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How to Meditate with Your Dog

How to Meditate with Your Dog Author James Jacobson
ISBN-10 9780975263112
Release 2005
Pages 174
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Explains the author's meditation technique designed to relieve stress and enhance well-being, improve focus and cultivate compassion, all while deepening the connection between pack leaders and their pooches.

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki Author Elizabeth Fulton
ISBN-10 9781569752807
Release 2009-05-01
Pages 240
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Animal Reiki has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Animal Reiki also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Animal Reiki book for free.

Pocketful of Miracles

Pocketful of Miracles Author Joan Borysenko
ISBN-10 9780759521346
Release 2001-03-15
Pages 432
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind comes a powerful collection of spiritual activities that we can use every day in order to create miracles in our lives. Through daily meditations and exercises, Borysenko helps us to let go of fear and realize the light of peace.

You Can Heal Your Pet

You Can Heal Your Pet Author Elizabeth Whiter
ISBN-10 9781781805251
Release 2015-05-04
Pages 336
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You Can Heal Your Pet is a no-nonsense guide that inspires a new type of holistic pet care and empowers the modern pet owner. Combining the expertise and knowledge of leading veterinary surgeon Dr Rohini Sathish MRCVS, and internationally renowned animal complementary therapist Elizabeth Whiter, this unique and authoritative guide provides: • a comprehensive A-Z directory of common health conditions with treatment options • top tips to harvest and make tried-and-tested herbal remedies • dietary advice for optimum health, and easy-to-make food recipes • information on how to vet your vet! • a step-by-step guide to energy healing and acupressure points Both Liz and Rohini believe that while conventional veterinary treatment is vital for acute conditions and emergencies, it fails to cure chronic problems. The way forward is a holistic, integrated approach with the active input of a dedicated pet owner - you. You, and only you, can really heal your pet!

Words That Heal the Blues Affirmations Meditations for Living Optimally with Mood Disorders

Words That Heal the Blues  Affirmations   Meditations for Living Optimally with Mood Disorders Author Douglas Bloch
ISBN-10 9781587611988
Release 2004
Pages 207
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“Affirmations (positive self-statements) are a simple and time-proven way of redirecting the mind to accentuate the positive. When you turn your mind to something positive and life affirming, the negative has no place in your mind to dwell. It’s as if the neurons literally light up a different pathway or circuit in the brain. The repetition of affirmations over time will change negative, fear-producing thoughts into positive, uplifting ones, thereby leading to a change in mood.” —from the IntroductionEvery thought produces a neurochemical reaction that in turn affects the way we feel. With this in mind, author and counselor Douglas Bloch developed a daily program of self-care strategies to enhance one’s mood. Based on his best-selling book WORDS THAT HEAL, WORDS THAT HEAL THE BLUES uses the power of daily affirmations to alleviate the painful symptoms of depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mood disorders. Each day includes a self-care lesson, a series of affirmations, and an activity to help transform the lesson into positive action. These healing words will comfort and inspire you to let go of fear and worry, and let wellness and harmony into your life, one day at a time. Includes a 30-day program for alleviating depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts and feelings, from the author of HEALING FROM DEPRESSION. According to the Surgeon General, 22 percent of all Americans experience a mental or emotional disorder in any given year, and 50 percent do so in their lifetime. Lessons include “Setting the Intention to Heal,” “Letting Go of Worry,” “Overcoming the Stigma of Depression,” and “Finding Your Purpose.” The originalWords That Healsold more than 85,000 copies and has been translated into five languages.

I m Good Enough I m Smart Enough and Doggone It People Like Me

I m Good Enough  I m Smart Enough  and Doggone It  People Like Me Author Al Franken
ISBN-10 9780440504702
Release 1992
Pages 352
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In a parody of self-help books, Al Franken's comic character, Stuart Smalley, describes his own efforts to cope with life over one year

Meditations to Heal Your Life

Meditations to Heal Your Life Author Louise Hay
ISBN-10 1401930166
Release 2000-07-01
Pages 272
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Louise shares her philosophy of life on a multitude of subjects fromaddictions to fears to spiritual laws, and everything in between. Her loving insights will enrich you body, mind, and soul, while giving you practical knowledge to apply to your day-to-day life.

