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Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous Author Gina Gallo
ISBN-10 9781466838826
Release 2002-04-06
Pages 336
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The critically acclaimed memoirs of one female police officer's sixteen-year odyssey, beginning with day one at the Police Academy and spanning assignments on Chicago's West Side, one of the most dangerous areas in the city. The notorious cops' code of silence is broken as the author recounts incidents in the West Side projects: shoot-outs, ambushes, and what it feels like to kill a man—just four days out of the Academy. The stories told are sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, often poignant, and always provide the reader with an on the scene feel for life behind the badge. Domestic violence, murdered spouses, abused children, and philandering CPD brass are just some of the topics addressed, topics that officer Gallo dealt with everyday. From her work with gangs, narcotics, the gun task force, and acting as a prostitute, Gina Gallo offers a gritty account of the darker side of the city, giving readers an objective side to the cops, crooks, and victims that comprise a the police cops world. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous Author John Ramirez
ISBN-10 9781493411658
Release 2017-09-05
Pages 208
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Dynamic Battle Plan Identifies Enemy Tactics and Equips Believers to Live Victoriously Jesus made it clear that the devil has come to steal, kill, and destroy. Hell is ready to unleash fury against every follower of Jesus. Yet many believers live in denial, letting the enemy steal their blessings, destroy their relationship with Jesus, and kill their hope. But no more. It's time to put the enemy on notice! With passion and insight gained from years on the frontlines of spiritual warfare, John Ramirez equips you with the biblical weapons and practical strategies you need to battle the enemy successfully, including how to · discern and shut down the enemy's tactics and next moves · fight with your God-given authority · break free from destructive patterns and replace them with godly ones · fortify your mind and heart against attacks · take back what the devil has stolen · grow in wisdom and maturity in Christ · and more! Here is everything you need to become armed and dangerous against every adversary that threatens your relationship and growth with Jesus. Through the power of the Holy Spirit you can destroy the power of the enemy and protect all that God has given you. It's time to push back the gates of hell, advance the Kingdom, and live the life God designed you for.

Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous Author Jim Kelly
ISBN-10 PSU:000020472870
Release 1992
Pages 249
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The Buffalo Bill passer chronicles his climb from obscurity to celebrity, describing his college career and his professional records, and explaining how he helped the last-place Bills get to the Super Bowl. National ad/promo.

Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous Author Ken Abraham
ISBN-10 9781620296882
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 288
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With nearly a million copies sold in previous editions, Armed & Dangerous is a trusted Bible resource for teens. Now, it’s been amped! Containing the complete text of the original Armed & Dangerous—with more than 100 life topics and 1,000 Bible passages—this new edition also includes real-world observations such as statistics and quotations from popular media. It also includes questions for further thought, to help you apply the Bible passages to your own life experience. With verses from the King James and New International Versions, Armed & Dangerous—Amped Edition is newly-designed and typeset. . .and ready to continue a 15-year history of challenging you with God’s Word.

Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous Author James Coates
ISBN-10 0809001748
Release 1995
Pages 294
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An investigative reporter studies the belief that there are plots to undermine the economy, before deliberately waging atomic warfare

Armed and Considered Dangerous

Armed and Considered Dangerous Author Peter H. Rossi
ISBN-10 9781351531214
Release 2017-07-12
Pages 292
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Armed and Considered Dangerous is a book about "bad guys" and their guns. But Wright and Rossi contend that for every suspected criminal who owns and abuses a firearm, a hundred or more average citizens own guns for sport, for recreation, for self-protection, and for other reasons generally regarded as appropriate or legitimate. Armed and Considered Dangerous is the most ambitious survey ever undertaken of criminal acquisition, possession, and use of guns. There are vast differences between the average gun owner and the average gun-abusing felon, but the analyses reported here do not suggest any obvious way to translate these differences into gun control policies. Most policy implications drawn from the book are negative in character: this will not work for this reason, that will not work for that reason, and so on. When experts are asked, "Okay, then what will work?" they usually fall back on the old warhorses of poverty, the drug problem, or the inadequate resources of the criminal justice system, and otherwise have little to say. This is not a failure of social science. It simply asks more of the data than the data were ever intended to provide. Several of Wright and Rossi's findings have become "coin of the realm" in the gun control debate, cited frequently by persons who have long since forgotten where the data came from or what their limitations are. Several other findings, including many that are important, have been largely ignored. Still other findings have been superseded by better and more recent data or rendered anachronistic by intervening events. With the inclusion of a new introduction detailing recent statistics and updated information this new edition of Armed and Considered Dangerous is a rich source of information for all interested in learning about weapon behavior and ownership in America.


