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Argumentative Indicators in Discourse

Argumentative Indicators in Discourse Author Frans H. van Eemeren
ISBN-10 9781402062445
Release 2007-06-07
Pages 234
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This volume identifies and analyses English words and expressions that are crucial for an adequate reconstruction of argumentative discourse. It provides a systematic set of instruments for giving a well founded analysis that results in an analytic overview of the elements that are relevant for the evaluation of the argumentation. By starting from everyday examples, the study immediately connects with the practice of argumentative discourse.

Contextualizing Pragma Dialectics

Contextualizing Pragma Dialectics Author Frans H. van Eemeren
ISBN-10 9789027264800
Release 2017-12-12
Pages 367
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Contextualizing Pragma-Dialectics contains a selection of 18 article reporting on research conducted in the past decade in which the institutional context in which argumentative discourse takes place is systematically taken into account. Some articles provide relevant theoretical backgrounds, other articles make clear how the extended pragma-dialectical theory can be used to analyse and evaluate argumentative discourse in specific institutional contexts. Next to argumentative discourse in the legal domain and the medical context of health communication, a great deal of attention is paid to various argumentative practices in the political domain or dealing with specific social issues. A contribution on multimodal argumentation is also included. All contributing authors are actively engaged in the International Learned Institute for Argumentation Studies (ILIAS).

Argumentation Theory A Pragma Dialectical Perspective

Argumentation Theory  A Pragma Dialectical Perspective Author Frans H. van Eemeren
ISBN-10 9783319953816
Release 2018-07-27
Pages 199
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The book offers a compact but comprehensive introductory overview of the crucial components of argumentation theory. In presenting this overview, argumentation is consistently approached from a pragma-dialectical perspective by viewing it pragmatically as a goal-directed communicative activity and dialectically as part of a regulated critical exchange aimed at resolving a difference of opinion. As a result, the book also systematically explains how the constitutive parts of the pragma-dialectical theory of argumentation, which are discussed in a number of separate publications, hang together. The following crucial topics are discussed: (1) argumentation theory as a discipline; (2) the meta-theoretical principles of pragma-dialectics; (3) the model of a critical discussion aimed at resolving a difference of opinion; (4) fallacies as violations of a code of conduct for reasonable argumentative discourse; (5) descriptive research of argumentative reality; (6) analysis as theoretically-motivated reconstruction; (7) strategic manoeuvring aimed at combining achieving effectiveness with maintaining reasonableness; (8) the conventionalization of argumentative practices; (9) prototypical argumentative patterns; (10) pragma-dialectics amidst other approaches. Argumentation Theory: A Pragma-Dialectical Perspective is clearly written and makes argumentation theory understandable to all scholars and advanced students interested in argumentation research.

Reasonableness and Effectiveness in Argumentative Discourse

Reasonableness and Effectiveness in Argumentative Discourse Author Frans H. van Eemeren
ISBN-10 9783319209555
Release 2015-08-27
Pages 904
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This volume presents 50 contributions on the themes of reasonableness and effectiveness and their connections, which are central issues in argumentation theory. It discusses van Eemeren’s views on the study of argumentation; the approach to argumentation adopted in pragma-dialectics; pragma-dialectical perspectives on the dialectical and pragmatic dimensions of argumentative discourse; the notion of strategic maneuvering; the pragma-dialectical method of analyzing argumentative discourse; the treatment of fallacies as violations of rules for critical discussion; pragma-dialectical views on context, the role of logic, verbal indicators of argumentative moves and argument schemes; and the process of writing and rewriting argumentative texts. The pragma-dialectical quantitative approach to empirical research on argumentative discourse is illustrated by reporting on selected, illustrative experimental studies, as well as qualitative studies of historical cases.


Argumentation Author Frans H. van Eemeren
ISBN-10 9781315401133
Release 2016-11-10
Pages 184
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This book concentrates on argumentation as it emerges in ordinary discourse, whether the discourse is institutionalized or strictly informal. Crucial concepts from the theory of argumentation are systematically discussed and explained with the help of examples from real-life discourse and texts. The basic principles are explained that are instrumental in the analysis and evaluation of argumentative discourse. Methodical instruments are offered for identifying differences of opinion, analyzing and evaluating argumentation and presenting arguments in oral and written discourse. Attention is also paid to the way in which arguers attempt to be not just reasonable, but effective as well, by maneuvering strategically. In addition, the book provides a great variety of exercises and assignments to improve the student’s skill in presenting argumentation. The authors begin their treatment of argumentation theory at the same juncture where argumentation also starts in practice: The difference of opinion that occasions the evolvement of the argumentation. Each chapter begins with a short summary of the essentials and ends with a number of exercises that students can use to master the material. Argumentation is the first introductory textbook of this kind. It is intended as a general introduction for students who are interested in a proper conduct of argumentative discourse. Suggestions for further reading are made for each topic and several extra assignments are added to the exercises. Special features: • A concise and complete treatment of both the theoretical backgrounds and the practice of argumentation analysis and evaluation. • Crucial concepts from pragmatics (speech act theory, Grice’s cooperative principle) presented in a non-technical way; introducing the theory of verbal communication. • The first textbook treatment of strategic maneuvering as a way of balancing being reasonable with being effective • Exercises and assignments based on real-life texts from a variety of contexts.