Understanding Human Behavior A Guide for Health Care Providers

Understanding Human Behavior  A Guide for Health Care Providers Author Alyson Honeycutt
ISBN-10 9781435486607
Release 2011-01-19
Pages 384
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Instructors have been trusting UNDERSTANDING HUMAN BEHAVIOR for years to give their students the reliable, practical information they need to gain a solid understanding of basic psychological concepts from a health care perspective. This all-new eighth edition is no exception. Packed with expanded content and updated with current industry trends and examples, this resource retains the features that made previous editions so successful -- a concise size and focus that offers students need-to-know information without overwhelming them, and an easy-to-read writing style. Coverage spans a broad but valuable range of important mental health topics and addresses them alongside their implications for health care professionals. It takes on both client and caregiver perspectives, resulting in a powerful book that explores the behaviors, emotions, and coping mechanisms encountered in a variety of health care situations and settings. Real-world examples and activities that encourage students to examine their own behaviors round out the book’s comprehensive approach, making this a must-have tool for health care programs. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals

Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals Author Alan Anderson
ISBN-10 157731767X
Release 2010-10-05
Pages 176
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In this thoughtful book, Allen and Linda Anderson walk you through the numbing pain and dreadful sense of loss that arise when a beloved animal dies. They offer solace to help you deal with grief, remember and honor key moments in the animal’s life, find comfort through groups and with professionals, and get past the depression. They also include exercises, affirmations, and meditations to use through the various stages of grief. The Andersons’ caring, practical advice covers all aspects of pet loss, offering guidance on: helping children grieve, honoring your religious beliefs, grieving for runaway pets, helping others know what to say or do to console you, planning an appropriate memorial ceremony or tribute. The book also explores the concept of after-death experiences of departed companion animals and relates many beautiful stories, including the Rainbow Bridge story, that reinforce the love and sense of peace that come from honoring the place animals hold in our lives.

The Book of Virtue

The Book of Virtue Author Brian Warner
Release 2014-11-19
Pages 340
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You have a source of power within, that is able to meet all your needs right now. The truth is that you are more than someone with problems – You are someone with infinite potential, on a path of return to the Divine source. Starting today, you can make changes in your life that will transform the nature of your reality. The Book of Virtue is a practical guide to achieving Self-Transformation. Through The Book of Virtue, you will learn: - To see Life as a Mirror of Our Inner World - Transform our negative karmic seeds into positive results - To utilize meditation as a practice of cultivating intuition - To activating your Highest Potential with positive affirmations - Utilization of vows to empower your life Many other techniques and concepts are covered in great detail. It is the goal of the Book of Virtue that the reader adopts a new life of Mystical Self-Transformation, achieving all their goals (including the Highest Goal of Oneness with the Divine.)

I Think I Am

I Think  I Am Author Louise Hay
ISBN-10 140192364X
Release 2008-10-15
Pages 32
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Best-selling author Louise L. Hay has spent her life teaching people that their thoughts create their lives, and she has written numerous books for adults that have helped them discover their own self-worth. Similarly, Louise has always believed that if children could learn the power of their thoughts early on, their journey through life would be happier and more rewarding, with fewer struggles along the way. In this new book, Louise teaches boys and girls about the importance of affirmations—the thoughts and words we use in our daily lives that express what we believe to be true. Within these pages, there are wonderful examples of kids turning "negative" thoughts such as worry, anger, and fear into positive words and actions that express joy, happiness, and love. There are also tips that show children how they can apply affirmations to their daily lives. Vibrant illustrations and simple text make these concepts easy to understand for even the youngest child. Parents and children will have so much fun learning about the power of positive affirmations and what a difference they can make!

The Soul of a Dog

The Soul of a Dog Author Nicol Louise and Cinda the Curly-Coated Retriever
ISBN-10 1452503672
Release 2012-01-30
Pages 276
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Do you love dogs and nature? Would you like to understand the soul energy of dogs on a conscious and higher soul level? Would you like to know what happens to dogs following their life on earth? Have you lost a special furry friend and found the grief immeasurable? Have you wondered how you will cope when your furry friend dies? Would you like to have an ongoing connection with your dog following his death? Would you like to improve your communication with your dog? The answers to these questions and more can be found in The Soul of a Dog. Dr. Nicol Louise and her canine co-author, Cinda the curly-coated retriever, offer guidance that allows dog lovers to really explore what’s going on in the world— as their dogs see it. Cinda shares her dog’s-eye view to give readers a rare glimpse into the personalities of dogs, why dogs continue to visit earth and support their human neighbours, and why dogs have a limited level of free will in comparison to humans. This handbook offers practical guidance on working through issues of grief and loss. Death does not mean disconnection from love, and impermanence is a transition from a physical being to a timeless and limitless energetic being.