Zack Author Cheyenne McCray
ISBN-10 9781939778659
Release 2015-07-09
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**Author note below Ever since bad boy Zack Hunter left her ten years ago, breaking her heart, Sky MacKenna hasn’t been able to find a man who sets her on fire the way he did. Then he comes striding back into her life—bigger, badder, and sexier than before. Zack Hunter never thought his job as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent would lead him back to his small hometown, and he never thought he’d set eyes on Sky again. Leaving her behind had been the stupidest thing he’d ever done, but this time he isn’t going to let her go. And as soon as Zack lays eyes on Sky, he makes it clear that he intends to make her his all over again. When Sky becomes entangled in the case he’s investigating, Zack can’t help but take the threat personally. As the danger mounts, their passion burns even hotter. **Please note: ”Zack” was published in print only with St. Martin’s Griffin. Zack was originally published in eBook and print with Ellora’s Cave under the title “Wildfire.” Character names were changed at St. Martin's request, and the “Armed and Dangerous” versions were expanded considerably from the original "Wild" series.

Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous Author Ronald Kasrils
ISBN-10 1868420639
Release 1998
Pages 456
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During the years of apartheid rule in South Africa, Ronnie Kasrils was actively involved with the banned ANC, its military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe and the South African Communist Party. Hunted by the security police, he was described by them as 'Armed and Dangerous'. This is his riveting first-hand account of the tense and dramatic years of the liberation struggle followed by his role in the first ten years of a democratic South Africa in which he first served as Deputy Defence Minister (1994 to1999) and then as Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry (1999 to 2004). Originally published in 1993, the book was republished in 1998 with eight additional chapters.

Miss Laila Armed and Dangerous

Miss Laila  Armed and Dangerous Author Manu Joseph
ISBN-10 1912408104
Release 2018-05-17
Pages 208
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On the day that Hindu nationalists and their controversial leader have won a spectacular election, an apartment building collapses in Mumbai. Only one survivor, is found - a man trapped under a beam, mumbling in delirium. But what he is saying is that two people are on their way to carry out a terror attack. Akhila Iyer, a medical student but also a notorious prankster, has rushed to the scene. She is small enough to crawl along to the tunnel to the dying man to administer painkillers - becoming the only link between him and the police, hearing what he is whispering.

Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous Author William Queen
ISBN-10 9780345505989
Release 2009-07
Pages 232
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A former ATF agent describes his 1985 mission as a rookie agent to apprehend Mark Stephens--a deranged, violent drug trafficker who had been terrorizing communities around Los Angeles--and his dangerous venture into the backwoods, using his wilderness skills, to find the survivalist. Reprint.

Houston Astros

Houston Astros Author Jose de Jesus Ortiz
ISBN-10 9781596700710
Release 2006-01
Pages 233
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Aces in Orbit chronicles the excitement and energy Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens brought to the Astros, pushing the organization to its first World Series and the first World Series in the state of Texas. It chronicles the last two historic seasons, beginning with the sensitive negotiations that led Pettitte and then Clemens to Houston before the 2004 season. It details the overwhelming expectations that almost buried the 2004 Astros, prompting the firing of manager Jimy Williams before a 36-10 finish put the Astros in the World Series with the best finish in baseball in over 50 years. The book also chronicles the disappointing departures of 2004 postseason and regular-season stars Jeff Kent and Carlos Beltran, who bolted via free agency and left the 2005 Astros seemingly with no hope. Many experts and even several of the players assumed the Astros would finish near the bottom of the standings, especially after All-Star Lance Berkman missed the first month of the season

Armed and Dangerous Fit Firm and Ready to Fight

Armed and Dangerous   Fit  Firm and Ready to Fight Author Wendy Buckland
ISBN-10 1550137980
Release 1996
Pages 272
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Armed and Dangerous Fit Firm and Ready to Fight has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Armed and Dangerous Fit Firm and Ready to Fight also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Armed and Dangerous Fit Firm and Ready to Fight book for free.