Modern Rhetoric in Culture Arts and Media

Modern Rhetoric in Culture  Arts  and Media Author Joachim Knape
ISBN-10 9783110292503
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 316
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The goal of this book is to formulate a modern theoretical approach for rhetorical studies in a variety of disciplines in the humanities, media research, and other cultural studies. The discipline of rhetoric originally concerned itself with linguistic forms of communication, and its basic theory was developed with such cases in mind. With respect to this ancient tradition, there are numerous books that provide a historical overview of the field. There is also a wide array of introductory works and research contributions that deal with the practice of political rhetoric. On the other hand, only a few 20th century academics have attempted to theoretically rehabilitate rhetoric (after its decline as an academic discipline in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries) and to give rhetorical theory a modern, new, and further reaching perspective. Two notable examples have been Kenneth Burke and Brian Vickers. The book begins with the assumption that rhetoric is not merely limited to linguistic action, but rather is present everywhere in the communicative world. Against this background, this work develops a modern theory of rhetoric, and demonstrates in twelve chapters how methodical rhetorical analysis can be done in selected practical fields of application (Literature, Music, Images, and Film).

Argumentation and Language Linguistic Cognitive and Discursive Explorations

Argumentation and Language     Linguistic  Cognitive and Discursive Explorations Author Steve Oswald
ISBN-10 9783319739724
Release 2018-03-08
Pages 290
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This volume focuses on the role language plays at all levels of the argumentation process. It explores the effects that specific linguistic choices may have in the production and the reception of arguments and in doing so, it moves beyond the first, necessary, descriptive stance provided by current literature on the topic. Each chapter provides an original take illuminating one or more of the following three issues: the range of linguistic resources language users draw on as they argue; how cognitive processes of meaning construction may influence argumentative practices; and which discursive devices can be used to fulfil a number of argumentative goals. The volume includes theoretical and empirical or applied stances, providing the reader both with state-of-the-art reflections on the relationship between argumentation and language, and with concrete examples of how this relationship plays out in naturally occurring argumentative practices, such as classroom interaction, and political, parliamentary or journalistic discourse. This is a very original, timely and welcome contribution to the study of argumentation conducted with the tools of the language sciences. The collection of papers relevantly tackles key linguistic, discursive and cognitive aspects of argumentative practices whose treatment is underrepresented in mainstream argumentation studies by offering new and exciting linguistically-grounded theoretical accounts. As such, the volume testifies both to the vigour of the linguistic current within the discipline and to the high standards of scholarly commitment and quality that the younger generation is pushing forward. Without question, this book marks an important milestone in the relationships between linguistics and argumentation theory. Christian Plantin, Professor Emeritus

Qualifying Standpoints

Qualifying Standpoints Author Assimakis Tseronis
ISBN-10 9460930050
Release 2009
Pages 215
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Qualifying Standpoints has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Qualifying Standpoints also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Qualifying Standpoints book for free.

Reflections on Theoretical Issues in Argumentation Theory

Reflections on Theoretical Issues in Argumentation Theory Author Frans H. van Eemeren
ISBN-10 9783319211039
Release 2015-08-08
Pages 293
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This volume presents a selection of papers reflecting key theoretical issues in argumentation theory. Its six sections are devoted to specific themes, including the analysis and evaluation of argumentation, argument schemes and the contextual embedding of argumentation. The section on general perspectives on argumentation discusses the trends of empiricalization, contextualization and formalization, offers descriptions of the analytical and evaluative tools of informal logic, and highlights selected principles that argumentation theorists do and do not agree upon. In turn, the section on linguistic approaches to argumentation focuses on the problem of distinguishing between explanation and argument, while also elaborating on the role of verbal indicators of argument schemes. All essays included in this volume point out notable recent developments in the study of argumentation.