Black Duck Moments Every Day Daily Affirmations for Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness

Black Duck Moments Every Day  Daily Affirmations for Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness Author Bruce F. Singer
ISBN-10 9781483483344
Release 2018-08-04
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If you’re reading this, you either have a chronic condition or know someone who does. Opiate overdoses, depression, loss of productivity, suicide: The consequences of a chronic condition touch us all. How is that we can have so many procedures and surgeries and medications and still feel miserable? How do we find even a moment of happiness when the pain is killing us? In this inspirational, wise, and accessible book, Bruce F. Singer provides a daily dose of hope to address the underlying thoughts and feelings that magnify chronic pain and suffering. “This book is incredible. It is a wealth of information and a needed and friendly companion for anyone dealing with chronic illness. It is the perfect accompaniment for self-care as it is a daily practice of compassion, acknowledgment, and growth. This is a must-have for anyone living with pain!” —Nicole Hemmenway, U.S. Pain Foundation and the INvisible Project

Whole Pet Healing

Whole Pet Healing Author Dennis W. Thomas, Dr.
ISBN-10 9781401948061
Release 2015-07-07
Pages 192
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The profound bond between us and our beloved pets is undeniable – in fact, it goes far beyond what we might ever have expected. In Whole-Pet Healing, 30-year veterinarian Dr. Dennis Thomas delves into the heart-to-heart link we share with our cherished animal companions, and how we can influence their healing – and they, ours – in remarkable ways. Presenting a case for holistic pet care backed by quantum science, Dr. Thomas explains the nature of the energetic body and the ways we can tap into its extraordinary curative abilities, using techniques ranging from Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to intention and intuition. He sheds light on our power to deliver love and healing to our dogs, cats, birds, and other pets via an enhanced human-animal connection – and how this benefit flows in both directions, helping us experience radiant love and well-being ourselves. Empowered by this holistic, energetic perspective, you will be guided in making optimal choices with ease and confidence, with chapters covering topics such as: • Finding the right veterinarian • Creating the best natural diet for your pet • Knowing what to do in times of health challenges • Intuitively connecting with your animal companion This groundbreaking book promises to be one you’ll turn to time and again at each stage of your pet’s life.

Healing After Loss

Healing After Loss Author Martha W. Hickman
ISBN-10 0061925772
Release 2009-06-09
Pages 384
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For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, here are strength and thoughtful words to inspire and comfort.

The Language of Miracles

The Language of Miracles Author Amelia Kinkade
ISBN-10 9781577317937
Release 2010-10-06
Pages 352
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As a professional animal psychic, Amelia Kinkade helps clients locate lost pets, diagnose baffling behavior, and further explore the indelible bond that exists between people and their animal companions. But her real mission is to show that with the proper dedication, training, and understanding, everyone can do what she does. Here, she explains the subtle cues that form the foundation of animal communication, offering guided exercises to help readers explore these cues for themselves. With gentle encouragement, she shows how to look for signals typically drowned out in the noise and chaos of modern life, whether these communications take the form of clairaudience or clairvoyance. Filled with amazing stories, The Language of Miracles inspires readers to sit down with the animals in their lives and explore the unspoken world between them.

Affirmations for the Inner Child

Affirmations for the Inner Child Author Rokelle Lerner
ISBN-10 9780757393334
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 380
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All of us need positive affirmation throughout our lives. As children, these powerful messages helped us to know that we were worthwhile, that it was all right to want food and to be touched, and that our very existence was a precious gift. The messages that we received from our parents helped us to form decisions that determined the course of our lives. If we were raised with consistent, nurturing parents, we conclude that life is meaningful and that people are to be trusted. If we were raised with parents who were addictively or compulsively ill, we determine that life is threatening and chaotic--that we are not deserving of joy. These are the crucial decisions that impact our lives long after we have forgotten them. Unfortunately, childhood judgments don't disappear. They remain as dynamic forces that contaminate our adulthood. When childhood needs are not taken care of because of abuse or abandonment, we spend our lives viewing the world through the distorted perception of a needy infant or an angry adolescent. The more we push these child parts away, the more control they have over us. This collection of daily meditations is dedicated to those adults who are ready to heal their childhood wounds. It is through this courageous effort that we will move from a life of pain into recovery.