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AS Media Studies

AS Media Studies Author Peter Wall
ISBN-10 9781135867355
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 360
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AS Media Studies: The Essential Introduction for AQA is fully revised for the current specification with full colour throughout, over 100 images, new case studies and examples. The authors introduce students step-by-step to the skills of reading media texts, and address key concepts such as genre, representation, media institutions and media audiences as well as taking students through the tasks expected of them to pass the AQA AS Media Studies exam. The book is supplemented with a companion website at featuring additional activities and resources, further new case studies such as music and sport, clear instructions on producing different media, quizzes and tests. Areas covered include: an introduction to studying the media the key concepts across print, broadcast and e-media media institutions audiences and the media case studies such as Heroes, Nuts, and The Daily Mail guided textual analysis of real media on the website and within the book research and how to do it preparing for exams a production guide and how to respond to a brief. AS Media Studies: The Essential Introduction for AQA clearly guides students through the course and gives them the tips they need to become proficient media producers as well as media analysts.

A2 Media Studies

A2 Media Studies Author Peter Bennett
ISBN-10 0415347688
Release 2006
Pages 286
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Written by experienced teachers and examiners, A2 Media Studies builds solidly on the groundwork laid by the AS Media Studies syllabus and develops key topics in greater depth and introduces students to the notion of independent study. Bang up-to-date, this full colour, fully-illustrated text is designed to support students through the transition from a focus on textual analysis to the consideration of the wider contexts that inform any study of the media. Specially designed to be user-friendly, A2 Media Studies includes: sample AQA exam questions activities and practical assignments further reading case studies a glossary of key terms and resources. This is a book no A2 level media studies student can afford to be without.

A2 Media Studies

A2 Media Studies Author Antony Bateman
ISBN-10 9781136881305
Release 2013-01-11
Pages 320
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Developing key topics in depth and introducing students to the notion of independent study, this full colour, highly illustrated textbook is designed to support students through the transition from AS to A2 and is the perfect guide for the new AQA A2 Media Studies syllabus. Individual chapters, written by experienced teachers and examiners cover the following key areas: • Introduction: From AS to A2 • Developing Textual Analysis • Critical Perspectives • Issues and Debates: Case Studies • Passing MEST 3: Critical Perspectives • Research and Production Skills • Passing MEST 4: Media Research and Production Specially designed to be user-friendly, A2 Media Studies: The Essential Introduction for AQA includes activities, key terms, case studies, sample exam questions and over 100 images.

Applied Media Studies

Applied Media Studies Author Kirsten Ostherr
ISBN-10 9781315473833
Release 2017-12-14
Pages 273
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In the age of the maker movement, hackathons and do-it-yourself participatory culture, the boundaries between digital media theory and production have dissolved. Multidisciplinary humanities labs have sprung up around the globe, generating new forms of hands-on, critical and creative work. The scholars, artists, and scientists behind these projects are inventing new ways of doing media studies teaching and research, developing innovative techniques through experimental practice. This book of case studies brings together practitioners of applied media studies, providing a roadmap for how and why to do hands-on media work in the digital age.

Internationalizing Media Studies

Internationalizing Media Studies Author Daya Kishan Thussu
ISBN-10 9781134050222
Release 2009-05-15
Pages 336
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The explosion of transnational information flows, made possible by new technologies and institutional changes (economic, political and legal) has profoundly affected the study of global media. At the same time, the globalization of media combined with the globalization of higher education means that the research and teaching of the subject faces immediate and profound challenges, not only as the subject of enquiry but also as the means by which researchers and students undertake their studies. Edited by a leading scholar of global communication, this collection of essays by internationally-acclaimed scholars from around the world aims to stimulate a debate about the imperatives for internationalizing media studies by broadening its remit, including innovative research methodologies, taking account of regional and national specificities and pedagogic necessities warranted by the changing profile of students and researchers and the unprecedented growth of media in the non-Western world. Transnational in its perspectives, Internationalizing Media Studies is a much-needed guide to the internationalization of media and its study in a global context.

Critical Animal and Media Studies

Critical Animal and Media Studies Author Núria Almiron
ISBN-10 9781317552697
Release 2015-10-14
Pages 296
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This book aims to put the speciesism debate and the treatment of non-human animals on the agenda of critical media studies and to put media studies on the agenda of animal ethics researchers. Contributors examine the convergence of media and animal ethics from theoretical, philosophical, discursive, social constructionist, and political economic perspectives. The book is divided into three sections: foundations, representation, and responsibility, outlining the different disciplinary approaches’ application to media studies and covering how non-human animals, and the relationship between humans and non-humans, are represented by the mass media, concluding with suggestions for how the media, as a major producer of cultural norms and values related to non-human animals and how we treat them, might improve such representations.

Media Studies

Media Studies Author Sarah Casey Benyahia
ISBN-10 9781136259876
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 314
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Bringing together key writings with original textbook material, the second edition of Media Studies: The Essential Resource explains central perspectives and concepts within Media Studies. Readers are introduced to a range of writing on media topics promoting an understanding of the subject from both contemporary and historical perspectives. The text is split into three parts covering Analysis and Perspectives, Media Audiences and Ecologies and Creativities. The key areas of study are discussed, with accessible readings from essential theoretical texts and fully supported with an author commentary. Theoretical perspectives are used to analyse contemporary media forms and activities direct students to interrogate readings further and apply their learning. Encouraging critical and analytical study, Media Studies: The Essential Resource helps students to understand the main theories and theorists within Media Studies.