John Elway Armed Dangerous

John Elway  Armed   Dangerous Author Clay Latimer
ISBN-10 9781461733959
Release 1998-02-01
Pages 240
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This is the first book on one of sport's greatest stars, a portrait of a man who has dedicated his life to becoming the greatest quarterback ever. It's the story of John Wayne in Cleats, a father of four who led his team to Super Bowl glory at age 37.

Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous Author Paul Wondracek
ISBN-10 9781615662838
Release 2010-02
Pages 160
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You are about to embark on a journey that will take you to a place in your faith that you have never been before. Join author Paul Wondracek and discover the reality of the Kingdom of God in your life and help you realize that you are indeed Armed and Dangerous. The questions that you have asked for so long are about to be answered, And The gaps that you have seen in your life are about to be filled in. Everything that you need in your life has already been given to you, merely awaiting your recognition of it. Join Author and Pastor Paul Wondracek as he takes you through a journey of revelation and impartation by helping you to Understand The Kingdom Principles that will awaken the potential in your life! You will discover: bull; How to stir up the gift of God inside of you and awaken your passion for Jesus! bull; How to use your keys in the Kingdom to unlock the joy, peace, and limitless supply of Kingdom resources that God has prepared for you. bull; How to reach your potential even amid hostility and obstacles that threaten your destiny.

Armed Dangerous

Armed   Dangerous Author Abigail Roux
ISBN-10 9781613725139
Release 2012-05-18
Pages 330
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Left alone in Baltimore after his unpredictable lover bails, Special Agent Zane Garrett takes his frustration out on everything in his path until he is ordered to Chicago to back up an undercover operative. When he gets there, though, he finds himself face to face with his wayward partner, Special Agent Ty Grady. They have to deal with the uncertainty lingering between them while they work to retrieve their intended mark, a retired hit man and CIA wet-works operative named Julian Cross. Ty, once a Marine and now an FBI hotshot, has a penchant for being unpredictable, a trait Zane can vouch for. Zane is a man who once lived for his job but has come to realize his heartbreaking past doesn’t have to overshadow his future. They're partners, friends, lovers, and the go-to team for unusual cases. With Cross and his innocuous boyfriend, Cameron Jacobs, in tow, Ty and Zane must navigate the obstacles of a cross-country trek, including TSA pat-downs, blizzards, their uncooperative prisoners, CIA kill teams, a desperate lack of sleep and caffeine, and each other. Ty and Zane are determined to get Julian Cross to DC in one piece, but it’s starting to look like it might be the last thing they do.

Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous Author David Knight
ISBN-10 0761544364
Release 2003
Pages 144
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Victory is yours . . . in 12,000 bullets or less - Walkthrough of all 21 missions. - Info on all 17 outlandish weapons - Breakdowns for all enemies, including Grunts, eliminator droids, wall-smashing Goliaths, evil monks and wild twiglets. - Bonus missions revealed - Cheat codes for unlocking hidden features - Combat training section teaches you to be "Armed & Dangerous!"

Armed and Extremely Dangerous

Armed and Extremely Dangerous Author Michael A. Frith
ISBN-10 1890430382
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 298
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Knowing how to combat the enemy is critical for every believer. Spiritual warfare is real, and Dr. Michael A. Frith shares some fascinating, compelling and gripping facts about the reality of our warfare. Armed and Extremely Dangerous is practical and biblical, and will empower you to go forward in your God given purpose. While it is true that God has placed us behind enemy lines, He has not left us alone or ill equipped, but He has Armed us and made us Extremely Dangerous to the enemy. This book crosses the line of scholarship to the unlearned. It is compelling and an easy read.