend C by creating your own libraries, including an introduction to object-oriented programming During the course of the book, you will learn the basics of programming, such as working with data types, making decisions, and writing control loops. You'll then progress onto some of the trickier aspects of C programming, such as using pointers effectively, working with the C preprocessor, and tackling file I/O. Each chapter ends with a series of exercises and review questions to test your knowledge and reinforce what you have learned.

Ada Lace on the Case

Ada Lace  on the Case Author Emily Calandrelli
ISBN-10 9781481486002
Release 2017-08-29
Pages 128
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From Emily Calandrelli—host of Xploration Outer Space, correspondent on Bill Nye Saves the World, and graduate of MIT—comes the first novel in a brand-new chapter book series about an eight-year-old girl with a knack for science, math, and solving mysteries with technology. Ada Lace—third-grade scientist and inventor extraordinaire—has discovered something awful: her neighbor’s beloved Yorkie has been dognapped! With the assistance of a quirky neighbor named Nina (who is convinced an alien took the doggie) and her ever-growing collection of gadgets, Ada sets out to find the wrongdoer. As their investigation becomes more and more mysterious, Ada and Nina grow closer, proving that opposites do, in fact, attract.

Arduino Project Handbook

Arduino Project Handbook Author Mark Geddes
ISBN-10 9781593277772
Release 2016-06-01
Pages 272
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Arduino Project Handbook is a beginner-friendly collection of electronics projects using the low-cost Arduino board. With just a handful of components, an Arduino, and a computer, you’ll learn to build and program everything from light shows to arcade games to an ultrasonic security system. First you’ll get set up with an introduction to the Arduino and valuable advice on tools and components. Then you can work through the book in order or just jump to projects that catch your eye. Each project includes simple instructions, colorful photos and circuit diagrams, and all necessary code. Arduino Project Handbook is a fast and fun way to get started with micro­controllers that’s perfect for beginners, hobbyists, parents, and educators. Uses the Arduino Uno board.

Arthur Collins

Arthur Collins Author Ben W. Stearns
ISBN-10 0971641609
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 394
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A combination biography of Arthur A. Collins, a genius in the field of radio communications, and his Collins Radio Company.

ARRL s Low Power Communication

ARRL s Low Power Communication Author Richard H. Arland
ISBN-10 9780872591042
Release 2007-08-16
Pages 330
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ARRL s Low Power Communication has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ARRL s Low Power Communication also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ARRL s Low Power Communication book for free.

Sylvia s Super Awesome Project Book

Sylvia s Super Awesome Project Book Author Sylvia Todd
ISBN-10 0989151166
Release 2014-11-20
Pages 46
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In this super fun book, Sylvia teaches you to understand Arduino microcontroller programming by inventing an adjustable strobe and two digital musical instruments you can play! Along the way, you'll learn a lot about electronics, coding, science, and engineering.Written and illustrated by a kid, for kids of all ages, Sylvia's whimsical graphics and clever explanations make powerful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts accessible and fun.