Argumentation in Practice

Argumentation in Practice Author Frans H. van Eemeren
ISBN-10 9789027294241
Release 2005-09-22
Pages 368
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Since the late 1950s the study of argumentation has developed from a marginal part of logic and rhetoric into a genuine interdisciplinary academic discipline. After having first been primarily concerned with creating an adequate philosophical perspective on argumentation, argumentation theorists have gradually shifted their focus of attention to a more immediate concern with the ins and outs of argumentative praxis. What exactly are the characteristics of situated argumentative discourse in different argumentative ‘action types’? How is the discourse influenced by institutional and contextual constraints? In what way can prominent cases of argumentative discourse be fruitfully analysed? Argumentation in Practice aims to provide insight into some important facets of argumentative praxis and the different ways in which it can be approached. The first part of this volume, ‘Conceptions of problems in argumentative practice’, introduces useful theoretical perspectives. The second part, ‘Empirical studies of argumentative practice’, contains both empirical studies of a general kind and several types of specific case studies.

Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis

Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis Author Robin Wooffitt
ISBN-10 0761974261
Release 2005-04-23
Pages 234
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Demonstrating how the methods and findings of conversation and discourse analysis may inform the development of empirical research questions, this text offers clear comparisons between the two approaches, as well as offering a positioned argument.

The Cambridge Handbook of Child Language

The Cambridge Handbook of Child Language Author Edith L. Bavin
ISBN-10 9781316352328
Release 2015-11-26
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The most authoritative resource for students and researchers, The Cambridge Handbook of Child Language has been thoroughly updated and extended. Enhancements include new chapters on the acquisition of words, processing deficits in children with specific language impairments, and language in children with Williams syndrome, new authors for the bilingualism and autism chapters, a refocused discourse chapter on written narratives, and a new section on reading and reading disorders, cementing the handbook's position as the best study of the subject available. In a wide-ranging survey, language development is traced from prelinguistic infancy to adolescence in typical and atypical contexts; the material is intuitively grouped into six thematic sections, enabling readers to easily find specific in-depth information. With topics as varied as statistical learning, bilingualism, and the neurobiology of reading disorders, this multidisciplinary Handbook is an essential reference for students and researchers in linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, speech pathology, education and anthropology.

Argumentation in Science Education

Argumentation in Science Education Author Sibel Erduran
ISBN-10 9781402066702
Release 2007-12-06
Pages 296
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Educational researchers are bound to see this as a timely work. It brings together the work of leading experts in argumentation in science education. It presents research combining theoretical and empirical perspectives relevant for secondary science classrooms. Since the 1990s, argumentation studies have increased at a rapid pace, from stray papers to a wealth of research exploring ever more sophisticated issues. It is this fact that makes this volume so crucial.

Analysing Discourse

Analysing Discourse Author Norman Fairclough
ISBN-10 0415258936
Release 2003
Pages 270
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"The book is an essential resource seeking to analyze real texts and discourse."--BOOK JACKET.

Perspectives on Scientific Argumentation

Perspectives on Scientific Argumentation Author Myint Swe Khine
ISBN-10 9400724705
Release 2011-09-30
Pages 292
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Argumentation—arriving at conclusions on a topic through a process of logical reasoning that includes debate and persuasion— has in recent years emerged as a central topic of discussion among science educators and researchers. There is now a firm and general belief that fostering argumentation in learning activities can develop students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills, and that dialogic and collaborative inquiries are key precursors to an engagement in scientific argumentation. It is also reckoned that argumentation helps students assimilate knowledge and generate complex meaning. The consensus among educators is that involving students in scientific argumentation must play a critical role in the education process itself. Recent analysis of research trends in science education indicates that argumentation is now the most prevalent research topic in the literature. This book attempts to consolidate contemporary thinking and research on the role of scientific argumentation in education. Perspectives on Scientific Argumentation brings together prominent scholars in the field to share the sum of their knowledge about the place of scientific argumentation in teaching and learning. Chapters explore scientific argumentation as a means of addressing and solving problems in conceptual change, reasoning, knowledge-building and the promotion of scientific literacy. Others interrogate topics such as the importance of language, discursive practice, social interactions and culture in the classroom. The material in this book, which features intervention studies, discourse analyses, classroom-based experiments, anthropological observations, and design-based research, will inform theoretical frameworks and changing pedagogical practices as well as encourage new avenues of research.

Dialectic and Rhetoric

Dialectic and Rhetoric Author F.H. van Eemeren
ISBN-10 9789401599481
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 167
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This volume discusses two distinct perspectives on the analysis of argumentative discourse: the dialectical and the rhetorical perspective. It intends to open a thorough discussion of the two approaches, their commonalities and differences, and the ways in which, in some combination or other, they can be used to further the development of sound analytic tools for dealing with argumentation.

A Sociology of Modernity

A Sociology of Modernity Author Peter Wagner
ISBN-10 9781134891917
Release 2002-11-01
Pages 288
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