AS Media Studies

AS Media Studies Author Jo Barker
ISBN-10 0415365694
Release 2006
Pages 203
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AS Media Studies: The Essential Revision Guide for AQA is the must-have, self-help resource for students preparing for AQA AS Media Studies exams. Individual sections cover the key topics, including media language, audience, representation, film and broadcast fiction, and advertising and marketing amongst many, many more. Written by experienced teachers and examiners, this excellent revision guide also provides invaluable advice and support, and includes: activities exam questions worked examples advice on how to approach the exam – using the reading time, note taking, planning an answer, ordering your ideas and writing your response revision tips suggested resources. The authors also cover important questions for students – including: why do we have exams? What is AS Level? What is AQA Media Studies? And how does the exam system work? – so that any student of media studies will find themselves armed and ready to tackle their course head on.

GCSE Media Studies

GCSE Media Studies Author John Price
ISBN-10 0748767037
Release 2003-08-01
Pages 204
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Written by an author who has experience of working in the newspaper industry and teaching of Media Studies, this new textbook contains 8 sections based on media forms.

Disability Media Studies

Disability Media Studies Author Elizabeth Ellcessor
ISBN-10 9781479867349
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 416
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Introduces key ideas and offers a sense of the new frontiers and questions in the emerging field of disability media studies Disability Media Studies articulates the formation of a new field of study, based in the rich traditions of media, cultural, and disability studies. Necessarily interdisciplinary and diverse, this collection weaves together work from scholars from a variety of disciplinary homes, into a broader conversation about exploring media artifacts in relation to disability. The book provides a comprehensive overview for anyone interested in the study of disability and media today. Case studies include familiar contemporary examples—such as Iron Man 3, Lady Gaga, and Oscar Pistorius—as well as historical media, independent disability media, reality television, and media technologies. The contributors consider disability representation, the role of media in forming cultural assumptions about ability, the construction of disability via media technologies, and how disabled audiences respond to particular media artifacts. The volume concludes with afterwords from two different perspectives on the field—one by disability scholar Rachel Adams, the other by media scholars Mara Mills and Jonathan Sterne—that reflect upon the collection, the ongoing conversations, and the future of disability media studies. Disability Media Studies is a crucial text for those interested in this flourishing field, and will pave the way for a greater understanding of disability media studies and its critical concepts and conversations.

AS Media Studies

AS Media Studies Author John Price
ISBN-10 0748768408
Release 2003
Pages 233
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AS Media Studies has been specifically written to cover the requirements at AS level for each awarding body. It examines a comprehensive range of topics set by AQA and OCR and is organised using the WJEC format of 'Analysis of Media Forms', 'Representation and Reception' and 'Making Media Texts'. Linking theory to practice, this book has been designed to help students develop practical production skills, while giving a thorough and accessible introduction to the key principles, issues and debates of media studies.

WJEC A2 Media Studies

WJEC A2 Media Studies Author Christine Bell
ISBN-10 1908682019
Release 2013
Pages 160
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WJEC A2 Media Studies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from WJEC A2 Media Studies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full WJEC A2 Media Studies book for free.

Media Studies Content audiences and production

Media Studies  Content  audiences  and production Author Pieter Jacobus Fourie
ISBN-10 0702156566
Release 2001
Pages 616
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The second volume of a two-part, outcomes-based series in media studies. It includes theoretical approaches as well as a production section that focuses on basic techniques.

American studies as media studies

American studies as media studies Author Deutsche Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien
ISBN-10 3825355179
Release 2008
Pages 301
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American studies as media studies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from American studies as media studies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full American studies as media studies book for free.

Media Studies Media history media and society

Media Studies  Media history  media and society Author Pieter J. Fourie
ISBN-10 0702176923
Release 2007
Pages 436
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While examining exactly who owns the media and who produces the media, this text manages to encompass the systematic, critical, and analytical media in all its forms and concludes that the media is one of the most important generators and disseminators of meaning in contemporary society. Investigating the power relationships between the media and politics, culture, economy, society, and above all, democracy, this resource is well-suited for anyone with an interest in the modern role of media in society.

AS A2 Media Studies The Essential Revision Guide for AQA

AS   A2 Media Studies  The Essential Revision Guide for AQA Author Antony Bateman
ISBN-10 9781136288128
Release 2013-10-23
Pages 256
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AS & A2 Media Studies: The Essential Revision Guide for AQA is a comprehensively updated new edition offering advice and guidance to help students pass AS and A2 Media Studies. Written by a team of experienced teachers and examiners, the book offers clear and engaging pathways through all the areas covered in the Media Studies curriculum, providing students with: • Revision Activities • Exam Tips and reminders • Definitions of key terms • Past paper questions • References to examiners reports. The authors also offer essential background information to help Media Studies students understand wider contexts and theoretical perspectives, as well as giving the lowdown on how exams are marked, how to manage self-study and approaching final examinations.

Media Studies

Media Studies Author Sue Thornham
ISBN-10 9780814796269
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 894
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Why are some people more capable than others? What are the reasons for someone gaining unusual abilities or special expertise, or being especially creative? What has to happen in order for a young person to become a child prodigy or genius? How can we help today's children to reach high levels of ability, and to shine in the arts or the sciences, in sports or games, or to excel in other fields of expertise? The Psychology of High Abilities explains how, when, and why people acquire such special expertise, and illuminates ways to make it possible for larger numbers of young people to extend their capabilities. Examining how and why people differ in their capabilities, it investigates the actual causes underlying impressive accomplishments and achievements. The volume reveals the kinds of influences that contribute to high abilities and provides practical insights into the most effective ways for extending the abilities of young people and creating higher levels of expertise.